Singapore’s quitting game

Quitting is the name of the game in Singapore. Everyone that is not making it is quitting starting from the PMETs. This is so strange when there are millions of foreigners happily working here and many queuing to come, claiming that it is so easy to find a job here. Many of these very experienced and well qualified Singaporean professionals (I have to mention the word Singaporean or else it would be forgotten) are quitting or have quitted the employment scene. Many are forced into early retirement against their wishes. How could anyone in his right mind be quitting from employment in the most expensive city in the world? How is he going to survive especially those with outstanding housing loans and children to take care of, with some in secondary schools or universities that need a lot of money to continue what they are doing?

The quitting game is also quite seriously played in immigration. Many have left the shore for one reason or another, primarily unable to survive without an income and quitting is the only way to realize some cash by selling off their overpriced HDB flats and also to take out all their savings in their CPF.

Promising young students that could not find a place in the local universities, as the universities need to fulfil the criteria of having foreign students to rise in some silly ranking systems chose to fill their places with foreigners, would also have to quit to find places in foreign universities and subsequently stay on in the countries that were generous enough to offer them places in their universities.

Quitting is not confined to just humans losing their jobs or migrating. Companies in the main board of the stock exchange are also quitting. More and more are seeking to delist from the ailing stock exchange when their value are eroded by the dismal performance of a half dead or half alive stock market. Delisting is to protect the real worth of the stocks and without having to pay hefty listing fees all for nothing and then switch to list in other healthier stock exchanges..

The latest trend that is catching up in the above list may be seeking political asylum. Amos Yee has done it. Han Hui Hui has been mentioned to be the next candidate. These are very young people, Amos is below 18 and Han Hui Hui in the early twenties. What horrendous crimes have they committed that they have to run away from their homeland? Is their homeland so unforgiving to young people having missteps in their lives? Who would be next, Roy Ngerng who could not find a job in his country and is now in Taiwan? And would there be more?

What is the next quitting game? Quit applying for jobs? Quit from becoming Singaporeans, quit the country for good?


Anonymous said...

Angkol, Lao Go said decades before that Sinkies r a quitter lot, not happy they quit. Lao Go also labeled these quitters as Losers. How bout during the present Ah Long time? Lagi best, ah long wouldn't wanna label these Sinkies who left this Hotel as quitters, wat he did is jus praise these Foreigners as talent & contributed to the cuntry success ( such ad building of infrastructure & even creates jobs)..maybe Ah Long already gave up trying to retain the Sinkies brightess kids, even the Butterfly swim king & Ah Quah man also went overseas to US to train ( they may not come back or only come back to parent visitation, after tat they gonna hv their careers overseas)..Sinkies PMETs quitting isn't so scary, the scariest part is--little or no pro-creation of new true blue born & bred Sinkies as next gen, who in right frame of mind would wanna bring a new life here as it's a pressure cooker & rising living costs, very few would wanna..

Anonymous said...

Dragged United Passenger Files Legal Action Over Forceful Deplaning


He is not a slave because his country allows him to sue.
Are you so lucky?

Anonymous said...

We made our Singaporeans quitters and scorned at them. Then we turned around to welcome other country's quitters and praised them, gave them money for education, gave them good jobs that should all be given to our Singaporeans and they would not have quitted.

Seow garment!

Anonymous said...

It is a bad decision to abandon your own people. Karma will swing back and haunt them later.

Anonymous said...

why quit singapore, why why why

many people over the world Q to come here

we are the world

we have the best-EST govt, so kind and very very caring

we have very very generous govt welfare schemes to apply

where to find, cannot find cannot find

yes, everything here is number one and the best-EST

so dont go, please dont go, singapore is the best-EST

新加坡是天堂! 新加坡是天堂!

如果第一世界的新加坡不是天堂 哪里是天堂 ?

You tell me lah!!!

Anonymous said...

It is a bad decision to abandon your own people. Karma will swing back and haunt them later.
April 13, 2017 9:26 am

Sure or not?
Million dollar salaries, the love and support of 70% Singaporean slaves ...
- like this I also want their karma.

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 9.26

Are you referring to the PAP who abandoned their own peoples? ??

Or those who quits? ?

For those who quits, Fellow Singaporeans their own people meh??

Anon 9.24

Yes, he can sue. But you are in the world of the Whites.
Blood is always thicker than water. Why of all people they pulled the Asian American? ? So those bananas who thinks that they be not like this Vietnamelse American to be treated this manner better think hard.

