The Evil Empire versus Rogue Regime

The Evil Empire struck at Syria and walked away chuckling, leaving Putin red faced and Assad looking so hapless. What can Putin or Assad do after being kicked in the ass except to say, ‘if you do it again we will hit back’. This is so lame, and what a loser could do anyway, and always be a loser. Assad could not hit back to risk a total wipe out. Putin dares not hit back for lack of will and fear of the fire power of the Evil Empire. And the world tolerated or accepted the bullying of the Evil Empire as if it is its right to attack any country it wants, for the right or wrong reason, for real or fake reasons, for lies and fabricated truth. The chemical attack by Assad was not even proven except by the accusation of the Americans just like the WMD. What if it was the Americans behind the chemical attack and put the blame on Assad?

And the Evil Empire told the world that it attacked Syria because Syria was bad, Syria used chemical weapons. Who really used chemical weapons on the Syrians? Anyone knows? Oh the Americans said so, just like Iraq had WMD. The treachery and arrogance of power to bully smaller states are what the Evil Empire is good at and has been doing it for decades after becoming the number one super power.

Now the next target is North Korea. The Evil Empire has branded the North Koreans as a Rogue Regime just because it was developing its own weapons for its own security. This is not allowed. Only the Evil Empire is allowed to have a monopoly of the world’s most destructive and deadliest military weapons, chemical weapons and nuclear weapons. Having such weapons for a smaller country is bad behavior, unacceptable and it is right for the Evil Empire to attack and even invade the country for the possession of such weapons.

The right to attack any country is the right of the Evil Empire. The Evil Empire can attack any country by saying its national interest is at stake. No other country can do that and get away with it. Now after the successful attack of Syria under another fake news or fabricated incident, the Evil Empire is on another mission to attack North Korea. The Evil Empire is a peaceful Empire, a benign Empire? When it attacks another country, it is for peace.

What would the Rogue Regime do if it is attacked? Mind you, the Rogue Regime is in possession of nuclear weapons as well and can deliver the nuclear bombs. Whether the bombs could be delivered to the USA homeland may still be questionable, but delivering to Japan is a piece of cake and Yokosuka is an American military base, just the right target. If the Evil Empire dares to attack the Rogue Regime, the North Koreans would behave exactly as what the Americans branded them, like rogues, and fire their missiles with nuclear or conventional warheads into Japan for sure and maybe to the USA.

Would Emperor Trump pull the trigger to test the Rogue Kim and see how Kim will respond? Trump may think his flexibility is an asset, Kim’s unpredictability also an asset. You can hit me, I can hit you. Let’s see how the Evil Empire starts this war with the Rogue Regime and see how far the war will escalate.

Would Trump dare to pull the trigger and bring upon a nuclear holocaust? How mad are the Americans, oops, I mean how mad is Trump or how mad is the Japanese Commander commanding the American Pacific Command? Would it lead to the Evil Empire and the Rogue Regime killing each other or would it lead to the Rogue Regime unleashing all its might on Japan?

This is not a game for small boys but for seriously insane people. One thing for sure, Kim would not be so mad to be the first to pull the trigger. The only mad guy to pull the trigger first would be the mad Americans commanded by an equally mad Japanese Commander that has a hidden agenda, to drag the Americans into a war with China and Russia.

PS. The deadliest combination is a bunch of mad Americans led by a treacherous Japanese with a hidden agenda and with all the nuclear weapons at their disposal.


Virgo49 said...

The main reason America is trying to disarm North Korea's Nuclear Arsenals is because they knew that the North Koreans capabilities to fire the missiles into America.

There's a report in their News media that by 2020, they are able to achieve this.

The Americans feared for their safety. That's why they threatening all kind of threats to disarm them.

For that matter, Sinkieland and Matland would be easier targets.
That's why our Men And Women In White with their billions by then also feared the same.

Ran to America also die. Ran to Korea, much worse.

Anyway,his Honary Korean citizenship tak pakka, The lady president in jail now.

Anonymous said...

