Othman Wok – The man could have been a president

Othman Wok passed away peacefully and gracefully yesterday. The govt has ordered the state flag to be flown at half mast for this stalwart of an era we cherished dearly all because of these great men and women of that time. He was also honoured with a ‘state assisted’ funeral.

This charming man walked the pages of our pioneering history with pride and grace, doing the right things for the people and nation. It was a pity he was not nominated to be a president in the prime of his life. He would definitely make a good president and a people’s president given his character and temperament. Well we missed this chance to have Othman Wok in the Istana.

For missing this great opportunity, we are now caught in a bind with the PE thing. So unnecessary and so avoidable and could become very nasty in the future knowing how race and religion can be played up in politics.


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Tat Encik got demoted & can never qualify as EP la...it's ee..lang la..

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Were the rest of Founding members all given the same when they rest in peace?

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Is ok he was not the President.

I had always considered Mr Othman Wok as the President-At-Large of Singapore!

Majulah Singapura!

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"Right temperament"? Ya he would have been another Prata Man or KFC Man ... Sarabat-Stall Man.

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Othman Wok? A lot of stories about him lah. Some even told by he himself! Hahahaha.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Everyone has a story. Othman is just like everyone of us. Overall he is a good man, not lesser than any of the other presidents.

Virgo49 said...

Sinkieland, if I were to be reborn in sinkieland and sinkieland is still around, not sink yet then I would like to be reborn as a Malay here and not in Malaysia. NOT bad even as an ah neh here. Or even chap cheng.

Many think the Bumis in Malaysia are very fortunate. Not so, the Rich Bumis take care of themselves and their wealth more than they supposed to care for their Muslims Bros or Sis.

But in sinkieland, the minorities are in fact better off than the majority Cheena race. Here, the Majority Cheena or OCBC or banana leaders are very magnanimous to the minorities races including those newly Pinoys and what have you other coloured races.

To their own kind. They knew their own kind can be very kwalan.Many lou han or old birds stubborn headed street wise brought up and undergone the Japanese hands, the Lau Eng (British) hands can be very KL and also can be a great influence in not voting them

Many also old si pui si chinese helicopters hard headed like LTK and supporters in Hougang which many are anti-PAP.

So, they have to play one against one card to secure pak tuo or support votes to ensure that they have a better chance if winning the votes.

So, those who are alert and street wise can see many orr armm benefits as bestowed to the minority races.Only those who boh chup or tak bodoh or simply don't care don't see the happenings.

Many cheena applying for flats had to undergone numerous ballotings and years before they are been allocated a flat. Want to have sex in small place also scared scared. In laws or father in laws or mother in laws can hear the moanings. Once a while go Genting and thought got privacy and can make babies. But after losing Rolex in the Roulette, no heart to mak love liao.

By the time, they are late 30s or early 40s then have own flat, aiyo too late liao.Not much energy for babies. Also, by time children grew up after polys or Unis and also after NS slavery,already nearing to have last screw into coffins. Some more got to work until that age.

Unlike previous fathers generations, be grandfather as early as 55 years old. Same time retired with half million dollars for holidays and casinos..Everything cheep cheep so can have this monies. If spouse also working like hubby, combine nearly one M.

That's excluding selling or downgrading flats and have another big sum of monies. S$20K somemore for downsize like Macdonald's upsize and downsize.

In sinkieland, reserved flat for every BTO flats for the Malays and Indians and Eurasians. Don't know also got for pinoys,burmese or vietnamese or gian png chow ang mos.

So, they applied today and have flats tomorrow. Instant Nesxafe. Can start families immediate. Some more lots of babies bonuses. Wah piang where to find.By 50 years old can be ah Kong liao.

Assembly men and women. AIYO, half boiled eyes also can.Must have for windows dressings or show rooms.

So chances having 16K MP allowance secured. Some more GRC pow chieh. WHY GOD IS SO GOOD TO ME??
Somemore, they planned a Minority must be a President after certain years. Where to find in this paradise?? Die die must vote Pay And Pay.

