Dirty Harry Harris admitted he ordered Carl Vinson to North Korea

It was reported in the media that Admiral Harry Harris, the Japanese Commander of the American Pacific Command was the one that ordered aircraft carrier Carl Vinson to head towards North Korea. Harris said it was his mistake for giving the wrong order. What Harris did not say was that he was abruptly overruled and had to change course.

The incident was crispy clear that Harris took the opportunity to want to start a war with North Korea. He unilaterally, without authorisation from Washington where the Commander in Chief of all American forces sat, without an order from Donald Trump, he decided to sail Carl Vinson to North Korea. He did not know or was not aware that someone under this Command would quickly inform the White House of his treacherous action which the Americans were wary of and had put in this safeguard, in case he did the darn thing, to stop him on his war path.

The Americans did just that, to stop Harris from dragging the Americans into a war they did not want with China and Russia. The Japanese Harris thought the Americans were that dumb to allow him a free hand to start a war anytime he likes. No way, the Americans read him like a book.

Now Harris has to apologise for this dangerous move that he thought he could get away with, to get the Americans to go to war with China and Russia. The result would be the destruction of America, China more damaging than the sneak attack on Pearl Harbour. The Americans would not be so dumb to allow it to happen against their interests.

After this incident, the Americans would be even more cautious of what this man would do and would watch his every move to make sure no unplanned incident would happen under his watch. America would not be destroyed by another Japanese sneaky act.


Anonymous said...

The Americans did just that, to stop Harris from dragging the Americans into a war they did not want with China and Russia.

That's why America will never attack, or rather dare to attack, North Korea lah.

America will only attack those whom they think can be attacked, and without retaliation from those being attacked, eg Syria, Libya or Iraq.

As Teochew Sinkies will say, "Ay sai chiak, chiak lah". (If can eat, eat lah)

NS for Sinkies and jobs for foreigners but 70% Sinkies will still vote for PAP, so PAP will do it lah.

Anonymous said...

NS for Sinkies and jobs for foreigners but 70% Sinkies will still vote for PAP, so PAP will do it lah.
9:28 am

Because the 70% Sinkies, or rather the Sinkies, are not helping themselves, so God will also not help them and even allow PAP to bully them lor, especially those who are not so smart.

Smart Sinkies help themselves by making more money (MMM) to have good life here, or if cannot, emigrate elsewhere to do so. Hence they did not allow PAP to bully them and make them suffer from money no enough.

So be smart and God (and doesn't matter which God) will help you.

Anonymous said...

Don't think the American that smart. Why need to watch his next move that may be too late to stop. Why not just relieve him of his command. That shows American not so smart kar

Virgo49 said...

The Americans are the World's greatest liars. DT publicly stated We aresending an Armada, a powerful Armada to the region. He, like a loving Father always exclaimed "Bad Boy"

DT is playing psychological warfare just to threaten Kim. There is no way the Commander of the Fleet can act as he likes.

The White House has put in place an Executive in any command to make sure that the commander in any outfit has to take instructions from the commander in chief.

This Executive override the commands of any commander. Unless, he is killed by the mad commander.

The farking White House is only interested in fleecing the South Koreans and also later the Japanese in installing what's their THADD defence.

Now South Korea said we are not paying billions for the THAD. (DUDs)

DT is just Hot air. Now he wants to put an wedge between China and North Korea saying kim does not respect China for firing another missle.

He trying to pull the Chinese to his cause. The Chinese are not that stupid. They just playing the game with them to wear them down.

See how mych monies they are burning everyday.

Just for info. See the movie: The Red Tide.

See how the command chain is effected.


Anonymous said...

Have you all ever notice that since the Vietnam War ended more than 40 years ago, there has never been a war in Asia involving America?

Because unlike those in the Middle East, the Asians help themselves by ensuring that it is not worth it for America to have war in Asia, and including of course with North Korea. So God also help Asia to have peace and even prosperity.

Just as PAP help themselves by ensuring that it is not worth it for Sinkies to join opposition to fight PAP, and including of course to even criticise PAP. So God also help PAP to win.