The UaSsh will have more problems internally & even externally. More terriosts gonna strike Americuns homeland & more of his people will be harmed in a not so distant future. This also illustrates the Americuns r using violent to solve problems unlike the Chinese. An eye for an eye is not the solution but I will lead to more troubles. When ( not if) UaSsh go into warring states with NK, many lives will suffer & it will be a no win situation for all..Amercuns r not thinking twice as a war with MK is seem to be imminent, it will be like Vietnam war as NK r a force to b reckon with...look like the dark side go to the UaSsh & NK gonna hv a new Moon ( or Gods son) to help Koreans put of trouble..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The NK would have the capability to hit USA by 2020, so good enough reason to attack NK? All the super power nations, USA, Russia and China have the capability to hit every country in the world, including NK. Would that be a threat to NK and a reason for NK to attack them?

This is American hypocrisy and treachery. Just called Kim mad and his possession of nuclear weapon is a threat to USA when a wrong move by Kim would be total destruction by the USA. Americans are stupid and mad, but Kim definitely is not.

Anonymous said...

The Universal Karmic law will apply to these countries attacking one another...it will be disastrous & no end to solve the problems. Seems like the Americans has lost the respect of nations & r resorting to war so the only solution. The side effects of war r tumultuous & sufferings & some revenge is all imminent by the losing party, the Americuns will have many problems internally..

Anonymous said...

As I have said before, there is no such thing good and bad country in this world. Their behaviors are driven by needs - be it wealth or fear of safety. America need support from friendly countries and when they are under threat, they expect big brother to do something. ME, Asia and South America policies are all driven by same needs.

Virgo49 said...

Hello, One And All, if you have not seen much of the World, too bad this will be the Final Chapter of the Demise of Mother Earth.

This Fat Man and Fat Boy are both egoistic in nature. They are living in their Own World.

There are no human beings among them. If the American War fleets are near their shores and if this Fat Boy were to just fire a warning shot near their destroyers, the Americans will fire simultaneously NON STOP at the North.

Prior before that, the Koreans at the South will scream and appeal for UN intervention. Abe will be shaking in his pants with urine or shits oozing out.

Damn, I should not have poke fire so much. Not my Japan gonna be vanished forever.

These two actions do not pass through their Big Brains and they do things drastically

So beace yourselves for the Demise of Mother Earth.

All Good Things Must Come To An End.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans are deceiving the world that they are fearing for their safety and need friends to support them. The world's number one super power does not fear anyone or need anyone. They will act alone to dominate and control the rest of the world. They only need silly little USAs to help them to do the dirty work, to fight and kill other countries and people, while the Americans stood behind like an angel, so innocent, so angel like, all goodness.

They attacked Iraq, and now Syria and going to attack NK. Did they ask anyone for help or for permission? Are they afraid?

Anonymous said...

"Would Trump dare to pull the trigger and bring upon a nuclear holocaust?"

I think this is the key sentence in the post. My take is:
US UK wanted to topple nations in 2011, started training rebels in middle east. A few nations i remembered reading: Iraq done, Libya done, Lebanon undone, Iran undone, Syria undone, Somalia undone etc.
Saudi teamed up with US to fund toppling Alssad. Qartar Saudi etc were angry Alssad declined to sign a pipe line supplying fuel to Turkey to sell to Europe. So US UK wanna Syria and Iran to go.
This background sold to me as situation unfolded, Iraq and Libya went under. The nobel peace prize winner given by the west went all the way to boost ISIS. ISIS sold oil cheap to Turkey instead.
Only Putin could not tahan as he sells oil.

The rest of stories readers should have read from main media and this valuable blog. Trump is not the insider of such scheming in middle east similar to Hillary who pulled strings on Obama s limbs, and Macairn who pulled strings on big elephant party.

It is interesting moment: Trump dare a war with fat boy? Fat boy just said: DPRK will respond with maximum power and the sailing of Carl Vinson toward Korea is an invasion.

