USA attacks Syria

The Americans are so desperate to save ISIS that they have to attack Syria with a fabricated lie like Sarin gas claimed to be used by Assad against his own people. Today, after the WMD lie in Iraq was exposed, who would ever believe the American lies anymore. But the desperadoes had no choice if they don't act now, there would be no more ISIS left in Syria.

The attack on Syria is also a prelude to a similar attack on North Korea. It would be done in the same way. Kim JongUn better be prepared. Would Russia and Assad hit back at the 6th Fleet? If no, that would be the end of the Russians and Assad in Syria. Let's watch what Putin would do.

The Americans are saying, I can hit you but you cannot hit me or afraid to hit me. This is a lesson that Kim JongUn must learn quickly before the missiles fall on North Korea. He must make it known to the Americans that if the Americans are free to hit North Korea anywhere at their discretion, the North Koreans would also hit the Americans at their own discretion. The choice targets would be American bases in Yokosuka and Okinawa and also those in South Korea.
The world is at the brink of a WW3 with Putin deciding when he is going to strike at the Americans. The mad Americans are gambling that Putin would not retaliate. North Koreas should buy a few DF21 quickly and aim at the aircraft carriers in the Sea of Japan. A hit on one of these aircraft carriers would be a sound warning to the Americans not to fool around with the North Koreans.

Watch out for more fireworks both in the Middle East and in East Asia.


Anonymous said...

The irresponsible Americans are playing with fire. Putin is forced to act or it would be the end of him.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Trump has made his first move. Now it is Putin's turn.

Putin is not in a position to respond immediately given that most of the air fields in Syria would have been destroyed. No Syrian or Russia aircraft could take off from these airfields to attack the 6th Fleet for the moment unless some air fields are still serviceable.

The Russians only have SAM in Syria to protect against American aircraft and if I am not mistaken, has no mid range missiles to launch against the American ship for now. Putin would have to assemble his forces if he is to take on the Americans for this sneak attack.

Hopefully some aircraft and airfields are still serviceable and Assad could send a few suicide bombing squads against the American aircraft carriers.

Kim Jong Un must have pull the North Korean forces on full alert, in a state of war by now. They would be ready to defend and to strike back when the Americans attempt to hit them. East Asia is now on the edge of a full blown war.

b said...

I think they know what they are doing. Let just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

It's a dangerous time for Asia. Middle East had it's fair share of bombs already.

Anonymous said...

North Korea is right to have a nuclear arsenal. If Assad has nuclear weapon deterrent like Kim, the white U.S. imperialists will not dare violate Syria's sovereignty and strike the country at will . . .

Anonymous said...

USA is desperate for it is unable to solve its debt of over 26 thrillion dollars. So it resorts to war and aggression. USA is ruled by the Anglo Saxon Jewish Rothschild Zionist Illuminati Freemasons Cabal. This cabal now feels it is losing a lot of money because there is no more trust in the manipulateded US fake dollar. The cabal controls and decides on war and peace. Members of the Cabal are president of US, the queen and prime minister of England, France, members of US Congress and Senate, high senior officers of CIA , Pentagon and most of the big bangsters in Wall Street like JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citi Bank, Wells Fargo and a few others. Let them start the Nuclear Third World War and dig their own graves.Any way there will be no graves for they will all be vaporised in a nuclear exchange.

Also to hell with those Third World countries politicians and government officials who fawn on and ingratiate with the evil American warmongers.

Eagles Eyes

Virgo 49 said...

Americans being hammering the Arabs all the while knowing that they can hardly hit back except some suicide bombings and sacrifices to maim or killed a dozen of them.

Whereas North Koreans are a different kettle of fish. They are are hard headed,stubborn and not afraid to die people. You might not know that the PRC in a secret agreement with them might provide long range missiles for them to hit the Japs and the American bases in South Korea and Japan.

Plus their third or sixth or seven fleet. The PRC also knows how to use the borrow knife to kill another tactic. Years of conflicts and conspiracies in the past like the Red Cliffs Victory etc has made them much wiser.

If Russia and America were to be engaged in the Syrian Conflict then they would not be strengthened to have a showdown in North Korea.

Their NATO allies already feel sighted by the Trump's behaviour and would not readily response to contain the Russians and the Syrians.

So now instead of having an edge up on the PRC, their plot misfired. Now they are weary of the Russian response as Russian FM declared state of aggression against a sovereign country.

So now XI have even grounds to negotiate on a flat playing ground.

DT is just displaying his flamboyant style like a flamingo in HEAT.

Anonymous said...

Knowing America is so desperate DPRK should now carry out a full scale nuclear attack on all Japanese -American military bases as well as bases in South Korea and Guam and the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

Tokyo could be a prime target should the Americans hit NK.

Anonymous said...

US wants China to influence North Korea. Very easily done.

All China has to do is to tell North Korea to stop producing nuclear weapons and long-range missiles. In exchange, China provides all the nuclear weapons and missiles to North Korea, to counter the US-South-Korea-Japan Threat. In addition,

China can also provide some stealth submarines and anti-aircraft missiles to North Korea for added effect and security.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 4.15

Smart Leaders, unless they have No choice and have shared common interests will only last option give their Weapons to another country which may be friendly to you now but might hurt you later. There is NO permanent enemy or friend in this World.

China will let the North Koreans have the arsenals in the case they are not involved in the conflict.

Let another party do the necessary for you.

If they are in the conflicts, they will fired the missiles themselves.

Satisfaction, Sweet Revenge.

Anonymous said...

Trump has made his first move. Now it is Putin's turn.
RB 3:02 pm

PAP has made its first move on the elected Presidency. Now it is Tan Cheng Bock's turn.

Or is Putin like Tan Cheng Bock, cannot do anything except to kpkb, or even kpkb too late?

Anonymous said...

Trump is calling Putin pussy.
Can Putin prove Trump wrong or is Trump right?

Anonymous said...

Haha , phillipines seize spratley islands.

Uncle another blundering predictions ?