So better quit to Matland where when you have enough dough in your Banks and pockets, most likely you won't be bumped off the plane.

You think those elites won't quit??

Just hendak Kakis.

When the first missile hits Tuas Naval Base.

Wah, these few days so much air exercises.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.47am

Too bad 4u with u..not unless u belong to that Elites Class or Elites' clan men/women labelled as the whites...they r seen as the Angels or Saviors of Sinkieland...poor Sinkies got to guai guai be grateful to these whites draculas..unless u wanna be like them being a Dracula is eternal wealth, only thing that they r scared is the 'Cross' of Christ , that why Kong Hee is let off with a reduced punishments...a kid wanna be like Kong Hee this time ..

Anonymous said...

Bananas or no bananas, that is how they will be treated by the whites. Non whites are low lives.

Anonymous said...

Look at how the judges ruled those who, out of greed, rode on the coattail of Christianity, a faith that defies logic and laws, and enriched themselves? The judges concluded they are not guilty(in mission - misguided or not) but only wrongful(in methods).

So CHC carefully interpreted the verdict to ensure members that the court recognizes their intent was "holy" and pure however, the way the 6 went about executing the intent was "wrong". The pastor could have been "wiser" and sold "China Wine" the "right way".

Hence, it was not a "crime", because of the mission for "Christ"(the anointed), but just "wrong"( much like doing a math problem wrongly - no guilt)

In other word, the court, judges, is blind to the wolves(many out there) behind the sheep cloak(Christianity). Christianity is a variant faith subjected to primordial base instinct of man(the anointed wolves)

Because Christianity, though highly controversial faith, is a legally accepted body of influence(also political in nature), it has become a good habitat and vehicle for greed and all kinds of transgressions and wickedness.

The wolves(many are at large) are protected in Sin.

The sentence, all the three judges, is thus not addressing the crime against humanity

How not to quit the system?

Anonymous said...

"What is the next quitting game? Quit applying for jobs? Quit from becoming Singaporeans, quit the country for good?"
None. Quit voting for Pap, things will be back to normal.

We can see the world clearly now. With Trump fired USD60millions missiles on Syria, the effects is nothing. Except the service personnel and civilians died, life go on. But Russia and US is hitting low point. So Trump tried to talk nice to Xi. Xi responded by promising to bomb N Korea, this part not sure liao.

Can u see? Pinky had shouted to Xi to give up South China Seas island to obey international laws, and Xi has not complied to sinkieland s demand. The two points should be at the low similar to Putin and Trump, tio boh? China at low point cannot import so much expensive sinkie dollar exports tio boh? Jobs loss is inevitable. Tio boh?
Further more, China has made NK its adversary to please Trump. Now Trump s fleets are at sea near NK, Xi will have to help US fleets when it attack NK.
But PLA will not let Xi play his game. PLA will have to charge at NK, if NK fat boy collapses. PLA must take over NK and not let Xi play with Trump to let US SK taking over NK.
U see the problems now?

Before fat boy is to collapse, how many missiles will be used? I guess fat boy should have planned for his death what to do for his subordinates. This kind of plan can be suicidal. The missiles might fire till changi that park the fleets and P8.

This is very remote risk lah. With mighty sinkieland air force, who dare to fire missiles here. But if one has billions dollars to invest or to place the cash to start some business of hi tec, will this some one think of missiles firing on this expensive land?

Sinkieland export to china might encounter problems, check here check there, delay clearance. Similar to terex, keeping till Cny then returned. Export to Trumpsland lah, boleh, EU lagi bagus.

Yesterday news, Shanghai is the biggest transhipment port in the world follow by HK and Singapore. Can u see the trend? Singapore is better than Shanghai now. So Psa sold some companies to China to help their business to expand in Malacca. More good years are promised by pinky and laugoh: more goat years. Sell off the properties and migrate is one good option. Sinkies sold many state companies already, beer company, shipping co, Psa company, what else? Reminding are telco, airlines, newspapers, no more liao. I was thinking of selling off to go somewhere similar to state selling off. but Where to go? Any suggestions?
If no country offering good locations, just quit the habit to vote for Pap, your world will turn better: more goodies years. May be, no guarantee as the reserves might have big sums remain, so no need to worry to run road yet. If the reverse happens, then u kena liao, kena what? the $50millions case question, but they did not breach trush lah. U are stupid to pay only.

Anonymous said...

ST produced an article on the perils of Mammon. They got Mammon right(most no issue in understanding that) however, all are blinded by "God". So you remain serving or being slaves to Mammon

Anonymous said...

