Role reversal between China and the USA

It is like the invisible hand at work and unstoppable, the hunter is now the hunted. The Americans used to beseech China with all kinds of accusations, from human rights to trade protectionism, currency manipulation(they printed trillions of dollars not counted as currency manipulation), and anything the Americans could cook up to look morally right, to stand on moral high grounds and making China looking very bad or any other country for that matter.

The Americans were the most viled people in history, benefitting from their evil deeds but turning around to champion them as if they were innocent of all their crimes against humanity. They murdered, terminated the Red Indians by the millions, calling the Red Indians savages but turnaround to call themselves protector of human rights. They practiced slavery at a national scale and international scale against the Africans, racism against other races and claimed to be the champion of freedom, human rights and the free world.

They conducted wars everywhere, incited, provoked wars, created tensions and branded other countries as warmongers, as dangerous. They attacked China for polluting the environment after exporting all their dirty industries to China. They coerced China to abandon the use of coal for clean energy. They accused China of unfair trade practices and championed free trade and globalization. They accused China of selling arms when they were the biggest exporters of arms to the rest of the world. They accused other countries like Iran and North Korea of developing nuclear weapons when are hoarding the most nuclear weapons in the whole world and wanting to build more.

This treacherous and evil country could get away with its evilness by controlling the international media and their allies to sing along as if they were the whitest of the whites, the saviors of the world, the righteous leader of the world, of goodness and nothing else.

The table has changed. The ugliness of the Americas are exposed by themselves and the truly free media popping out everywhere to expose the truth, all the misdeeds and evil deeds of the Americans. The Americans of today openly defy the world in continuing to build more deadly nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, continue to export weapons to the rest of the world, to raise tension, to incite and provoke wars. They are backing out on their agreement to protect the environment signed in Paris, to go back to coal to pollute the environment. They are abandoning free trade and globalization, going back to the days of protectionism.

China has now stepped into the American shoes, not by designed, to call on the Americans to practice and promote free trade and globalization, to abide by international law and agreement to protect the environment and climate change. China and the rest of the world must push the Americans further, to stop exporting weapons to the world, to stop raising tension, to stop inciting and provoking wars, to cut down on nuclear weapons, to totally ban nuclear weapons.

There is a role reversal and China must lead the world to stop the Americans and their evil Exceptionalism to do as they pleased against the interest of the world. A new leadership role has been cut out for China to lead the world for more economic growth, free trade, globalization, protection of the environment, reducing and banning WMD and nuclear weapons to create a more peaceful world for the good of humankind. China must be more aggressive in pushing for these objectives in the UN, to stop the Americans from destroying the world, from defying the nations of the world, from going against international law.

As the Americans retreat from being a responsible leader of the world, a role they had not been doing for the last few decades, actually being irresponsible for starting all the wars, China should assume the leadership to promote a peaceful world for freedom, for free trade and economic growth and development for the nations of the world.

It is time that China leads the world to put pressure on the USA to behave responsibly as a good citizen of the world community. No more American Exceptionalism to bully the smaller countries of the world. Stop the Americans from being a rogue and a scourge to the world.

PS. For those who have been brainwashed with a daily dose of American Exceptionalism, that they could do evil and not question, what I wrote must be very difficult to swallow. It is time to open their eyes to see the real Americans and the evilness and destructions they are causing to the world. In every war after WW2 the Americans are involved directly or indirectly. That is how belligerent this Evil Empire has become. And they are planning for more wars in Asia and SE Asia.


Anonymous said...

..there is high probable tat the Americuns system is ailing, as it turn inwards towards isolationism & anti-globalization. Under such circumstances, someone or some nation need to come up to take the lead to put this planet in law & order again, a new form of govt or new norm or new world order to put this planet in place again. It seems that currently the fittest leadership other that the UaSsh is the People Republic of China or CCP or Middle Kingdom ( but a someBoLee didn't recognise this & said it is no more exist). A British Historian in the 70s already predicted that China will be leading the world in the 21st century both economically & also on defense & world peace as China ( base on its 5000yrs of war, unrest, being conquered ..do provide son wisdoms & strategy to make this world a peaceful place to live in )..

Anonymous said...

In the first instance, who are the Culprits forcing North Korea into a.corner? ?

It's the hypocritical so called Free democracies.

Why must China rein in North Korea? ?

They are not the one who forced them into this predicament. USA talked BIG.I
If China not gonna to rein in North Korea, we will.

