New York and Chicago flattened by nuclear bombs

New York and Chicago were hit by two nuclear bombs from North Korea. Seoul and Tokyo and several cities in South Korea and Japan were also hit. North Korea was totally wiped out by a series of attacks launched by the Americans from the Pacific Strike Groups. There is no more North Korea. North Korea has been turned into a nuclear waste land. And there is no more New York and Chicago, no more Tokyo and Seoul.

This is about the least destruction that would happen should the mad Americans and a reckless Trump go ahead with his military action against North Korea. The nuclear attack on homeland America and the losing of two or more American cities to nuclear attacks are not fiction and could happen. Millions of innocent Americans that could be having their hamburgers and watching baseball would not be around any more, to go along with the millions of North Koreans taken out by a foolish American preemptive strike on North Korea.

At the moment many, including dumb Americans, are still thinking that a military strike like what Trump did to Syria would be the same and the Americans could laugh about it, could brag about it after the event. It was fun. Taking on North Korea is a different proposition. It is like dancing with black death. Death and destruction would be invited to American homeland, to Japan and South Korea. There is no other version of living happily forever. Yes, the North Korean problem would be solved forever.

While everyone, the Koreans, Japanese and Americans are having peace and living their good lives, going about daily enjoying life, this could be all over if the mad and reckless Trump and his idiots in Washington think they could get away with murder. The world would be very different after a military attack on North Korea. The North Koreans would not go away quietly after being attacked. They would let go everything they had. It is the same thinking, fire everything or there is no time to fire them. 

Are the Americans prepared for this disaster in the name of peace, in the name of provocation, when they are the most provocative warmonger, to start a nuclear holocaust that would bring along millions of Americans, Koreans and Japanese as war collaterals?

This is not play school thing. This is real, murder at a global scale. The Americans should not think they could play the big bully game with the North Koreans. The North Koreans have been preparing for this and are ready to face the Americans when all hell breaks lose.

Would sanity rule the day and save the millions of Americans, Japanese and Koreans that would otherwise be history?


Anonymous said...

Would love to see them fight and a spike in risk aversion. We are short stocks . . .

Anonymous said...

I do not think it will flare into a full scale war. For one the American arsenal is limited at this point of time. To invade NK, the scale of personnel and armory must be substantially large. With one war-ship and some personnel in both SK and Japan, a successful invasion is not possible. However, this could be the prelude of things to come. If both sides begin to mobilize its military resources, war is possible. So for now, sit back and enjoy the bull-shit talks from both ends.

Virgo49 said...

They just love to place flowers, wreaths at the sites of disasters and some tears after what's had happened.

So let's them have the florists to be millionaires.

Later built what freedom memorial landmarks to commemorate the events.

Lives been boring and getting monotonous for many.

Need some excitements in their lives.

Think the world been over populated and need some purging.

But some dilly Sinkie Leaders still wants millions to flood the little Red Dot Rock thinking they are doing a Great Job to its citizens.

The most cunning Black Ants waiting to see the annihilation of the other human beings to rule the World.

Enjoy your last days while you can.

Luckily the fleet only at Yellow Sea on the 25th of this month.

Got time for another few rounds of Roulette.

Anonymous said...

No! No! No!

Talks after talks.......no point talking1

Action now! Yes! NOW!


If not now, when?

Just do it!


Anonymous said...

Nuke is that risky? Israel has nuke. Why no one bother? NK has nuke, US and the west went on sanctions. China also joined in.
Tellison is in Moscow to ask Putin to withdraw troops from Syria, so that the US UK trained rebels can take over it. Does this world function on US and its cronies wishes? Israel is equipped with nuclear weapon and can level any arab country such as Syria or Iran. So Russia is standing on US way, putting S400 on Syrian land and sold Iran S300 and S400 to counter Israel.

China is actually the worst enemy of NK. NK happens to be at border with China. Now has no advantage, as China ban importing coal from NK to support it, all because it has nuke.

So without Nuke, will NK survive? I seriously doubt it will. China is eying to destroy NK. US comes handy. Tellison said, Xi was agreeable with Trump that NK reached a level deserved action. Tellison meant, US could invade NK with China not participating to resist with NK.

