The height of American treachery and hypocrisy

The height of American treachery and hypocrisy

Read this extract from Reuters.
‘US to hold accountable those who commit crimes against the "innocent"

By Crispian Balmer and Steve Scherer
LUCCA, Italy (Reuters) - The United States will hold responsible anyone who commits crimes against humanity, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Monday, days after the U.S. military unexpectedly attacked Syria.
Tillerson is in Italy for a meeting of foreign ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) major industrialised nations, with his counterparts from Europe and Japan eager for clarity from Washington on numerous diplomatic issues, especially Syria.
Before the April 7 missile strikes on a Syrian airbase, U.S. President Donald Trump had indicated he would be less interventionist than his predecessors and willing to overlook human rights abuses if it was in U.S. interests.
But Tillerson said the United States would not let such crimes go unchallenged. "We rededicate ourselves to holding to account any and all who commit crimes against the innocents anywhere in the world," he told reporters while commemorating a 1944 German Nazi massacre in Sant'Anna di Stazzema.’

Who has been murdering the innocents? Assad? Heard of the name Bush and Blair? Remember what happened prior to the invasion of Iraq? Remember the reasons and ‘truth’ and eventually turned out to be lies and fabricated truth that has not an ounce of truth? But how many hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, civilians, mothers and children died because of this lie?

Is this not an act of treachery, a crime against humanity? When is Tillerson or the righteous Americans going to charge Bush and Blair for this outrageous and abominable crime against the people of Iraq? No crime? Bush and Blair were innocent, the American invading forces were innocent?

The few tens of victims of this alleged used of chemical weapons, not proven yet as to who was behind it, is nothing compared to the destruction of a nation called Iraq and the hundreds of thousands of victims in a crime of disproportional dimension. "We rededicate ourselves to holding to account any and all who commit crimes against the innocents anywhere in the world,"? Is this for real?

Until Bush and Blair are apprehended and charged and hanged, please go and hide in the toilet and feel the sense of injustice and shame. You Americans have the blood of innocent Iraqis, hundreds of thousands of them, in your hands.

Yes Tillerson, yes America, when are you going to hand Bush and Blair? Justice must be done.

Wait, the biggest war criminal is coming next, the one that starts the Second Korean War. Both Koreas and Koreans would be wiped out, taking along a few big Japanese cities and millions of Japanese as well, and of course some Americans in Japan in South Korea. And if luck is not on the American side, a few major American cities too.


Virgo49 said...

The Whites do not believe that their own kind are the Ones committing all these murderous acts. Spicer even said that Hilter does not really gassed the Jews like Assad gassed his own people. He only leads them to the Gas Chambers.

Kinder version of killing the humans in gas chambers than bombing them??

Trump blowing Hot Air. What's dropping the Mother of All Bombs on Afghanistan. Kill the chicken to scare the monkey.

Fat Boy is putting all his monies on the table to open the last card.

This is the only option now for his country to have normal relations and trade with all countries. No more bullying sanctions

He will fire his missile and if Trump blinks and not attack as threatened, then they would have to go for other option to negotiate.

Trump knew that Abe now got cold feet and China offered protection for North Korea.

The South Koreans would not want to have wars as their half nation would be in smokes.

The South Koreans will protest when the ships come nearer.

So, SINKIES can still go thru their normal lives as slaves and nobles and masters the next three years.

Unless, they woke up to change status quo in the next GE for the Masters,nobles to become slaves and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

Wait, the biggest war criminal is coming next, the one that starts the Second Korean War.

Second Korean War? I think the chances of that happening is as good as the Sinkie opposition being ready to be govt by next election.

Iraq kena attacked, Syria kena attacked, Aung Juan Soon Chee kena attacked, yes.

But smart Sinkies attack PAP? Smart Trump attack North Korea? Oh no, not when they are smart. If not smart, how can smart Sinkies have lots of money and good life? If not smart, how can Trump become President?

Virgo49 said...

Trump smart President??

He been blundering with all about turn policies and talks before electedand after becoming President.

Likewise, his blundering and White House aides and spokesmen.

Kept changing key appointments and distanced himself from whoever blunders his blunders.

Anonymous said...

So, SINKIES can still go thru their normal lives as slaves and nobles and masters the next three years.
Virgo49 10:52 am

Agreed, but only for those who are not smart.

Because smart Sinkies can make lots of money (eg PAP politicians) and so have a good life even in high cost Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

I really hate all these politicians!

Only talks and talks, but nothing, absolutely nothing!

Why waste time waste time!

Actions please! Actions please!

Just do it NOW! Just do it NOW!

Wait no more! Wait no more!

We want actions! We want actions!

This world would then be more peaceful!

Please remember.......this is a wonderful world!


Anonymous said...

"when are you going to hand Bush and Blair? Justice must be done.
Wait, the biggest war criminal is coming next, the one that starts the Second Korean War."

I see the revenge on US is coming. If US dare to deploy ground operations as it declared, that electronic, missiles, bombing and ground operations will be used against NK, provided SK agrees to the plan. Haha. See the condition.

My guess is:
Trump is ready to do one single thing: put the mother of All bomb some U43 onto NK somewhere it thinks not hurting fat boy s pain. The U43 bomb drop in middle east somewhere open ground was just a demo. The unit cost is USd 16millions.

