US owes Cambodia billions of dollars in war debt, ( Continue )

In the intervening years several attempts were made by CIA to assassinate Prince Sihanouck. Fortunately all the attempts failed.
The so called war debt US demand from Cambodia was money given to the illegitimate government of Lon Nol, a traitor and US running dog. Only Lon NOl and a few of his accomplices benefitted from the money given by US. Since Lon Nol's rule was illegitimate it follows naturally that the debt has nothing to do with the present legitimate government of Cambodia under Hong Sen.

To demand Cambodia to repay millions in dubious war debt is tantamount to extortion . This reminds the world how previously many European countries, ( inclusive of England, France, Germany, Holland and Russia ) US and Japan attacked and invaded China and after defeating China in their imperial wars they jointly demanded and imposed on China to pay each of their country hundreds of millions of Chinese silver dollars as compensation in war indemnity. This indemnity was imposed in addition to their illegal occupation of Chinese territories as fruits of their victory and in exercising exterritorial rights in all the Chinese ports and cities where they were in absolute control of custom duties and revenues and taxes resulting in lost of revenue to China and thus devastatingly impoverished China. Isn't Cambodia in a similar position now.

Prince Sihanouck knew it never paid to receive US aid or loan for it only served to  undermine Cambodia's independence and cause it to destabilise and destroy Cambodia.Nevertheless US infiltrated Cambodia's military through CIA and succeeded in recruiting General Lon Nol to stage a coup against Prince Sihanouck forcing into exile in Beijing under the safe protection of China.

During Lon Nol's illegitimate rule from 1966 to mid 1970s US carried out mass carpet bombing all over Cambodia causing not only great destruction and massive lost of lives but also tremendous lost of economic activities . The mass carpet bombing cost irreparable damage to Cambodia's eco systems because of US use of defoliage agent 'agent orange'. Even now thousands of unexploded bombs and mines are still found embedded underground all over Cambodia causing deaths and casualties every year to Cambodians who unknowingly stepped on or hit the mines in the course of their daily life activity.

The lost to Cambodia resulting from US invasion and carpet bombing is incalculable . It should be in the region of hundreds of billions of dollars . Cambodia should now claim this compensation from US and present it with the bill which is only just and proper.


Friday, 7th April, 2017

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One can forget about claiming compensation from the cowboys. Better waste the energy thinking about building good trade relationship that will result in win win situation.