Model answers for writing CVs

This is another sad case of a PMET unable to find job in his beloved country that he pledged to protect with his life and offered the best part of his life doing National Service to be paid pittance and to lose out in job opportunities and working experience. There are many such cases that are so desperate, no one to turn to and Gilbert was the last place to let go their frustration.
‘PMET jobless for 18 months and feeling frustrated at CECA arrangement - Dear Gilbert, as I read this, it reminds me of my own situation. I was hired into the company with the bosses promising me a career change. …
Maybe I should set up an agency to help these people with model answers in writing CVs for job applications. Singaporeans have gone through a school system that is fundamentally based on model answers. No thinking required, just game the system by reproducing model answers from model past questions. So selling model answer CVs could be a good business to the daft Singaporeans. Oops, not sure who is daft, the people willing to buy model answer CVs or me, thinking that a model CV could get them a job, never mind if they have or did not have the skills for the job. A good CV to land a job?
This last part is also questionable. How many businesses hiring foreigners here hired them for their skills, qualifications or their CVs? How many out there were employed by submitting faked degree mill degrees or model answer CVs with doctored or false working experience and skills?
What is real? How and why the foreigners are employed by the busloads and not Singaporeans. Let me remind you people reading this, to notice that I have been repeating the word ‘Singaporeans’ here many many times. You don’t read ‘Singaporeans’ anywhere else on such matters except here, I think. Other places and media would use terms like locals, residents without giving a clue whether they meant Singaporeans, PRs or residents.
Ok, back to this thing, how are so many foreigners finding jobs here so easily but Singaporeans are finding it so difficult? Is it just a matter of CVs, fake qualifications or something else and what is this something else? I can write beautiful CVs for sale, but I cannot guarantee anyone getting a job for it because of this ‘something else’ that ended with foreigners being hired and not Singaporeans. If you open your eyes and look around, many companies, including GLCs are flooded with foreigners who don’t look anything talented at all. Just take a walk around Raffles Place and MBFC and you will see hordes of so called foreign talents working happily here. I must state it clearly here that I did not sell my model answer CVs to them to get the jobs. Most of them got their jobs through something else.
Still guessing what is this something else? Some may call it the X factor. I also dunno, but those who know would not tell you and keep hiring the foreigners over Singaporeans with their version of model answer CVs and degrees that have everything the employers want.
I think only daft Singaporeans would buy my CVs and still go jobless, not even call up for interviews after sending out 100, 200 or 500 application letters because the hirers can smell if the application letters are from Singaporeans or from foreigners. More than half a million successful foreigners are hired in this City called Singapore.
Dunno to laugh or to cry. Why did I say this? Because it depends on who you are, a foreigner or a Singaporean. If you are a foreigner you will be very happy and laughing. If you are a Singaporean, like those writing to Gilbert Goh, you will be crying until no tears left.


Anonymous said...

It's not a good thing to categorize the Locals Sinkies as PMETs in Sinkieland when u r looking for jobs. Why? 'cos to the employers or HR these PMETs r overpriced with obsolete skills & not their own kind, they r not betterer, cheaperer & fasterer anymore once they r en route to 'expiry'. In addition, most PMETs males ones need to do NS & contribute to Coffin monies, females ones when pregnant will go for long maternity leave..u tell me uncle, if u r a employer or HR do u wan these PMETs? Furthermore, the recruitment agencies here sees it as a market to bring in FTs, its a lucrative bziness here? Some more these agents will jus use the Sinkies PMETs' Resume/CV & modify it in such a way that it benefits the FTs more by playing down Sinkies CV so as to bring in their own kind...with so many jobless PMETs the garmen have the Adapt & Grow program to ask these PMETs to PCP or convert/downgrade to hospital or healthcare jobs so the private companies see the CVs of Sinkies they won't feel the responsibility to employ them & ask them to go PCP to screwty, taxi drivers, Karang guni Lah..