I see now: Xi is betting his future on a new N S Korea without Kim family so that he can continue to join US as a major power without destruction of war.
No one can predict what will happen to Kim Jong Un. I would think he should be decisive to destroy the SK with maximum power so that his troop can flood the south to take over.

It will be hard battle. US will withdraw its troops when its marines die more than the number in vietnam and iraq combined. Trump might be kick out in 4 years. Xi is likely to be sidelined if Kim Jong Un can sustain the war pressure and unify Korea.

The battle for the future between Kim Trump and Xi is on table: the bets are almost equal. If Kim lose, Trump and Xi takes all, and Putin will be isolated. Will Xi play Putin out or Putin play Xi out to team up with US? U ask me i ask who?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans would not get the message until bombs rained in American cities like 911. Without such a scenario, they think they could hit anyone, like the Arab/Muslim countries and no one could hit them back. War is so fun, just hitting other people and not being hit, no fear, no pain.

A false move by the Americans could lead to an all out response by the North Koreans. They did not know exactly how the North Koreans would react and where they would hit. This unpredictability is scary. But the dumb Americans still thinking it would not happen to them and it is fun to hit the North Koreans. War has always been fun for the Americans when fought in other people's homeland and the destruction is other people's land and the lives lost are not Americans.

They have yet to meet their nemesis.

Anonymous said...

The issue of bombing syria for the use of chemical weapons is very interesting.
Syria has been in civil war for 5 years plus. The rebels include alQaeda, hizbollah, isis, al nusra, all sorts of people, not necessary syrian people. USA sold them the weapons and ammunitions, for sure. Its great for USA business.

As far as isis is concerned they have a practice of putting human shields and they hide amongst them. So there. In this kind of war, even if Assad use a normal bomb on isis et al, you are going to kill children and civilians. It is a war do or die, and it is basically syria INTERNAL war. It has nothing to do with USA just like a war in Tanzania or Uganda amongst african dictators and militants.

When normal bombs of Assad drop on these rebel held areas, and 1000 civilians including children are killed, this is considered "Approved, ok", when people see the pictures they just shake their heads and say too bad. when thousands of innocent are killed in USA invasion of iraq, again they say too bad, its war.

When chem bomb of Assad (alleged not proven) drop and kill 100 civilians including children, this is considered criminal, to the extent that USA Tomahawk missile are launched against syrian army.

Two points to note, the USA propaganda machine up to Trump level, consistently says Assad kills babies, Assad murders "his own people". A lot of people have no idea at all that for the last 5 years, Syria is in civil war and the existing govt is fighting against armed gangs of rebels threatening to topple it. This is NOT democracy right? Therefore, if ISIS stronghold is discovered, and you know that ISIS chop off heads of christians and opponents, is it wrong to bomb ISIS with chemical bomb to destroy them once and for all?
The picture painted by USA is that Assad is the mother of all evils. This isn't very fair. Assad has played his part in destroying terrorists in one way or other. What is the difference between being gassed and being half dead and bleeding all over from a mortar bomb attack? Its not fun to die bleeding with pain or gasping for breath. Same same.
The second point to note is that surprisingly, Mr Putin himself has not once appeared on national Russian TV to make comment. Everything is "kremlin says this, spokesman say that..." But it is necessary to see Mr Putin in person say something, then we can judge by his body language to some extent, whether he ordered the killing by chemical bomb. On the other hand, we also do not see actual syrian victims complaining that it was Assad aeroplanes that drop the bomb. Everything is from american MSM news readers. There was one report of an "activist" saying Assad bombed them. But this mysterious "activist" is not named.
A lot of information is missing. The only information is dead people and frantic people. This is a civil war, such images are expected. People like Nikki Haley are flashing images of dead babies and appealing to emotion", and speaking as if the motivation of Assad is dead babies rather than dead Isis fighters.
But the real issue is where is the solid proof that the perpetrators of the "crime" (every killing is a crime, whether chemical or nuclear or mortars) was Mr Assad. Of course he is a prime suspect, but as the saying goes, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. For trump it is different, he strikes first, no warning. He said so, that if you give notice of strike, the enemy will run away priorly. Makes sense.

