Local employers struggling to attract talent

This is a survey conducted by an agency, Willie Towers Watson. Two out of three employers are struggling to attract talent.

Now I understand why the kopitiam towkay is complaining he could not find talents for his business. He is looking for a doctorate chemist to make his kopi better, a hygiene expert to clean his plates and cups and toilets. The ‘everything $2’ shop is looking for an internationally qualified and experienced marketeer to bring his business from Ang Mo Kio to Tuas. He is expanding to every corner of Singapore.

Heard got Town Councils looking for internationally trained sanitation engineers to raise the standard of sweeping floors. The wet market also looking for engineers to computerize the lighting and floor cleaning, to be automated but also could not find the talents they needed.

With all the local operators running local businesses going hi tech, to compete across town council boundaries for talents, maybe that is why there is such a big shortage of talent for hire. Even HRs must be foreigners, with foreign or international experience, to be good enough to do the job of hiring cleaners. Administrators also must have international experience and Masters or Ph Ds.

All this will add up to the pressure for the already dearth in talent city state. Of course the said survey was talking about a small specialized field, talents in a few specific and specialized professions, not all sundries. It is not that all employers are struggling for talents like the kopitiam owners, $2 shops and wet markets, the survey was talking about cloud computing, mobile app designing, science, technology, engineering, mathematics etc etc. Wait a minute, aren’t our NUS and NTU the best among the world’s best in engineering and science and technology? Why are they not producing the talents needed? Or these graduates are not better than funny graduates from funny universities in the third world countries that are now flooding Raffles Place and MBFC, or even worse, not better than scintillating degrees printed on genuine quality papers from degree mill universities?

This is progress when the kopitiams and wet markets are also looking for post graduate holders as employees. Of course this cannot be lah. Only stupid people will take this seriously. But it is serious when anything called foreign talent is a talent and better than the local PMETs and got hired over local PMETs. 

Shit, I am also starting to confuse myself and instead of talking about Singaporean PMETs unconsciously started to think ‘local’ with no respect to Singaporeans and non Singaporeans. I must have been brainwashed after the daily bombarding from the media, that it is all about ‘locals’ not about Singaporeans. This is how powerful the media can be. All the media need to do is to keep repeating something until it becomes second nature, like it is the new truth, something unacceptable becomes acceptable. This is like the CPF, your money but if they keep repeating that it is not your money, the daft Sinkies will get used to it and give up asking for the return of their money in the CPF.


Anonymous said...

It is a bloody simple issue but MSM and government make it so complicated that we all lose our focus. PMET needs jobs and these jobs were here before but now given to foreigners because of lower salary expected. PMET wants the situation to be corrected. Is this so difficult to understand?

Anonymous said...

Probably the employers r spoilt for choices, they r very choosy & stingy also, which is why they can't find the kind of talent that they want. If u r a talented doctorate chemist or a successful marketeer working in a big firm or MNC , who in a right frame of mind wanto jump shop to some local firms? Maybe the talents will need to consider the company culture, peers / colleague espirit de cop, business opperandi, management style etc..not just the money or perks to attract these talents..

Anonymous said...

The problem lies with the fact that employers had been fed with "drugs" all these while. This drug is nothing more than cheap labour. Naturally, more expensive local workers are forced out of the job markets. The crave for cheaper labor will continue as long as government is quietly pushing drugs to them.

Anonymous said...

All foreigners are talents.
All PAP people are working unselfishly (and for free) to benefit Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

They are still harping at this foreign talent myth. How many local business needs foreign talent for their local operations? You see all the foreign pests crawling all over Raffles Place and MBFC you want to pui.

Anonymous said...

/// It is a bloody simple issue ..... PMET wants the situation to be corrected.
Is this so difficult to understand? ///
April 04, 2017 8:46 am

The situation can be corrected.
Just vote Opposition.
Is this so difficult to understand?

Anonymous said...

@ April 04, 2017 9:49 am

For 70% of Singaporeans ... yes, it's very difficult to understand.
No cure for stupidity.
No cure for slaves who do not know that they are slaves.

patriot said...