Anonymous said...

Do you still think Singapore is a country?
And Singaporeans are citizens with special rights?

Or do you think it is more like Singapore Inc. ?
Where Singapore Inc. is a company?
And Singapore citizens are liabilities who have claims against Singapore Inc. in the form of CPF?
And that it is better to get rid of such liabilities?

Do you think PAP supports Singapore or Singapore Inc.?

Anonymous said...

Are you a citizen of Singapore or an employee of Singapore Inc. ??

Anonymous said...

Singapore will have more foreigners than true blue Singaporeans in 10 years from now. This is a foregone scenario and nothing can be done to avoid this. Singapore will always have to depend on foreigners for filling in jobs which Singaporeans avoid, not qualified to do or too expensive. Lets face it, if Singaporeans are too expensive why do you think that MNCs would employ them over the cheaper imports? When Singaporean PMETs reach the ripe age of 45 - 50, they become too expensive to employ and when there are cheaper contenders knocking on the door, why do you think companies, either foreign or local would choose to retain the PMETs? Retrenchment of these obsolete PMETs employees is the answer, and the hiring of cheaper, more efficient, less commitment foreigners is the best way to show a healthy bottom line. Sorry to say this sad outcome is unavoidable. 70% mandate in the last GE was what Singaporeans voted for. Maybe next GE it will be 75% or even 80%.

Anonymous said...

No point cry father cry mother!

Yes! No point cry father cry mother!

1n 2015, a massive 70% OK-ed!

Too bad! Too bad! We deserved the BEST-est govt that the 70% OK-ed!

So........stop cry father cry mother! Stop now! Stop now!

Said many many times before, we must make more money 3Ms in this very crowded very tiny city state!

To survive here, you really must have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Everythings up up up!

You are living in the "No money no talks! You die your business!" society!

Yes! No money no talks! You die your business!

But, what can you do now? In future? Maybe too late too late!

Now.......Can only "lan-lan"!

Yes! Now........Can only "lan-lan"!

Virgo 49 said...

Singapore is Singapore Inc., NOT a City State as the Dafts believe.

Durete called SINKIE land a fortess NOT a Nation.

Singaporeans Chinese by descents less the Bananas when compete with the so-called Foreign Talents of Ang Mos and Ah Nehs including the local ones cannot beat them.

These species are born with the Gifts of the Gaps. Both sane features but only different in colour.

They can talk to the birds on the trees into their hands and into their cooking pots. Whereas the Chinese Sinkies are way too reserved to sell themselves and their abilities. Also excluded those bananas and OCBCs.

We are exhorted by our cultures and elders to be humble.So when they are been called for Jobs interviews they really do not sell themselves of what they can do and what they CANNOT do.

I emphasized on the phase what they CANNOT do is because these so called foreign talents out sells themselves that even the daft HE or employers are mermiserised by their tales.

That's why they made "good" LIARS (LAWYERS) and Conmen. These included the bananas.

If you want to compete for the jobs with them, then Sinkie Chinese must also tua pow tua siang to stand a fair chance.

If after even you are asked to go after six months to a year you are also been gainfully employed for that period. Your families still have rice on the tables.

Nothing to be ashamed of as this what the Foreign Talents been doing. On top of that Stoll have severance pay and benefits.

Have seen many of these kinds during my years of working life. As Head of adepartment, I insisted that the HR to have me in to interview potential candidate for my department.

I can sniff out those genuinely ones who are not overselling themselves of what abilities they bullshits to those who answered matter of factly to your questions.

You can see their REAL abilities and their limits which you can polish them later to your organisations benefits.

Not to be taken in by those false hai kow yew snake sales men.

Anonymous said...

/// Retrenchment of these obsolete PMETs employees is the answer, and the hiring of cheaper, more efficient, less commitment foreigners is the best way to show a healthy bottom line. Sorry to say this sad outcome is unavoidable. ///
April 20, 2017 10:36 am

Your sentence: "Sorry to say this sad outcome is unavoidable."

