Distorted news or alternative truth

 During the Aquino claim on the SCS islands, the media had been reporting that the Hague Tribunal was ‘UN backed’ almost daily to give the impression that it was indeed an authoritative organization with UN backing. Now no one dares to mumble this phrase ‘UN backed’ anymore. Why?

The latest media onslaught is at North Korea. Today’s headline is about North Korea being the aggressive and provocative country wanting to go to war. ‘Asia gets the chills as Pyongyang goes on warpath’, ‘Washington, allies stage drills as show of force against Pyongyang’, ‘Trump presses China on N Korea’, ‘North Korea threatens to hit back’, or North Korea planning another nuclear test. All intent and purpose is to point the finger at the North Korean as the bad guys, the people that want to start a war.

The question, what is wrong with a country building up and developing weapons for its own defence, protection and security? The Americans possessed thousands of nuclear warheads that could destroy the whole world and is acceptable in the name of defence. And the Americans are going to develop more nuclear weapons, deadlier than what they are having now while the North Koreans are branded as a threat for trying to develop prototype, low destructive power nuclear weapons, is not acceptable?

Did the North Koreans amass their troops and war craft and conduct war games to simulate attacking South Korea, to attack Japan or to attack the USA? Who is threatening who? The Americans are saying they would act alone, to invade North Korea.

What do you think were the Americans doing outside the gate of North Korea? Yes, conducting war games to simulate attacking and invading North Korea. Now they have two nuclear strike groups stationing outside the North Korean border, the 7th Fleet and the 3rd Fleet, both heavily armed and could destroy the whole of North Korea by pressing a few buttons. Is this not a threat of war, not provocative, not threatening to the North Koreans that they must be prepared, be on red alert in case they are invaded? The Americans could do that at any moment, just like in the SCS when the Japanese American Commander told his man war could be any time? This is how war like the Evil Empire has become. Many clowns still claimed that the Americans are peaceful and benign super power when they are starting wars everywhere.

Why would not the media write some headlines like ‘American forces amassing outside North Korea threatening war’, or ‘American practicing an invasion of North Korea’, or Americans provoking a war with North Korea?

Who is more dangerous? Who is more ready to start a war, the North Koreans or the Americans? The Americans, according to Tillerson, is about to start a war with N Korea, for what fucking reason? Is North Korea threatening the USA? Why can’t the N Koreans have their own nuclear weapons when the Americans have thousands of them?

Think? What is the truth? What is distorted truth? What is alternative truth?


Anonymous said...

Lao hero //The question, what is wrong with a country building up and developing weapons for its own defence, protection and security?//

Same logic as the PAPig(lets) lah?

Sinkies safe guarding ownselves are (made to be) seen as "VILLAINS"?

A perpetrator shout "thief first" (and much LOUDER) so win liao lor?

Anonymous said...

Ang(kor) Bean /Who is more dangerous?/

VerLEE Hsian?

Nothing in this world can be trusted?

Lo(ooooooo)ng ago LAWZhlEET turned on its HEAD?

Anonymous said...

The hard truth is not bout NK vs UaSsh or SK. The hard truth is to create chaos & more chaos in North East Asia so tat China will be bz for the war while Americuns can prosper.. The more bz China is the better Americuns can grow economically...China is not gonna fall into this trap & gonna use all the strategy that they have got to allay a war ..

Anonymous said...

Why can’t the N Koreans have their own nuclear weapons when the Americans have thousands of them?

Why can't sec sch students smoke in school when teachers or even the discipline master can smoke?

Anonymous said...

To prevent this aggressive American madness, China and Russia must make it known to the Americans that an attack on NK will be an attack on China and Russia and both would declare war on the Americans. This would put the mad Americans from thinking that they could wipe out NK with impunity. It would be WW3.

Anonymous said...

Rb //Think? What is the truth?//


What is the truth?

JLB devil (in disguise of angel)?

Anonymous said...

Why can’t the N Koreans have their own nuclear weapons when the Americans have thousands of them?

20 Feb 1994 Straits Times - George Yeo: "Remember your place in society before you engage in political debate..."

Tillerson (if I were him) to Kim Jong Un: "Remember your place in the world before you have your own nuclear weapons..."

Anonymous said...