If US missiles or bomb killed someone at NK capital, fat boy is put in a position to strike back as he used to be yaya to tell his people not scare of US, including china Xi. So i think fat boy will go on suicidal mission: use NK nuclear bomb to throw at US base in SK and rain SK+ Seoul with bombs, while missiles firing at Japan cities, anywhere to inflict maximum damages.

Trump will have to resign. Remember Bush was telling lies about mass destruction weapons at Iraq, the story of lie was retold in UK parliament enquiry. Chillcok report said it clearly about Blair and Bush s crimes. Now is Trump s crime on sarin gas. Was the video real? Was the gas supplied from somewhere to IS control area? All this needs UN special investigators to confirm.

Tomorrow will see if fat boy has the brass balls to activate nuclear bomb experiment. He will not have Xi supports. I think Xi is pro US, and SK. He invited the woman Park to Tienanman on troops review side by side with him. NK should know who is Xi.
But the general public and PLA might support the north communists.
So Xi will have to face the split inside communist party and PLA ground troops against the Xi and his own loyal generals.

China PLA will not fight with US initially. If NK fat boy wins, so much for fat boy s efforts. If NK loses, and US SK push to Yalu river, PLA can still sit still? I think some generals who support the NK communists will split with Xi government. China is heading for a showdown internally if Xi insist on Pro US, while US is the aggressor hitting near China border.

The show is akan datang, tomorrow 15th is d day.

Anonymous said...

Kept changing key appointments and distanced himself from whoever blunders his blunders.
Virgo49 11:01 am

That's smart, and he also knows he will still remain as President, despite the blunders and about turn policies.

PAP also blundering what, tio bo? And PAP is also smart and also knows that PAP will still remain as ruling party, despite the blunders, and even no need about turn policies.

Anonymous said...

Do you think we should build a nuclear power plant in Singapore?
Do you think this will attract the attention of terrorists?
Do you think this will make a high-publicity, high-value, high-damage target so that terrorists will start looking at Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Trump is ready to do one single thing: put the mother of All bomb some U43 onto NK somewhere it thinks not hurting fat boy s pain.
11:09 am

Fat boy's nuclear weapons is precisely to ensure no need to fight in the first place lah. Strong deterrent mah.

Just as PAP spending a lot on defence and become US ally is a strong deterrent mah. So that Sinkie soldiers no need to fight and die lah.

Anonymous said...

US Drops Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb For The First Time On ISIS In Afghanistan


At roughly 7pm local time on Thursday, the United States military used its GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB), nicknamed “the mother of all bombs,” for the first time in combat. The US Air Force used it in Afghanistan to target Islamic State tunnels and personnel.

The 21,000-pound (9,525 kg) bomb was dropped in the Achin district of the Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

So that Sinkie soldiers no need to fight and die lah.
11:20 am

Sure or not? Died during training (screw up) not die meh?

Anonymous said...

President Trump comments on the Mother of all Bombs Moab now he is ready for North Korea


Anonymous said...

But smart Sinkies attack PAP?
10:54 am

That's why Tan Cheng Bock, previously a smart Sinkie PAP MP, become stupid when he attack and challenge PAP on the EP. See the outcome, and u know he is stupid, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Russia tests world's most powerful bomb


Anonymous said...

Russia tests world's most powerful bomb
11:37 am

Very smart. So as not to get bombed by smart Trump in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Do you think our PAP leaders should go to South Korea?
To get a first hand understanding of the situation there?
Maybe help mediate?

July 13, 2004

SINGAPORE'S future prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, has offered to mediate talks between arch-foes Taiwan and China during a visit to the island that has drawn Beijing's ire, a Taiwan newspaper said on Tuesday, July 13.

China responded with fury, saying intermediaries were not needed and a trip by Lee in any capacity to Taiwan damaged relations.


Anonymous said...

Do you think North Korea is now caught in a pincer movement?
USA + South Korea attacking from the South.
China attacking from the North?

Does North Korea (actually only fat boy Kim) know who is the real enemy?
Same like Singaporeans.

Do we know which political party is really our friend?

Anonymous said...

why all the excitement

waste time lah

get you all excited for what, but dont worry no war

so.......worry not, worry not, no war no war

please sleep soundly at night

is a completely waste of time, no war no war

the fat boy just play play, please dont be too serious lah


Anonymous said...

Does North Korea (actually only fat boy Kim) know who is the real enemy?
12:00 pm

Of course. Fat boy Kim is very smart in North Korea. That's why he is the boss there mah. And he knows his real enemy is the US that will dare to strike him. But will the US dare to strike him?

Pinky boy(should be old man lah) Lee is also very smart in Sinkieland. That's why he is the boss here mah. And he knows his real enemy is the Sinkie opposition which is ready to be govt. But will the Sinkie opposition be ready?

Anonymous said...

We congratulate North Korea on the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung - North Korea's founding father - this Saturday, and look forward to Pyongyang's celebratory sixth nuclear test.

patriot said...

Donald Trump has achieved as a billionaire before he becums as president of the So-called Most Powerful Nation namely USA.
Months into his presidency he launched 59 missiles into Syria and dropped a most powerful bomb into Afganistan.
He could be bombing
N Korea next to covet for the Title and posterity as the Most Powerful Bombing President in History.
lt may not be a benign glory, however, the lnfamy
shall last a long time like that of Hitler, for long remembrance aka
posterity sake.