This is called political and intellectual bankruptcy.
You are out of ideas, hope and leadership.
Just like PAP.

Time for a change in government.
Make way for stronger Singaporeans with better ideas.

Anonymous said...

A country of old and dying leaders.
We spend more time and energy honouring the dead than uplifting our young and living.

Anonymous said...

Something puzzles me about these jobless kpkb Sinkie PMETs.

Are there that many of them? And if there are, they will definitely very unhappy and will not vote PAP, tio bo?

If so, then how come PAP could still get 70% votes and Chee Soon Juan could even lose a by election to a PAP minority candidate? Bo lee u mah. (doesn't make sense)

Hence what I can conclude is that although indeed there are jobless, kpkb or even desperate Sinkie PMETs, they are only a minority (maybe 30% or less) of all Sinkie PMETs.

And perhaps this one PAP also knows, that's why the problem may not be as bad as RB portrayed frequently in his blog. In fact from IRAS data, PAP knows exactly how many Sinkies still have jobs and at what salaries. Hence knowing the big picture, and if only RB also knows, indeed it may not be that bad after all.

Anonymous said...

/// In fact from IRAS data, PAP knows exactly how many Sinkies still have jobs and at what salaries.
Hence knowing the big picture, and if only RB also knows, indeed it may not be that bad after all. ///
April 20, 2017 11:24 am

Publish the IRAS data lah.
If really so good ... why so scared to let Singaporeans know?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is like that lah. You dont know meh?

You cannot change now! No way to change! Too late to change!

The only way to survive here is to make more money!

This is the only sustainable way going forward. No point kpkb!

Can kpkb fills stomach!

Anyway, what can the jobless/we do now?

Can only "kLkk" and write more CVs.......hope for the BESt-est!

What else?

Anonymous said...

/// Singapore is like that lah. You dont know meh?
You cannot change now! No way to change! Too late to change!
The only way to survive here is to make more money! ///
April 20, 2017 12:02 pm

If you are politically and intellectually bankrupt.
Why don't you just shut up if you have no solutions to offer.

Anonymous said...

The issue is that the hiring managers are foreigners, so they prefer to hire their own kind. Even if not their own kind, they still prefer foreigners who have worked many years overseas and with overseas culture & way of doing things.

Instead of so-called model answer CVs, you're better off injecting yourself with chemicals to change your skin colour & to modify your vocal chords so that you can look & sound like them.

Anonymous said...

Angkol, heard tat there r some private companies using all sorts of tactics jus to employ the local Sinkies or even bypassing/or make use of the labor law loophole not to recruit local Sinkies in their workforce to save costs. These local 'sme' will create some 'phantom' company once their main company FTs hit the quota, they wud create another or many 'phantom' company once the ratio of Sinkies & FT r reached, these SME bosses/HR r very smart & their payroll is 'clean' & paid the annual income taxes duly, even any whistle blower to MOM officers also no use , 'cos the bosses kaki will give the 'phantom' Sinkies workers & FTs some ang pow monies & all keep quiet when MOM officers raided one the companies , hard to catch these errant sme bosses/hr as no one wanna be the witnesses of MOM alleged claim. There r others bosses that employed FTs with mutual agreement of under-paying the FTs by on paper FT get XX salary but instead only a paltry sum...it's a very sad scene that even Sinkies employers r doing this tactics of avoiding to employ Sinkies so as to improve their own margins..

Anonymous said...

Thinking the Unthinkable
Since unemployed and elderly Singaporeans are so much trouble.
Why not issue out cyanide poison capsules to all such Singaporeans?
In case of unemployment or old age, please swallow poison so that you will not be a burden to the PAP government.

Just come straight to the point.
Stop all the wayang about CV, re-training, upgrading and etc.

Anonymous said...

