American double speak on North Korea

By now everyone would have read and probably believe this American shit about North Korea being a threat to the whole world, to the Americans and to their cronies and allies. How true is this, how logical or reasonable and believeable is this allegation.
The American’s first assumption, the North Koreans have nuclear weapons and ICBM and will be threatening the world with them. This assumption also said the North Koreans are mad and would want to threaten everyone for no good reason but just because they have nuclear weapons to threaten other nations, and more, to want to fire at every nation. You do not need much intelligence to know that this is total crap. The only countries that feared the North Koreans and felt threatened are the Americans, Japan and South Korea for obvious reasons. The rest of the world is not acting provocatively act against the North Koreans and has no reason to feel threatened unless they are deranged. Oops, sorry, Singapore or some daft Singaporeans also felt threatened but I do not know why. They seriously believed the North Koreans would want to bomb Singapore, for what, why?
In reality, the North Koreans are treating Singapore as a good friend. That is why Jeremy Koh from Channel News Asia is always invited to broadcast about North Korean events. If you are enemy, they would not put you on their invite list.
Ok, let’s look at the validity of this American double speak. For a country to be a threat to the world, to other countries, there are some conditions or factors that must be present.
1. The country must have ambition to dominate or conquer and rule the world, like Germany, Japan and the USA.
2. The country must have superior military strength, not just having a few pieces of nuclear weapons. If you only got one bomb, please you are no threat to any country that has thousands of bombs. Stop believing in this silly myth.
3. The country must be so superior in military power that it can hit any country with no fear of being hit back.
4. Or, if one wants to threaten any country, make sure that no one is powerful enough to turn your country into ashes.
North Korea does not fit into any of the above conditions. How can they be a threat to the world? How can the North Koreans be a threat to the US? They are developing their nuclear weapons exactly because they are afraid of the Americans, that could turn them to ashes, the only country that has been threatening them daily with military invasion.
If mere possession of nuclear weapons is a threat to the world, the Americans would be the number one threat followed by the other nuclear powers. Why is it that they are not and the North Koreans are a threat?
Do the North Koreans have the same wild ambition like the Americans, the Germans and Japanese to conquer the world? Only fools would believe the North Koreans are like the Americans, Germans and Japanese. Even if they harbor such wild dreams, they are too small to make it a reality in this new world of super powers.
The Americans are the real threat to the world, the threat to world peace, the number one warmonger. If you don’t believe in them, don’t fear them, they would threaten to attack your country like they are doing to the North Koreans and had done to Vietnam and to many Arab/Muslim countries.
Get it, now who is the real threat to the countries of the world, the Americans or North Koreans? Trump just admitted that he is not branding China a currency manipulator because China is working with the Americans on the North Korean issue. If China refuses, it will brand China as a currency manipulator. See the veil of threat? The Americans are threatening the whole world to get to their side to condemn the North Koreans and are threatening to take unilateral actions against the North Koreans because the North Koreans are developing ICBMs that can reach the USA. What about the USA already having ICBMs that can reach North Korea and every country in this world? Should this be a reason for the rest of the world to claim the USA is a threat to their security and be a good reason to attack the USA?
This is how abusive and unreasonable the Americans have become. They are going to start a war and accusing the North Koreans as the provocateur, for having ICBMs or going to have ICBMs that can reach the USA. If this is an acceptable reason, every country can become a threat to the Americans and be attacked while the Americans is a threat to every country.


Anonymous said...

How can the UAss b so double speak like a devil? Isn't the UAss a nation under God & a police state to ensure world is at peace? A police can hv guns but when others also hv guns, isn't tat others posed a threat to the security & police need to step in? Rightly every nations hv their our arm forces to protect themselves against potential enemies, when a nation owed dangerous wmd then some police need to step in or some form of a agreement need to be determine to ensure no threats to others...is NK or UAss over board?..

Anonymous said...

What is the difference btw a self appointed police and a gangster?

Virgo49 said...

Now Singapore and Matland no more friends.

Sinking land Changi Naval Base home to America's fleets of warships.

Matland KLIA2 murder of Kim Jong Nam.

So just followed the Americans excuse, oops sorry fired wrong targets. Thought we fired to enemies base at Belgrade.

Instead Chinese Embassy. So now China also can fired American embassies.

Oops, sorry wrong targets.

Anonymous said...

North Korea - Just another useless Founding son.

Anonymous said...

All are useless! All are useless!

Just talks only! What for! Waste of time!

Don't talk anymore! Do it now! Yes now!

If not NOW, when? #@#$@%&@@#$!

Waste time! Good for nothing! Good for nothing!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
North Korea - Just another useless Founding son.
April 28, 2017 9:53 am

Why you so stupid? How you know he is a useless son? Because you listen to some con men?

Anonymous said...

Why you so stupid? How you know he is a useless son? Because you listen to some con men?
April 28, 2017 10:36 am

"Since 1953, 100,000–300,000 North Koreans have defected, most of whom have fled to Russia or China. As of December 2016, some 30,000 have defected to South Korea."


You can research their stories here.