Focus on JESUS and DO/BE GOOD, and ignore all the noises around you. How not to be fleeced and made idiots of?

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of useless and rich religious leaders around. It is legal explosive greed or profiting from fools - better than day light robbery because it is a very respectable crime!

Anonymous said...

From HDB to Sentosa Cove penthouse? All from your govt! LoL

Anonymous said...

"better than day light robbery because it is a very respectable crime!"
Respected breach of uncommitted promise, even half hundred millions dollars is a small crime. Starting thinking alone the lines, start a building funds only for building and rental, then transfer the funds to some papers in exchange, and of course, get the money and use it for other purpose. This way is small crime.
Someone hooked out petty cash box using sticker would get higher number of jailed years than big sums small crimes. I like this way. People must think big, do not think petty to pick petty cash box, that is the message in this sinkieland. New term: respectable crime and respectable criminals gang.

Anonymous said...

@ April 13, 2017 10:42 am

I was thinking the same thing.
Quit voting PAP and things can only get better.
The quality of PAP government is so lousy ... and yet still so expensive.
... what do we have to lose?

Lose our HDB flats ?
But under our PAP government, in 99 years or less, we will lose our HDB flats anyway.
Tio bo?


Anonymous said...

You are a better person or you are a fool? I can take advantage of fools so by all means...be a better person and worker!

Anonymous said...

The law will punish paid agents that committed BOT. Directors committed BOT how, greater responsibility, bigger punishment of lesser?

Looks like directors lesser responsibility and lesser punishment.

KNN why like dat one?

Anonymous said...

When the ground rumbles, then you will know whether your foundation, by and for men, will stand or crumble.

Anonymous said...

@ April 13, 2017 11:27 am

Dragged United Passenger Files Legal Action Over Forceful Deplaning


Lucky Singaporeans.
We will never be forcefully dragged from our HDB homes like this United passenger was dragged from the plane.

Anonymous said...

What anonymous 11.27am said was tio tio tio.

But, tell me lah how to quit voting PAP.

The present PAP were with a massive massive 70%.

Furthermore, the prediction is 80% at next GE.

So how? What to do? Not so simple.

Say say and kpkb kpkb are very very easy.

But PAP has grown to a size....."too BIG to fail".

Everywhere is PAP. Everyday is about PAP.

Many many people already vested here.

Many many people already "used-to-it". Felt too late to change? Risks? Already vested.

This is singapore..........is like that lah.

Anonymous said...

Maybe WP or SDP can say:
"If elected government, they will transfer permanent ownership of HDB flats from HDB to Singaporeans".

We know PAP will not likely do this.
But if an Opposition Party say they will ... I will definitely vote for them.

Anonymous said...

His crime was reduced BECAUSE of christianity and the church in fact, do not see it as a crime at all(no remorse) BECAUSE of christianity

Christianity is a good covering for anyone who wants to start their brand of doctrines( which account for thousands of version of the Man Of Sin)

Kong Hee is the founder of CHC brand of christianity - GROOMING idiots for personal gain or for the Man Of Sin.

Anonymous said...


Think big lah. First must say start to build concrete needs money. Second tell the believers to give, Third ask their friend to guard if the other really give money Fourth no money then down grade hdb flat and pay the balance Fifth no money walk to work and pay the savings Sixth all must pay savings including to cpf to haha u.
Then take the money convert into papers as the building funds can buy papers for income mah. U take the principal big sums of funds spend on your wife, not yourself.
Must be big lah. U will be respected to wear branded coats, drive expensive car and stay at sentosa. Not for long u can take the money and chia hong liao. This time must quit sinkieland, enjoy the big sum belong to u.
As long as the jail term is short, the money can let u spend for your whole life/ But remember, this is a crime. Poolis always advise people not to commit crime, I also advise people do not commit crime. Its like smoking and drinking, many still do as they balance the risk and enjoyment. Dont allege me to teach u how to commit crime. I learn it from reading real cases lah.

Firros said...

A great point indeed. At least he is allowed the space for that over there. Here ahhhahhh....

Firros said...

That is the state of affairs here and will continue to be so unless the majority wake up not now but when deciding the next team or teams

Anonymous said...

Did Kong Hee preach the prosperity gospel of Christianity?

Firros said...

It is not being blind but not choosing to see what it really is

Anonymous said...

Did Founding Old Fart preach any type of prosperity belief system?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1.02pm & 1.03pm

Maybe have...the evidence is shown as ..." ..what's wrong with collecting more $$$$$..."

