Asset enhancement - a uniquely Singapore miracle

Singaporeans are so blessed with a very clever govt that could devise such a miraculous scheme call asset enhancement. The scheme revolves around the buying of 99 year lease public flats built by the govt at relatively low price and the owner could eventually sell it at a hugely inflated price, to receive an expected windfall along the way. It is a sure win formula and many Singaporeans are now very wealthy landlord in a way, sitting on a public flat that is worth at least $300k for the smallest unit in the open market and some worth more than a million for the bigger units. As in all sure win schemes, there is a caveat of course.

Here is how the price sure go up scheme works.

Year 1 - Buy a public flat from the govt, say at $250k.
Year 5 - Eligible to sell in the open market at asking price of $350k.
Year 10 - Open market price could be $450k.
Year 20 - Open market price could be $550k
Year 30 - Open market price goes higher to $650k.
Year 40 - $750k!
Year 60 - $800k!
Year 80 - $850k!
Year 90 - $850!
Year 100 - $0!

Every flat owner could look at this guide to see the price of his flat could go up and up all the years. Notice the caveat, make sure they are not holding on to the flat at year 100.

The scheme is very favourable to those who sell the flats at a profit in the first 50 to 60 years. Singaporeans could go for a second bite of the cherry to buy another public flat from the govt to restart the cycle. Foreigners could only buy from the open market so the margin of profit cannot be as high as the Singaporeans buying direct from the govt. But they are still guaranteed of a reasonable profit.

For those new citizens who bought and sold and bought again and sold to return to their original country, this scheme is highly favourable to them as they would not hold on to the flat till year 100. I might say a bit sorry for those who have to hold on to their flats till the very end, its miraculous price would miraculously become 0, no value, just like Cinderella when the clock struck midnight and everything turned into smokes..

This is quite like the magician turning a piece of paper into money only for the money to be turned into worthless paper at the end of the game. Be clever to cash out when you can or your store of value will vanish into thin air.


Anonymous said...

It is a Ponzi Scheme. There is really no asset involved. The box is a illusion. The moment it hits 40 years, value drops like a WWII bombs from the sky.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, why are you such a miserable person? You have just shattered the dreams of many Singaporeans. With this article you have just turned many happy people sad. Please be kind, do not shatter the dreams of many Singaporeans. Let them continue their happiness in cloud 9. They read the GOOD NEWS paper and are happy, so please do not be a downer and make them miserable. OK? Be kind Redbean.

Anonymous said...

"Be clever to cash out......",Redbean.
Then no need to have shelter after that ah?
lt is a good idea though and the Government knows too. lt is now holding on to the cash from the Cash Out Redbean suggested and plough it into the CPF.
So, what cash out ?

Anonymous said...

Every 1 should learn to merge.

On streets of sg.b4 hdb lease ens.

Anonymous said...

Uncle, this AssHset Enhancement is an entrapment scheme by the G & it shows the very selfish nature of Sinkies in Sinkieland. Why? ..ur coffin monies will be depleted when u retire ( unless u r very thrifty) & when u sell the current hdb flat the next one will be very expensive ( or a levy if u downgrade), many of these old flats ( >20yrs) will have the concrete walls, ceiling start to fade & 'falls' down or leaks ( if there is no HIP from G), some r poorly maintain by the previous owners ( with faded paints, false ceiling discoloration etc)think thrice if u wanna buy ..

Anonymous said...

Very Simple! Very Simple!

Worry not! Worry not!

I have a proposal.

When a HDB flat reached 99 years, the govt can valued the flat based on market value.

If the owner wishes to extend the lease for another 10, 20 to 30 years, the onwer needs only to pay 50% cash or from their CPF accounts! CPF accounts! CPF accounts!

The govt will "subsidised" the other 50%!

So make sure you have lots of money in your banks and CPF CPF CPF accounts.


Anonymous said...

@ April 24, 2017 9:31 am

I have a better idea.
When the HDB flat reaches 99 years .... ownership is transferred from HDB to you ... for free.

This is how we maintain the value of our HDB floats.
And to prevent the prices from crashing.

Do you think PAP will do this?
Or do you think we will have to vote in an Opposition government to do this?

Anonymous said...

Khongcum uncle khongcum thinking.
Got 250k go convert other currency n buy small house oversea.99 years or not not important.Spent you remaining years with foreign chiobus n meimeis .
These foreign gentle chiobu can bring you happiness and your life span can be extended for many years.That is many times better than you pigeon hole.
If you still strong,they can oso produce babies for you .Babies are your asset.
What for wasting time on your pigeon hole that only stress you and shorten your life.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies sipeh

Get exploited
in Sin.