Anonymous said...

"The Americans would not get the message until bombs rained in American cities like 911."

Japan had Hiroshima and Nagasaki to remember what they had done delivered by US. US has yet experience bombing. I think Putin can be the best candidate to tell US what is bombing with his missiles.

China is likely to be bombed by US after US takes over NK. If Kim hits US fleets and flood his troops on South and win, China might get hits from Kim if Xi is still sitting there. If US fleets win, US will deploy powerful radar next to the border of China after occupying NK. China will be like a one leg duck.

China is always behaving in similar way 100 years ago. When it cut HK to become UK territory, and provided millions of silver as compensation. Then it leaders will tell the people, it was 100 years of frozen shame.

Cutting NK off is similar to cutting HK off to the west. The risk will be forever to China s PLA. Because they want money and not territorial and risk of being bomb from across border.

Anonymous said...

Come on Redbean, stop scaring us shitless. Your scare mongering is too much. It will never happen and I am sure your predictions are baseless. Calm down Uncle Redbean, the world will not end this way. Singaporeans have a bright future for the next 100 years to look forward to under the perfect guidance of the fantastic PAP government.

Anonymous said...

"The picture painted by USA is that Assad is the mother of all evils. This isn't very fair. Assad has played his part in destroying terrorists in one way or other."

I agree with u. Assad has taken back territories like Allepo, important industrial areas. Only west allepo is still fighting. Thats where the sarin attack occurred. Sarin bombs was given to terrorists from Turkey side, according to social media.

Why Assad bother to throw small sarin bomb to discredit himself? I see no reason as his army is far stronger than needing to using sarin bomb to cause so much troubles for him. Anyone saw Trump sending missiles on syrian civilians will have to think, where is the proof of sarin bomb? was there such a need for sarin bomb?

It was a cruel publicity campaign initiated by Trump. He branded himself he loved babies, but the missiles destroy the exactly live and lovely babies into minced meat. People must condemn Trump s reckless destruction of human in Syria without solid proof that assad did throw sarin bombs.

Anonymous said...

There was an american politician who likened Assad to Hitler.
Its wrong analogy.
Hitler was a racist, he didnt like jews and deliberately killed them by the millions, so as to have a pure german race.
Assad's motives so far has been to keep himslef in power rather than to expand or destroy specific race. Assad took action to bomb the rebels which include isis, hizbolah, kurds, and so on. The trend nowadays is that the rebels embed themeselves in civilian areas, thinking that bombs wouldnt be raining down on civilian areas. Assad may be considered merciliess (chem bombs or mortar bombs, same) in wanting to get rid of the "rebels", but it is basically self defence and preservation of his power. Hitler was different, he was a racist and had imperialistic ambition.

Anonymous said...

And meanwhile, back in Singapore.
Singaporeans are flattened by a series of persistent price increases that seems to be mandated by Heaven.

Truth or parody?

Anonymous said...

To anon 1002, actually i do not think trumb initiated those campaigns. It was mastered by CIA people surely. Everybody knows now how dumb trump is. He watches an old tv footage of Stockholm unrest and then tells the whole world stockholm is dangerous, and the Sweded got very angry (notwithstanding the fact, last week indeed stockholm got hit by terrorists ..)
So all the CIA got to do is to flash a lot of so called info and fake news about the assad evil, and dead babies, and our overgrown baby trump will react appropriately. DTrump i think is very easily manipulated. You just have to praise him a bit offer him some candies, he will fall for it hook line and sinker. The CIA is learning this very fast.

Anonymous said...

" Assad may be considered merciliess (chem bombs or mortar bombs, same) in wanting to get rid of the "rebels""

In 2011 US UK started to train "rebels" aimed to topple because Assad refused Saudi and Qartar to continue a proposed fuel pipe line to Turkey for oil demand in Europe. The battle for oil and power is still on by US and UK. Assad prefered Iran and Syria to have pipe line to Turkey.

Just days prior to sarin bomb case, US escalated bombing in Mosul. One round of bombing kill 200 civilians. Any one go to twitter would have seen the crying parents for the dead in rubbers.
I am very sure Trump who used twitter would have seen the photo.