..u can also see the MIWs saying Huat Ah & bz taking jump shots & selfies during CNY ( also a proof to fleece upon the dafts Sinkies ..whom made them pay millions of salary...)..

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be blatantly obvious in prosperity teaching. Key is to preach faith, hope and love and watch huts mushroomed into ostentatious houses(more expensive looking than palaces for some) of worship all over the world. Even your HDB can be transformed into Sentosa cove penthouse.

If not, at least you, seated at the pinnacle of influential power, get your toes sucked reverently

Rice said...

I am not too sure why, but it is true I am seeing more & more rather young senior citizens (50 something yo) saying they are retired?? This is extremely disturbing because most of them are still quite fit mentally & physically and they can easily put in another 10 to 15 years in productive work. This trend of relatively young retirees is a waste of precious resource in resource hungry Spore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Firros and Rice, welcome to the blog. This enforced retirement out of no choice is like scrapping cars after 10 years when the cars can still run for another 10 years. Sinful wasting of precious resources and useful life of the people. But they themselves wound not want to retire unless force to.

Anonymous said...

How to collect more money if you don't have idiotic cows? You think God will drop money from sky for you meh?

First, must groom cows. And then, must use money to feed some cows better than other cows so these other cows, the majority, will think...Wah...look at these better fed cows...I can also grow my talent to replace them fatter cows and be fat too

Well, for many, before them become fat, they end up as steak for pigs.

Anonymous said...

"Kong Hee is the founder of CHC brand of christianity - GROOMING idiots for personal gain or for the Man Of Sin."

Another brand called "grace revolution", the founder is "wise" to have stayed out of radar.

Where got corruption? No one is above the law what....yadayadayada

Anonymous said...

If I vote PAP, I will lose my car after 10 years.
If I vote PAP, I will lose my HDB flat after 99 years.
If I vote PAP, I will never get my CPF money back when I am 55 years old.
If I vote PAP, I will lose my job to a foreigner when I turn 35 years old.

So what do I have to lose by voting Opposition?

Anonymous said...

In a response published by the UK-based weekly on Apr 12,>>>>> Ms Foo, referencing specific comments against Christians and Muslims made by Yee in 2015 and 2016, said The Economist may agree with the US judge that such bigotry is free speech, but Singapore "does not countenance hate speech" as it has "learnt from bitter experience how fragile racial and religious harmony is".

She added that contrary to the suggestion in the article, Singapore's laws on contempt do not prevent fair criticisms of court judgements.

"Singapore’s court judgments, including on Mr Yee’s case, are reasoned and published, and can stand scrutiny by anyone, including The Economist."<<<<<<<

Realised a lot of female worshippers in Churches? More power to the charbo..sure huat ah...one day, you also live in Sentosa cove

Anonymous said...

What is the next quitting game?

Hahahahaha. Maybe the Sinkie opposition, save for say Aung Juan Soon Chee, all will quit the political scene?

So next election PAP 100% walkovers or 100% win all seats?

Aung Juan Soon Chee I know will not quit because he already said being in politics is not just to win elections. That's why he is and will still be in it despite every time lose one.

Anonymous said...

"GROOMING idiots for personal gain"

I think this has to be qualified. Personal gain comes from committing a crime, it s not through feeding someone and making some as slave to give someone money.

To be specific, the scheme does not tie down the payers. Paying through peer pressure is one time. The next time if payer does not want to pay, he chooses to be absent.

The scheme target on the pool of money, the total collection. To right the collection, the pool is called building funds for rental and building maintenance. But the crime comes from diverting the funds to someone.

Ie mis represent the benefiting party, not the building but your wife if you scheme. The sum can be $50millions, but real jail term is only 24 months ++. Jail term has one third discount one.

Therefore, there are thousands of donors. I doubt they are idiots. But if they already saw the building funds mis use, and still donating, then too bad: idiots lah.

One must be willing to commit a crime of cheating the crowd lah. The term is not too long comparing to one who steal petty cash, when comparing to recent cases. That is the point tell the public to choose the sinkieland one if wanna choose to be pai kia, whether paster or not is the profession, charitable man, can also do the same: not agent mah.

Anonymous said...

Why Quit! Why Quit!

Singapore is the BEST place in the world to live!

But you MUST have money. Yes! Must have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

Have MONEY, everything is HONEY!

Very very sorry. No money no talk! You die your business!

So you must have money living here.

No money very very very "chia-luck"!

Remember well........No money no talk! You die your business!


Anonymous said...

People will only give to God - that's the sell Before that, you have to "groom" them to see "God".