Mad Folks are mostly extremely crazy.


Anonymous said...

The North Korean Ah Pui versus the American Ah Pui

Anonymous said...

"Fat boy's nuclear weapons is precisely to ensure no need to fight in the first place lah. Strong deterrent mah. Just as PAP spending a lot on defence and become US ally is a strong deterrent mah. So that Sinkie soldiers no need to fight and die lah."

Correct lah. Pap will tell u give me many many millions. Pap will ask US to defend your lampar. US had ask south vietnam to run over north vietnam, ended up US defeated by the North, and south veitnam has no more in map. US said it overrun Iraq and ended up Obama quiet withdrawing troops after UK France did so and Obama built up IsIs to disturb the Iraq Syria governments.
I was wandering if US bother to come to Pap as the latter has no oil and no oil money. Oil exploring companies ez something is bankrupt, not declared in sinkieland, but in US, so strange.
No money Pap can get US to help. U think US give birth to pap.

Look at the same repeat story. US expects SK to overrun the NK fat boy. If SK cannot do, US will fight with chemical weapons like orange rain threw in north vietnam. Then last helicopter makes the run off to fleet when the north koreans invade Seoul.

It is the repeat of veitnam war. List out: Iraq, Vietnam, North Korea, which one is the most powerful and with well trained army ready for war?

Sinkies slave had down some military training will know the answer, so straight forward. Wanna US to help? Better dont offend China too much lah.

Anonymous said...

I think our PAP leaders and Generals should go to South Korea.
Witness first hand.
What to do when there is a potential for invasion.

Anonymous said...

@ April 14, 2017 2:09 pm

I think they should go to North Korea for an even closer look.
Follow Kim Jong-un around.
See how he protects himself against invasion and missile attack.

Anonymous said...

Mr Chua redbean,
I applaud your relentless effort in this blog for exposing the hypocrisy of the American regime's policies in the affairs of the world especially in their treatment of Arab oil rich regions. I also marvel at your futile efforts directed at a near zero audience in Singapore. That's sad!
I noted that 99% of your commenters here through your inexplicable tolerance and generosity, are commenting way off and tangential to your original trend of thoughts in many articles. In chinese, we call it 对牛弹琴。
Your audience here has failed your efforts miserably. I dont know what you want to achieve. Your great thesis is completely irrelevant to the simple minds here as evidenced in 80% of the commenters 80% of the time. I dont know what you derive from playing Mozart to cows!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, i totally agree with your great commentary, which in any democratic country would have been posted to the print media, widely circulated, debated and discussed at various levels. But hardly more than 5 comments are worthy of your efforts in expounding a great mystery to most.
Now here are my comments below on your article.
The Americans have painted Assad as worst than Hitler, as someone who just wanted to kill babies. The mainstream media refused to listen to the other side of the story. This morning CNN ran a clip a very short clip interview with Assad, and the interviewers simply laughed and mocked him when he said he never used chemical weapons. They didnt give him a chance to speak too long, Assad got censored out in less than a minute. It is well known that in 2013, when Obama wanted to bomb Assad for exactly the same offence of chem attack, at the last minute Obama was persuaded not to do so, somehow, because he perhaps had a bit of conscience and realised the evidence was not so clear that the bombs were not done by rebels and Isis to frame Assad.
Mr Assad is not hitler. Hitler is a racist who wants to decimate jews, yes kill babies, and colonise other lands for the sake of a pure german race. Hitler certainly gassed hundreds of thousands of jews at Auschiwtz (the Final Solution). Assad is on other hand a dictator in Syria holding power just like Gaddafi in Libya. There are all sorts of crazy people in Syria, many from Isis. Assad is fixated on defending his own position and getting rid of the Isis and the rebels, like Gadaffi he is good at whacking terrorists 以毒攻毒 this is the way of life in Middle East. Unfortunately the isis and rebel occupiers of many parts of Syria keep syrian civilians in their midst by force, hence the Syrian army occasionally would hit civilians. Additionallly, who is to tell whether the Isis fired a chemical bomb at the same moment a Syrian air force jet is bombing down a normal bomb on Isis position in IdLib a few days ago? Who can tell?
Trump is committed the same thing as Bush said. He just said "we have evidence" that Assad did it. But why doesnt he show the world? So many days passed, you only see Niki Haley showing photos of dead babies in the UN. So childish!!!!
Anyway to cut a long story short, the reason why Assad is hated by the americans, uk and french, is because the oil from Saudi and Qatar has to pass through syria to go to Europe, and Assad says CANNOT, because Assad prefers russia to send russian oil to Europe. So simple.
Last night, USA bombed isis position in Afghanistan. Why dont they do that in Syria? Because the Isis is helping to get rid of Assad and that is why USA like to 借刀杀人。 The ISIS and rebels in Syria are the proxy army of USA. The allies make use of them to get rid of Assad.

Mr redbean, i am sick and tired of some of the tangential low IQ comments to your various masterpieces here. Please censor them out. Your blog is getting no where after so many years. The commenters are an epic failure. You have no audience, they dont deserve your intellect. Where is your direction?

