City Harvest judgement - God’s punishment

I am not religious, I don’t have a religion and unlikely to have one. Why am I talking about God’s punishment in this queer case? Actually it was a fairly straight forward case but somehow, somewhere a long the line, it seemed that something had happened, maybe God’s intervention, that the whole thing starts to smell, to look foul and to turn foul. Everyone is crying foul, from the people in the streets, in the kopitiams, in the govt, in the churches, in City Harvest, foul, foul, foul…

This is why I say it is God’s punishment. The only thing I am not sure, who is God punishing, the good ones, the innocent ones, the crooked ones, the holy ones, or the scheming ones? Come to think of it, everyone is being punished. No one is spared, from the accused/guilty parties from the CHC to the courts and the govt. Everyone seems to have been tarred by the soil water splashing around.

Everyone is looking ugly and smelly. How could this happen this way when only the culprits should be punished while the rest of the innocents, the courts and govt, should be standing on high ground as the deliverers of justice and looking good and shining bright, but not?

As they said, don’t meddle with shit, don’t play with shit, your hands would be dirty like shit and you will smell like shit. God’s punishment is on everyone dabbling with shit or putting their hands into the pot of shit. The good court and the judges are also being hurled with shit until Shanmugam had to tell the people to be less generous with their expletives. Unbelieveable, but as they said, God works in a mysterious way that human beans would not be able to understand. This is a rare case when the govt has to say ''tolong''.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Uncle, gd morning. It's an Easter Saturday a beautiful morning. Regarding the CHC case & the reduced jailed term of these 'cheaters'..it seems that it's a form of a punishments from the Supreme Being of the Heaven (aka GOD)..it also look like the judges r also scared of GOD & won't wanto offend these "sons/daughter of God" ( as Kong Hee & members r consider Assembly of Gods ...me no Christians nor Catholic & in no position to opin further)..if watch the movie 'Exodus--GOds & Kings', one will realize that u get punished by the God when u ill-treat or abuse ur people..

Anonymous said...

lf there is god, then there is no need for king, horseman and hangman.
Things will naturally be in order.
However, man is god himself. He is the King, the Horseman and the Hangman.
He/she is also the Bad, the Good and the Ugly.

Anonymous said...

I find the sentencing a bit confusing. Few of those Kena their sentences very close to the one that benefitted. I would have thought that while they all played a part, the sentence should differ that's the one who benefited the most versus those playing a part?

Anonymous said...

Founding God Religion versus Founding Father Religion?
Who will win?

Anonymous said...

If I am not wrong, the judges said only those outside agents that committed a breach of trust should be punished. Inside agents, like directors and management, when committed breach of trust, should be let off lightly like in this case.

So law enforcing officers caught breaking the law should be lightly punished because the law is for the people, not for the enforcing officers.

Seow leow.

Maybe God interfered and like someone said above, the judges dared not offend God.

Anonymous said...

It seems as if Singaporeans seem to think "money can solve everything".

No talent as a singer, never mind.
Pump in more money and we will be a success.

No talent as a political leader, never mind.
Pay a million dollar salary and the untalented monkey will blossom.

No footballing talent.
No talent to plan, lead, promote and develop the sports of football.
Never mind.
Just keep pumping in more money.

(PS: Brazil has probably more talented kids playing football on the streets than Singapore has playing in our professional football league)

Football Association of Singapore drama over politics and money


Anonymous said...

Don't know how to find God by yourself.
Never mind.
Just give away more money.

Anonymous said...

anon933 yes this is the law it seems. If you are a public servant or agent and you embezzled $1000 you might go to jail for 10 years, but if you are not a public servant or agnet (i.e. ordinary person), and you embezzled and you embezzled $100,000 you might be jailed for 3 months.
That unfortunately is the essence of the law as it is today, everything hinges on the personality of the defendant. The amount stolen is not related to the number of years jailed. This is how they calculate.
If anything, this law need to be amended, i think shanmugam hinted at it. However, as it is, this seems to be the Law applicable at the time of offence, and konghee and gang, probably will enjoy their discounted sentence. This is how their God bless them, hallelujah! or shxx! depending on which side of the fence you sit.

Anonymous said...

As long as we keep believing there is only one way (and only one expert to teach us) to heaven.
Expect to keep paying and paying more money.

As long as we keep believing there is only one political party who is capable of managing Singapore.
Expect to keep paying and paying more money.

True or not?
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

The horse-faced wife benefited the most from the saga. How come the wife never kena anything?

Anonymous said...

Someone said man is God himself, he is the bad, good, evil, ugly ones...the Chinese proverbs said '自作自受',& '自作孽' or cause & effect Karmic universal law..it seems like the CHC KH & gang r sentence leniently by the grace of a Supreme Beings of the Higher Up..

