Emperor Trump's act of war

Like all American Emperors, Trump has to prove that he is another emperor that would use military force against any country the Americans branded as enemy. The slimy Emperor Obama was even awarded a Nobel Peace Prize on his first few months in office and subsequently went on to engage in more wars and destruction in the Middle East, killing more Arabs and Muslims and destroying their lives. Trump cannot be outdone given his aggressive temperament. All he needed was an excuse, a false flag incident, no need for any proof, to attack Syria. The earlier reasons for the Americans to be fighting in Syria were to support the rebels and to fight ISIS. Now it is an attack on a country, Syria, using devious and questionable reasons.

Assad has all the reasons not to use chemical weapons on his people. He is riding the wave of military victories over a depleted, defeated and about to expire ISIS and rebel groups. It is only a matter of months before he wipes out the ISIS and rebels to bring peace to his country. His chemical weapons, whatever was left, had been transported to Russia in compliance with international and American pressure to rid his country of chemical weapons. And Assad knows that the Americans would need the flimsiest excuse to attack him. Why would Assad use chemical weapons at this time?

It is totally illogical and rubbish for Assad to do that to invite an attack from the Americans, just like all the false flag incidents against North Korea that could easily precipitated into a similar attack by the Americans. The Americans are fabricating this story just like the WMD crime committed by Bush and Blair. The intent is so obvious that it was another black ops executed by the Americans to justify its attack on Syria. The Americans have all the reasons to strike to protect the ISIS and rebels that are running for their lives to avoid annihilation. The Americans must stop Assad fast to protect them.

Putin is going to be furious and he has no option but to strike back at the Americans. He must or he would lose all credibility as a leader of a major power nation. Trump has just slapped his face in front of the world spectators, and telling Xi Jinping personally he just did it, in glee. Knowing Putin, and knowing that he has just been humiliated and cornered by Trump, he would lash back. Political rhetoric would not be enough for Putin to stand tall, to be seen as not a push over.

Emperor Trump and the American military must expect a counter blow, a body strike from Putin in double quick time. Trump has just started WW3. Though the Americans would try to say that it was an isolated attack and nothing more to try to limit and manage the stage of war, it is not up to the Americans to dictate the nature and scale of war and where and when the Russians would hit back. Some mad Americans are still chuckling about this act of 'I can hit you, you can't hit me' operation and declaring that America should do more attacks.

The Americans must have no doubt that the Russians are more than capable of hitting back and would hit back. The Russians must hit back and this incident would quickly escalate into a full clash between the Russians and the Americans, and their allies would soon be dragged into the fray.

Well done Emperor Trump. You have proven to be a hot blooded American Emperor like the rest of the American Emperors and would be getting your Nobel Prize for Peace very soon. And you may be honoured in perpetuity as the American Emperor that started World War 3.


Anonymous said...

Redbean is again crying " wolf ". Syria will not be the place where WW3 will begin. It will be NK. The recent war games by USA and SK in the region was the reason for the firing of missiles by NK into the sea near Japan. Abe is scared shitless and begging Trump to do something to NK. Mark my word, it will not be Syria where WW3 will begin. It will be nearer home. I wonder where Singapore will stand when that day comes.

Anonymous said...

The Americuns has lost their leadership to the world. Any war breaks out in NK,SCS & Middle East will have repercussion in the lives of Americuns in the future, a revenge by those killed in the war is imminent, someone or some nation need to allay this war else the human race will one day killing one another & thus mother earth will be destroyed, perhaps China or Russia might take leadership towards a more peaceful world ( by then Xi will be ending his tenure as Chairman of PRC)...God bless mother earth...

Anonymous said...

" The Americans are fabricating this story just like the WMD crime committed by Bush and Blair."
This is the truthful fact. Below the statement were and are thousands and thousands of politicians start to repeat what Blair or Bush said.

The the mass killing of middle east people.
Trump did the same thing. US and allied bombing killing 200 live bodies including beautiful babies just week ago. On twitter trump could see momies crying for the lost babies, and fathers crying for their lost twist sons.