Scare of sarin gas? who had that sarin and threw onto the IsIs control area? Who supplied IsIs weapons to shoot at Iraqi troops and Syrians troops? Sarin attack was a scheming? accident? or

a warning to fat boy? that someone would throw sarin, and trump will act on sarin, hoot ah, he fires missiles. So simple.
Trump did had an impressive effect on the face of the mild scared of war Xi. He chose to tell Xi on the face he ordered missiles fired on syrians. I wandered Xi who hardly got involved in military training felt: waulan erh, missiles firing at syrians. Can also firing at Beijing boh? Trump got the effects done. Perfect for a US president. But fat boy s effect?

Fat boy is far younger and had involved with military on the ground. He should have been prepared to die on the spot with those military uniformed men. To them, its better to die than to scare.

That is the problem to Trump: not scared to die fat boy vs scared to die chinese. Trump scared the wrong guy. Xi went home taking panodol will stand up not dizzy anymore. So china put 150000 troops and medics at NK border now, ready for casualties.

Now is Trump s shivering hands on the buttons? Fire missiles on fat boy s toy factory to destroy his nuclear facilities may see the entire Seoul on fire, may also find Japan US facilities hits.

There are thousands of missiles aiming at Seoul, certainly Japan US bases including Okinawa. Fat boy dies is certain. I think he might have planned for plan B when he is hit by mortar bullets or missiles. I think turning the SK capital to fire house is 80% certain as his military men will press buttons. Why?

Simple lah. Seoul is hit by poor disciplined troops. Many went overseas to avoid military services. Flattening Seoul will allow the hungry remain NK troops to flood the south and take over.
Will US marines want to die at battle between NK and SK?

So Trump should be shivering. Fat boy is ready to die. But US marines may run without the bases in SK. Why?
If PLA do not make the final push to take over SK and NK, PLA is not doing the right job. Tio boh?

I hope China make this move as i saw. Take over NK and Sk. Or US take over Sk or NK, China mati liao: Xi will have to resign.

patriot said...

Of late, me shares much of Elder Virgo49's Reading of local and international events.

The US Armada sails into SOUTH Korea and a little NORTHWARD will put Kim Jong Un in a fix.
To fire at the US Armada would mean giving the US a legitimate reason
to attack it.
To let the US Armada to violate its' territory brazenly and openly cant be acceptable,
so how?

Now, China is openly working with South Korea to curtail the Nuclear Development that North Korea wants to make it most advanced as it can.

Only a sensible Donald Trump can avoid a Global Disaster.

How wise is Donald Trump?
ls he able to learn from Alibaba Ma Yun and PRC Prime Minister Lee Keqiang??

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

The only people who are mad are the ones calling Kim mad. The other group of mad people are those that believe the mad ones calling Kim mad.

The sanest person is Kim Jung Un. Don't pray pray with him. He would fire his missiles for sure, when the Americans pressed the buttons. But he would not do anything if the mad Americans leave him alone.

Would mad Americans dare to fight another Korean War after the bad experience in the first Korean War? Xi would make them pay double this time if they are mad enough to trifle with the fully equipped PLA.

Anonymous said...

/// Would mad Americans dare to fight another Korean War after the bad experience in the first Korean War? Xi would make them pay double this time if they are mad enough to trifle with the fully equipped PLA. ///
April 11, 2017 10:53 am

The missiles, drones and SEALS will go in first lah.

Of course if you are a PAPaya.
You will tell America and North Korea to follow international law lah.
Come to Singapore and Mental Masturbate your differences in our international institutions here.

Anonymous said...

@ April 11, 2017 12:06 pm

Tomahawks Have Been The US Weapon Of Choice For Years


Anonymous said...

China has the opportunities wide open for it. Only problem is the soft politicians and i doubt the new batch of PLA generals who never have had real war experience wanna go into Korean war.

In other words, these people are as bad as the fleets commanders and of course, except the pentagon who have different interests and the white house who has another set of interests.

I see in diplomacy, china is using money to win Duterte. In US, Xi offered to create 700000 jobs in US. That is for trade. In war, China seemed to promise Trump: hands off. So Trump sails Carl Vinson over from Singapore, no rest in Singapore you know.

I guess PLA can have big things to do when Trump fires at fat boy.
PLA can take over Taiwan in 48 hrs in the mid of war, if US marines landed across 38 degree.