Then suddenly, the shift came inside syria, someone threw sarin gas to kill civilians, then magnified by missiles of 60millions dollars. Look at the pictures in sequence and one can see Trump is the devil (too), unless there is proof who was throwing sarin gas.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.2
Your analysis of what CHINA is contemplating is very true. After Xi met Trump, a sort of conspiracy is on to try to rein in North Korea.

See the Americans straight away deployed theur Amanda to the Korean Peninsula. Same time their chinese officials visit Seoul and they embargoed the coals from discharging.

Xi is playing both God and Devil and the daft Americans might not know it.

Xi might have some plans to teach the Americans a bitter lesson that they no longer wants to be the Policeman of the World any more.

Secretly, they may have a pact with the North Koreans to engage and sink all their warships at the Yelliw Sea.

For now no Nuclear engagement.

Act One - Conventional Warfare.

PRC might even have their military personnel in North Korea waiting to fire their own missiles
at the American fleets.

Also, fighting at other's ground, best of both worlds.

If the Americans were to be heavily defeated, they would lick their wounds and with tails behind their legs leave China to have peace in the South China Seas Islands

Jaoan would also toned down and bow to China.

One knife kills so many Tigers.

China have Chee Guo Liang. luring the Tiger from the Mountain and attacked its Liar.

Taiwan got Tee kok Liang who goes for Nudes and not Nukes.

If Fat Boy killed in action, later they can installed a Pro China Chairman and everybody prospers.

Can be filmed into Korean Drama

Road No 2.

Anonymous said...

If there is God, the evil doers should all be skewered and BBQ. Unfortunately God is white and so white evil doers got away scot free by killing coloured people and blamed it on coloured people. White God is blind.

Anonymous said...

"The second point to note is that surprisingly, Mr Putin himself has not once appeared on national Russian TV to make comment. Everything is "kremlin says this, spokesman say that..." But it is necessary to see Mr Putin in person say something, then we can judge by his body language to some extent, whether he ordered the killing by chemical bomb."

Body language is so easily seen from trained politicians? U need be world class number one expert. I doubt body language is useful on TV as the whole ontheair time is acting time. Unless u talk to the politicians when he is relaxing. Dont be fooled by western books.

Russia is applying to UN International Court to do investigation on the chemical weapon attack on civilians. I think this act is fair and neutral. The investigators will be from the west, and may or might include US citizens. This is solid to me, if it was found that someone was supplying the sarin gas other than syrians.

I suspect Saudi through Turkey.

Anonymous said...

Quick Trump, attack NK. And quick Kim, fire a few nuclear bombs at the Americans, they deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Do you think a deal has been struck between Trump and Xi?

In exchange for an obedient pro-China North Korean dictator.
Xi will help the Americans with a regime change to remove Kim.

In politics;
there are no eternal friends
there are no ever-lasting enemies
there is only permanent self interest.

Anonymous said...

China Threatens To Bomb North Korea's Nuclear Facilities If It Crosses Beijing's "Bottom Line"


Anonymous said...

@ "China Threatens To Bomb North Korea's Nuclear Facilities If It Crosses Beijing's "Bottom Line"

That BS . I would love to see China do it.

China talk talk talk only . Majority nuclear facilities are damn close to China , if wind direction change , any radiation pollution will only blow to China. Don't tell me China interested in collateral damage unless she wants to use war to divert it's economic woes and perhaps reduce his over production e.g. steel or whatever.

Anonymous said...

/// Majority nuclear facilities are damn close to China , if wind direction change , any radiation pollution will only blow to China. ///
April 12, 2017 11:18 am

What about PAP's stupid idea of building a nuclear power plant inside Singapore?
Or the even more stupid idea of building a nuclear power plant on a floating platform?

Wind direction won't change meh?
Then how?
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Brunei declares war on Singapore?

Stupidity has no cure.
And since 70% of Singaporeans are stupid .....
Do you think nuclear power is coming to Singapore?

Anonymous said...

"China Threatens To Bomb North Korea's Nuclear Facilities If It Crosses Beijing's "Bottom Line""

There was no such words on bombing NK in Huanqiu. I cannot rule out Huanqiu was asked to change its words as other western media similarly mentioned china might bomb NK. Too late for the change, as Kim might already suspected China s intention and now confirmed China actually wanted to kill NK as a whole.