Suicide pills for people who are no longer useful to their government


Anonymous said...

@anon 1.10pm,

Already in Sinkieland the suicides cases r the highest in the world. Jus a few days ago, a Sinkies daughter (a local varsity grads in the 20s) committed suicide by jumping down from her flat due to depression . And a few years back an elderly 90s ah Ma also jump down from her wheel chair to death so as not to burden her family...there r many unreported cases & it is very tragic to mention...

Anonymous said...

@ April 20, 2017 1:18 pm

That is why I say, let's stop all this wayang about filial piety and having more children.
Just give all of us a cyanide pill.
When each of us feel that we have no more money left to give to the PAP government, then please ownself kill ownself to save the PAP government any more additional wayang work.

Anonymous said...

/// Retrenchment of these obsolete PMETs employees is the answer, and the hiring of cheaper, more efficient, less commitment foreigners is the best way to show a healthy bottom line.
April 20, 2017 10:36 am

What is cheaper than a foreigner?
ANSWER: A robot.

When all the business owners in Singapore replace all their employees with low cost robots;
Do you think the business owners will be better off?

Every "expensive" Singaporean employee is also a customer to hundreds of Singaporean businesses.
When these "expensive" Singaporeans become unemployed, many businesses have also lost a customer.

I like to see SIA sell plane tickets to robots.
I like to see McDonalds sell hamburgers to robots.

I like to see HDB sell "subsidized" flats to robots
I like to see PAP sell their car COEs to robots.
I like to see PAP try to collect more money by increasing the price of water to robots.

I like to see PAP Millionaires sell their million dollar bungalows to robots.

Cutting labour headcount and salaries is a race to the bottom.
Eventually, even the PAP government and business owners will lose out.
Because everything they own has no value to a robot.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.26 pm

...God Sham-mugun said thou shall not take away own life..garmen gonna ammend law to forbid anyone to assess to the Tree of Wisdom ( that is to die ownself taking away ownself life...it's a crime )...u who insinuate others to take away their lives also a criminal & even more sinful than the pastor Fatt Choy..

Anonymous said...

Peple who don't interact much

Can never think for others.

N easily get agitated.

these peple i call boss.

Anonymous said...

CVs are not important as long as you are a foreigner, can do IT, no need to serve NS. Sure take. Sinkies with Honors Degrees. Who cares. They are too expensive and do not like overtime.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

In Australia, we used to have the 457 Visa. Many Singaporeans took advantage of this visa program to work in Australia. I know a bunch of Filipino diesel specialists who came over and worked in $130k-150k FIFO (Fly In, Fly Out) jobs in the mining and oil and gas sectors during the boom years. All from the "fantastic" 457 Visa program.

However, as of this week the 457 Visa program has ceased to exist.

In line with the right-wing/ conservative/ nationalist swing in domestic cuntries all over Australians are no different in forcing their government to Put Aussies FIRST!....like France has put French first, Britexit is Brits first, there's Trump's America ( Buy Amrican, Hire American ), and of course anti-foreigner-job-stealer attitudes are alive and well in Singapore thanks to people like redbean.

The difference between other cuntries and Singapore is that other cuntries are willing to pay the ECONOMIC price to keep their local populations employed, even if the local population has to PAY MORE to support a closed-border attitude to labour market....which means companies cannot hire "cheap, fast and good" foreigners.

I must admit, I am no longer certain on the BENEFITS of globalisation. The costs are very heavy---socially and politically speaking. Sure, big cuntries like China and India need to keep on industrializing and creating wealth for their citizens, but the export of their EXCESS LABOUR at CHEAPER RATES has really caused a lot of grief and DISRUPTION all over the fucking world. However it is easy to dwell on the negatives and completely ignore the BENEFITS of a globalised toe-to-toe competitive labour force.