And die in Sin

Anonymous said...

Khongcum uncle 9:54 has another khongcum idea. Think old cock going for young grass and young grass so stupid let old cock do what it likes. When money transferred, young grass would tell old cock to fuck off, don't come back.

Khongcum uncle thinks young grass as daft as daft sinkies, no brain to think what is best for them and let old cock do what old cock wants.

Anonymous said...

Ah Lao ah.
Many 60 plus uncles have saving but jia pa tan see.No more worth here n seen as a burden to their children n society still blur blur gong gong.

Teach them to give up citizenship n get all cpf ,buy a foreign house n get foreign mistress.Who say green grass can tell them F.O?
Priduce one baby give them 5 k.
2 babies 10 k as baby bonus.Learn from your capable garmen.
Or learn from uncle Virgo here.

Anonymous said...

No Money, govt dies. Govt dies, you die. Govt wants to stay in power. Govt needs a lot of money. Govt wants the high life also. So govt must serve mammon. You must serve mammon.

Enjoy while it last. Tick Tock tick Tock.

Anonymous said...

For govt to have lots of money, they must preach prosperity gospel like Kong Tau.

You sow money into their church ground, you reap asset appreciation.

Difference is, govt no need go jail like pastors. If go jail, reduce sentence to noting because their law said method of rip off done wrongly only so rip off church stays but do it rightly this time

Anonymous said...

Actually, Kong tau rip off better. Sell fart in the air gets lots of money to buy Sentosa Cove penthouse and fund vain pot wife religious career in Hollywood. Smarter than stupid govt yes?

People reply...Amen

Anonymous said...

Segar monkey also a lost

Direction sg citizen.bite anything


Anonymous said...

Govt smarter....play both sides and keep millions, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

You know when somebody is talking cock when they are not dealing with the bullshit or "airy fairy fake news" with their laws

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, why worry flat zero value at 99 years?

U got worry whether u will die at 70, 80 or 90 years or not?

If u don't worry u will sure die one day, then why worry your flat sure zero value one day?

Die already also cannot bring the flat to the next world, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

10:15am i think, monkey looking for

Rainbow.in homes.

Anonymous said...

Anybody here worry he/she will die one day?

Anonymous said...

Willing seller;willing buyer. Willing, "innocent" crooks; willing victims. The former entices with wealth enhancement schemes, the latter willingly sell their soul to "innocent schemers".

Innocent? My foot!

Both deserve each other. It is called white crime because damages as a result of your choice as willing victims.

Anonymous said...

Even Bill Gates also has to die one day what, even if he becomes trillionaire.

God make sure everyone comes with nothing, and goes with nothing. Very fair, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

In closing, Pringle said, “Christ in you is the hope of health when you’re sick. He’s the hope of justice, the hope of financial well-being. He is the hope of honor, the hope of progress and the hope of friends when you’ve been betrayed. He is the hope of fullness when you’ve been empty, the hope of employment when you’ve been unemployed. He is the hope of a house when you’re homeless, the hope of a child when you’re bound, the hope of peace when you’re angry. He is a hope for the future when you think you have none.”


Now go pay your religious taxes faithfully hahahaha

Anonymous said...

yah....garbagemen will house you in a coffin unit hahahahaha..don't say no hope hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Bright future for your children for those slaving. When you stop slave? Food court food anyhow cooked by foreigners nice meh?

Anonymous said...

Selling hope to the hopeless.
Selling prosperity to the poor.
Is asset enhancement aka prosperity gospel?

Anonymous said...

Love faith and hope all can be sold. Name your price. They take cash only. Really. No cash, no church business.

Anonymous said...

Govt creates accounting magic. Church creates magic in accounting.

Anonymous said...

You not happy with govt accounting? Well, govt has a partner you can go to for hope and happiness or..heavenly bliss.

When you are in heaven, there is no lies and deceit...just Jesus. Focus on Jesus

You are living in paradise.

Anonymous said...

No bargaining!

When your HDB reaches 99 years.....it is ZERO in value.....UNDERSAND!

Yes! ZERO in value! That is NO value!

Not only no value, you cannot con't to stay there.....MUST return to owner, HDB!

Yes! Must return to HDB, the true owner! Yes! HDB! HDB! HDB!
You have no house after 99 years! No where to live!

Maybe not you! Your children! Your children children!

Where got asset enhancement! They called this asset enhancement? Tell me lah!

ZERO value! ZERO value! How? How?

Your HDB will be $0000000000000000000000.00 at the end of 99 years. Really?