Anonymous said...

Where is your direction?
April 14, 2017 2:51 pm

Just follow the direction of my middle finger.
You and your mother.

Anonymous said...

"Mr redbean, i am sick and tired of some of the tangential low IQ comments to your various masterpieces here."

I thought the commentator will talk about some predictions about North Korea s future if it got wiped out as redbead predicted. How about Tellison s hypocrisy?
Watching CNN can be informative?
While I do not contribute much to the author, I do enjoy whatever the commentators wrote. I just skip if i sense the comments are not worth my time after reading 3 sentences/ i do not mind except offensive ideas on sex or abnormal sex which i saw sometimes. Those are not good for kids teen to read about them. Those stuff has been cleared by the author. Well done.

Anonymous said...

315pm you really low iq. When i comment on cnn i was saying cnn is stupid because cnn denies a chance for Assad to explain his viewpoint. Cnn is fake news and scumbug.

Anonymous said...


lf commenters here as as good as wish, Sin will not be in the Situation today.
Just a tiny dot of 700+ square kilometres.

Here we are dabbling in international affairs.

Anonymous said...

"When i comment on cnn i was saying cnn is stupid because cnn denies a chance for Assad to explain his viewpoint."

The fact is clear:
u have iq problem. Hi low? u need to go for psycho test lah. Keep saying others are low iq, will not bring up your own low iq.

U knew CNN has problem and you continued to watch CNN. Is your iq high?

I am confident about me. It does not mean i have hi iq. hahaha. U need imh to tell u why.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi all, this is a blog and you cannot expect a homogenous class of honours or masters students engaging in a political discourse. Neither can you get a homogenous group of kopitiam intellectuals letting go their smokes in between sips of kopi O kau.

As long as the conversation did not go too wild, this is about the best we could have. A blog is a blog, open to the whole wide world, everyone is free to contribute, hopefully meaningful comments. There are of course people with all kinds of agenda and views that would want to share them with others.

We have to be more tolerable within limits. And for those with specific agenda that I have detected, I would delete them for sure.

Thank you for your contributions.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

By the way, tonight 8pm on Channel News Asia, topic on Red Dot and its relations with China and the USA. Good to see our top intellectuals sharing their wisdom or walla. They are on air with warts and everything. From the trailers some sounded so condescending.

Anonymous said...

As you are the author of blog, it does sound depressing to hear from you that the status quo is "the best it can go". I find your intellect far surpasses 95% of the commenters here, and you are wasting your talent for what. You can play mozart to 70% who enjoys it and 30% cows. But for years your blog is addressing the reverse. Despite your excellent sharp viewpoints, your commenters are so boring and predictable, often childish sometimes rude. Whats the point?
Satisfaction comes about when you have the right audience mix. Not necessarily 100% intellectual, 60% is good enough. I have followed your writings for 10 years and never figured out your agenda. You are an unrecognized Singaporean with good potential but wasting time with an 90% audience that does not deeply understand even half what you say. Sg would not be in this sorry state if more people are forthcoming in generating helpful opinions. That was a smart humbling and refreshing comment from 3.30pm.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Redbean, I salute this blog of its diversity & difference view. As wat uncle has rightly pointed out , u can't get a homogeneous views of every one, its like 水清便无鱼 (or too clear water has no fish), unless the comments r vulgar & too racist/religious offensive then its off limits & uncle RB has every right to remove it.

Anonymous said...

By the way, tonight 8pm on Channel News Asia, topic on Red Dot and its relations with China and the USA. Good to see our top intellectuals sharing their wisdom or walla.
April 14, 2017 4:53 pm

Over the years I have read your blog.
Agreed and disagreed with you over many things ...
Your ideas and thoughts offered free over this blog is worth many times more than our overpaid, high priced PAP intellectuals.

At least Your ideas and thoughts are well thought out and original.

Our high priced PAP intellectuals?
Just read one LKY book can already.
Why listen to parrots when you can just read direct from the original source?

Anonymous said...

Have a drink before the nuclear dust come into your glass of stout. Tomorrow morning NK has a big parade. If Trump strikes, fat boy has no way to hide his face but to press buttons.

"North Korea's vice foreign minister said Friday that his country was ready for another nuclear test and would take military countermeasures if the Donald Trump administration chose "reckless" options such as a pre-emptive strike.

Vice Minister Han Song-ryol told the Associated Press in Pyongyang that it was not North Korea, but the U.S. and President Trump that were "making trouble," warning, "We will go to war if they choose."

Han was quoted as saying, "If the U.S. comes up with reckless military maneuvers, then we will confront it with the DPRK's pre-emptive strike.

"We've got a powerful nuclear deterrent already in our hands, and we certainly will not keep our arms crossed in the face of a U.S. pre-emptive strike."

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:17 pm, u talk so intellectual and with so high IQ, then why u remain anon and so scared to identify yourself? Why so shy?

U should feel proud and dignified to identify yourself what. Only those low IQ and not intellectual they pai seh so obviously they remain anon lah, u know.

Come on, identify yourself in your next post so everybody know who such a great intellectual u are. We may even want to google to find out more about u.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What I have is time on hand and instead of sitting in a rocking chair waiting to expire, I will just write whatever that crops up in my mind. Hopefully my thoughts are useful and benefit some people or trigger them to think of what I said and what they have been thinking to formulate new ideas or to reinforce what they were thinking.