Isn't the battering of N Korea the same as before the evil empire invaded Iraq? Nothing is good, everything is bad about Iraq. They invented 'fake news' about WMD and even told stories of a bomb factory that was bombed and later found out to be just a milk powder factory. Huge pipes for construction jobs were construed as parts of a nuclear missile. And they told all this to the poodles at the UN, just like real news. And the poodles just swallowed the whole 'untruth' as the truth, lock, stock and barrel. The rest is history.

While Iraq had little support from China and Russia, N Korea is not the same. If it falls, the evil empire can station planes, missiles and troops just across the border with these two military opponents. China and Russia wants nothing of that for sure.

Anonymous said...

Realistically, the threat affects NK's neighbors. By right, USA has no issue since NK's missiles are unlikely to hit any American soil. But, I think US is afraid that without putting pressure on NK, they will be able to improve their range and eventually hitting the mainland.

US is not concerned about the safety of SK, Japan and other countries nearby. Their main interest about themselves. The KPKB posture gives them excuse to strike before NK gets the full capability.

Virgo49 said...

North Korea without the A bombs long time become one Korea under the Americans. Just next to PRC.

XI would have sleepless nights. Even beautiful wife also cannot sleep at night.

ROK with USA will cross the 38th Parrell long time ago burning like the ME.

SO Just have the A-bomb in sinkieland. It's like a guy with a gun that is like the detective confrontating a mobster with a knife.

See who die first. If no gun like policeman, even a puny man kee seow will hamtam him.

Think I fight lose you??

If cannot invented A bomb then just buy lah.

No need our poor souls Singaporeans sons so siong chiong suah. You think neighbouring countries dared to challenge you to war??

Trying to make big population and even offered newly baked citizens babies bonuses.

Some more screwed up paying extras. LKY would have chopped all their heads if still around.

Americans, just like owing Ah Longs many many monies. Hope they fight and killed themselves and no need repay debts.

One bro with millions war shares will jumped with joy if these stupid countries fight.
His shares from millions became trillions. Also his life also become ash.


Anonymous said...

We need a "大哥大" in this world to maintain some form of "peace".

Who can play this BIG role now. China? Russia? EU?

Yes, the US may not be the BEST.

But, can you imagine if we do not have a "大哥大" in this world?

Yes! This is a wonderful world! Be very happy and worry less!


Anonymous said...

Is not healthy to daydream especially leaders.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need a world policeman to maintain peace? It is all propaganda.

How do we know for sure that the world would be less peaceful if the US is not the peacekeeper for the world? Or for that matter, another world power were to take on this role? All these talk about more peace if the US maintain this role is just propaganda. As it is, the fact speaks for itself in that the US is the main proponents of war, conflicts, regime changes, destablisation of nations etc. But propaganda has done its good work, in that world news is controlled by the dark side and you know who.

agongkia said...

Well writtien article,uncle RB.
//what is the truth?//
//the US may not be the best//

But they are given the impression that they are the best and think they are the best.
Becos majority of Sinkies prefer to name themselves or their new born as Michael Lee or Jackson Lim...
That explains why some of them dare suka suka bash sinkies here.
One way not to give them that wrong imagination that they are big is to educate our own sinkies to stop naming ourselves or our descendents with such names.
May not be a war this decade but next decade,westernized Sinkies will imagine that they are their big brother and their own cousins are bully.
Stop worshipping the west,to give the wrong impression that the west are big brother ,to prevent any disaster.

Goh Ah Gong

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, if not because of the USA the world would be in trouble. Same logic, without the PAP Singaporeans would be in trouble. I once wrote an article, is the US the solution or the problem?

Like the gangsters in the village, they create troubles, demand protection money to keep troubles away. And the daft villages believe the gangsters are the good guys.

Anonymous said...

RB. Correction. I don't think the villagers think gangsters are good guys but they accept that gangsters are needed to protect their properties and love ones. Reason is that police was weak in the old days.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Points accepted. I was using it as an analogy for general application.

Anonymous said...

The only agenda, and a very good policy and strategy, is to get the silly people of the world to fight one another and they will sell the guns to them to kill each other and destroy their countries and people.

And the silly people of the world still believe the Americans are angels to help them.

Anonymous said...

We cannot deny that we need a "大哥大".

The US may not be the best "大哥大".

