US owes Cambodia billions of dollars in war debt

The headline " US insists Cambodia repay millions in war debt, plus interest " in Today's paper on Tuesday, 4th April,2017, is both mischievous and misleading.

It is disgusting. outrageous, shameful undignified and wrong for US to demand Cambodia to repay 'war debt' What is the nature of this war debt? How did it arise? If one goes deep into US involvement into Cambodia's affairs from 1950s to 1970s one will discover the treachery of US, the never ending evil plots of US to try to get rid of the legitimate government of Prince Sihanouk.

Prince Sihanouk knew from the very beginning never to receive US aid or take a loan from US. Here I quote what Prince Sihanouk said, " What I soon discovered was that in accepting their aid, we were infecting ourselves with a virus which poisoned the national bloodstream" and again " that dollar aid was used to purchase treachery. " He was shocked that the modest twenty-five million dollars which Cambodia received annually from US through France in the 1950s during a decade to patch up a war shattered and colonialist - plundered economy which he naively thought would go to improve the lives of his compatriots would suddenly spiralled to more than 400 million annually when it became a question of massacring them. In short US was using the aid dollar to " hire Asian traitors to kill Asian patriots" which is the essence of US doctrine on dollar aid and by which Cambodia has been laid waste.

Prince Sihanouk then turned to Chinese help. Chinese aid was completely free, without conditions and aimked specifically at developing the economy with plans to set up plants to produce cement, textiles, paper, plywood, agricultural implements and other goods.

However, from China was sabotaged by US through CIA which worked hand in glove with internal corrupt traitors, the CIA supported 5th columns, the compradores who were making fortunes in pretending to import those goods which the Chinese built factories were able to produce. It suited US economic and political interest to keep Chinese Soviet aid out. The interests of US and the compradores were identical except the latter represent treachery.

US dollar aid was used to impoverish Cambodia except it  enriched a few traitors , for the mkoney would flow back to US in terms of purchasing US low grade products at a prohibitive price. It also reduced Cambodia's political independence when US used the aid to build 5th columns to sabotage and undermine Cambodia's independence. Thus Prince Sihanouck had to put a stop to US cancerous aid.

US then used subterfuge to overthrow Prince Sihanouk and plotted a coup to instal a traitor in the military, Marshall Lon Nol to the powerful post of prime minister in 1966 and to 1972 when he proclaimed himself as president of the Republic of Cambodia.


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Oh! You mean USA and Cambodia.
I thought you said "PAP owes Singaporeans billions of dollars in CPF money"

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Don't play, play.
If 59 Tomahawk Missiles Hit Singapore, peesai becomes lau sai.