China in the past had to leave Taiwan for US to plug chinese politicians ass holes. If PLA dare not to do, then it has no credibility to defend China s territory, given by China Constitutions.

Meanwhile, PLA have to defend NK against the SK taking over NK, as SK will push US bases to Yalu rivers, right next to China border.

If PLA fails in this mission, China is held as a bargain, when US wants Russia to kowtow to it. China politicians should know this time is no play play, wanting to be ahqua dressing in char boh dress to please the US. If they still do, they will be screwed hard when US marines land across 38 degree.

Anonymous said...

This world is getting more and more interesting and exciting!

This is indeed a very very wonderful world!

Cheers and "Yam-Seng"!

Anonymous said...

True interesting world, going broke still burn taxed cash like nothing:
Just count by hours: Trump used up USD60 millions.

Market watch:
"It could cost about $60 million to replace the cruise missiles that the U.S. military rained on Syrian targets Thursday night.

Each Tomahawk missile, made by Raytheon Co. RTN, -0.61% likely cost $1 million, according to experts."

How much China needs to lend US to fire at NK?
China will stack the cash ready to buy US bonds for war, to invade China in a tacit way.
I wander Chinese tax payers know what the US bonds meant to them. They may have their sons and daughters to die in NK when US marines land in NK.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, the core interest of China is to keep NK out of reach from the Americans, at all cost. They did that when they were very weak. The PLA would die for their country just like in the first Korean War. They are fearless.

Who has more drones, China or USA? Tomahawk more deadly or DF21? Carl Vinson very valuable target. Did the Americans believe Kim did not have DF21s in his arsenal? Maybe China has sent him a dozen for testing on the American carriers to see how they perform against the American anti missile defences.

How much did the Americans know about NK's military capabilities?

Anonymous said...

The Americans use a calculator that says America can think, can plan, can decide who to hit, what to hit, how many to hit and enemy like duds, cannot do anything, don't know how to hit back, no plan, no thinking, just sit there and let the Americans to shit on them.

They would be in for a nasty surprise when Kim boy pull the rug underneath their feet. They would not know what hit them and how to react. They only know how to hit others but have not been hit and when got hit would run for cover.

Anonymous said...

"cost about $60 million"

Only 23 of 59 hit somewhere at syrian bases. Others hit somewhere and civilians died.

Out of the 23, rarely hit on run ways of syrians air base.

Syrians planes continue to fly, after some repair.

I really wander what US 3rd fleet were firing, supposed to be electronically guided missiles.

On the other hand, I hope PLA has accuracy.

PLA please note: DO NOT fire at changi US base and end up dropping missiles at Toapayoh, when war breaks up between US fleets and PLA.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Today we are at peace. East Asia is still at peace and the people of North and South Korea are going about their lives peacefully and happily. When war starts, both sides would be plunged to darkness with hundreds of thousands of lives lost with many crying for their loved ones, missing their loved ones.

The insanity and stupidity of it all is that the stupid Koreans are going to wipe themselves out from the surface of the earth instead of living their daily lives.

The Americans would choose their targets to hit when they start the war. The North Koreans too would choose their targets to hit back because they are attacked and it is war. Where would the North Koreans hit, South Korean cities, Japanese cities hosting American bases, the American homeland?

Why would the world, the UN, let this impending war to go ahead without anyone standing up to stop the reckless Americans from starting a war, thinking that they have nothing to lose, their American lives would not be at stake because they are using cruise missiles and drones?

The inaction of the world community and the UN is going to see the worst manmade disaster happening in Asia when the warmonger Americans start a war. The only thing we can hope for, wish for, is for the two Koreans to kill each other in the Korean peninsula, together with some Americans and leaving the rest of the world untouched by the destruction and tragedy happening to them.

Anonymous said...

'PLA please note: DO NOT fire at changi US base and end up dropping missiles at Toapayoh, when war breaks up between US fleets and PLA.'