This blog has an international readership of 6,000 plus daily. The handful of distractors are just distractions and probably here just to do that stuff. Just ignore them.

What the Americans are trying to meddle now with North Korea is a crime against humanity and civilisation. Millions of life will be lost if the mad Americans do the unthinkable. There is no reason for any country to attack another country just because that country is building its own defences. This American crap is hideous, barbaric and totally irresponsible. Can't imagine how many millions of innocent lives will be lost if it starts, including Americans and Japanese.

And look at all the wise men and women of the world, all thinking about everything but no one think it is right and a duty to humankind to tell the Americans off. Even the farking Americans are all into it, to kill the Koreans, not just the North Koreans who have done nothing to them. All they farking did was to utter that North Korea is a threat to them. How much of such American shit must the world swallow before they hang the Americans like the way they lynched the negro slaves or like the way they dragged the Vietnamese doctor from United Airline like they used to do against the blacks?

The people of the world should boycott United Airlines for their beastly conduct.

Anonymous said...

... like the way they dragged the Vietnamese doctor from United Airline...
RB 6:46 pm

Maybe, I say maybe only hor, the Vietnamese doctor provoked the police with their local equivalent of KNNBCCB?

Don't say drag, anybody scold me like that to the face I will even punch or kick him/her straightaway, never mind I may lose the fight later.

Anonymous said...

It is good to know that 6000 international (presumably mostly americans, australians, then british, then malaysians) people are enjoying your daily bread. I am not being sarcastic, but it is absolute necessary to supplement with your kind of bread to counter against the fake media of Cnn, Washington post et al, all of whom Trump denounced as fake aince Day 1 - but miraculously Trump swallowed all the fake news about Assad from the media, and from McCain and from RexTillerson,,, all these warmongers... Originally Trump was not interesed to engage in syria and many people vote him thinking he will mend relations with russia and the world will be more peaceful with combined effort to dislodge Isis. But the fake news overturned Trump.. perhaps.. maybe he was just bluffing from Day 1.. hard to read Trump.
Even more miraculously CNN didnt praise trump for absorbing their fakenews to be used to decide to bomb Assad this time. Because the evil media is manipulated by people bigger than trump so called illuminati and Rothschilds clan.

Albeit there are not many interesting comments from these 6000 people reagarding your interesting 300 word post and hopefully my post above. Actually your posts are truly fiery many of us enjoy it. Reading through it one can only think they are either junk or they are jem. How can smart people reading your posts not get angry or get happy and not even bother to write anything. Instead you get irrelevant comments here, they dont even read your hundreds of words in great detail, just echo the peripheral ideas and one liners nonsense. It dominates 80% of the comments here, damn. Singaporeans are really pathetic, i conclude.
Perhaps your post is circulated in external blogs and bitterly/lovingly commented up there. If there is a link to such external blogs please let us know, it is more interesting to have iron sharpen iron and engage in discussion than to daily filter through tens of meaningless rattle of low IQ people here who takes a pot shot at your personality and totally oblivious of the gravity of content of the hundreds of words you and I are gorging out as we see the horrendous evil meted out against undeserving parties in the international scene.

Having said the above, i would beg to differ a bit on the approach to Kim. You said that nobody should heck care if Kim makes his own nuclear weapons and missiles. But the problem is for the first time, he drop those thingies IN JAPANESE ECONOMIC ZONE. Technically this is war, right? Imagine if Malaysia fire a test rocket to Pasir panjang port near sentosa? I could have sympathy for Assad because he is a toughie dictator managing terrorists who are armed by Americans, and Assad still holding strong. But Kim.. he's a bit nuts. I dont know what is his motive. Why does he send the missile to japanese waters? It could kill japanese fisherman! This one you may please educate me.

Anonymous said...

/// But Kim.. he's a bit nuts. I dont know what is his motive. Why does he send the missile to japanese waters? It could kill japanese fisherman! ////
April 14, 2017 8:19 pm

Kim shoots a missile into Japanese waters, and you say he is a bit nuts.
Our PAPaya in Singapore proposes to build a nuclear power plant on a floating platform.
So that if anything goes wrong, the PAPaya wants to drag the radioactive floating platform into international waters.
This idea you don't call it nuts?

b said...

USA is just like any gov in this world - a tyrant. They will loot us, oppress us, abuse us just to benefit themselves and their cronies.

Virgo49 said...

If you don't shoot the missle into the ocean, then how can you gauge your missiles capabilities distance???

Same time also warned others not to fark around with you.

Also, Japan been a shit stirrer wanting to militarise and dream of conquering the neighbours again, why not into their waters.

If not, Americans and the world woukd not take North Korea seriously.

The Americans feeled like bombing anyone just bombed anyone and their Media and their barbarians took delight in their might.

Even by passed the UN Security Council. Seeing them as dead useless NATO.

Looked like WW III is imminent. China, Russia seemed to be appealing for dialogue.

Trump might have given them notice to have their personnel evacuated.

Trump is an unstable man who have many mood swings and erratic in actions.

Singapore would be in history as the accomplice to the Americans who have their carrierdespatched to Korea.