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 9.47

The rejoinder to As long as we keep believing there is only one political party who is capable of managing Singpaore, Expect to keep paying and paying more MONIES.

But no guarantee to Heaven only to poor house, on the streets, under the flyovers or beaches.

Aiya, what Section 409 and Section 406.

CBT are CBT whether you are in the Management of the Companies.
Whether you are the Accounts clerks or Accountants.

What Agents. Those who are holding the MONIES in trust as Agents or what other terms.

KONG and his associates not holding the church funds as trustees??

Not as Agents?? As The Management and Directors of Companies.

They appealing to Apex Court not to specially wants the Judges to repeal and resentence the case again.

They knew the redundancy of this two sections and wants to simply have ONE to deter further CBT cases.

The Directors and Management Team will in future siphoned millions and trillions and just served a light sentence under 406.

So, they want to plug the loophole which is been formulated by their own high powered High IQ law markers.

This is a too smart blunder been exploited by also their smart cunning kind.

As for the different sentences, the Court took into consideration that some in the course of employment or duties are unwittingly caught in the Deceit.

In the case of Sharon Tan who got the lightest sentence. She, I believe is not in Kong's inner circle of trusts. Only in the soup doing as what she been instructed to do.

So been fair, she have the Lightest sentence.

The Rest are all in league in this Swindle.

Anonymous said...

Dont anyhow say lah! Dont anyhow say lah!

God is good! God is great!

No! No! No! God will not punish anyone!

It is the case of ownself punish ownself lah!

Absolutely nothing to do with God!

God has more important things to do, like the show between USA and NK.

CHC trial is just a drop in the ocean, "wet-wet-water"!

God.......where got time for this!

God says.......I will wait for you, my sons and daugthers when you come back to our house!

God says to all of them now.................

"自己保重! 自己保重! 自己保重!"

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable, but as they said, God works in a mysterious way that human beans would not be able to understand.

Hahahaha. Like one anon here said, "Remember, God help those who helped themselves."

So I think the City harvest 6 (or rather their lawyers) helped themselves a lot lah. So only then will God, and regardless of which God, will help them lor.

This is also a holy lesson for the Sinkie opposition. If they seriously want to win elections, they better help themselves first. Only then will God help them to win.

Anonymous said...

Actually God already gave the facility to every human beans to help themselves lah.

It is just that winner human beans use that facility and some even to the fullest, whereas loser human beans did not, and so God also did not help them to win.

Anonymous said...

All you turkeys keep saying GOD (I'm assuming you are referring to the Christian God) say this and God say that.

Please tell us exactly where in the Bible (Book, Chapter and Verse) that tell us that God said (for example) : "God help those who help themselves"

Anonymous said...

Never try to tell GOD what to do!

God knows the terms!

Wait for the final final terms. The final final term will be God's terms!

Never try to question God! Never! Dont try!

God's decision is final! Yes, final!

Amen! Amen! Amen!

Anonymous said...

Please tell us exactly where in the Bible (Book, Chapter and Verse) that tell us that God said (for example) : "God help those who help themselves"
10:43 am

Alamak, this is obvious and understood lah, so why need Bible to tell us?

You also want the Bible to tell you God give human beans a brain?

Anonymous said...

God will use all his laws and power in his disposal to deal with you.

Don't pray pray.

Anonymous said...

With GOD all things are possible!

With GOD all things are possible!

So........we shall all wait and see the final terms!

Please do not forget........With GOD all things are possible!


Anonymous said...

Ya dun play pray...God Shamu-gun gonna use all the powers endowed on him to meted out some punishments on these 6 fellowships of CHC, all the rest dun speculate lest the law of sub-judice be applied on thou.

Anonymous said...

"God help those who help themselves"
Alamak, this is obvious and understood lah, so why need Bible to tell us?
You also want the Bible to tell you God give human beans a brain?
April 15, 2017 11:03 am

That's my point.
The Bible didn't say so.

Same thing with all this "prosperity gospel" or "grace gospel"
- just ask the preachers ... where in the Bible say so?

I don't really care what you believe.
But if you say it is from the Bible, I will ask you where.
If you say LKY say so, I will ask you when and where he says so.

You can always say "I ownself say so"
- that's okay too
- but be honest about it

Anonymous said...

@ April 15, 2017 11:36 am

"Hike in water price is absolutely necessary."
Because I said so.
Just admit it.

Don't say LKY say so because he died already lah.
Don't say "God says water price hike is necessary"

Stand on your own merit.
Don't hide behind LKY or the Bible.