That actually give Kim an opportunity to negotiate with US and to become its alliance to control China. If US can play the card well, and let NK to survive and remove the sanctions as NK had requested, Kim can talk to Trump and ignore China. Provided Trump can accept Kim s nuclear weapons similar to Israel s nuke stocks.

The point in Kim s agenda is to take SK so that SK and US are not having threatening exercises so frequently. This point i think is a matter of testing the will. If US invade NK, will Kim resist at all cost similar to North Vietnamese?

If NK could do the exact similar to Ho Chi Meng did, US will have to see blood and leave SK on helicopters with thousands SK rushing for the last trip, the famous Siagon picture on vietname war.

Kim is young. I would hope he controls well and avoid nuke test on April 15 and 25 to prevent US having excuse to attack NK. If US still wants to invade, Kim can rally his people to resist: chi lai chi lai, facing enemies bombardment and fire, lets move forward.. that s china s national anthem.
Kim if he can play long term game, he can see the SK collapses when his nuclear stock builds up. Only problem is US, if it wants to do it now or do it later.

Anonymous said...

@ April 12, 2017 12:12 pm

Does anybody know the distance between the Johor Sultan's palace (Istana Besar) and Singapore?

I estimate about 4 kilometers (as the crow flies) from our Woodlands Checkpoint at the Causeway (from Google Maps).


Fukushima's Nuclear Disaster Exclusion Zone is a circle of 20 kilometer radius.



Anonymous said...

Who is spreading lies that China would attack NK? Since the Korean War, China has been defending and protecting the NKoreans or else they would have been eaten up by the Americans. China's stand is to settle any difference peacefully by negotiation. Stop spreading lies, you banana nitwits.

Anonymous said...

@ What about PAP's stupid idea of building a nuclear power plant inside Singapore?
Or the even more stupid idea of building a nuclear power plant on a floating platform?

i thought this article is about NK SK USA China maybe japan , suddenly side track to PAP ?

Well okay, will it comes nobody knows except maybe them. Even it does probably majority of us no longer here to witness it. Nuclear provdied they can improve it until human can manage it well...but i will say its a bad idea for sg at the current stage.

One question is the solution to energy is still limited. Oil gas coal still the number one source. Green energy unless big breakthrough , even our gov change many of the HDB and buildings , roads lighting to LEDs, install solar panels here and there still they intent to up the bills.

Next is the convenience, can we reduce reliance on electricity ? Example, Can all of you do away with aircon ? Can we walk up stair instead using lift ? Cannot lah shag man spare me ! Okay walk down easier although walk up is better for the legs and sure lose weight and lessen many health issues. Li xiao bo you bodoh ?

You see ... Still there are many areas and questions to fill in.

Anonymous said...

"Since the Korean War, China has been defending and protecting the NKoreans"

Seems that you are spreading untrue messages using the past and insisting it will go into future.

Past china was handled by china communists. Present leaders are less communists. They enjoy luxurious things more than commoners in china. I believe, china leaders want to work with US. Go read about the Po Si Lai s properties overseas.
I think Kim Jong Un is more communistic than the present china leaders. In NK they still practice community farming, or Kong sher. China has no longer practise this kind of communistic farming.
Money and make money is china s priorities.

Kim and NK should try to negotiate with US to survive, including working with US to do military exercises, similar to SK. In that way china will scare of Kim as he can also deploy Thaad to avoid china attacking NK. US will love it.

Not surprise china wants to bomb NK as NK never listened to china at all. On the other hands, how to listen to china? China even banned coat export from NK to china.

There is fundamental survival instinct within the N Koreans. They may throw nuke at chinese if china press NK too hard to please US.

b said...

NK Kim can be bribed just like what BClinton did to his father. Everyone has a price.

b said...

No need nuke to get rid of NK. Any bio weapons will do. Anyway, NK will not be the one to trigger ww3, someone near ME will be. Its stated in the bible.

Anonymous said...