Never easy to be the "大哥大".

At least there is a "大哥大".

Imo, the world cannot without a "大哥大".

This is a wonderful world!

Enjoy each day while we can......Cheers!

Anonymous said...

This news fake or real? Its in UN now. US alleged Alsah threw sarin to kill civilians. Pictures were on social media. China in UN asked UK not to instigate this unfounded news for political purpose. BBC said Russia got the blunt warning. I double checked on social media about Mosul. The news that 200 civilians were killed by bombing was wiped out. News about families crying for babies was wiped off. But why Alsah wasted all his time to use sarin when there is no more major war like Allepo? Earlier, i saw pictures about toxic gas bomb left by IsIs. I was telling myself what if these bomb is used at mrt station? Hey dont say i say bad things lah: i always think one step ahead only, just one step lah. I now practice watching how people breath, just in case there is sarin attack hor. Joke lah.

Fake news is good as long as it comes from main media. Once i read a property agent got lots of money to buy Maserati to "fetch" clients, while reporter also said he was bankrupt. This kind of reporter might already raised to editor in shift liao. One more was managers resigned to be taxi driver to earn $7000 a month. So good about sinkingpur can make $7k driver people around only. How much politicians earning? should be 100 times more per month, tioboh?

The author was wrong to critize the Philippines Hague judgment was UN backed lah. The news did put UN backed tribunal. But ponky said it was international laws china must obey. It does not matter if UN backed tio boh? Media put UN backed was fake lah. Should be US backed, and SG backed, Japan Backed tribunal judgment: no fake news. Only these 3 countries openly backed the tribunal.

Fake news had their parts to play in US army bombing killing, vs Russians activities in middle east. Now with US s power waning, China openly critize UK or indirectly US was no surprise. In this way, China gain in credibility. China s news agencies in HK and Beijing will be respected. On the other hands, sinkieland s news agencies will be double credited for reliability.

When reading news, i know young gens will laugh when i mention some like shitimes, they also laugh when i mention ass news. I was so glad they laughed.

Young people s self confidence told me, no more $7000pm taxi driver can bluff them into doing things based on untrueful main media news. This is critically important to me as a barometer for future generations. The most important of all, young must know who to vote in order to get out of the high cost low salary or no job puzzle created by the policies. The population to 7 millions will rob these young gen for their life time enjoyment at prime age if they believe the white papers are good for them: foreigners create jobs for locals. This logic is really fake lah. Dont believe me? Ask Trump, call him now.

Anonymous said...

Human must really learn to

Love the right thing.

Anonymous said...

From now on, on a daily basis, we must expose all the fake news generated by mainstream media irrespective of whatever intention, good or bad, they may say they have. Intention, whether good or bad, whether from an individual nobody or from a supposedly authoritative mouth-piece, is not important because intention can be disguised, can be fake. The TRUTH, the WHOLE (not Half TRUTH or 3-Quarter or one-Quarter TRUTH) and nothing but the TRUTH is the MOST IMPORTANT to COUNTER FAKE NEWS!

I repeat:NOT the Intention, the person nor the authority but the TRUTH is the MOST IMPORTANT!

Anonymous said...

11.07 //foreigners create jobs for locals. This logic is really fake lah. Dont believe me? Ask Trump, call him now.//

GST helps the poor?

Fake new or not?

Dun believe, call who (which botak to chk)?

Anonymous said...

11.07 //foreigners create jobs for locals. This logic is really fake lah. Dont believe me? Ask Trump, call him now.//

Got (such things) ownselves chk ownselves (in this world) or not?

Got such things ownselves audit ownselves companies (in this world) or not?

Got (such thing) STUDENTS ownselves mark ownselves (EXAM) papers or not?

Who is the author (of such LAWZhlEET)?

Dun believe, call who (which Mu Tou [aka Cha Tao aka WOODEN the Pecker] to verify)?

Anonymous said...

Trump stupid lah. He doesn't know the logic of foreigners create jobs for citizens. If he knows he will bring the whole world's talent to the USA, open all his doors to welcome more foreigners. That is the problem when one is paid only $1 compares to those being paid millions. $1 pay president sure not smart one.

Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanApril 06, 2017 10:35 am //Yes, if not because of the USA the world would be in trouble.//

Without Tan CB (as EP), sinkieland in trouble?