USA is more afraid than the North Koreans.Likewise the Rest of the neighbouring countries .

For when a person does not fear DEATH, likewise the North Koreans, they have NOTHING more to fear. The worst scenario We Die Together.

Does those with high lives compared to those who have nothing wants to die earlier? ?

Now even they are squabbling among themselves their share of diminishing Loots from the Rest of the World.

It's Karmic that the saying All good things must come to an end.

DT is Creature that does not give a Damn whether you carry his balls or Allies for donkey years.

What he thinks is Right to Him he will just bulldoze with fears of antagonizing even his best of allies unlike those past hypocrites who worked in cahoots together to fleece the unthinking.

So even Abe or whoever he thinks are taking advantage of America faced his wrath.

China, meanwhile as in Chinese Civilisation behaved with Decorum and does not wAnts to meddle in other affairs. They tried to show that they are Benign and be friends with all who are in return friendly to them.

Even the PRESIDENT of Philippine praised their benovalnce.

But many WOGs and Dafts who are been brainwashed by the Whites to be a Superior Race still looks to them with Awe.

They are a decadent lot of leeches who have leeches the World for a long time.

Now its payback that they destroy each other.b

Anonymous said...

Politics is not rice or foods. Voters want foods. Trump aims to create foods on table for the declining middle class. Xi has promised to eradicate poverty by 3 yrs time 2020. No poor people have not foods by 2020 in China.

Globalization is Trump s rivals Hillary Obama started concepts, in parallel with Merket s naive free immigration concepts. These concepts are talk show materials to gain votes. When both groups implemented their concepts, after 8 yrs, they lost power or losing votes. Will Merket remain in power in Sept 2017? No one knows as her rival of high poll rating promised to have a "strong germany" again. Again? Trump s talk is attractive, a strong america.
Lepen is anti immigration and non globalization. Guess if she would win in April 2017.

Politicians cannot provide foods on table mean out they go.

This is the real trend to global voters. Trump tries hard to please the voters to create jobs for americans. I see no breaking of common sense. Trump asked Merket to pay up Nato s due. He refused to shake Merkel s hands as dues are not paid. O$P$ is a common sense in ah long world sinkieland correct? I see some said US Trump will have only option to attack NK. That would not be logical for Trump. NK will first thrash into SK. Can US bases still live there? Wars need lots of money. 1 patriot shot is 1-2 millions usd. Trump is businessman or war general?

Xi has to sell products, starting from China foods stuff to missiles gun boats to eradicate poverty. He would use globalization, free trade to sell things to US. That is the correct words. If Thaad is to be set up at SK, does SK enjoy "free trade"? No lah: free kick is the correct world. Lotte of SK has to close 90 outlets in China. Lotte sell foods stuff produced in SK. Harmless right? But Lotte gave land for Thaad. That caused Xi to stop free trade and replaced by free kick everywhere.
China is not globalization leader lah.
Ah long in sinkieland will remind china to get out of South China Seas islands fast. China has been illegally holding the islands since world war. The new philippines international laws sinkieland recognized called the ownership illegal.
In real sense, sinkieland is the leeder in globalization and upholding international laws. US and China are led by sinkieland now on globalization and obeying international laws. That why world top leeder deserves world top salary. Fair world. But sinkies have foods on table or not? Go ask who? They voted the world class leeders.

Anonymous said...

American exceptionalism is one of three related ideas.

The first is that the history of the United States is inherently different from other nations.
In this view, American exceptionalism stems from the American Revolution, becoming what political scientist Seymour Martin Lipset called "the first new nation" and developing the uniquely American ideology of "Americanism", based on liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, republicanism, democracy, and laissez-faire economics.
This ideology itself is often referred to as "American exceptionalism."

Second is the idea that the U.S. has a unique mission to transform the world. Abraham Lincoln stated in the Gettysburg address (1863) that Americans have a duty to ensure that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Third is the sense that the United States' history and mission give it a superiority over other nations.


Anonymous said...

@ April 03, 2017 10:44 am

But what about PAP Exceptionalism?
What does that mean?

Natural aristocracy?
government of the Generals, by the Generals, for the Generals?
What's wrong with collecting more money?

Anonymous said...

@ April 03, 2017 10:47 am

Exceptional Mental Masturbating skills over a trusting and stupid population ???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What are the bottom lines in the NKorean issue? The American/Japanese would want to drive a wedge between China and NK by forcing China to act against NK. China would not, for doing so would compromise China's security.