May be, Trump thought this was not good enough as the killing was in Mosul. The bombing has to include sysrians. So he was quick witted. Fire 59 missiles to sysrians name it under sarin attack.

About sarin gas attack: it was done at an IsIs area. The photo and first aids video from Turkey showed sarin attacked. The source of gas? Trump said airdroped from syrian airforce. Russian said cause was sarin stock being hit by bombs at IsIs area.

Bear in mind sinkies, IsIs has sarin bomb is already proven.
This is the most sacredly news.

Who built up ISIS? The west and saudi, qartar finances. Now middle east civilians will be hit by sarin gas. It is a matter of when, not what if. tio boh?

The one who got nobel prize be very careful of it. Nobel prize was given by the western concept which built in on bombing middle east people is part of the jobs. The whole trouble is: the west are getting the middle east people into their own countries as immigrants. Some days, these mass bombing will have to be exposed as war crime report like Chikkok report revealing the crimes of Blair. But Blair is still talk show guess and making tons of money. It means bombing the poor people without twitter, internet access, are part of the acceptable practice in the west.

A lot of news warned fatty boy on the east to be careful. Trump might fire missiles at him. May be fatty boy s ambition to fire missile on US land is worth thanking. US will be more justified in their believing that killing innocents at middle east does have karma some days like Blair.

Anonymous said...

The Russians must hit back and this incident would quickly escalate into a full clash between the Russians and the Americans, and their allies would soon be dragged into the fray.

Hahahahaha. Not when the Russians are smart, just like the smart Sinkies.

Smart people, whether Russians or Sinkies, do not hit back when they know they will lose, or not to their interest even if can win.

Anonymous said...

The Russians must hit back...

Actually it was reported that the Americans already informed and maybe even asked the Russians for permission when and where their missiles will hit the Syrian airfield lah.

And perhaps Russia being very smart, say OK lah, in order to give some face to Trump and also for their own interest. That's why there were no Russian casualties, only Syrian soldiers.

So like that ah, the Russians will not hit back lah. Of course outwardly the Russians condemned the strike lah for obvious reasons. It is all just a wayang lah, with a few Syrian soldiers to serve as sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

It is all just a wayang lah, with a few Syrian soldiers to serve as sacrifice.
10:01 am

Tiok. That's why the Americans also say it is a "one off strike only", so they are confident there will be no escalation. This is a dead giveaway that the strike is a wayang.

Just as it is a dead giveaway that WP Teochew Ah Hia is PAP Team B when he praised PAP being a competent govt. Smart Sinkies can see through it one. That's why he nearly lost Aljunied in GE 2015.

Virgo49 said...

Carry on killing and bullied the Arabs and Asians and other coloured people. The Whites still thinking they are a superior Race.

But, they are so frightened of even their own shadows in their daily lives.

Everyday have to imagine and look over their shoulders what's going to harm them and who's gonna to sabo them.

Likewise their cronies who supported them. Even fear of an unattended bag on a chair in the subways. WHAT'S FARKING QUALITY OF LIVES YOU ARE LIVING??

Unnecessary security checks that inconvenience all travellers.

Just have a truck and plowed down a dozen people and you have battalions of police and soldiers locked down a place. What's a joke on you idiots.

Maybe its just a simple accident and you scared out of your wits because of your fears of what your evil leaders and your people harms to others.

You all deserved this. What's goes round comes around.

Any action there's a reaction.

Now there chaos in the White House of Power Struggle

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Crying wolf about WW3 starting from Syria or from North Korea, well not going to debate which is right. What has happened is that it has already started in Syria and waiting for the next development and escalation.

US already informed the Russians and telling the world about it is like telling Assad the Russians are on the side of the Americans, cannot be trusted. So Assad would now be losing faith in the Russians. There could be some element of truth in this, like telling the Russians when the bombs are flying. It kills two birds with one stone. The Russians are implicated.

