US created the Korean problem and US alone has to solve it.

To understand the present Korean problem we must look at the problem retrospectively. Immediately after the Second World War both US and Russia ( Formerly known as the Soviet Union ) were engaged in a Cold War to control the world. Both US and Russia supported their proteges South Korea and North Korea respectively with the intention  by both to eventually dominate the whole Korean peninsula.

US motive for creating a Korean War was to establish an American foothold in North East Asia as a counter to Russian Imperialism and communism. But we have to see Russian motive in a different light. Of course Russia would not want to have American imperialism at its doorstep. But the more insidious Russian Motive for instigating a Korean War was to eventually drag China into the conflict which it did. Bear in mind imperial Russia under the Zars had for over  hundreds of years from 1689 to 1946 connived with other European powers to dismantle China as a country and divide Chinese territories among themselves. Russia benefitted the most from its unbridled aggression against a weak and decadent feudalistic Ching Dynasty and from that aggression it stole and occupied more than 3,5 million square miles of Chinese land. After decades of Western and Japanese aggression and long civil war China  ( PRC ) was incredibly poor and weak. However US would not allow China to have peace because the PRC was a communist state and so it constantly and Illicitly sent 5th columns and KMT infiltrators and traitors to destabilise the country. Russia on the other hand would never want to see a rejuvenated and developed China which would one day definitely settle scores with the Russians regarding the vast territories of Chinese lands stolen by Russia. So Russia created the Korean War to wear down China and prevent her from rising. China was reluctant to enter the Korean War but eventually was dragged into it when US bombed Chinese territory across the Yalu River and also goaded by Russia with the mutual agreement that China would provide volunteers while Russia would provide arms and airforce cover to Chinese armies. True to its colours Russia played out China when it demanded total and complete payment from China for the arms it supplied and for not providing Chinese armies air cover from US airforce attacks .

The Korean War lasted from 1950 to 1953 and reached a stalemate and so an unstable armistice was signed. Attempts were made by China to bring the DPRK and South Korea to peace talks with a view to eventually sign a peace treaty to unite both Koreas. However both the Americans and the Russians for their own selfish interest and agenda have no desire to see peace in Korea.

America is very mischievous and insidious in claiming that only China can put pressure on DPRK to stop its nuclear armament and missile development. Why China, why not Russia? China unlike America does not control other countries. DPRK is an independent country It acts independently as a sovereign state. It is not under China's control or dictates. DPRK's actions is a response to US nuclear threats and bully. DPRK had seen how a non nuclear Iraq and Libya were being mercilessly attacked and destroyed and their legitimate presidents wantonly murdered by US and its unholy European alliances. US is trying to drive a wedge between DPRK and China . How sinister it is?

So the problem in Korea is entwined with insidious US imperialism and hegemonism and has nothing to do with China. US has always intentionally portrayed DPRK in a bad light and created crisis to lay a basis and excuse for its continual military bases in South Korea and Japan so that it can always snoop on China and Russia and to contain China's peaceful development. US has far too often sabotaged China's efforts to bring all concerned parties to the negotiating table to talk and achieve a peace treaty for a unified Korea.

The Korean problem can be solved easily if US withdraw its forces and wind down its military bases in South Korea and Japan and sign a peace treaty with DPRK.

However, if an insane Trump presidency were to unilaterally pre-empt a strike on DPRK it will lead to World 3 resulting in big powers nuclear exchange and ultimate destruction and annihilation of mankind.. If that is what US and the West want, so be it.

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Tuesday, 4th April,2017


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, US forgot they fought a bitter war with china on North Korea's side. Now they want China to solve their problem. Sio

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans are fully in control of South Korea and its military. The American military bases are in SK and are the Commander in Chief of the SK armies.

China has no soldier or base in NK as NK is an independent country, not a colony like SK to the Americans. China has very little leverage over North Korea but the US pretends to think otherwise and trying to apply this myth to create pressure on China, that China must do this, do that.

It would be interesting to see how Xi takes on Trump in their first meeting and what comes out from it. If Xi is not firm, then the Americans are likely to attack NK. The Americans would want to start another war as it is to their interest to set the world on fire and they watch and capitalise on other country's misery.

Anonymous said...

What the US really want is to create bad blood between China and N Korea. Then they can do a regime change with N Korea without the Chinese and Russian interference. That is why they are so adamant and insistence that China must confront N Korea on the nuclear issue.

China is not that foolish to fall into the trap of the US trying to use them as a borrowed sword to kill the enemy' without blood dirtying the US own hands. Of course the US can do it themselves, but knowing the character of Kim, he will not hesitate to nuke the US even if that means a nuclear suicide.

Anonymous said...