Once they "see God", The "groomer" shall be rewarded with "blank cheque". There is no limits to how much you can harvest from religion, including blood!

Anonymous said...

They are basically saying religious people are violent or beasts....(reference to bitter experince with fractured racial and religious harmony). So in order not die from their violent and beastly behaviour, rational people should just keep the truth to themselves and live in fear of them? Is that it?

No...trash,fine, jail and spit( well, kakis want to kill what can the powerd oo right?)at those who speak the truth and let's call it....hate speech?

Very clever Hor

Anonymous said...

If you legalise cheating, corruption, crime, then there will be no cheating, no corruption and no crime.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the man of God say that his vision came from god? God told him this god told him that? God said his wife should crossover to America and let Americans make fool of her?

30000 and many more took the bait because God said so through a man and financed and support the wife.

But when outsiders began to laugh and shake their heads at the incredulous religious royal couple, the law then took attention and milk the infamy for what's it's worth. Still, the law is full of bull.

The people no wiser about who god is and the law still full of bull

Anonymous said...

The sting of death is Sin, and the power of Sin is the law

Anonymous said...

One nice thing about being unemployed is that you don't have to pay any income tax to the PAP government. I used to pay $7,000-$8000 annually. Now I am paying nothing, for the last two years . . .

Anonymous said...

@ April 13, 2017 7:28 pm
Did Lee Cunt Yew?
Did Yew get cunted by Lee?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7.28pm.......very sorry...........

I rather be employed and dont mind to pay $7K-$8K income tax.

At least I am still earning a comfortable salary.

Anonymous said...

"The present PAP were with a massive massive 70%.

Furthermore, the prediction is 80% at next GE."

Pap said 70% was caused by one funeral.
80% means funeral(s)? one or two?
Dont be so mean to curse lah. 53 to 55% should be close.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10.12pm.

Dun be surprised that 70% daft Sinkies still vote for the Lightning party in the next GE..due to newly converted citizens ...oppo party may be even in danger of losing all its seats 'cos teo chew ah his not ready to form garmen & not so good performances in parliament...

Anonymous said...

Ai Hoot liao. Look fr news on 15 April. I think Kim will explode nuclear test to irritate Trump. Trump is trapped on his words.

"In accordance with the order, 600,000 people should be urgently evacuated. Experts note that the evacuation will most likely be conducted due to extremely strained tensions in relations with the United States of America.

Reportedly, Pyongyang's bomb shelters will not be able to accommodate the entire population of the North Korean capital. Therefore, 600,000 people - mostly individuals with criminal records - will have to leave Pyongyang to let others use bomb shelters."

Anonymous said...

"oppo party may be even in danger of losing all its seats"

agree, when u join opposition party.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.31pm, you are 100% correct, not surprising!

In fact the prediction is 80% at the next GE with H SMC and A GRC going back to PAP!

Singapore is like that one. You don't know meh? Waste time! Waste time!


Anonymous said...

"Opposition quitting GE. PAP 100% Walkovers"

That will be the headline in ST come 2020. Opposition has also become smart. And smart Sinkies don't fight PAP, just as smart Trump don't fight North Korea.

Anonymous said...

Maybe even the "What's the point" party (WP) also become smart and see no point to carry on as PAP Team B anymore. What for, if for sure going to lose, tio bo?

And Aung Juan Soon Chee, even if he wants to fight on, may even be removed from his SG position in SDP by his party members who have become smart. So like that "What's the point" to continue?

Nearer 2020, the above are some likely scenarios to be played out on the Sinkie political scene.

Anonymous said...

Will even PAP also quit? Like that become bo cheng hu (no more govt), tio bo? Good or not?

Anonymous said...

Will even PAP also quit?
April 14, 2017 10:45 am

Do you think PAP will never quit Singapore?
Is it because Singapore and Singaporeans pay the best salaries and create the best jobs for PAP-linked people?

Anonymous said...

Simple right? Do you need scholars to fuck with your brain with lengthy, pretentious and confusing diatribe when one word..mammon...is enough?

b said...

All gov in this world want the voters to stay poor and stupid so they can be easily controlled, manipulated and looted. They are not so intelligent despite giving all opportunities to succeed so they are afraid of smart and intelligent voters that can see throught their hopeless ponzi scheme. That was why so many emperors in the past kept on killing scholars. They have fear of smart people that can take away power from them.

b said...

Want to be a rebel to your own gov, one must make sure have big backers like the western powers and do not forget to share the loot with them after successful overthrow of existing power.