Hope you are making this statement in jest. Some daft sinkies really believe the North Koreans or PLA will fire their missiles at us.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are making this statement in jest. Some daft sinkies really believe the North Koreans or PLA will fire their missiles at us.
April 11, 2017 3:07 pm

How do you know the North Koreans won't shoot at us?
Or maybe shoot missiles at Kuala Lumpur but hit the Singapore Istana instead?

Anonymous said...

"Hope you are making this statement in jest. Some daft sinkies really believe the North Koreans or PLA will fire their missiles at us."

I did make a 50% for entertainment. U saw someone 3:28pm said, yes, the map marking can be wrong, as when they click the map for sinkieland, they could get only Malaysia. U try clicking the steam map. U need to click Malaysia before you can see sinkieland.

When firing missiles in hasty situation, i guess, they want to get sinkieland, but may end up JB or even KL getting the missiles.

If PLA firing from the air onto the fleet at changi base, the missiles landing at Toapayoh or Marina south is highly possible if not probable. Sinkieland is a base for P8.

P8 is monitoring PLA s submarines in South Cina sea. I would guess they missiles will aim at the runways. Reason:??

PLA s most potent force in my guess on sea front, is the submarines against the american fleets, not liao ling or smaller missiles carriers. P8 will be what PLA targeted. B52 also aimed by NK and PLA logically, whereever are their bases.

Anonymous said...

You gotta rewatch sun ho video .....https://youtu.be/3GgxsfODXrI...MADE IN AMERICA. For living in Sin, and a product of Sin, The Americans made fools out of you naive people(read the commentaries). And it is not just Sun Ho. Such an idiotic couple still have a place in Sin and greatly supported by the govt who breed this type of people.

The Americans, whom you bash have DELIBERATELY made monkeys of you people and paid in millions for it too - have the last laugh. Very painful video to watch as a singaporean because, you are that terribly naive as a people(not just Sun Ho).

Sun Ho is a product of CLOSED Sin system - no bloody shame, like their leaders who think they are the wisest gods to their people and the world. The world is laughing at you Sin people because, the fools are still in business and with thousands of Singaporean supporters. Incredibly embarrassing as a people because the leaders you support is a reflection of you.

Before you throw stone at the Americans, look in the mirror. Watch the video. She is a big time pastor in Sin still and with huge Singaporeans following.

What a naive people.

Anonymous said...

@ April 11, 2017 6:11 pm

Singaporeans paid millions for a no talent singer.
Hey Singaporeans.
What else do you pay millions of dollars for?

Anonymous said...

@ April 11, 2017 6:48 pm

Singaporeans overpay for water?
Singaporeans overpay for cars?
Singaporeans overpay for HDB flats that don't belong to us after 99 years?
Are we also overpaying our politicians to manage a small island?

What else do we overpay for?

Anonymous said...

Kong Hee says sorry to church: "I really, really, really wish that I was and am a better, wiser leader"

Unspoken: I could have been those "at large pastors" now, rich talk god sing song leaders who reap by carefully avoiding the minefield of the laws

Anonymous said...

Americans make money out of you fools, you make money out of the fools you lead

One happy family of fools yes?

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.22pm

Blamed the 70% dafts Sinkies who voted Ah Long party.
KJ already said u got the Garman that u deserved..so no pt kpkb Liao..

Anonymous said...

Blame the leaders for breeding idiots. 2 of them, highly educated, can say no see direct or indirect benefits. Dont count on the rest who disagree with the 2 to do any better within the system either. These are the ones who give birth to a nation of idiots.

Anonymous said...

A City of sinners lead by greater sinners. An island of egoistic fools lead by bigger egoistic fools. A nation of bullying cowards lead by greater bullies and cowards. Yet still belittling, bashing, smearing and sneering at other countries. Ironically, pathetically laughable!

Anonymous said...

The singer has relative success in Asia. She has had many professional/spiritual support and advisors in the industry/church and as well as in finance. Can't say she doesn't know her music and how the industry work right? Furthermore, a pastor husband, decades of spiritual/material successes and the benefit of the wisdom and power of God at his bidding, backing, with complete access to donated funds at his disposal, and egging his wife on to being an international star.