" If Xi is not firm, then the Americans are likely to attack NK."

Its not the best wish of China, it has No other options. China FM had asked US to deal with NK directly, hopefully thro the same style of the past. NK wanted to deal with US directly too. What do anyone expect Xi to say? As RB pointed out, China had no influence on Kim. When China had NCP March last month, Kim launched 4 missiles to Japan like firing crackers. China literally has no influence on NK except economic items as aids i guess.

My wish is to see how arrogant is Harris 7th Fleet. He now has the support of 3rd Fleet to SK. 2 forces not enough to fight with fatty Kim with 30k of south koreans?

Go inside 38 degree and take over the whole NK, close down DPRK, shut the doors for all nuclear plants, and take NK uranium for US to use them, then sell the nuclear plants whatever to Israel or may be some places like saudi to make tons of money lah.

I hope to see US 7 Fleet fighting with North Koreans.

It is an old problem keep postponing the solution. Korean war in 50s was on ceased fire only. No peace treaty ok. Now continue the war is so natural. If NK cannot win, PLA will join in with Russia backing up. Let US enjoy the war. Harris likes it very much. Abe will be sleep under his bed i guess. No phone call after mid night please.

b said...

Trump real enemy is not NK. NK is only a diversion. Trump real enemy resides in usa. If Trump attacks NK, his enemy will overthrow him and takeover usa.

b said...

Trump real enemy is the one that wants ww3. They will keep provoking but Trump, Xi and Putin must fight together against this marxist enemy.

Anonymous said...

Xi is one i always said kiasi. But i must admit that, he has worked all the way to the top, he will make big mistake to get into war with US. That will lose lots of money. Cause hardship.

I understand him lah: limpek already on second term, i want to retire without war brothers. tio boh?

Trump is also old man and spent billions to win the presidency. His pretty daughter will tell him, dad, US people hate wars. Dont get into war with the fat boy. U gonna be sad if not sorry. Lots of citizens will die.

Only Fatty kim with no good advise. What do u think his sister or wife will tell fatty? If u dont get the message, u watch the auntie in DPRK announcing news, u will know how NK women tell their husband messages. Kim will prepare lian teh for her.
So wanna fight with DPRK, let US does it alone. Xi knows this well and prepare his own panadol to sleep well.

Anonymous said...

If the US wants to be real nasty with N Korea, they could have done flattened it long ago. The issue is what if the Russians and Chinese step in in case of any conflict.

The US could definitely have solved the problem long ago and does not need a political novice like Trump to do the dirty job. He may, or may not really be an astute businessman, but politics is an entirely different matter. He is not just dealing with N. Korea. In politics, he is dealing with the Democrats, the US citizens who may be wary of more wars and the whole wide world, and he should understand that he is not the only one calling the shots, unlike doing business where he has the final say on everything.

Anonymous said...

Xi is definitely not kiasi. He is astute, thinks of his actions and speech carefully and, like Putin, is a chess player, not a draught player like Trump.

Amidst the posturing by Trump, I think in the end nothing will happen and Kim will fire more missles, S. Korea and Japan will fret all they want, and Trump will stand on his dung heap and continue to crow.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The US thought they could do what they wanted in Korea and went in in 1950 to start the Korean War. But they were chased down to the 38 parallel from the Yalu River by peasant soldiers from China. That was how good they were, could not even fight the poorly equipped peasant soldiers.

Today they would be facing a fully equipped PLA in every arms, with weapons to match the best in the American arsenal, with air and naval powers.

You think the US could do as they like this time?

Virgo 49 said...

I recommended the Korean War Drama "Road No.1" as directed by Lee Sang Ho.

Main actor Lee Joo Ying.

The Korean War in 1950/53.

Poignant drama about the sufferings and the pain of both kins of both sides of the border.

Of close friendships between the comrades both the North and South.

Even young ROK soldiers and young Chinese peasant bugle boy who rallied the Chinese troops with his bugle and flags shelter each other in the battles.

Many in both sides cry in frustration the senseless killings of their own kind.

Veteran General with tears in eyes exclaimed hope this will not be repeated again.

See how the peasant Chinese soldiers with Mark4 rifles just charged with Flags on their bodies falling down waves by waves.

Driving the ROJ and their Allies to the Yalu River.

Pushed all the way from nearing losing Pyongyang to the 38th Parallel.

Why the Koreans, especially the South don't learn from their ancestors miseries???

Too much of capitalism and brainwashing lead to their many leaders corruption, nepotism, cronyism.

Till today.

SAD. Catch it on VIU TV.

Anonymous said...

Let the Koreans kill themselves to extinction then everyone can celebrate these fools at their graveyards.