/// Its stated in the bible. ///
April 12, 2017 3:33 pm

Sure or not?
Which book, chapter and verse?
Don't anyhow bible this and bible that okay.
We must learn our lessons from Con Hee Hee.

Anonymous said...

"We must learn our lessons from Con Hee Hee."
$50millions for 3 years only one year is almost $19millions, where to find such income. Must learn from him. One guy used a hanger with sticker to fish out total $1900 only. He got 4 year plus at the same place. One year income only $470. So learn the new method from this sentosa landed guy.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the lesson from Con Hee Hee and PAPaya is that Singaporeans are stupid?
Willing to overpay for anything and everything?
HDB Flats.
Spiritual salvation.

Do you think the above is true?

Anonymous said...

Is NK missile able to reach the US ?

Anonymous said...

Sources in the Chinese websites has latest news that China are massively sending more than 150 thousands troops. They are all stationed across the nk border. Indication of it seriousness is that battalion of medic and medical vehicles are deployed there. If war happened millions of refugees from nk will be forced to abandoned nk. China are ready to stop these refugees and if wanted to occupied nk if nk fall. The nk refugees may find ways to escaped to Japan, sk, Taiwan, se Asia. Are all this countries ready? Even worst if sk falls to nk, refugees from sk will joined in. Don't Donald trump think of this consequences. He only know how to bullied the weakest(syria). Asked him to accept refugees from Syria, he play taiji. Will he accepted refugees from the Koreans combined. Fat hope. Nk had activated their assassin's team. In danger could be trump cronies and families. Nk don't used gas bomb but use spray bottle only. Very lethal don't play play president.

Anonymous said...

Just as smart Sinkies will not attack PAP, smart Trump will not attack North Korea lah.

Smart Trump will attack Syria, just as smart PAP attack Chee Soon Juan.

And whether attacking Chee Soon Juan or Syria, the attackers bo dai chi (no trouble) tio bo?

So kar lar (brave) attack lor.

Anonymous said...

" The nk refugees may find ways to escaped to Japan, sk, Taiwan, se Asia. Are all this countries ready?"

Ah long can accept these well trained koreans. Male men have 10 years military service and female NK has 7 years.
Sinkieland dont need NS men any more. How nice. Take them and open more camps now for new citizens. They are super fit.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 8.23

Trump gave notice and let the whole world knew his impending "attack" on North Korea.

He is a pompous man who loved publicity.

Little does he know that the North might have prepared suicide squads and moved their submarines secretly towards the USA. For now maybe unable to launch ICBMs.

But they can always prepared to attack the US homeland and die with honours and glory.

USA still thinks no one can touch them. They can be very wrong.

Now their fleets are in the open. How many missiles they can put on board??

The North is on home ground and they knew their waters around Yellow Seas better than the Americans.

You be surprised that the USA will suffer heavy loses. Same time if homeland is attacked,the Americans will panic as they are not used to been attacked by anyone.

If the PRC were to be involved, then the USA will be greatly be disadvantaged.

Same time American bases in S.Korea and Japan would be reduced to ashes.

North Korean ground troops at the first boom of missiles will cross over the 38th DMZ to gain an advantage.

If the South is overran, the Americans will abandon and deserted the Southerners just like South Vietnam.

They are not going t o die for you squint eyes.

Anonymous said...

They should just replace the Kim dynasty with another dynasty that is more mentally stable.
That's the problem with all these Asian dynasties.
Sooner or later, a cuckoo son will inherit the reins of power from his half senile father.

Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for North Korea.

North Korea is to China, just as Robin is to Batman!

USA Trump is like the evil Joker!

Even if Kim Jong-un hit the US carrier with a devastating missile, US will still not dare to attack NK, given the high risk that Seoul and Tokyo will be nuked in immediate response from Pyongyang, resulting in deaths of millions of South Koreans and Japs . . .

Anonymous said...

I saw videos the tough training of N Koreans soldiers, i believe the south koreans can go into defense very fast after the first shot. N koreans will charge through 38 degree into Seoul. The difference i see is: N koreans are prepared to die in mission, this include the fat boy.
US marines are not prepared to get their skin cut bloody. Look at Mosul war at Iraq, US marines will not fight in front lines.