The end product? Joke of the nation.

What can we learn from this? They keep asking you to look towards Him/the good and ignore all else. But whoever the joker is up there, has just shown you in huge blazon bold red sign in the sky...you fools, and you still don't get it?

Anonymous said...

North Korea's official Rodong Sinmun newspaper said the country was prepared to respond to any aggression by the United States.

"Our revolutionary strong army is keenly watching every move by enemy elements with our nuclear sight focused on the U.S. invasionary bases not only in South Korea and the Pacific operation theatre but also in the U.S. mainland," it said....And the South Koreans are panicking, because they would also receive nuclear bombs if war breaks out. Here is what the South Koreans are saying from the same Yahoo News..

But South Korean officials took pains to quell talk in social media of an impending security crisis or outbreak of war.

"We'd like to ask precaution so as not to get blinded by exaggerated assessment about the security situation on the Korean peninsula," Defence Ministry spokesman Moon Sang-kyun said.

Serve them right. Let them turn the peninsula into another war zone like in Iraq and Syria and destroy each other, and the Japanese and Americans would laugh themselves silly at the stupid Koreans.

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Hyundai, bye bye Samsung, bye bye LG, Kia, Lotte and all the Korean waves and brands, you will be history once the Americans press the buttons.

Anonymous said...

SENTOSA (Just like Singapore?)


What about PAP Ministers? Also SENTOSA?


Anonymous said...

Got. Got Sentosa cove penthouse to see. 9.3 million $$$ penthouse. You can have one too. Drop from sky one so must be talented to catch it. Catch it no need to go prison if you are the partner in crime. Can still be CEO of very smart people some more

Anonymous said...

When our 7 year ordeal came to an end (or at least we thought so), your Minister decides to make a statement that it is not over. It is interesting to observe how politics and religion are parallel. A small group of noisy netizens attempted to chart the 2011/2015 elections. They blamed the government for everything from CPF monies to high cost of living. To that we lost an esteemed and highly talented individual, the former Minister George Yeo. What have we learnt from GE2011/2015? Focus on the real issues, listen to real people. Then the country moves forward.

Anonymous said...

George Yeo = Kong Hee. Religious corrupter??? LoL

Anonymous said...

The show down: Putin said chemical gas attack was staged, more are coming in syria and US will attack syria for the toxic gas.

"Russia has information of a potential incident similar to the alleged chemical attack in Idlib province, possibly targeting a Damascus suburb, President Vladimir Putin said. The goal is to discredit the government of Syrian President Assad, he added."

Anonymous said...

S - Stupid
I - Idiotic
N - Nincompoop
G - Government
A - And
P - Politicians
O - Outrageously
R - Repeatedly
E - Elected

Anonymous said...

"We will hold the U.S. wholly accountable for the
catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its outrageous
actions," a spokesman for its Foreign Ministry was quoted as
saying by the state-run Korean Central News Agency.
The statement followed an assertion by U.S. Secretary of
State Rex Tillerson that U.S. missile strikes against a Syrian
air base in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack carry a
message for any nation operating outside of international norms.
He didn't specify North Korea, but the context was clear enough.
"If you violate international agreements, if you fail to
live up to commitments, if you become a threat to others, at
some point a response is likely to be undertaken," Tillerson
told ABC's "This Week."

Americans threatening the world and behaving like a big gangster. Hope Kim would give the Americans a lesson that they would not forget. Trump got guts go hit the NKoreans and see what would happen. The Americans are the most mischievous and evil people around, always wanting to go to war.

b said...

America is just like any gov in this world forcing the people into paying high tax, housing, utilities, transport, fines, education, pensions, healthcare etc. They are just the gov of this world.

Anonymous said...

In order to start a war to continue to dominate and control the South Korea and Japan, the Americans would sacrifice the South Koreans and Japanese at all cost. An attack against North Koreans is imminent and the casualties would be the Koreans and the Japanese.

As long as it serves American interest, there would be wars, and attacking North Korea just fit into the American game plan.

The South Koreans are panicking now as they would be the worst hit when war breaks out.