The USA has no reason to attack NK but is cooking all kinds of nonsensical reasons to want to do that. Who would be the victims, the collateral damages? The immediate victims would be the two Koreans, they country and people destroyed. Next would be neighbouring countries like China and Japan.

The US would be clapping and laughing from a distance for starting a another war in Asia for the Asians to kill and destroy themselves.

Would the Koreans be so stupid to allow this to happen to them? This is not a war fought b WW2 weapons. It is a war that would lead to nuclear bombings of SK and Japan and other countries as well, including China, Russia and the USA.

The mad Americans still think it would be a contained limited war like the first Korean War. This time the NK, Russia and China could hit the Americans in homeland America. Have no doubt about it that when a war broke out it would quickly escalate into WW3.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies must not live in a well and think world events would not affect them, just bash the PAP would be good enough to air their frustration. They cannot be spared from what is happening around the world. They are in it and their frog in a well mentality would not save their arse.

Anonymous said...

//The American/Japanese would want to drive a wedge between China and NK by forcing China to act against NK. China would not, for doing so would compromise China's security.//

Angkor, u hit an accurate analysis of Americuns provoking NK for a war & China not going to compromise the region security. Maybe China knew this history in the old Chinese proverb ' 唇亡齿寒' (or when the lips r removed, the teeth will feel cold). When NK is in trouble, China not gonna fold his hands & back off, maybe China gonna used whatever strategy they have got to prevent another war happening in their doorstep ( how? ..lets wait & see China response..)..

Anonymous said...

@ April 03, 2017 11:49 am

You are so clever ... just like our Singapore Dragon King.
Yes, you are getting rich.
What will you do with all your money?

I know. I know.
You can buy a luxury nuclear bunker to protect yourself when nuclear war breaks out.
Work so hard. Make so much money.
Just to earn the privilege of living in a hole in the ground for the rest of your life.

The nuclear bunkers designed for luxury living


Anonymous said...

"The American/Japanese would want to drive a wedge between China and NK by forcing China to act against NK. China would not, for doing so would compromise China's security."

This is the truth. US wants China to poke NK s ass. It seems that NK is supported by PLA. I believe this theory because NK s tec to shoot missile is better than India. The chinese should be part of the team. Will CCP Xi poke NK s ass? He might end up having sack. Reason is security is no longer shield by NK as RB said.
Xi dare to try his future? There is no chance as China s security is guaranteed by PLA in China s constitutions. That s why Xi has very little room to give way to US to compromise China s military advantage.

When 3 fleets were at South China sea ready for war with China. PLA sent its chief navy, chief war general and chief south war zone at the scene for exercise, and subsequently met with US s navy war minister at Shanghai. That US war minister went home and ended no war. We never see Xi in such critical situation.

The China navy chief warned PLA will continue to develop the islands near Philippines: the idea hit exactly what Ash Carter s warning that if the islands at Philippines were development, war broke out.

Hot air only. But seemed to me, the one in charge of war is the PLA. The one incharge of war in US was Obama, not Ash carter.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 1.54

As Commander-in-Chief, Xi no need take the trouble to show his face to meet the USA Admirals or Generals or Even the Defence Secretary or what's War Miinster.

To kill a chicken, no need use the Axe knife.

This is High Esteem Protocol in ways how people showed their Ranks and scorned you.

psychological warfare.

Virgo 49 said...

or butcher's knife.


Anonymous said...

For a general observation: US only attacks small countries, no big country like China or Russia.

Similarly, EU attacks UK on territorial control. RU supports Spain who claims Gibraltar is belonged to Spain. When UK leaving EU, Spain can veto Gibraltar leaving together.

But EU has no army while UK as army and is 3 times stronger than Spain. Spain now seems to support Scotland to leave UK and join EU. Initially Spain does not.

Of course here UK is the strongest among EU and Spain, and likely Trump will support UK to screw EU. But US wants China to screw NK and stop all the trade with NK, close the border entirely.

My point is: big country will screw small country, as i stated the example in EU. Here NK is not weak in terms of army. China wants to screw NK may get NK army to bite its PLA back, right at the border. Will China want to get hurt, especially nuclear bomb is not toy.

So Trump is tell nonsense to the press that he expected Xi to act, if not then US will act.