In south korea war, i think US will expect S koreans to fight frontlines while US marines provide support behind. S koreans soldiers are ill disciplined, lacking motivation to fight.

The results of the US invasion is predictable. Trump better be prepared with his withdrawal plan in details after seeing bloody marines bodies all over.

I understand N korea soldiers had invaded South before many years back. There were injured N korean holding their own intestines dropping out and ran back to the North successfully. I heard of that story on TV. Can u imagine the pain the injured could endure? US marines better watch out, dont ya ya and kena slaughtered.

Anonymous said...

/// I saw videos the tough training of N Koreans soldiers, ///
April 12, 2017 11:04 pm

Typical Singaporean slave.
Work harder with muscles.
Not work harder with brains.

Anonymous said...

Another point US marines might kena is the submarines, similar to South China Seas s china subs.

There was report that 50 North Korean subs disappeared in 2015 alone. US and west could not find the subs.

I guess these subs could be hidden in lobangs under the sea beds. When the US fleets declare war, these subs will torpedo the fleets hitting the fleets unprepared.

In last years s show down with China, US had 3 fleets at South China sea, one China general replied to reporter: US should send more fleets. My guess was: more fleets on a small sea, are so easy to torpedo. China might have unknown subs hiding in holes on sea bed.

At the end, US went home quietly. I was hopping to see good show on fleets kena lobang, and repair at changi.

Anonymous said...

"Typical Singaporean slave.
Work harder with muscles.
Not work harder with brains."

Typical PR leeches, suck harder with mouth, not work harder with ass holes.

Anonymous said...

I that the fat boy should go. He is too brutal and unpredictable.

Virgo 49 said...

Latest News Japanese warships joining the Americans to North Korea.

The tide might turned against the Americans.

Both the South And The North hated the Japs thru their bones They can be different in ideologies but they are after all the same people.

Bitter memories of the WWII and their comfort women will make them become ONE and bashed the Japs.

Likewise, China. their angers of their brutalities.

So, anything goes from now.

Only Sinkies who are ex slaves to the Japsand benefited from them will pray for them.

Likewise the no backbones Taiwanese.

Anonymous said...

'Anonymous said...
I that the fat boy should go. He is too brutal and unpredictable.
April 13, 2017 6:09 am'

With daft making this type of comment without thinking, it is understandable.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, this site nice place to place wager ...


I bet $ China will protect NK , ...
I bet $ NK will kick U S butt and U S will lose big time , ...
I bet $ there wlll be no war , ...


Virgo49 said...

Now Abe got Cold Feet. Tells DT that North Korea might have Sarin-loaded missles.

Wah Piang, stir shits. Now Big Bro ready for action.

You then said be careful, they might be better than you.

If last time, secret societies, sure kena bashed to death and stuffed with shits into mouth.

Lose, also must pak pen ka ea ya!!!

Coolie Ken ah!!!

Anonymous said...

Kim Jong-un ready to conduct another nuclear bomb test. We love North Korea for giving the hegemonistic Yankees more headaches . . .

Virgo 49 said...

This clearly shows the Japs are cowards.

in wars, sarin or sardine gas, fight mean a fight.

Gangsters where got that guy got axe, I only bottle.

Hoot means hoot.

Virgo 49 said...

Trump blowing Hot Air. What's dropping the Mother of All Bombs on Afghanistan. Kill the chicken to scare the monkey.

Fat Boy is putting all his monies on the table to open the last card.

This is the only option now for his country to have normal relations and trade with all countries. No more bullying sanctions

He will fire his missile and if Trump blinks and not attack as threatened, then they would have to go for other option to negotiate.

Trump knew that Abe now got cold feet and China offered protection for North Korea.

The South Koreans would not want to have wars as their half nation would be in smokes.

The South Koreans will protest when the ships come nearer.

So, SINKIES can still go thru their normal lives as slaves and nobles and masters the next three years.


Anonymous said...

Lol, USA only knew how to attacked the weakest, used bull's knive to kill chick,牛刀杀小鸡。low efficiency. Don't forget this is the year of the rooster. With the bombing, both mountain God and the rooster God were attacked. They may be angered and respond to the attack.