It depends whether you get to SWING the Sword of Globalisation and reap the benefits, or are the one being STRUCK by the blade and get chopped into oblivion. For me, I've done extremely well from globalisation. However I have now stopped singing in that choir, because there is every reason to believe that I could quite easily become a victim of the chop-chop-slash-die from globalisation's cold blade.

I am slowing changing my mind to re-think this idea of open borders. Maybe those pundits need to have a look at their policies again. Afterall, humans are terrible at predicting the future, evaluating outcomes or evaluating RISK.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

In a nutshell:

IF Singaporeans want their locals to be employed, and the state to adopt a "Singaporeans FIRST" policy, they had better be prepared to PAY MORE for their goods and services.

Question: Will Singaporeans be willing to do that? Or are they going to keep on going for "the cheapest deal" all the time, everytime?

I don't know the ANSWER. However there is NO WAY you can expect any policy to work if the locals are not going to pay more. For e.g. if you want a Singaporean maid, you'll be paying ~$2k++ a month, not $500 + maid levy as you do now. Your kopitiam staff, now all locals, educated and multilingual....you cannot pay them $800 any more. They'll be way up in the 2-3k area. Ah, plus CPF too, and of course NS reservist.

So Singapore...are you ready to DIG DEEP and PAY MORE to your fellow Singaporeans for their goods and services, and completely reject the idea of "cheap foreign" labour?

Your move, Singapore.

b said...

I do not mind to pay more for my groceries (less than 20% of total income) if it means less foreigners which will translate to cheaper housing, transport, security, healthcare costs. The key to globalization is moderation. Everyone needs to feel win win. Too much honey and one will choke. Too many foreign workers and the system will choke.

Anonymous said...

You stupid twit thinking and talking like the garment. People talk chicken you talk duck. Who is talking about stopping maids and low skilled workers coming here. Fuck lah, go and wash your mush with your mother's urine lah. Maybe then you know what people are talking about, what uncle is talking about.

Anonymous said...

Smart aleck can sometimes be silly.
Let the conceit enjoys its own foolishness. There is such a thing known as too clever.

Anonymous said...

Singapore pays an even higher price in its own citizens losing jobs, social fabric crumbling, high inflation and cost of living, anger against the garment, a country losing its purpose or reason of existence, the citizens losing their country.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4.39pm

..u r absolutely right..bingo...Sinkaporeans r on the verge of an extinction if employers or garmen dun support Sinkingporeans then there will be really meet its own nemesis...the trouble is Sinkies r a selfish lot & will not even support or care one another...look at the Leeder go all out to praise the FTs & all put to praise a Mati-Encik whom the young knew little about will tell u that Sinkieland is a lost cos..

Anonymous said...

..to the unemployed PMETs of Sinkieland...sometimes is better to stay jobless & starts to jumpstart or take back your own life, put it this way if u gonna employed again the moment u sign on that agreement & start to work in a new org u will lost ur freedom even u got ur paycheck, some think is ok I m paid but u hv no life at all ..sometimes once a while it's better to take back ur life ( listen to Bon Jovi singing it's my life http://youtu.be/vx2u5uUu3DE)....sone PMETS will on to start their own bziness & did it 'my way'..

Virgo 49 said...

Now the PAP as One bro said :They are bankrupt of ideas,leadership both politically and intellectually that's why they have still to glorify their obsoleted past achievements in honouring their past MPs.

Wasting tax payers monies in all these wayang shows. Anyway, the Guards of Honours are always there with tax monies to perform Honours for visiting dignitaries and San Sung ceremonies for their chosen kind.

They be.very busy in near future even with the existing PAP MPs funerals even though they are just show pieces in window dressing.

They have to drill over and over to the daft Sinkies to be grateful to them and win their votes.

Anyway, for info. Most HR execs and managers only knew how to source and interview to simply feed the departments who required additional staff.

They just have the requirements and conditions of the salaries and etc from the Managemnt to simply fita in the job scope.