Do you think they are all con men?
Have you lived in North Korea before ... that makes you so qualified to dismiss their stories?

Anonymous said...

Those defection is the fault of Kim Jung Un? When do you think he was born?
Did you read what RB wrote about the cause of famine in NK? It was the Americans that bombed the daylight out of NK during the Korean War, all the land, reservoirs, dams, farmland, infrastructure, etc etc were destroyed by the Americans. And the Americans imposed sanctions on NK so no country can trade with them. You are a worshipper of the devil, the Americans.

Anonymous said...

@ April 28, 2017 11:29 am

Okay. You are right.
So when are you emigrating to North Korea?
Going there anytime soon for a holiday?

We all vote with our feet.

Anonymous said...

Nah beh chee bye ... I'm still waiting for the fighting to start ... kan ni nah... cannot trust politicians ... all talk cock sing song only...

Anonymous said...



Ng Chee Meng and his children got study in the affected neighbourhood Junior Colleges meh?

Together this.
Together that.
With you.
For you.

Sweet talk sound so nice.
If I am a virgin girl, I drop my panties liao.

Anonymous said...

Yes! anonymous 11.48am is absolutely 1oo% correct!

Yes! Politicians only......TCSS.....Talk-Cock-Sing-Song!

Waste time!

Anonymous said...

I am going to retire in NK and live like a king, Better than Batam, Bintang and JB. Everything cheap, cheap, cheap. Very safe and clean.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.34pm.....I m happy for U!

Lucky Teo going with you?


Anonymous said...

With Lucky Teo means good luck. Very good to have him around, got more fun.

Anonymous said...

To anon1043
Your argument is dumb. You are saying that all the defectors who ran away from North Korea should prove that kimjongUn is very terrible leader.
So what if he is a terrible leader.
The point of the original essay of RB is that the north Koreans are victimised by Americans in the past, they dont wish history to repeat (usa staged the overthrow of gadafi and sadam hussein..BECAUSE this arab are not nuclear hence can be bullied..., and usa also released ISIS, which were well contained by gadafi despite his eccentricity).
Therefore, NK is building nucluear primarily as a pro active measure against American first-strike. Is that wrong? Usa has 6000 atom bomb you know? China and russia also, many there.
The American war drum is built upon a fake news that kim is going to strike first, just because it built a nuclear bomb.. If this be the case, usa should bomb russia and china immediately because russia and china has lots and lots of nuclear bomb.
The point is, even if kim is very bad leader, there is no such thing as a world policeman. There are bad leaders, corrupt leaders in many part of africa, latin America, etc. Why is the usa not policing that? It is not the business of USA to play God and punish sinners living outside USa territory.

Anonymous said...

Many Sinkies also defecting Sinking Land aka Sinkie land. The leaders must be terrible too??

Monday, Labour Day, many also defecting to Matland.

By 7pm, Woodland /Tuas over Singapore jams will be as long as JB morning traffic coming in.

Hope our side going in no jams.

Now they have bullet at State Courts and white powder at MRT stations.

White powder baking powder and bullets, some NS men on firing range kept for souvenir and dropped it at State Courts.

Wait till the North Korea's missiles start flying and more will be IMH patients scared of own shadows.

b said...

He is using NK to make money. He will bill Sk and Jpn huge amount of protection money. The clock is ticking and every tick costs a few millions of debt interest.

Anonymous said...

Well said. Poodles of USA just cannot think.

Anonymous said...

How many millions of Europeans defected to USA, Canada and Australia?

Anonymous said...

After so many decades of American propaganda, it is second nature to many silly Asians that the Americans are the good guys when they outrageously killed and destroyed so many lives and countries but would not be questioned, like it is normal and right things to do so.

Anonymous said...

Who is worse?!?! The Americunts or the PAPigs?!?! I will still take my chances with Americunts over PAPigs!!!

Anonymous said...

USA movies are exported globally. In the movies the American are always the good guys so it sharpe perception mah. When I was young I also believed leh

Anonymous said...

The American movie industry began practically with cowboys and red indians staple, e,g The Lone Ranger (older people will understand)..the so called Western shows giving impressions of righteousness, courage and kindness. Today even the westerners see through the hypocrisy and western shows like such are deemed politically incorrect.
Thankfully, the American public is actually made up of many good people generally. It is the POLITICIANS who are downright evil. Why do i say this? A recent poll indicated that in usa only 40% support the actions against North Korea. It was a pleasant surprise, more than half of the American public are either neutral or opposed to the belligerent action against Pyongyang to-date!!!!!!.
The so called "threat" of NK is entirely created by USA when they escalated the arms race very recently by arming the asia pacific and giving support to the other war monger Abe of Japan who never accepted the Japanese atrocities against humanity in the ww2.
As for Mr Kim, it is quite probably true he is a ruthless murderer and Dictator. But there are many such all over the world all the time throughout history. You dont go around encircling them especially with the old history of bad blood ehere the Americans caused so much pain to North Korea during the Korean war. The Americans should not use war as a threat to manage a situation caused almost totally bythe insanity of their evil politicians!!