May Buddha have mercy on their souls.

Scorned by fellowmen and punished by God

Anonymous said...

Japanese parliament is talking about asking Japanese in SK to return home. News on 14 April evening.

Looks like Japan has escalated the likeliness of fat boy goin ahead to fire missiles and experiment nuke bomb.

China has clearly been pro US against NK.
Isolated NK when facing 3 enemies in one go. Fat boy has limited options. If war breaks out with Trump throwing bombs onto NK facilities, Kim s response can be extensive. Tomorrow till 25 April, Kim and Trump can be unpredictable.

I cannot discount Xi might also fire at NK if refugees run to China side. Tension is rising.
"Discussions in the Japan National Security Council have so far included a plan to evacuate Japanese from South Korea and measures to address the risk of North Korean soldiers infiltrating Japan disguised as refugees, the sources said Thursday.

The government has also warned Japanese schools in South Korea to keep abreast of developments amid the climbing tensions, the education minister said Friday.

The e-mail notice, dated Thursday, instructs school administrators to gather information on the North Korea situation from Japanese diplomatic offices and local authorities to keep students safe, education minister Hirokazu Matsuno told a Diet committee."

Anonymous said...

Trump is now only a PUPPET like all his predecessors.He has been meeting one obstacle after another within the first 100 days of his uneasy presidency. His enemies are many and formidable. He has been given 3 options:
1) Tow the line and enjoy his Presidency, or
2) Be impeached, or
3) Be assassinated.

Trump, being a shrewd businessman, with a natural instinct for personal survival and success, has decided to choose option 1, and thereby becomes a mere PUPPET of the World's most powerful shadow government driven by the Conglomerate of the Illuminati, Rothschild and Rockefeller. Henry Kissinger is the main tool that pulls the strings of US Foreign Policies for World Dominance and Supremacy. Trump's personal opinions and desires can be easily overwhelmed, for they have now squeezed him by his balls, throat and limbs.

From now on, all you will see is PUPPET TRUMP. So all your analysis, assumptions, deductions and interpretations will be thrown off tangent if you were to base whatever on Trump's personal past opinions and election platforms.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 8:19, all you have been reading are western media and they would report every negative news about NK. Today, CNA surprised everyone by showing a clip on NK's latest super new high rise thorough fare that would put many so called developed countries to shame. Why was this picture/truth not reported for so long but the often repeated poverty stricken pictures of NK?

What the western media and media of little USAs would not report are the daily provocations of the Americans, Japanese and SK against the NK. They are conducting wargames almost daily with big military forces practising an invasion of NK. Which is more provocative, testing missiles or exercises of invasion that could any moment become a reality? What is more provocative than the USA saying they would take unilateral actions to strike at NK?

The western media would not report these as provocations, as a matter of right and normal activities while NK's developing of defensive weapons are unacceptable and provocative?

The areas where the NK missiles landed, Japanese EEZ or Korean EEZ, or overlapping EEZ?

As for Anon 9:09, you have been consistently spreading the lies that China or Xi would play out NK and would attack NK. I can see your intent and hidden agenda. China's permanent interest is to make sure NK would not fall under American control. China would fight on the side of the NK again if war breaks out. This is beyond any doubt. China has mobilised 150,000 soldiers along the border with NK under the excuse of controlling a surge of refugees. You don't need so many soldiers to do that. It is in preparation to move in to support the NK against the Americans.

China has been a good friend of NK and has no interest in wanting to interfere in NK's sovereignty unlike the Americans that are treating the SK as a semi colony with troops that refused to go home after the Korean War and repetitively provoking the NK and accusing the NK of being provocative as justification for their military presence in SK.

I have been watching your mischievous message for quite a while. Such comments have no place in this blog and if you keep posting that kind of fake info, I will delete every one of your posts. I am quite sure that I already have a good profile of who you are and where you are coming from.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump should change his campaign slogan from 'Make America Great' to 'Make America Bad'.

Anonymous said...

Regarding those nice infrastructure in north korea, i think you can find lots of such videos in you tube. I dont need ChannelNewsAsia nonsense channel to flash those videos, i hv spend lots of time researcing in social media. Yes they have very beautiful buildings and clean wide streets.
The problem is that they are eerily deserted. There are so many youtube videos done by journalists, it is nothing new. The north korea govt had spend tremendous amount of money on lavish structures and hotels but there is a great shroud of secrecy. Compulsorily you have to be guided, so investigative journalism is strictly dead.

Unlike Assad, Kim does not give interviews. Therefore it is very difficult to understand Kim and what good he has done. Social media is full of positive views of gadafi, assad, even sadam hussein. But i have hardly seen the same view of Kim. What good did he do, i mean his family, other than reward the immediate supporters. At least Assad destroyed isis groups, and Gadafi imprisoned alqaeda and non-libyan trouble makers.

Is china a true friend of Kim? not necessarily. They are worried that unrest in nk will spill over to chinese borders. Is Russia friend of Kim? maybe business partner but strategically and ideologically i dont think they are same key.