Virgo 49 said...

sorry should be "crimson tide" not red tide.


Anonymous said...

Fk lah!

Waste time!

Still no fighting!

Why waste your time on this issue?

Happy holidays!

patriot said...

Sounds or appears like Harry Harris, the Japanese Race American Naval Commander is working more witg Japan Prime Minister Abe than with the US President Dobald Trump. Harry acted independently against Donald Trump as though the Latter is Donald Dumb.
Is the US Commander In Chief gonna charge Dirty Harry or sack him for bypassing his(President cum Commander In Chief)
is Harry Harris goaded and supported by the Hawks in most of the Ex US Presidents such as Obama, Bushez, Clintons and their Former Cabinet Members.

Think Donald Trump must be in some ways overwhelmed by the Huge Gang of Ex Commanders In Chief too though he is the Current Highest Authority.
lf D Trump is not able to rein in his Naval Chief Commander, there is danger that the Other Military Chief may not respect his(D Trump) authority too.

Is Donald Trump caught in a bind?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.28am commented that..."NS for Sinkies and jobs for foreigners but 70% Sinkies will still vote for PAP, so PAP will do it lah".

Yes! U are 1oo% correct! But no choice! This is Singapore. Singaporelangs are like that leh! What to do? U tell me lah!

In fact the prediction is going to be 80% at the next GE.


Virgo 49 said...

Brace yourself for more taxes and increases of whatsoever charges.

More Ministers to be promoted and chain effects more Seniors and Mental or Mentor Ministers.

See Ah Loong's face black black.

Humans after 60plus most like that.

lian hey hey, Fie Chou Lien.
Many became Gwan Siong


Anonymous said...

/// More Ministers to be promoted and chain effects more Seniors and Mental or Mentor Ministers. /// @ April 30, 2017 11:46 am

Just what poverty stricken Singaporeans need.
More Millionaires to support with our tax money.
More Mental Masturbation to fill up the pages of the Shit Times.

Anonymous said...

@ April 30, 2017 12:02 pm

I wonder how many of these Millionaires have signed the Advanced Medical Directive that they advise us Singaporeans to sign when we get hospitalized with serious illness.
- You know ... the "Do Not Revive" instructions to doctors

So that dying Singaporeans do not put an undue financial strain on our "heavily subsidized" public hospitals.
- you know
- our public hospitals that are operated on a not-for-profit (also not-for-loss) basis.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need so many Ministers?

Maybe ... someboLee is expecting half of them to be voted out in GE 2020?

Anonymous said...

@ April 30, 2017 12:21 pm

Maybe also stroke and mangoes lah ....

Anonymous said...

More new ministers (things are looking up for the PAP elite, even for new citizen who never serve NS) means more ministers' salaries costs, but more Singaporeans losing their jobs means lesser income tax collected. The shortfall in fiscal revenue to be compensated by more increases in consumption taxes - latest hike was the increase in gas tariffs . . .

Anonymous said...

Some concerns about promotions? Worry not! Worry not!

We must know that it is never easy to strive for number 1 in everythings!

So, we really need many minister mentors, senior ministers, deputy PMs, ministers, etc etc etc etc etc......

Too many? No! No! No! We are not having too many! Just nice! Just right! Just right!

Furthermore, we can afford to pay them. We can always find ways. Not to worry!

Be confident that these talented appointment holders will lead the masses to march forward towards number 1 in everythings!

So, sit back, eat & sleep well, be happy and worry less.


Anonymous said...

Ah Kong's money.

Anonymous said...

When we right size the Singapore economy
- this usually mean there will be job losses

When we right size the PAP cabinet
- it seems this means more ministerial positions will be created ??

More ministers to manage a shrinking Singapore economy
- sounds logical right?

The reward for shrinking the Singapore economy
- more job/promotion opportunities to be full Ministers?

Virgo49 said...

Bro Anon 12.02

The Rich and the Poor not necessarily signed the AMD.

The Rich plus the Ministers had the whole Team of First Class Medical Doctors on stand by for their needs.