Did the PMETs pawn damnselves to the
Rulers and are now
not able to redeem themselves?


Anonymous said...

They said....if you offer peanuts, you get monkeys!

But, monkeys also not bad!

Monkeys are very SMART!

We strive to be a SMART nation!

So we are like .......! Very SMART!


Anonymous said...

They are still harping at this foreign talent myth. ...
You see all the foreign pests crawling all over Raffles Place and MBFC you want to pui.
April 04, 2017 9:46 am

Don't pui.
Vote Opposition.
Persuade just ONE of your friends or relatives to vote Opposition.
Then 30% can become 60%

Anonymous said...

They said....if you offer peanuts, you get monkeys!
April 04, 2017 9:52 am

We pay million dollar salaries ... we also get monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies don't want to study engineering or do technical work lah.

Do u know that not just at U or Poly, even ITE offered scholarships to foreign talents for technical courses? Because not enough Sinkies want to study such courses mah.

So cannot blame PAP lah. They bo pian (no choice) have to take in foreign talents at all levels for such courses and work.

Anonymous said...

Persuade just ONE of your friends or relatives to vote Opposition.
9:53 am

They already voted for best opposition Teochew Ah Hia what.

But then Teochew Ah Hia behave like PAP wearing blue. Very disappointing, tio bo?

Like that how to expect Sinkies to vote for more opposition, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies don't want to study engineering or do technical work lah.
April 04, 2017 9:56 am

You pay million dollar salary, you see whether Singaporeans will study engineering and do technical work or not.

Australia pays $100K a year for Australian rubbish collectors.
Rather than import cheap foreign labour.

What's wrong with that?
$100K goes into the pocket of an Australian and his family.
Benefiting an Australian and the Australian economy.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, my estate crawling with gangs of black ants on six month visa looking for quickie jobs and having free lunches and dinners at the Singh temples.

Now jobs interviews comes with practical tests.

If you can polish a plastic bowl into gold, you are employed if not you Not Hired

These foreign talents got Midas touch called ungrading and productivity.s

Anonymous said...

Like that how to expect Sinkies to vote for more opposition, u tell me lah?
April 04, 2017 10:01 am

If we can blindly elect incompetent or unqualified people to be Ministers.
Why not just blindly vote Opposition?

Who does more damage to Singaporeans?
Incompetent Ministers or incompetent Opposition MPs?

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous 9.55am, I cannot understand your comment:

"we pay million dollar salaries ... we also get monkeys"

"we pay million dollar salaries ... we also get monkeys"

"we pay million dollar salaries ... we also get monkeys"

who? who? who?

Anonymous said...

We pay million dollar salaries ... we also get monkeys.
9:55 am

So what can you do or want to do? LL lor.

Anonymous said...

How i see sinkieland s population by 7-10millions policy.

What the author in his post is talking about employers "excuses" to hire foreigners in fnb, retail, manufacturing, inti design construction, sweat shop engineering etc. The tricks for excuses are endless.
The end results are: male for sweat shop work, female for clerks hr accounts work, and hire one girl local for answering calls.
The advantages: male has no NS incramp, no i-ttp. Female aneh do not know employment act, no ot, no ot limits, no holiday double pay etc. Worst: boss can ask for cash from employees to keep their jobs. These, some are illegal, only learned from court cases.

Overall effect on sinkieland is: salary cannot go up. U hire one female hr only for $1200pm PR with master from southern pacific island hr degree, i hire one from florida university master in hr degree but printed in jb street shop, i cannot pay $12000pm right?

The elites are pleased to see cost for labor for a hr master degree holder only fetch S$1200pm. Employers should be able to export right? As S$ needs to adjust up. Ever went to S$1.2 per USD. But dropped back lah.

