Mike Pence rounding up another Coalition of the Willing or Unwilling?

Mike Pence had visited South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and probably would be seeing some Asean countries on his get to know Asia trip. Is there more than just this that he was on a mission to garner support to attack North Korea? So far he has been threatening North Korea daily, that all options are on the table, the sword is ready etc etc, don’t threaten the US or don’t trifle with Trump. North Korea threatening or trifling with the USA and Trump, or it is the other way round? Who is sailing the biggest armada to the Korean Peninsula?
An AFP report said, ‘The United States will counter any North Korean attack with an “overwhelming and effective” response, Vice President Mike Pence vowed yesterday, as he stood on the deck of a massive American aircraft carrier docked in Japan.’ Are the North Koreans so stupid, going to attack the Americans? Or were the North Koreans forced to respond to an American attack or American provocation?  “North Korea is the most dangerous and urgent threat to peace and security in the Asia Pacific,” said Pence. Or is it the other way, that the Americans are the most dangerous and urgent threat to peace and security in the Asia Pacific and the whole world?
Would any stupid Asean country want to join the American coalition to attack another Asian country that has caused no problem to them but just testing its own defensive weapon system? Or would any silly Asian country think it is good to be on the good book of the Americans and eagerly asking to be a party to this massive genocide that the Americans are planning against North Korea that has nothing to do with them?
Please Mike Pence, please skip Singapore from your trip. Do not visit Singapore. Singapore has done enough, more than enough in the Middle East.


Anonymous said...

"Or would any silly Asian country think it is good to be on the good book of the Americans.."

Hey Uncle, tot that Sinkieland Long Ge has promised the Americans to send some 'ambulance' troops to support them. Also, Long Ge do his part by Shouting to one Asian Giant to follow the international laws for the SCS issues. And last but not least, Long Ge also support the Americans economic partnership to balance the APec in TPP by excluding the rising Dragon..in so many things tat Long Ge done, wat he get is Americuns treason by cancelling TPP & hv his own metallic toys on hold a period..didn't Long Ge had enough of these lessons enough to tell the UAss f&*x o%#..

Anonymous said...

I know one silly country that might join in the Coalition of the willing. USA already has a naval base there. Can you guess that country?

Anonymous said...

No! No! No!

How can Mike Pence dont visit Singapore during his trip.

Singapore is USA"s "自己人"! Yes "自己人"!

China has OBOR!

Singapore has NbNr!

What is NbNr? No-belt-No-road!


jjgg said...

when US want ah loong to jump..he will ask how high..look at Singapore 's dismal record for thinking and acting like an independent country..says it all..

Anonymous said...

What can we say or do? What they used to say 'the evil that man can do' is not without basis. The mother of all evil springs from the epitome of greed of the elites forming the NWO. The end is near.

Fukusima is still out of control and there is no technology able to contain the disaster befalling mankind. The core of the reactor has melted into the ground, but the cover up is still on. Now they are raising the ceiling of the radiation dosage that kills, much like raising the US debt ceiling each time it approaches default. And they are now talking about doing away with the debt ceiling altogether. You can bet it will be done. The evil that man can do knows no bounds.

But, what can we say or do? It all lands on deaf ears and blind humans.

Virgo49 said...

Americunts very smart big bully. They will call the cronies to use their ground forces to attack North Korea. They will use their superior air and missles power.

Their ground forces already too heavy with sleeping bags, chocolates, beer and french caps.

Yang Pertama Dan Utama, the crests of the Dafts, oops sorry, so sorry SAF. The sinkie NS men can called them selves Patriots as the Americans who fought away in other land and had blood on their hands. Luckily, all the Ah Bengs, Ah kows already demobbed. Now, Richardo, Valepura.ntino and Veersamy Francisco got chance to make use of their training and be Heros of Singapura.

For Freedom and Democracies.

Anonymous said...

If war starts in this region, I hope Singapore will not get involved. Stay away from trouble and trouble will never come to your backyard. However, in this era it is not easy to stay neutral. Hope those who have been elected to make decisions are wise enough to stay clear of trouble. Singapore has enough internal problems, so inviting international problems is unwise.

Anonymous said...

1 word to say wats happening everywhere

"Inauspicious"brewing everywhere.