The only way, I think, for North Korea to avoid the same disaster in Syria is to tell the Americans with no uncertain terms, that an attack on North Korean soil would mean war and missiles will go to the USA, if they have, and definitely to Japan and South Korea. This is the North Korean's response when an act of war is committed by the Americans. It is a do would die, not do would die, so must as well meet the Americans at what the Americans can do best.

There is nothing to lose any more for the North Koreans when the Americans strike. It is war. You can hit me, I can hit you too.

Anonymous said...

It is all just a wayang lah,...
10:01 am

Trump is a showman what, u don't know meh?

Now we are having good showtime.

Anonymous said...

Did someone say America is a peace loving benign super power? Please Americans, come and be our policeman for peace in Southeast Asia.

Anonymous said...

"Hahahahaha. Not when the Russians are smart, just like the smart Sinkies. "

Helow, sinkie leeders have higher ambition than trump lah. Sinkiesland s aim at china. China dare took sinkieland s toys terex was unfriendly. Leeder warned china to get out of south china sea islands went un-complied by china against sinkieland s international laws. How dare china has own set of international laws? At shangrila sinkieland, china PLA would need to answer for terex and international laws compliance. Tioh boh?
Sinkies are more daring than Russia lah. Russia only talk show king like putin. When come to war confrantation, Xi is more daring to hide than putin. Hide away and wait for the smoke to be diffused is the common tactics lah. Not for sinkies leeders. They are very brave to tell china to fuck off the islands, Abe also dare not, not to talk about Russia, will not dare lah.

Anonymous said...

The only way, I think, for North Korea to avoid the same disaster in Syria is to tell the Americans with no uncertain terms,...
RB 10:20 am

Hahahahaha. For North Korea, there will be no chance for Trump the great showman to wayang lah. U think China can be his willing partner to wayang?

If North Korea kena strike, it will be for real, and lose lose and big big for everybody. So Trump, being also smart like smart Sinkies, will never strike North Korea. And this one smart Kim Jong Un knows.

Just as smart Sinkies will never strike PAP. And this one smart PAP knows.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree, Trump is a clever showman. Superficially he claimed to like Putin and attacked China viciously. Come to the real stuff, he attacked the Russians and dined and wined with Xi Jinping. Everyone got played out by this Trump's deception.

Anonymous said...

//They are very brave to tell china to fuck off the islands, Abe also dare not, not to talk about Russia, will not dare lah.//

U r spot on...indeed Sinkieland PeeSai Pinkie is the bravest politicians in this whole wide world... Remember these Cheena people some times ago coming to Sinkieland to learn about Sinkieland's way of governing a cuntry ( indeed Sinkieland's Peesai pinky old fart is the 'SiFoo' & Cheena people is the students or disciples)..hence Pinkie dare to shout to Cheena to get out of the SCS & follow the so-called Hague Law..Pinkie must have got so carried away & come to a point tat Cheena buey tahan but to on hold Sinkies metallic toys & ostracized Sinkies in Cheena OBOR economic project..Sinkie got no choice but to play the part of a '奸臣'or '奸神' ( by holding hostages of millions of PRC & telling Cheena the massive capital outflow of Rmb to overseas..)

Anonymous said...

@ April 08, 2017 11:13 am

Singapore's first MRT train was introduced in 1987.
At that time, most PRC people moved around Beijing on bicycles.

Today in 2017.
40 years of PAP mental masturbation later.

Singapore's MRT trains are breaking down everyday.
Singaporeans walk from one MRT station to another.
Meanwhile, China is building high speed trains all over the world.

Is it true?
Since 1987, Mental masturbation has taken over PAP.
Can only talk.
Cannot action anymore.

PTP not PAP anymore.
Peoples' Talk Cock Party.

Virgo 49 said...

All they talk, innovate, adapt.

What innovations since twenty odd years??

Wah piang, innovate better for lap cheong.