Can readers see the killer effect? With S$1.2, i would safely say, many local exports were killed in the prolonged period, due to influx of 2.5millions of foreigners. Remember geylang lanes had many nicely dressed women walking in the evenings those days? Those days were round one of killing exporters.
Exporters want to survive must learn how to hire cheap labor. That is the message learned. Ah long taught foreigners create job for locals. Employers hire more foreigners, locals will have jobs lah.
But i dont like this: i like foreigners replace NS men to do NS.

That is possible. Getting probable. I notice certain jobs go to ah neh. No other races can take them. What is the risk in a society when one particular race is the dominating force? They can form association. The can control the industry. U open your eyes when driving inside condos. U open your eyes when taking delivery at home.

Why i raise this issue of jobs and groups? The pap elites are creating this risk. Yesterday one indian priest was fined $4k and sent home for some reason could be related to risk. Yesterday, Russia mrt station had 10 dead 40 or 50 injured due to bomb explosion from unknown sources. The guess was obvious. Chechen terrorists.
Do readers know chechen? It was a rebellion led by Iman Shilman somewhere around 1845 (some numbers or names might have error). Iman wanted an independent chechen. It was endless problem for Russia. When walking pass some town, i often has this idea, may be some day, this part of sinkieland would be divided by these people as one race, a smallest nation within a small nation. That s possible when this community functions on its own. The leaders will demand same level sitting like those sitting at high street talk show shop. Now there is one group will be president material, when is the other group to be heads of village of town center?

A divided sinkieland is forming silently with the expansion of certain population ensuring these people controlling a certain industries.

In other words, u dont belong to their groups, u do not be hired. But they control the entire industries. This is the future of sinkieland shaped by the expanding population. U like it, vote for the policy implementer to get 10 millions population.
Do not like it? dont vote for the policy maker to expand to 7 millions in 10 years.

Time is running out. If you still like to see your children find jobs, you better vote for opposition. This is something voters must consider. at least consider after you need chingmin yourself, your children can worhship and see the photo, other wise, they might have to leave here to go overseas to seek asylum after few generations down the lines. The population policy is killing the systems of multi racial society with more foreigners than locals.

Anonymous said...

Singapore got a farking raw deal with the CECA. Can't believe we got so stupid people to agree and sign that farking deal. Now the Indian garment not happy and wanted more free passage for cheap Indian workers branded at talents to come here to replace daft sinkies.

The CECA should be terminated with immediate effect before it does more irreparable damage to our people.

denk said...

9 outta 10 rape/molest crimes are committed by anehs, whether its local or imports from rapistan.

neibor aneh, gnlmcjibai, where got people bath room window open to the max like that one ?

always walk along the corridor from one end to another and back, talk cock into his phone, every time pass by an open door would turn his head to poke inside like gay boh, no HDB etiquette at all.

gnlmcjb !

recently i observed one gobitiam tao chiu training an aned , i told myself habesh liao.
now the tao chiu is replaced by the aned he trained.


Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP is turning Singapore into a 3rd World country?
Do you think it is because PAP only know how to manage a 3rd world economy?

If you are not a card carrying PAP member, do you think your children will have a chance under a PAP meritocracy?

Anonymous said...

"we pay million dollar salaries ... we also get monkeys"
who? who? who?
April 04, 2017 10:06 am

You must be the 70% if you don't know who are the Mental Masturbating Monkeys being paid million dollar salaries.

Anonymous said...

“If a coffee shop were to raise its prices, consumers can choose not to patronise the business.”
- PAP Minister Koh Poh Koon


Dear Singaporeans.
“If PAP GOVERNMENT were to raise its prices, voters can also choose to vote Opposition.”
True or not?

Anonymous said...

"The CECA should be terminated with immediate effect before it does more irreparable damage to our people."

Irreparable damage is done. Not has not done. Do one simple calculation similar to Trump s decree: drill on detail about the trade deficit for US vs China.
Here you drill CECA for the cash loss outflows ie deficit.
1 PR works at $4000pm takes let say $1600pm cpf (40%). 20 yrs CECA is 1600x13x20=$416,000. This is the minimum one individual will bring home S$416k, besides the savings sends home to sunny land.