Anonymous said...

ask anonymous 10.23am how not to be involved

sure involved! not need to be pulled into the water

you don't know meh

we have a bunch of crazy 不知死活 people here

so.........sure involved sure involved

after war, can you imagine how singapore will be


patriot said...

All enemies and those at war and loggerhead have to do just ONE THING AND THAT IS TO BRING THE FIGHT INTO THE AMERICAN HOMELAND.

Since the Americans love war so much, give it to them right into their homes.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, bring the wars to the American homeland and let them have a taste of 911 all over again. Only then would these savages stop thinking of war.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot, China should be ICBM to reach the United States of America's Patriots.

Since they alreday send men to Space.

North Korea should requested them to send them a couple or dozen with compliments.

In the melee, who fired huh??

Who fired huh??


patriot said...

Dear Elder Virgo49.

Never in my wildest thought had l ever wish for any nuclear war anywhere.
Even if China, Soviet or any Others able to reach the US first and have the US Homeland turn into powder, l will never wish for it.

Having said the Above, US Military Installations and some of their Leaders do deserve to be destroyed and reined in at their very own doorsteps.
This will also prevent them from foraging into other countries and doing
extensive damages and killings of innocences.

More importantly, the American People shall learn the sufferings of those that their Regime have been doing to others.
The American Public had not only failed to rein or control their hawkish Leaders, they had IN FACT SUPPORTED THE INVASIONS OF OTHERS LANDS AND CULTURES.



Anonymous said...

Anon 1.01

All you can think about is your war stock. Greedy at the suffering of others. Karma will be watching you reap all your money through the suffering of others. Be careful, very careful. Karma will call on you soon.

Anonymous said...

Ettv news reported Putin troops with anti missile vehicles m1 & m2, tanks and artillerys are areadly deployed at the 17km border with North Korea. With China owned deployment at border. Would USA dare to press the button?

Anonymous said...

Russian nuclear scientists made redundant after the breakup of the USSR have been in North Korea helping to develop the bullied country's nuclear capability. We cheer North Korea on to fight and destroy the white American supremists !!

b said...

If america is destroyed, the world will be ruled by russia and china. It will be terrifying then.

Anonymous said...

What makes you thinking this way? Eating too much hamburgers and potatoes?

Virgo49 said...

This time think the Americans going to save their waterface is playing for REAL.

If Kim were to test another bomb, DT after reading Mr RB's blog that he is all hot air will order all out attacks on North Korea.

Cannot lose face again.

Anonymous said...

The Americans still believing that NK is alone and they can whack NK as they like like Iraq and Libya. The Russians have learnt a bitter lesson in the ME and would hoot back. China too would not allow it to happen and would also hoot back. It would be WW3. The aircraft carriers in the region would go first followed by the American bases in Japan and SK and everything in the USA.

Americans be warned, there is no place to hide or run. You will be hit by nuclear weapons in the USA from NK, Russia and China. When your silo doors are opened, Russia and China would open theirs as well.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans have been bullying the whole world for too long in the safety and comfort of homeland America, starting wars everywhere and feeling very safe, untouchable.

This time America homeland would burn just like everywhere, people dying or suffering from the results of bombs falling down from the sky, but worse, nuclear bombs, to let the Americans have a taste of their own medicine.

The mother fuckers in the White House and Washington still thinking that the Russians and Chinese would just stand on the side line and let them flatten North Korea. North Korea and Iran are their last bastion of defence against American aggression, and like Syria, they would not allow it to happen without a fight. Losing Syria, Iran or North Korea is unacceptable.

patriot said...

The US will only be really afraid if the Soviet and China sail their nuclear loaded Armadas to the lnternational Waters close to the US Homeland.
The Americans have been destroying others homelands far away from its very own and feels very safe.
That gives them feeling untouchable and invinsible.

Armed to the Teeth and be around the US Homeland. lt will certainly make the Americans understand that they are as vulnerable as anyone else.


Anonymous said...

The reason to attack NK is that NK may be able to strike the US homeland. Can all the countries use the same reason to attack the USA because the USA have weapons that can strike them, like Russia, China and every country in the world? The only problem is that most countries are unable to strike the USA or too weak and vulnerable to do so.

This evil Empire is bullying and threatening every country with its armed to the teeth weapons of mass destruction. And there are silly people still saying and believing the Americans are peaceful and good people to be policemen of the world.

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan said...

Thanks for sharing !

Mir Mohammad AliKhan