Fakes news?

With the EP, sinkieland (reserves) will not be "DELPETED"?

southernglory1 said...

America has been behaving aggressively to other countries throughout its history. It is always because they have the power and might. They think they can always get away with their wicked and evil deeds without consequences to themselves. They are cocky and too sure of themselves that they now have the upper hand against Russia and China. They have always use lies, half truths, misinformation and disinformation to paint Russia, China and others they want to destroy as bad and evil. Look at how they surround Russia and China's periphery with hundreds of mililtary bases equipped with Anti Ballistic Missiles,rockets and bombers. They have been telling the American people lies that USA is all powerful and is immune to Russian or Chinese military power. The American people and the world must know Russia and China now have better and superior weapons and military hardware. Russia and China have been using diplomacy to diffuse tensions. On the contrary US is using its might to flex muscles and using a lot of provocations to create tensions and basis for war. It is insane for these American warmongers to think that they can fight and win a nuclear against Russia and China, both of which are powerful nuclear powers. It is criminality for a few warmongering self interest American politicians in Washington. Wall Street, CIA and Pentagon to start a nuclear war with Russia and China with an Illateral pre-emptive attack on DPRK as a catalyst. A nuclear war with Russia and China is not only suicidal for the Americans but for the whole world too. In anyway Russia and China have both openly declared that the next war must not and will not be fought in Russian or Chinese soil, meaning they will devastate America and Western Europe and all their allies like Japan and Australia from the word go.

Southernglory 1

Anonymous said...

Assad so desperate to use Sarin when he is winning and the ISIS almost wiped out? How silly.

Must be another false flag or fabricated news like the WMD in Iraq.

When is the UN going to charge Bush and Blair for war crimes in Iraq?

Anonymous said...

Distorted news or alternative truth ?

Don't worry.
You can trust PAP and the Straits Times.
With Yew,
For Yew,
For Singapore.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousApril 06, 2017 11:24 am //From now on, on a daily basis, we must expose all the fake news generated by mainstream media irrespective of whatever intention, good or bad, they may say they have.//

Fake news?

Water scarce is to scare YEW (so that there is NOTHING wrong to CORRECT more $€£¥₩$)?

Actually, Adam Smith "Water Diamond Paradox" is the real hardtruth?

That is why rain water is free?

Diamond is not free?

Who is (more) COLLECT (about the scarcity of diamond vs water)?

Action Ali Nasi Ayam Hawker turned eCONomist?

Or (the UK Economist) Adam Smith the modern economics founder?

Anonymous said...

Annon 11:57. If you do not care about current affairs but only care about your war stocks, please do not contribute in this blog. It's irritating to hear you boast about your war stocks each time.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.57. Hi! Moronic idiot. Since you claim to make millions you must not be surprised and tremble when the Income Tax Department will surely investigate you and call you for an interview. Please do not go and hide. Otherwise get the hell out of this respectable blog.

Anonymous said...

" they have the power and might. They think they can always get away with their wicked and evil deeds without consequences to themselves."

Trump called Abe b4 Xi landing on Florida to show Xi US will protect allied with full force. I wander Xi will also think he needs to protect fatty boy with some spare forces. From Xi and Finland talks, Xi was casual talking about one road one belt link to Europe to trade. In Florida, Xi dare to say he supports US Japan to attack NK in full force? Use your common sense, we know Xi will siam Trump on military attack on NK.

Trump is trying hard to play high on tension to attack NK. If Xi is smart, he should play down, and soft, so that US and Japan is trapped into attacking NK, without China getting involved.

Florida is not white house, Whatever agreed there is no official agreement. So Xi s plan to spend least time there most likely is not to show Trump what china s cards are, until the next official visit at white house.