Should be inventing what Robots and A Sciences discoveries of curing 1000 over diseases.

Our students Tops in Maths and Sciences.

Head start thirty odd years back with enough surplus of Monies as earned by the Singaporeans

Instead of speculating of easy monies on takeover of businesses that seemed to be good deals.

Concentrate on traditional pragmatic business that can employed millions if not thousands of employees and not kuching kurap starts ups of just ten to twenty employees.

Joint ventures with promising companies and have Singaporeans trained to be in the Management and Executive positions.

Not just selling land and houses/flats and getting those low value workers just to have a profitable bottom line.

Speculating on quickie investments which are scams by the crooks to cheat your sweat monies.

Hoping just for the rest with the Tops resting on theur laurels ploughing away the funds before they ran out.

SINKIE land is doomed to sink.

Anonymous said...

@ April 08, 2017 1:37 pm

What is PAP good for? ... you tell me lah.
Only Mental Masturbating the daft Sinkies?
True or not?
Anything else?

Anonymous said...

"Speculating on quickie investments which are scams by the crooks to cheat your sweat monies."

I have thot through about scams and theft after reading your line.
I fancy to teach someone how to make billions by closing their eyes and say to themselves. I will tell them to give my set up money at entrance. More giving more money will they make. Then i will put my setup money to buy iou papers from my other companies. then the money will go thro my iou companies to my last set up for my girl friends to start a dancing career. it will work for sinkies. Name the dancing career as investments, name the iou papers as investments, it will be safe no crime involved. But someone lose money, that is their own problems.

Never do this: use a hanger with sticky tape at tip to take the money from donation box. Small cash extract out how to get rich? That why if get caught as obvious crime, longer sentence for small cash taking without permission. Learn this thing called "investments". Use the word "investments", then money goes into your pocket may not be considered stolen liao, not so serious lah, though both cases are unauthorized withdrawal. So take big money is better, the bigger taken, the least sin attached to it.

IMAGOD said...

@ everyone.

Trump is a showman and a clown. Not to trivialise his achievements, but he has had successes in commerce to the point where he can refuse the presidential salary , owns a plane more luxurious (but not as "militarised") than Airforce 1, uses his own lavish Mar-a-lago to entertain foreign dignitaries rather than The White House. And now Maralago has its own "situation/ war room".

But all of Trump's achievements have been in business. For al the other "new stuff" like being the elected 45th US President, what's going on in the media and govt he does what every business person does: hire "consultants" and "ex-spurts" for advice.

An thus we have the old, Principal-Agent Problem aka "agency dilemma”, where the principal and the hired agent (supposedly) representing the principal both act in their own interests, leading to less-than-optimal outcomes for the principal, moral hazards etc.

However you will never come across such a concept in any article written by redbean.

Redbean prefers to view the world to the lens of an Oriental Political Narrative—I.e. every story about geo or local politics has to be some Emperor doing this or that because he is “evil” and that every story has got to be some version of “good Oriental” vs “bad Occidental”, something like a 2017, 21st century version of the Boxer Rebellion. Or better still, the allegorical fight of Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris in “Way Of The Dragon” where the Chinese guy totally demolishes the White guy.

Anyway…back to Trump and the Principal-Agent Problem in play.

Because Trump is essentially clueless about most matters of The State, geo-politics, the USA’s role in the theatres of war, Trump relies on the “guidance” and “advice” of his advisors and consultants—the various Secretariats, intelligence agencies, Pentagon generals and military advisors.

For all we know Trump—with all his bluster, smack-talk on Twitter—could be just another Useful Idiot. Because he has an enormous EGO and is essentially NEEDY and INSECURE, Trump can be (and is) easily manipulated by anyone who can push the right buttons.

Obama learned the hard way. He humiliated Trump publicly at The 2011 Washington Correspondents Dinner. This sparked a feeling of “revenge” in the insecure and EGOTISTICAL Trump, who decided to teach Obama a fucking lesson. And he did.