So, I say. If I had chance to be reborn, I would like to reborn as a minority race in sinkieland.

And yet, they blamed the Cheena for low fertility rates. What TGIF???

Don't know the meaning.

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b said...

We all have hard difficult lives so what so big deal with him? Many of these old politicians are the same. They just interested in money not improving the people lives.

Anonymous said...

Good one.
What has Othman Wok ever done for us?
Do you think our HDB flats will be worthless after 99 years thanks to PAP (the political party that Othman Wok helped create?)

patriot said...

Sinkies, especially the Pioneer and Senior Citizens are the Folks that make

Sin what it is.
this is bare for all to see that tge Older Sinkies are the Ones singing praises of the Pappies here and everywhere.

Sinkies deserve the Fate they have handed to the PAP.
They had submitted themselves and have yet to be able to let go.


patriot said...

Sinkies deserve their Fate that they have handed to PAP.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I've been so snowed under for the last 3 days that I didn't even log in to read the news, so I had no idea Othman Wok had died.

Anyway, I decided to take a break and have lunch with a few kakis at my favourite Nasi Padang joint at the corner of Khandahar Road, virtually next to Sultan Mosque.

We dropped off at in front of the Nasi Padang joint(s)---for those unfamiliar with the famous makan-place; there is an outlet of the same business each on either side of the road---and the friend who was driving went off to park the car. Khandahar Road was blocked off with Police Barricade and there were a few mobile squad cops and plain clothes guys walking around occasionally talking into their comms equipment.

I thought, "There's probably some terrorist-related stuff going on here. After all, this is Arab Street area and there's lots of Middle Eastern and Islamic influences here."🤓

Well, it turns out I was wrong. Oh well...It was not terrorist activity. It was Othman's funeral. Whoopsi!😝

The driving friend took 20 mins to find a parking spot. He said that there was "some funeral going on".

Anyway we ordered food and ate heartily. All the while we were "entertained" by the bullshit make-work show put on for us by the cops and the security details of the various govt ministers---all who attended Othman's funeral. There removed the barricade to allow the vast cortège through. I counted at least 6 large tourist coaches, several smaller mini buses and a few civilian vehicles I surmised to be govt cars where those on super-duper high pay get to plant their expensive arseholes and travel FREE on taxpayer-funded transport.

Oh the Irony: These expensive, luxury "govt cars" are essentially PUBLIC TRANSPORT because they are paid for BY THE PUBLIC. However Joe and Jane Public cannot use these vehicles even though they paid for them. Instead Joe and Jane Public have to PAY AGAIN for public transport and occasionally endure service disruptions. However, unlike the MRT, I have never heard of a tax-funded govt car breaking down. 🤡

Anyway, back to the late Othman Wok...

Yes, I have to agree. This man was a genuinely nice guy, very pleasant and calm demeanor which influenced his political style. The Malaysian Malays didn't relly lie the guy because fot his involvement as one of the "Old Guard" in Lee Kuan Yew's PAP.

However, when you look at the successes of the Singapore Malay community today, I think there's a significant amount of credit due to efforts, imagination and actions of Tuan Haji Othman.

The Nasi Padang was delicious. I'd like to thank the SPF for the nonsense show they put on. Occasionally it's nice to see how our tax-dollars are working for us. 🤑🤑

V a l e , Tuan Haji Othman bin Wok.

Anonymous said...

Someone revealed that Ex-minister Othman Wok worked for the Japanese Unit 731 in Syonanto aka Sin during the Japanese
Occupation during WWII.
Nor wonder, he got to be a minister in Sin just liked how an lndian got to be a president. Traitors were greatly appreciated by the Peoples Action Party. Weird.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Fake news. There is no Unit 731 in Syonanto.
731 was in China, a savagely run chemical unit by the devious Japanese.

Anonymous said...

Traitors were greatly appreciated by the Peoples Action Party. Weird.
Do You find Sinkies affinity with PAP more weird ?