Trump is wasting time to do talk show to show US how tough he is. I wish Trump makes use of the troops exercise to invade NK to scare the fatty boy kim. See how he react. He might see thousands of troops flooding south like water leakage at water falls. Its time to stop the talk show as Xi and China seems getting used to this kind of rhetoric talk show, especially Trump used to be actor.
Behind the scene, the newly promoted PLA navy chief will be more keen to show off his mighty vertical warfare concept: submarines statelite, airforce, missiles, gun boats somah firing at the same time. I love to see how US fleets firing back while kena torpedo at the bottom. Sinkies has very might forces in navy and airforce not yet being called upon by Trump. He ignores ponky is a great mis step in his judgment. Trump will have to regret it for just calling Abe and Abe also not calling ahlong for consultations. Shangrila show is starting in May, mad dog also not calling hen for consultations. How come these people dare not to balance China s power with sinkieland putting in the deciding push? Without surrounding China, Xi will enjoy watching US hitting NK if it dares. Why bother? Fire is not near the door step. So Trump is making mistake for hugging Abe ignoring ahlong s friendship. Trump Abe alliance will not put pressure on China lah.
When Trump hit NK, Xi s PLA might snatch Taiwan withing 48 hours.

Anonymous said...

"GST is to help the poor."

Fake news?
Personal opinion?
Alternative truth?
Real truth?
Mental Masturbation?

Anonymous said...

Latest fake news or distorted truth is the alleged Syrian Assad government's gas attack on rebels. Just one or two days prior to the incident, the new US admin under Trump was reported to be discarding the previous Obama admin's insistence that President Assad has to go for there to be a Syrian peace settlement.

Anonymous said...

Hard Truths - Opinions and Policies to keep Singaporeans in poverty

True or not?

Anonymous said...

Nazis: Ultimate Evil
When we think of the most evil Nazis, the first that comes to mind is Adolf Hitler.
But Hitler couldn't have done it alone.
Who were these people?
What did they do?
How did they become this way?


Anonymous said...

When asked how to sell your soul and Sin to investors, indoctrinated students of higher learning replied...a safe and secure environment to bait them into a legalistic coup with no ends to their wet money making dreams. Then the minister of slavery shook his head and middle finger...no no no you little piglets and sheep groomed for the slaughter house...you need to ADAPT. For instance, if you are selling traditional lup cheong to kweilo..and they don't want to eat your lup cheong...then you use technological modification to change your lup cheong taste to juicy steaky taste.....understand?

Always think what will sell your soul for a penny or if you are lucky..get paid in millions telling piglets to adapt and if you don't ....not my basah if you die working into your 80s with your worthless HDB pigeon hole...now that's the truth

Anonymous said...

@ April 06, 2017 2:19 pm

Do you think that guy is a snake oil salesman?
What proof does he offer to support what he is telling our young students?

Fake news?
Personal opinion?
Alternative truth?
Real truth?
Mental Masturbation?

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, dies in Sin

Anonymous said...

"if you are selling traditional lup cheong to kweilo..and they don't want to eat your lup cheong...then you use technological modification to change your lup cheong taste to juicy steaky taste.....understand?"

Wat kind of steaky taste? liquid? technological what: using chemical? using smoke? Fry? Roasted?

I tell u if this is the example, it can only come from the most uneducated foolish fake head.

Lup cheong is made of fat meat mix with chemical, u wanna change fat meat mix with chemical to steak? then what this steak is like? steaky lup cheong? Lup cheong and steak have major difference, steak taste from the juicy meat--fresh then can be juicy, lup cheong taste from the fermented oily taste, from smoke rotten processed meat.

If technology can change from salted fish to fresh fish, u know how much will it cost? I doubt it can be done.

Wanna sell the invented meat to angmor kweilo, it is against food safety selling chemicals to someone. This example is the most foolish idea i have seen in this blog. I suggest that speaker to tell the students to convert their pens or pencils into rockets that can fly them to the moon.

Anonymous said...

Precisely lol

Anonymous said...

Interestingly...in Sin, they persecute to death the Amos type for telling it like it is...whereas in HK...they have a Joshua dealing with the likes of Sin, those trigger happy with law here law there type, except in much bigger scale(kind of like copy a garden snake which is basically a descendant of a flying serpent up north)

both have the spirit but no water...aiyoh, how to be born again?

b said...

UN is a marxist organization. It does not allow individualism. Liberty is conformity.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 2.19

Tell the Minister to cut his lap cheong and cook it in oor fun??

Kreata Ayer famous stall to suit the kwelio taste.

With also his two sagging meat balls into what Italian cuisine.


Anonymous said...

If cut his lap cheong into 1,000 pieces.
marinate in XO sauce.
sell to Singaporeans for $10,000 a plate.
if your children eat, sure can become PAP scholar and General later on.