Anonymous said...

The laws permit "magic in accounting", aren't they "partner" in...erm...accounting?

Whatever the law permits, the law approves.

Anonymous said...

Basically, the article is saying people have been fleeced.

Fleeced by their own greed and by a bunch of snakes

Greedy, idiotic and no chicken balls.lol

Anonymous said...

Reserve your best laugh for your children

Anonymous said...

World's most expensive "subsidized" public housing.

Singapore's unique version of subsidy:
- when the price paid is above the actual cost.

Truly the global hub of Mental Masturbation.
- Champion Mental Masturbators

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.54

You are one SMART sinkie.

Hokkien joke" Woo Lui Yan Tao, Boh Lui Lau Kau"

Got monies Handsome leh! NO monies monkey dey!

One Spore dollar to RM3.15

Let go before your property peaked to 40 years. Forty years of free rentals then sell to the Dafts and make 1000% profits.

Mei mei look for you.

Anonymous said...

But, he noted: “When there is a reaction to a sentence by the public, as in the Joshua Robinson case, then I think it is important for us as policymakers to sit down and understand why people are upset ... It is important because these people represent the ground feelings — they are mothers, they are sisters, they are people who want their children to be safe.”

He added: “But it doesn’t mean automatically you agree with it. You must assess it, whether it is also fair. So, there are two parts to it — one, whether it is fair; two, what does the public believe is right.”

Let the elites decide what's fair? LoL

Anonymous said...

— they are mothers, they are sisters, they are people who want their children to be safe.”

Lying or what? Still fleecing the people leh....

Anonymous said...

Some liars never go to jail, pass jail and collect their millions

Anonymous said...

Not only your HDB flat is of zero value after 99 years, you must also get OUT!

Not only your HDB flat is of zero value after 99 years, you must also get OUT!

Not only your HDB flat is of zero value after 99 years, you must also get OUT!

Anonymous said...

Tell your children that.

Anonymous said...

Children busy in school trying to achieve Ass to impress their masters lah hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Not only your HDB flat is of zero value after 99 years, you must also get OUT!
April 24, 2017 1:33 pm

Like that how ah?
Do you think I should vote PAP in GE 2020?

Anonymous said...

They are so kind. They deliberately build HDB up to 40 storeys or more for you to take flight when market collapses

Anonymous said...

Wah! Like that how ah? Do you think I should vote PAP in GE 2020?

BY.........anonymous April 24, 2017 1:47 pm

Whether you vote for pap or not makes no diff!

The prediction is that 80% "will" in next GE!

Even after knowing zero value after 99 years.

Singapore is like that lah!

Only know how to kpkb and lan-lan!

This is Singapore! Is like that! Is like that!


Anonymous said...

@ April 24, 2017 2:08 pm

You mean 80% of Singaporeans will vote to be made homeless by PAP's policies?

Why are Singaporeans so stupid ah?

Anonymous said...

Singapore's "Asset enhancement" is called "inflation" in other countries . . .

Anonymous said...

inflation + PAP mental masturbation = asset enhancement ???

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

You are too stupid to help. You need to go back to school and be reskilled and then return to work and be screwed again

Anonymous said...

Go church more and learn to be wiser. The Holy Spirit will help you

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.36pm, pls kindly note that singaporelangs are not stupid!

They are very very smart! Toooooooooooo smart!

So smart that the govt is developing Smart towns!

But very sorry, the flats will still of zero value after 99 yrs.

Vote opposition can change the value of yr flat aftr 99 yrs meh?

Can ask them! But have been very quiet! Where are they?

Think about it! The ONLY way going forward is 3 Ms!

Anonymous said...

Vote opposition can change the value of yr flat aftr 99 yrs meh?
April 24, 2017 3:46 pm

I don't know the answer to your question.
But I know for sure.
I vote PAP, for sure my HDB flats will be worthless after 99 years.

Anonymous said...

Is it true & fair to say;
If you are are an HDB lessee, and you vote PAP in GE 2020;
You will be homeless in 99 years or less?

True or not?
Please tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Is it true?
Was it ever true?
Does Singapore have the highest rate of home ownership in the world?

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Public Housing 99 years from now.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is it true & fair to say;
If you are are an HDB lessee, and you vote PAP in GE 2020;
You will be homeless in 99 years or less?

And after paying a few hundred thousand dollars for it. Think of those who paid a million or more with a lease balance of less than 70 years.

Anonymous said...

Matilar Knn, where are u man? No more comment is it's? Busy doing your incest thingi? This important issue need your stupid input man!

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