So it is very difficult to feel sympathetic to someone who hides and does not explain himself. I have watched Gadafi make an excellent speech denouncing the west for very good reasons.(you tube video). I have watched Putin gave very very good speeches denouncing American lies, and explaining truth. But Kim... is completely withdrawn. I learn nothing from him on internet.
Regarding testing missiles in disputed seas... it is an interesting question. How on earth you do a test within your own boundaries if your country is rather samll and near to other neighbours? Missile tests make sense if you send the missiles to a far target succesfully. Far target has to be some section nearer japan by default.
(For that matter, how does USA test Inter Continental Ballistic Missile? Could they launch from USA and send to Sea of Japan? its actually not possible? )

I would still think that mrkim should try to appear on social media and at least explain his point of view. The world is all connected, if you have a value proposition you will always find an audience. Assad did that several times and it is easy to be sympathetic to his views. I actually enjoyed listening to hime more than listening to obama. Assad spoke with conviction, does not seem to be a mad man, even if he is firm against terrorist rebels.
But kimjongun, he is complete mystery to me. He has hardly any friends now. Even assad has many friends, some americans on social media strongly supported him, with strong reasons. Not a single american activist support kim to my knowledge. Its because nobody really understand a recluse who close up totally refuse to talk to whole world. He could be a good guy, but he has to tell us so. We are getting nothing from him, strange guy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.32
You are right indeed. Trump has been cornered and now he ends up cheating everybody of the promises on his strategies with regard to external politics, never mind the mexica wall. IT all happend just last week when he bombed syria without evidence shown to the world. IT CHANGED THE COURSE OF HISTORY ENTIRELY..IT WAS A WATERSHED EVENT OF HISTORY, THE BOMBING OF IDLIB IN SYRIA.

Virgo49 said...

North Korea is actually still at war with the South with only a Truce between them.

As the sole so called "Communist State" still adhering to Communist ideology, they are been sidelined by the socalled Democratic Countries.

Russia to a lesser extent had moved from been a Socialist country to be more likely capitalist and china had moved tremendously towards been capitalist other than having democratic what free elections.

So if North Korea is been isolated thru their different ideology by the socalled democratic countries, you don't expect Kim to go and kow tow to them.

They have their beliefs in their way of life so why must they follow others??

They are hard headed proud people who believed to able to survive without changing their ideologies.

All they want is to have free trade and able to defend their security. What's so wrong with that??

Others can have their Nuclear Bombs, why can't they??

They are hen ostracised by all and sundry under the Western powers to be evil.

What's choice they have to behave thus by being defiant.

Why can't the world gets along with them instead of containing them.

Have they thru the years been aggressors in trying to conquer or impose their wills on others??

Have they break the Truce??

Instead the South under the influence of the West been provoking them with all sorts of military exercises near their borders and seas.

Hailing loud speakers messages urging the North Koreans to rebel and defiled the regime.

Blowing balloons of messages to the North urging rebellions.

China was once a Communist Country and they are not sidelined and become a member of the international community.

Why can't they also have the North Koreans the same opportunity?? The International Community should instead help to bridge the Reunification of the two Koreas.

Afterall, they are the same people instead of stirring shits to separate them.

What's the UN Security Council for??

Also cannot even stop the USA from bombing any country they deemed to be not following their so called decadent way of freedom and democracies.

Lame ducks for show.

Anonymous said...

The price of any war is not victory over evil. The price of war is death of innocent people and destruction of land and properties, the results of which are written by the victors in favour of the victors, who are actually villians, murderers and criminals against humanity.

In the history of the World so far, it is on records that USA has killed the most innocent civilians and destroyed the most land, properties and peoples' families. So who is the Real Evil?.USA or NK?

Anonymous said...

CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, CNBC, ABC and The Guardian are one of the six in 666. They are the mouth piece of SATANIC Lucifer, the Greatest Liar in the Universe. Whosoever watch and listen to these SIX and believe even half or one-Sixth of what they print or show, must be either of extremely low IQ or extremely naive, or an extension of the arms of these First Class Super Liars - the REAL PRODUCERS OF FAKE NEWS. So, readers, don't be impressed or conned by anyone quoting anything from one of the Evil SIX to illustrate or prove his point of view with eloquence to hide his bull-shitting. Be Alert! Be Smart! Beware!

Anonymous said...

The dude that kept commenting the majority of commentators here have Low IQ probably believed that he has high IQ. Whether he has high IQ or not is not what he believed but how others viewed him. I for one think that he has Low IQ so how? Let others post their view without being labelled. U say your piece which I don't quite read the in full and let others have a chance too.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 11:37,
You have arbitrarily pronounced that North Korea, or Kim, is evil just because they chose to be private, not wanting to talk to the world. Period. Enough said of where you are coming from. Every would know how sensible is your allegation.

North Korea did not choose to isolate themselves. Neither did the socialist countries chose to isolate North Korea, It was the dictates of the Americans to isolate North Korea like they used to isolate the Soviet Union and China and any communist country they tarred as enemy. Without this vicious Evil Empire dictating to the world, North Korea would live happily with the rest of the world in their own private way.

Did Russia, China, Iran or Myanmar turn out to be rogue nations after all the sanctions and isolationist policies of the Americans were lifted? No, they were just normal countries. Same will go to the North Koreans. It is the Evil Empire that is painting them as bad when the real big bad wolf is the Evil Empire.

Anonymous said...