True or not?
Will you buy or not?

Anonymous said...

11:57 is IMH case. Just ignore him lah.

Anonymous said...

China should let US, Japan and SK attacked NK and let NK lob a few nuclear bombs into Japan. Then wait until US cross the 38 parallel and move in the PLA.

Anonymous said...

Nazi Slogan:
"Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!"
"One people, one country, one leader!"


One people
One nation
One Singapore


A very unfortunate coincidence.

Anonymous said...

@ April 06, 2017 6:10 pm

Fucking copycat Nazis.
How dare they copy our national song.

Anonymous said...

You can't change from within, Joshua. You can't go to pharaoh and tell pharaoh, hey, 50/50. These power mongers can't let go. Neither should you get stuck in the wilderness and be beaten by laws.

Without a clear vision, 30 yrs from now will still not get you out of slavery, though a new generation is willing.

Anonymous said...

//How dare they copy our national song//

Hahahaha!!! What "national song"?!?!?! That song was written by a Canadian hired by MICA in the 1980s and paid very well using taxpayer monies. He also wrote "Stand Up For S'pore" and "We Are S'pore, S'poreans". Hitler may be fucking LKY in hell right now for stealing the Nazi anthem.

denk said...

anyone who hasnt watched the video of that aneh bitch running amok in tiong bahru plaza ought to take a look pronto.

only in sg where u see the majority race kena bullied by the minority in that way.

yet 70% of idiots think we need to import more barbarians from that rapistan cuntry.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are fabricating another false flag incident and accusing Assad of using Sarine gas to attack his people. The Russians told them it was the rebel that did it but the Americans would not want to listen otherwise and insisted that it was Assad. And they are planning to take unilateral action against Assad. Now they want to fight in two fronts, in NK and in Syria.

Americans are farking warmongers. They are the scourge of the 21st century. They will destroy this world with wars after wars.

denk said...

anon April 07, 2017 8:41 am

sg/india are in the evil empire's team, thats why
sg is being desinisized and taken over by anehs
from cabinet right down to street level.


Virgo 49 said...

Right Bro Denk

Sinkie Anehs loved to be Silver Servants. Wow, all powerful.
just like their PAP masters.

In Enforcement, wow all powerful.
As though the rest are criminals.

Chinese Sinkies thinks that the private sectors are better choice. Higher salaries and prestiges. They can be dead wrong that the silver serpents can be paid better than them and also with job securities.

Here, the majority living the live of the minorities unlike Matland, who cared no two hoots to their minorities.

You just have to follow our wishes or FO.

In have had many unpleasant incidences with these Ah Nehs silver serpents who are supposed to serve you under our tax payers monies. They behaved like Lords over you.

So, those who always criticized me for been foolish thinking of living in Matland under the bumis are in fact been living under the At Nehs in Sinkie Land.

The worst is that many Sinkie Chinese are the worst traitorous
traitors to their own.

They would in the hypocrisy of been magnanimous cahoots with them to scorn their own.

They just been afraid of their own to usurp their jobs, status.

Thinking that the Mats and Ah Nehs would not do the same to them.

in fact, most of their woes and miseries are not from our kind.

The PAP has to pamper these minorities to show that they are principled and fair.

Thus they have what reserved flats for them in the pretext of what bullshits radical mix

So, living in Matland with enough dough in your Banks and pockets had better living conditions that you daft SINKIES.

Who does not know what's hits you.

No sympathies to the Dafts.

denk said...

Bro Virgo,

I say only in sg where you see the majority race bullied by the minority.
on second thought, actually anehs are no longer minority. everywhere you go you are swarmed by them
left right centre.
no wonder lu lai lu guailan !

they'r like sacred cows these days.
i heard someone staying in UE SQ laments that during thaiposam, the aneh temple at tank rd had overnite ceremony, kpkb, impossible to sleep.
they had police license you know, cant do anything.
their procession choked the traffic for hour, complete with blaring gongs and trumpets.
wtf !

everybody know this, like this reddit reader,
'LOL No, Indians are pretty much given special status in Singapore similar to Blacks, but are waaaayy richer than Blacks are in America with none of the oppression. Go read Straits Times - they're always sucking up to India and Indians. '