Most Head of Departments simply leave this to them and the HR personnel might get them a square peg to slot in the round hole

They are not in that department's job scopes and.know nuts of how they are functioning. They just simply a recruitment centre.

By right,the Head of Departments must be involved to select the applicants. They know better how they fits in.

Secondly, also as a safeguard of favouritism. Many can be recommended by themselves or friends who knew about the appointments.

Especially those HR who are enshrined by the FTs to choose their own.

Many local employers simply leave things to them and the local applicants are simply discarded unfairly.

Also, some employment agencies just out to make a quick commission will introduce any Tom Dick or own kakis to the employers.

Unless, the Organistion is looking for a Top Management Personnel to replace and do it on the secret to the Employment Agency, they should do the interview themselves.

Anonymous said...

/// By right,the Head of Departments must be involved to select the applicants. They know better how they fits in. ///
April 20, 2017 5:59 pm

Absolutely right.
Spend time recruiting the right people.
This is the way to increase productivity many times over many years.

Productivity is not just about automation.

Anonymous said...

Much ado about a mati uncle indeed.
He was given much of the airtime and space in the media.

Lately, much ado about tourism promotion and development of park and other installations for the soul and spirit against rising living costs and falling employment. This is ridiculous, how are the people to enjoy the parks and eateries with Michelin Award etc?
lt is truly a piss-off when developments do not match up to the affordability and mood of the average citizen.
The Leeders have indeed lost their sense of proportion. lt is proof that they are coop in their ivory towers, know little about the ground or wittingly ignore the ground sentiment.
The inability or witting overlook of the situation of the people is a sin.

Virgo 49 said...

With such weak leadership and leaders, now so much news of Corporate and also now Sports Associations and clubs also misappropriating funds.

Latest News Police raid offices of 3 football clubs.

So much cash in hands that they became greedy and dip into the finances.

What's happening to SINKIE land.

Anonymous said...

Even animal cannot tahan ready.

Soon or later,king kong will emerge.

Anonymous said...

What's happening to SINKIE land.
April 20, 2017 8:55 pm

The signs of rot is all around us.

Here is the the 7 Stages of Grief (after Singaporeans discover PAPaya is not really that great or special)


Where do you think we are?
Definitely not at Stage 5,6 and 7 yet.


Anonymous said...

Wa! Singapore's PAP open-leg policy even attract Filipino death squad hitman cop !

Anonymous said...

In the CNA Program Undercover Asia to hunt a pedophile, it showed a poor lndian Settlement with wooden low rise buildings with beautiful playground. Many cars were parked around the said 'poor' village and the children and people shown in the
documentary were decently attired and looked healthy and well fed.
Living in a 'poor village' in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia certainly looks much better than
in affluent Sin.

Anonymous said...

2.59 am, what are u smoking man? What the fuck that have you were posting? Any relevance to the topic under discussion or not. As u are a foreigner, you won't understand when I tell u Knn so I can also say go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

2.59 am, what are u smoking man? What the fuck that have you were posting? Any relevance to the topic under discussion or not. As u are a foreigner, you won't understand when I tell u Knn so I can also say go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, people talking about pmet and u go on and on about maids and coffee shop assistants. Knn I thought incest only affecting the next generation but u look like u Kena and your brain is going backward. As I advise you before try to refrain from doing it. It not only save yourself but give a break to the victims. I hope u can focus on writing books. But the books poster has given up on you Liao as he has not posted for a Long time.

Anonymous said...

The poblem is dat if hr finds a good

Worker , then no need hr need to


Anonymous said...

/// Retrenchment of these obsolete PMETs employees is the answer, and the hiring of cheaper, more efficient, less commitment foreigners is the best way to show a healthy bottom line.
April 20, 2017 10:36 am

Did we hire any foreigners to attend the recent state funeral?
Foreigners are a better choice than Singaporeans tio bo?

b said...

Many PMETs in their heyday enjoyed employing foreigner PMETs. Maybe it is karma.