Trump does not possess the emotional maturity of the normal adult male or female person. He claims to be for freedom of speech, until he cannot take it any more and starts screaming “FAKE NEWS!” —seeking at one time to BAN CERTAIN JOURNALISTS from the White House.

Trump is clearly being conned and being used, because his ego blinds him to the fact that he, the 45th president of the USA is an easily manipulated USEFUL IDIOT.

Virgo 49 said...

Breaking News

Russian warship in Mediterranean sailing towards the American Frigates who bombarded Syria.

Show of strength or showdown.

Xi git to cut down visit.

KeptAmericans busy for now.

North Korea can relaxed

Stand Down

Anonymous said...

Hi readers
Commentators like to first label trump as show piece or mad, then go on to justify what they mean about the bad characteristics. Who is the typical who similar to Xi? Not all kids do the same things correct? Not all adults behave the same way.

I have full respect for Trump simply because he has billions. He has beautiful daughter who is so capable. That daughter is the reflection of Trump s teaching in his entire life time so far.
From these 2 points, i look at Trump as a leader of his own mind and determination. He needs no father to help him, you know. No Republican such as speaker to help him. They treat him with contempt similar to Hillary.

My observation on syria strikes: Trump has successfully diverted the media attention away from Mosual s bombing of civilians. I think the news have been blocked off. The 200 civilians killed in on single bombing was never mentioned again.

If you believe Trump is playing tricks, this is the point I fully agree with you. Now US media has their stories to attack alssad whose civilians are the post oppressed by IsIs, and US strikes.
From Allepo war, when civilians saw syrian army, they ran towards the army against the risk for being fired from behind ie Isis snappers. US hopefully cannot get away with middle east killings for longer than another 10 years. Trump wanted NK to stop nuclear weapons, from Trump s behavior, do u think Kim Jong Un will denuclearize? If he does so, Kim will be like Saddam Hussien, gets killed and his NK vanished. But civilians war similar to Mosul will continue, who suffer most? Civilians: children and women, not the soldiers. So Kim Jong Un cannot stop. I hope China knows this well, not just thinking of how to make money from US.
If Kim Jong Un is killed and NK in chaos, China will not be able to make too much money too. This part the PLA knows better than Xi who is scared of war. Did Trump teach Xi a lesson? When meeting Xi, he told Xi syrian strikes. The message is: "kakalia lah. Will u dare? Do u have the power like me as US president?" Xi should learn from yesterday s lesson from Trump. Trump is daring.

Anonymous said...

Twist and turn like snakes...PUI

IMAGOD said...

I've been listening to Dr Savage for 15 years, on and off. Though I don't always agree with him, he makes and defends his ideas very well and is probably Donald Trump's BIGGEST and MOST CONSISTENT supporter --- a fact that the whole Trump camp and Trump himself is well aware off.

Listen http://tinyurl.com/3oOjd0

The attack on Syria may cost Trump his most loyal supporter. Since the attack Trump has lost alot of support and approval from people who stuck with him through criticism, denouncement as "deplorables", vilification as "racists", "homophobes" and "misogynists"... All beginning to ABANDON the Trump Train.

Serves that pompous motherfucker right. His ego and CHILDISH INSECURITY" will be his downfall.

Anonymous said...

It is just a job..pui lah...one of the most disrespected job in the world! Pui pui pui

Anonymous said...

People in power who lie get off easy

Anonymous said...

Between fake news and lies you don't know they are lies which is more damaging or deadly?

The former you can generally dispel with facts and fake news won't trigger www 3. However, lies(from those in power) you don't even know are lies will and can bring death and in no small proportion.

The best part?

Your bloody legal system is totally inadequate in nailing them!

Hence, he returns to his own vomit and into his clueless loyal army loving arms...who are as clueless as the Pharisee of the law

b said...

Almost every usa president for the past 100 years invaded some other countries. It will not change until people start to respect one another and not kill others just because they want to heat up their houses, museums, office buildings etc.