Xi will not is already told from his trip. He arranged official visit to Swenden. On his way back, then he goes to meet Trump at Florida: on the way to meet a new friend, kwa kwa ah Trump say hallow. Therefore, Trump expect NK issue to have conclusion? Fat hope. Xi will dare not to confront NK Kim fatty directly. No reason at all, as the nuclear bombs will send to Japan and US, so much so good to China and its people. Xi object? I doubt if he is a chinese. US wants fight with NK, China should stand aside to watch the fire break out and stand by missiles, no cost at all.

So the outcome of Xi Trump meeting is no conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Addition to 2:47pm
UK and Spain might end up in war for Gibraltar, used to belong to UK.

Anonymous said...

"RU supports Spain who claims Gibraltar is belonged to Spain. When UK leaving EU, Spain can veto Gibraltar leaving together."

Its EU tries to play UK out to allow Spain to veto Gibraltar if it wants to follow UK to leave EU. Is this a bully on UK? It is. Same as NK. If having no nuclear bomb, this kind of bully will happen to small country. Except sinkieland, no one dare to bully, as it punch above its own ant weight.

b said...

Globalization is a good idea but was badly executed and misused by those leaders so people are angry. Its not the fault of globalization but the fault lies with the competency of the leaders e.g. Obama, Merkel, Juncker etc.

patriot said...


Does it mean that if Sinkies participates in World Affairs, it will be able to influence the Titans in their dealings with each other?

Do know where one stands though we do know a mosquito may do lots of damages or even kills.

Ex Minister Yeo Geargie did give a piece of reminder.


patriot said...


Does it mean that if Sinkies participates in World Affairs, it will be able to influence the Titans in their dealings with each other?

Do know where one stands though we do know a mosquito may do lots of damages or even kills.

Ex Minister Yeo Geargie did give a piece of reminder.


Anonymous said...

"To kill a chicken, no need use the Axe knife."
Diplomat protocol was not what i referred to. The exercise at Scs by the generals preparing for war, but commander in chief went hiding. Do u think it is out of place at that situation?

Its up to people to say i m butcher knife not for chicken lah. Commander in chief must be at the scene because there were 3 US fleets besides the usual 7th fleet were at the scene. Commander in chief dare not to appear when enemy fleets were near the sea water.

I would say it is not something that can win a war. All the media shots were on Wushengli, the ex navy chief. Not commander in chief to "supervise".

On the other hand I like Kin Jong Un. He was always at site to "supervise" army big exercise, besides "supervising" shoes making.

Now Xi has problems need the pink panadol. U got spare, spare hime lah. Trump said US will deal with NK alone if China does not join him. Xi will dare not to join US to fight NK correct? How to escape this time? When war breaks up, refugees will rush south to SK and also some small number to China borders. When NK fire missiles to Japan and SK, so noisy and US Trump keeps calling Xi, any one can spare ear plug for Xi? Can run this time. Pink Panadol get ready. Funny thing: SK ex women stock with 600 pc of vergar, blue tablets. That kind of stuff should help boost the bravery, at least in psychology. May SK should spare some to Xi. haha.

Joke aside, Xi s non commitment to PLA near war time was a surprise to me. If the scene were Mao or Zhouenlai, i guess both would have gone to Scs to render moral support at the sea front.

Sinkieland has kiasi, kiasu, kiasai, Xi also kaisi lah.

Anonymous said...

Xi would simply tell Trump. You no cross into NK. If you do, we will come in like the last Korean war. Next topic please.

Anonymous said...

"SK ex women stock with 600 pc of vergar, blue tablets."
Pre Park now madam Park s tablets should give to Xi to boost courage. Xi in Finland. Will be in florida for just a day.
If Xi dare Trump: go beyond 38 degree, Mr Trump. I support u. But my army will slaughter. US has 7th fleet to SK, in addition 3rd Fleet is sailing from US to SK. Tomorrow is the the big exercise called "chop head". War might happen.

Virgo 49 said...

Good morning Amon 10.52

No war lah! DT is a great actor like Regan and John Wayne.

He just wayang wayang to please his Hawks advisors.

You see he is no hypocrite and his body language shows whether he welcome and like the other party or not.

See how he met Abe and the Merkel. He shows displeasure and looked away no hui.

When he meet Xi, he will hold his hands and hug him.

Likewise Putin. He gonna to spite all those who want him to be a puppet to them.

He is his own Man.

Anonymous said...

To the Americans it is a joy to instigate and watch the Asians to fight and kill themselves.