Anonymous said...

Don't say "God says water price hike is necessary"
11:42 am

If God means power, then can say lah.

Power means the ability to make things happen the way it happened.

That's why they say God is very powerful one. So if PAP is very powerful, then PAP is like God lor.

And if RB blog can make PAP lose power, and if only it really happen, then RB is also like God lor.

patriot said...

Where in the bible did god says
god helps those who help themselves?
Cant find rite.

Let me tells You that Mankinds make
gods to forgive them for their wrong doings and evil deeds.

What say You my Idol?



patriot said...

Where in the bible did god says
god helps those who help themselves?
Cant find rite.

Let me tells You that Mankinds make
gods to forgive them for their wrong doings and evil deeds.

What say You my Idol?



Anonymous said...

Let me tells You that Mankinds make
gods to forgive them for their wrong doings and evil deeds.
patriot 12:07 pm

If they can get away with it for their wrong doings and evil deeds, then indeed gods forgive them lor.

For instance, if PAP screw up badly as govt but still can win big big in election, then indeed gods forgive them lor.


Anonymous said...

Yes! With GOD all things are possible!

So the final final shocking news maybe the CHC leaders walk out of the court, free!

Don't say it is impossible!

With GOD all things are possible!


Anonymous said...

Free country, free choice.

You can choose to follow a pastor/church/religion that does not demand 10% of your salary.
you can choose to follow a pastor/church/religion that demands 10% of your salary.

You can choose to vote for a political party that says your HDB flat belongs to you
You can choose to vote for a political party that says your HDB flat does not belong to you and is worthless after 99 years.

It's really free choice.
And if you don't know how to choose wisely ... not even God can help you.

Anonymous said...

And if you don't know how to choose wisely ... not even God can help you.
2:27 pm

If you don't know how to choose wisely, it means you don't know how to help yourself lah. So of course God will also not help you lah.

Anonymous said...

some of you here use the word GOD so freely as if you know GOD personally

dont play play

if you keep using his name GOD so freely, HE may call you up to see HIM

do you want to meet HIM?

you really want to meet HIM?

dont play play

Anonymous said...

Why do we say people are sheep? Fact is, they are stupid.
Here is a very common occurrence except it has landed in the spotlight, a warning/wake up call perhaps, that people are easily misled and exploited for narcissistic and nefarious purposes.

The law, some say dishonest judges, couldn't account for the many evil done while common people can clearly see who are the main beneficiary in the larger scheme of things.

Men shouldn't play god or be given such powers because the consequence is hell.

Anonymous said...

The evil man sued one of his sheep and won. How can that be? Now, we know that the sheep has been vindicated, not before his entire family suffered for the man of God wickedness.

This, the law is blind and was blind then and blind now

Anonymous said...

You can't account for the millions of innocent blood shed through out the history of the church and still on going you bunch of idiots.

You have your Lawyers/judges or the practitioner of law, the Pharisee, to thank for!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Partner in crime still walking free...what the fuck your referee doing? Fuck You

Anonymous said...

Man of God or God of Man? Head of backside or backside of head?The bullshit is so thick, the law can't tell the difference and if you are law abiding, you are naturally part of the "thickness" because you obey its lead.

Hey, I only see and hear man, what do you see and hear?

When the man of god becomes the god of man, and in any setting, you are in trouble!

Where does your law come from? Man of God or God of Man?

If the letter of the law can't handle bullshit, how can it be a service to humanity?

patriot said...

Gods help those who help themselves not in the bible.
Not a problem as gods are created by mankinds themselves to exonerate or free themselves of guilt, sin and evil deeds that they had committed or commit. And also they would be in paradise after they died.

Ownself pardon ownself.



Anonymous said...

Remember this?
Businessman Roland Poon Swee Kay, 39, for one, had called up and written to The Straits Times last week about the alleged impropriety. He said mixing religion with secular matters was 'unethical'.
Mr Poon, who has been attending City Harvest for six years, alleged that he was 'encouraged' by his cell group leader to buy both of her albums, and so he bought five of each at one go.
He also claimed that church funds were used for Ho's publicity and promotional campaign.
He said the only reason he was staying on in the church was because he felt he had invested 'too much money' towards the $48.7 million used for the construction of the church building at Jurong West.
In response, Rev Kong said that not a single cent from church funds was used to buy or to promote Sun's albums.
Integrity, he added, was a core value of the church.
'As such, we always try to be as transparent as we can in all our activities. Our accounts are audited yearly by a public accounting firm,' he said.

Fart the Court of Law!

Anonymous said...