I estimate easily one individual working in Marina south and chennai industrial estate easily brings home $800k to $1.2mil.

There are easily 90% of PR going home out of the 700k PR.
The cash loss to sinkieland is: 700,000x0.9x $800,000=$504,000,000,000,000.

Trillions loss on cash on CPF in 20yrs for 630k of PR went home.

The 7 millions population will generate more PR. I estimate another 700k PR. From what i know, PR keeps their sons at home countries after they pass sec 1 or 2. This is to avoid NS here.
So the father must go home to see their sons and pass the 100% CPF cash.

This kind of CECA population scheme is to create jobs for indians pmet. In return, sinkieland gets nothing. The cash earned is taken back. So sinkieland economy will be sluggish in poor demand for consumption. I learned some PR pmet rent a flat, and sublet to other indians to stay to save on their own rental. This CECA is doing damages to sinkieland, no doubt about it, as that kind of standards of living will not motivate committed staff to spend time and create new ideas for products and services.

When the employers get old, close shop. There is no creativity or expansion when a firm relies on foreigners. That s what pap can do for sinkies. I think opposition who are non foreigners will not take this kind of short term path in manpower planning. Sinkieland must have its own industries like Germany and Swiss, else, it will not be able to upkeep the expensive mrt, water, electricity, by expanding these overheads to feed the foreigners to stay here.

A complete total plan is needed in sinkieland. Pap has no vision for the new generations. Only someone else can do it provide they are voted into the seats.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right 1:28. Only 败家子 will allow this thing to happen and still blur like sotong, still did not want to cancel this CECA thing. Pay millions to dumbasses to do dumb things.

Anonymous said...

history do repeat

Sg was once a migrant state.

b said...

Today, the government is the biggest threat to your personal freedom and financial security. And the risks it poses are only growing amid skyrocketing government debt. At some point, politicians will inevitably try to further restrict the movement of citizens in a desperate attempt to squeeze them for every penny. Importing foreigners and making own citizens poor is one way to restrict them. Having a second passport is thus a good idea.

Anonymous said...

We cannot forgive the pro-foreigner PAP for breaking our rice bowls . . .

Anonymous said...

We cannot forgive the pro-foreigner PAP for breaking our rice bowls . . .
April 04, 2017 4:08 pm

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Then you can't forgive but you will still vote PAP correct?
There is a 70% chance this is what you will do.

Admit it lah.
You don't dare to change government tio bo?

Anonymous said...



What type of stupid contract was signed between India and the Geroge Yeo/PAP government?
Want to find out more?
Then Vote Opposition lor.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Anonymous 6.09pm is totally correct!

Singapore is like that lah!

Can only kpkb kpkb and kpkb.

But, when come to voting.........PAP!

Anyway, the latest prediction is 80% at the next GE!

What can you do now? Only "lan-lan"!

So.......try to be more happy in life and worry less!


Anonymous said...

His karma for signing the CECA was to get booted out from Aljunied GRC.

Anonymous said...

His karma for signing the CECA was to get booted out from Aljunied GRC.
April 04, 2017 8:48 pm

Do you think it's better karma if he was replaced by an Indian?

Virgo49 said...

Been replaced by moody, oops muthudy in bukit batok.

Don't know how many bukit batokians jobless???

Aiya, don't care lah.

Better go for another round of roulette in Sky Casino. Aka Genting Highways. Still early.

Wah first class all new gaming equipments.

Big screens, even mopbia ah peks can see the numbers.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland must have its own industries like Germany and Swiss...
1:28 pm

Aiyo, if Sinkieland did not have its own industries by now, it will never have lah.

If the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt in GE 2015, they will never be ready lah.

So tan ku ku lah, if you want Sinkieland to have its own industries, or the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What industries are you talking about? Yesterday's media reported that Singapore's manufacturing products are getting a boost from more orders from China, the factory of the world. I also dunno what Singapore is producing that China could not produce, better and cheaper, and must buy from Singapore.

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