See Goldfish eyes less than six months can give Bud Get Speech. See How Lau Goh go for their Medicals at SGH. Followed all the way out with the FULL ENTOURAGE of medical doctors and staff.

Now for the poor. No need AMD. The Doctors know when to implement their MD on you. That's is Medical Demise.

When my mother at age 90 plus visit them several times a year and when she is really sub-conscious, the Doctors always pulled us aside telling us that for our good good, they are not going to resuscitate her in the case she is already full unconscious or to them brain dead.

What's to them Brain dead is their medical discretion. Whether to save or not to save is in the mind only known to them.

Aiya, best let go. Good for you and me and the government.

So, bro, no need AMD, if you are not loaded with cash to pay them and of no further use to everybody as accordingly to them but not to your families, they will MD or medical demise for you.

That's why as some bros said, SMART sinkies must earned or conned as much monies as they can to have these benefits.

Don't be stupid to care for your fellow men, what's you get???

How much an ounce of CONSCIENCE???

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2.42pm is absolutely correct

living in this you-die-your-business society you MUST try to 3Ms, make-more-money

no-money-no-talk......everywhere you go, money money money......everything up up up

how to survive here without money

please tell me lah

Virgo 49 said...

Wah Piang, the Pee siah PeeAyam still has the loudest voice in the ASEAN summit.

Still harping on the Freedom of Navigation in the SCS. Must have a unified voice to let North Korea of our displeasures. America DT also acknowledged ASEAN stand.

Wah piang, spokesman fo all ASEAN members.

Too bad you are not the Chairman. Duarte the only non hypocrite to bluntly told them hands off to the issue.

Really Hawn Siong.

patriot said...

Virgo49 Elder;

dont pray pray hor.
Tonite Donald Trump is calling him for consultation or seek First Hand Information about the Asean Summit leh.
Mai see him no up hor.
He is the Only One Obama invited for dinner before the End of his term although his Father and he as the Prime Minister of Sin
actually were strong supporters of Hilary Clinton.

Singapore is lsrael of the East hor.

So, dont play play ah.


Anonymous said...

PeeAyam lighting up firecrackers.


If North Korea unleashes nuclear missiles.
I wonder if he will still sing: "With you, For you, For Singapore" ???

Anonymous said...

I think all these are just the imagination of Redbean. Must admit that Redbean has a very active imagination. Pure guesswork and imagination. Good and enjoyable read though.

patriot said...

Correction to my Above Comment.
'although his Late Father and he, as the Incumbent Prime Minister, were NOT supporters of Obama nor did they see him(Barack Obama) as a potential victor.

Obama became a 2 Term IS President.

Lee Hsien Loong is a strong Supporter of Hilary Clinton.
Liked they treated Barack Obama, Lee Hsien Loong did not foresee Donald Trump to become the President of the US.
At least he was rooting for Hilary Clinton to be the Winner.

D Trump after becoming US President talked tough about Singapore.
he has to initiate call to Sin PM leh.

See the Power of Sin?


patriot said...

Donald Trump claims that he alone can fix it.
Think he needs helps from Sin.


Anonymous said...

After badmouthing Trump just before he was elected US President, they have to go to Washington after he became President to "reaffirm" ties, shake hand with Trump's underlings to smile for the cameras . . .

patriot said...

Donald Trump was rebuked by Sin for rescinding TPP.
PM Lee was straight forward with that. He actually made Sin proud with that l must say.

He was also straight forward in demanding that China comply and comform to lnternational Law with regard the South China Sea Dispute.
Although Sin has no part in the Dispute, it did play a Big Brother Role in it.

Anyway, l did not and do not feel that Lee Hsien Loong has ever kowtow or curry flavour Obama and or Donald Trump. lt seems quite the Opposite.
lt is plain that Obama and
Donald Trump have given
the Sin Prime Minister special treatment which all the Other Asean Members Head Of State did not get.
ln this respect, l must say Lee Hsien Loobg is truly outstanding.

Respect must be accorded
whence due.


patriot said...

My apology.

'curry flavour'
to be corrected to
curry favour.