In was reported that while appealing against Kong Hee’s conviction of misappropriating CHC’s funds, Kong’s lawyer Edwin Tong, who is also a Marine Parade GRC MP, argued in court that his client had acted in “good faith”.

Senior Counsel Edwin Tong said that while church funds have been used to fund Sun Ho’s music career, it did not necessarily mean that he had been honest as the “intention to put the funds to wrongful use is not the same as the intention to cause wrongful loss“.

“[The] accused believed wholeheartedly that they were using church funds for an approved church purpose,” he added. Kong has been sentenced to 8 years’ imprisonment by the High Court. He is currently appealing against his conviction.

Kong started legal actions against whistle-blower

If Kong had acted in “good faith”, by the same token, he should have also realised that his church member Roland Poon, had also acted in “good faith” in whistle-blowing on him for using the church funds to bankroll his wife’s music career.

In 2003, CHC member Roland Poon began to question CHC’s support of the pop career of Kong’s wife, Sun Ho, openly.

Mr Poon was angry enough about the matter that he contacted the media to complain about what he said were “improper practices” by his pastor, Kong Hee, and his wife.

Then, Kong decided to take legal actions against Mr Poon. Mr Poon was threatened with legal actions if he failed to apologise to Kong, his wife and CHC. Mr Poon who did not have the kind of money to go through court trials capitulated and was forced to apologise.

Kong made Roland Poon take out large advertisements in major newspapers

One would have thought that a simple apology, say, apologising in front of the congregation, would suffice. But Kong did not just want a simple apology. He made Mr Poon take out large advertisements in several major newspapers.

And before having Mr Poon’s apology was published in the newspapers, his lawyers vet through it to ensure that the wordings were to Kong’s liking.

Anonymous said...

The idiots approved because the crossover came from "God". Who is god? Duck and chicken backside talk ah?

Anonymous said...

Take God to court lah..STUPID!

Anonymous said...

They want to serve god mah...win souls for god mah...fuck...lol

Anonymous said...

United for god too....lol..yah...god will have to visit prison soon...hahaha

You tell them that...they say...no...he is liken to the apostle paul..persecuted for his godly faith...see....chicken duck backside talk or bloody bullshit...lol

Yah yah yah...your eyes very special can see talking snake hor...lol

Virgo49 said...

Here in Sinkieland or elsewhere when you are influential and well known in society, people
tends to believe what you uttered is the truth.

Most measured a person's success by his wealth or status in the society. So when someone accuses you of impropriety, even they are guilty, they will used their influence and status to sue to shut that person up.

It's a game of playing chicken. See who blinks first and whether the accuser got enough dough and guts to challenge the accused person.

Unless, it's a criminal charge as case been investigated by the Authorities.

Likewise, the NKF saga, first accuser got shut up. Only the second case by a "ST" reporter was challenged by them as they need to be seen as a credible news carrier for their own reputation.

Lawyers for the accused after conviction will explore all loop holes in the stated laws to appeal for a lower sentence in other sections of the charge and hoped that the Judges will buy their appeals.

So, in the CHC case, the Judges brought the Edwin Tong's arguments that they are acting in.good faith to propgrate the gospel's teachings with no personal gains on their part.

Also, their church members supported their Cross Over Project.

He cunningly asked the charge to be in.Section 406 of which the sentence is lower in the point that they are not The Agents or whatever reference that meant to be.

The Judges brought his argument. Anyway, when the Elites want to find a way to find a solution to a political cause, they will do it.

They will still said they are still convicted on other charges. Anyway still got jail sentences.

Any judgement in relation to religious sentiments, the Government of the Day got to be very cautious as it can become a political cause in further elections.

Every religion or faith have numerous followers and they would not want to antagonise them by losing their votes.

Leaders of religions can be great influencing factor in deciding their votes for any political party.

Anonymous said...

Hence, your leaders are two headed snakes?

Anonymous said...

The sting of death is Sin, and the power of Sin is the law.

Anonymous said...

He is everything in section 409, AND MORE, but they put him in section 406? WTF?

Anonymous said...

He warrants a death penalty for cheating, millions(unaccountable innocent folks hurt and destroyed), with the use of or by "igood ntention"

Spare us your good intention fucking lawyers!

Anonymous said...

What good intention or not? The law can't see through the wickedness of "good intention"

Let me use the white trash millions(downgrade from your pte and landed homes to HDB too)for "good intention" can? Come come...I make sure money use for "good intention" lol

Virgo 49 said...

Personally, as a layman and not a liar, think the Section 409 and 406 on CBT of what Agents and the actual people running the organisations committed the CBT is on different charge is an ambiguous one.