Good morning sir. I dont think anon1137 sayz kim is evil. He said kim is strange and difficult to understand' for the reasons mentioned. "Reserved judgement" for lack of information perhaps.
I do know that despite isolation and unfair critism by usa, countries like china, russia, even libya, they do have strong social media presence, you can google gadafi and watch his live speeches translated in english in youtube.
Kim was educated in Switzerland, so he certainly knows french or english reasonably well. He could easily use social media as a strategy to project himself the goodness of dprk and likewise the badness of America. In the modern world people are thinking all the time, though msm in usa is fake, there are a lot of smart people everywhere ready and sympathetic to assad, gadafi ...its because propaganda is the only solution to propaganda.
As an example Assad today responded and said that trump should not called him animal, trump should look at himself first. Healthy dialogue is precursor to world peace, even china learned that. Why wouldnt fatty boy.

Anonymous said...

Propaganda is the only solution to propaganda.
Not really so as the proof is in the pudding.
Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Osama were all swiftly silented/silenced cos they were eloquent and maybe even convincing and reasonable. Hence they were stopped permanently from talking.
You 1 2 talk somemore.

The most conceited claim made here is that of claiming accurate reading of body language.

Can the commenter kindly tells us what did the body languages of Presidents Xi and Donald Trump reveal about them ?

Anonymous said...

If I choose to become a recluse, refuse to meet people, talk to people, just want to be alone to live my life, so I must be bad.

If I am a bad guy but got money to pay PR agencies to write good stuff about me, so I become a good guy.

How silly.

Anonymous said...

It is true that gadafi etc were silenced despite their efforts to explain their viewpoints in internet. However their legacy lives on. Why?Because of their factual presentations, and also many speeches of putin and journalists of RT (Russia Today),many thinking people fully understand the evilness of USA.!!!! KIM can easily make some efforts in this direction, it does no harm right? This is the era of Info Wars. People are hungry for truth especially direct from horses mouth not filtered through 3rd party. I would love to listen to mr kim address the world,and present a strong factual arguments for our enlightenment. it does no harm to his beloved country right?

Anonymous said...

So if Kim don't listen to your wish you can go on and rubbish him, to attack him?

Virgo 49 said...

Aiya, what Internet World.

Full of Fake News and Proganganda.

Where got Xi what's tweet like birds.

Youngsters everything also Google Google what's nonsense.

Running a nation is serious business not tweeting like our MP even on the National Anthem tweeted like a bird.

Like Trump said of Hillary been spending all her years on e-mailing and tweeting instead of working.

What's there to publicise yourself even sending photos of your travela in Face Pok.

Smart people wants their privacy and not to be exposed to the public how many pubic hair they have even in the bathroom.

Stupid people will let their own kind criticize them seeing their journals of private life and how lian boasting of their lifestyles.

So DONT just Google goggle to be brainwashed as dumb fools.

Anonymous said...

Some people here like to jump to conclusions. It IS DEFINITELY WRONG FOR USA TO ATTACK NK IF THE NK DOES A NUCLEAR TEST within NK. USA has 6000 nuclear weapons, why cant NK have one. The purpose of my writings is not to exonerate defend or glorify the nonsense provocations of usa. Nk has right to their own defence for sure. Please read again what is written it is so clear. There is not need for third party mouthpiece to defend kim. He has a mouth and brains. He can sway world opinions, people will listen. People are sick of american lies and western imperialism.

Anonymous said...

I dont know whether it is becaue of my earlier post or not that energised this forum. Suddenly a lot of writers with substance are appearing. MR Bean, i think this should be your target, to raise the level of penmanship and educational debate here, rather than moving like a rudderless ship everyday churning out superb articles but still like playing Mozart to cows.(对牛弹琴)It is an achievable target, dont be satisfied with your 6000 foreign readers (who never once even drop a comment..).
Having said that i had read your post that you wanted to kick out 909 due to his view that china will attack NK. IMHO its better you kick out those like 2.54pm or 548am, they contribute nothing to your interesting main thread. Of course you can tolerate some but i repeat, you have terrible imbalance of immature to mature comments. At this moment it is improved very much. This makes your blog more creditable and it HELPS SINGAPOREANS TO THINK and remember they have a brain and can actually understand international politics too, if only they tried harder.
Back to 909 who fired his latest volley.
I disagree with 909. In his latest post, he thinks china would attack NK because china warned Myanmar if they spilled into china. What a naive comparison it is. The people of mynamar do not have the historical communist roots, like between mao era and kim il sung people. I agree that china has no evil intents on NK and i agree with rb that if USA attacked NK, china will likely be drawn into world war3, taking aim at USA. Currently Xi is just trying to satisfy trump a bit because it does help not to anger a major nation like it or not. As to why Xi appeared to have support for usa in Idlib bombing in syria, it was a very measured response. Xi didnt say he support usa. he simply said people who use chem bombs need to be punished. he did not identify assad as the bad guy. it was USA, France, UK, Turkey that immediately point the finger at Assad. Therefore the way china behaves i think is about as fair and reasonable as far as events go.
Finally, 909 or 1247, you must be new to this blog. How foolish you are to say that readbean said that "small asian must obey big man US". Redbean is probably the most anti USA man in the entire Singapore today. You got to give your hats off to him on that.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...