In 406, Directors or Management staff who absconded or cheat their organizations monies are given a lesser sentence than in

409, an agent like for example a lawyer handling someone's cash. The heavier sentence I think is meant for not too recently past cases of too many lawyers absconding with their clients

I think as Directors of the organizations, they have a much easier access to the organizations funds than as the Agents.

So, in fact they.should be charged as under 409.

As agents, someone has to transfer the funds before you can misappropriated it.

Section 406 should be more apt.

Our AG Office thought otherwise that Company Directors would not absconded with their own.monies whereas Agents most likely to do so.

This is because of past many incidents of Rogue Lawyers
absconding with client's monies.

So this Edwin Tong is smart to convince the Judges that the lot of CHC leaders should be charged undrr this lower charge.

Anonymous said...

serve god and win souls are good intention...wah..christian court ah?

Anonymous said...

What does the initials CHC stand for?
Does CHC = Cong Hee's Church ???

Anonymous said...

Q: What is Singapore Paradise?
A: When "what's wrong with collecting more money" meets "What's wrong with giving away all our money? "

Anonymous said...

Win souls for what? Serve PAP or kick PAP to kingdom come ah? Wait for Jesus to come down and screw their backsides for not believing in him is it?

Anonymous said...

Take away my HDB flat after 99 years
Take away my car after 10 years.
Take away 2 years of my life in National Service
Take away my CPF money until I don't know how long.

Does this make me an honorary member of any particular church?
Does this mean I'm a slave?

Anonymous said...

How can you be a slave? You are winning souls and serving gods for more good years

Anonymous said...

With your good intention, you can collect as much taxes as you like and spend it on your wives

Anonymous said...

@ April 15, 2017 7:33 pm

You are not a slave.
You are just stupid.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.33pm & anon 8.11pm

Listen to Ronnie singing
Hope nobody will be slave & sad, tis a Easter weekend enjoy..

Anonymous said...

@ April 15, 2017 7:33 pm

You voted yourself into slavery.
You ownself voted ownself into slavery.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked "What does CHC stands for?"

It can stand for anything, with overt as well as covert meanings.


Con Him Church,
Con Her Church,
Con His Cash,
Con Her Cash,
Cocks Harvest Cocks,
Cunts Harvest Cunts,
Cocks Harvest Cunts,
Cunts Harvest Cocks,
Church Hooking Children,
Children Hooked-by Church.
And so on and so forth, depending on your ingenuity and imagination.
In the Sin City context, it could mean ALL of the Above.

Anonymous said...

Yes! All of you are GOD's children!

Yes! The God is very very happy that all of you keep spreading HIS name!

Yes! With GOD All Things Are Possible!

Yes! With GOD All Things Are Possible!

Anonymous said...

Mr Chua is probably right. The consequences of political and religious idolatry rooted in mammon

Anonymous said...

ST gave insight on the gong tau trying to sell their 5000+ sf palace in Sentosa at a higher price than they had paid for - in the past two years. lol.
Hey, the govt has engineered the blood shed in the property market for the past three or so yrs. they must be believing god will send some suckers to buy at their asking price( very possible lol)

but seriously, with all the bad karma they had attracted in "serving God", the last they want to do is to stay in that house everyone is cursing.

butt butt butt, it is a very nice palace indeed, hard to let go of the high life. sure can downgrade to another palace but meanwhile, show the authorities they are working at "returning to modesty" while still living it up by trying to sell it off but not actually priced to sell LoL

Anonymous said...

Fishy deal.

Anonymous said...

I gave a letter to the postman,
He put it his sack.
Bright and early next morning,
He brought my letter back.
She wrote upon it:
Return to sender, address unknown.
No such number, no such God

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 1.06

When Edwin Tong give the Bill like Susan Lim, they have to let go even three quarters the asking price.

But think the Indonesian partner got a share there.

Remember the rich investments guy who also sold his for nearly half his asking price. His case the China mei mei got drowned in the pool in a intoxicated stage.

Just try your luck in SportsToto with jackpot at RM50M.

Just buy RM 5.00 and if strike brought over at only RM5.00 I.e. Sin 1.65.

By the time Fat Boy dropped the bomb and Lawyer's bill come, let go at only 5M.

Don't care left 85 years Or so.

Just brought for RM5.00

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean

If they do not repent, the judgment from God is - hell, which is eternal, way worse than the few years of jail term on earth. That means if they went to jail but still think that they were doing the right thing (creative accounting). There are consequences when one sinned (even when repented).

Many times we're taught: Do not idolized your pastors. Everything, refer back to the bible, God's word. So one can know if the pastor had twisted the word of God or not.

Do not think God is not watching.

SG Girl