4 JCs to be merged, ie disappeared, redundant

Many people are aghast at the merging of 4 JCs all of a sudden. Many are still in a state of shock with mouths still unable to close, jaws locked, muscle cramped. How could this kind of things happen in this so well planned little city when every piece of stone, every single plant is carefully planted after very well conceived thoughts by our very able and proactive govt that is always looking ahead for problems? 

To make things more bizarre is the opening of Enoia (not sure if I get the spelling right) JC just a year ago and now closed shop. Anyone worry about the money wasted? We are not talking of closing of one JC but 4 JCs. Did anyone see this coming? Why, suddenly Rip Van Winkle woke up and found that there is not enough enrolment for JC classes and 4 JCs are redundant, with excess capacity that may turn out to look like ghost colleges, JCs without students?

When the MOE was split to be helmed by two full ministers, everyone would not be wrong to think that this education job is expanding, growing so big and one minister would not be able to cope with the workload. How is this closing of 4 JCs related to the need for two ministers in MOE? If there are not enough students for JCs, would it also mean that more secondary and primary schools would also be facing the same problem and more would also have to be closed or merged? Read somewhere that 28 secondary schools would also be merged.

What happened to all the students that are supposed to fill up the JC places and also the primary and secondary schools? They did not build all these schools without planning, without knowing how many students are coming on board. Did the students disappear overnight like MH370? How can, the Population Dept and MOE must have been tracking the numbers and know exactly how many students were there and how many schools and JCs would be needed. Why like dat one?

I thought about this problem very seriously and came out with a few possible answers. I am not going to blame on twits that could not plan or did not know what was happening and how many students were there that need to go to school but the twits did not know. My first thought is that the thousands of scholarships to foreign students, paid by our tax payers in the billions, must have been frozen. This could be a possibility and could explain why suddenly there is no student or not enough students overnight. Overseas students can come in or not come in like turning on/off a tap.

Another possible answer, many are going to India to have their education to make sure that they could get a decent job here after graduating from the Indian universities. Why not, all the talents here are from India and Indian universities, the professionals, the academics, the IT experts and what nots, are all from India. Their education system is world best, proven and endorsed by Singapore. So many students must have jumped ship and enrolled in Indian JCs and subsequently planning to go on to Indian universities.

Another possible reason, many may have taken the advice of our ministers that there is no need for a good degree that cannot be eaten. What is the point of a degree when one aspires to be a taxi driver or a hawker? So the parents and students are now wiser and stopped enrolling into JCs here and waste precious money or forcing their parents to sell their homes to finance their education abroad.

Maybe there are other reasons for the sudden disappearance of JC students, but these are the dumb reasons that I am able to think of for this fiasco or shall I call it miracle, another planned miracle that is uniquely Singapore? Is it so difficult to know how many students are out there that need places in schools and JCs? Would big data help?


Anonymous said...

Uncle, maybe another reason is son cohorts chooses the Polytechnics route. Cos if u take JC route & failed in exam u have to repeat the whole year whereas Polytechnics if u failed that subject u just repeat that module ( if not wrong, many years never study Liao)...

virgo49 said...

Mr RB, the planning for another two to three millions extra new Singaporeans is in the card.
Releasing space for new BTO flats. Imagine how many billions from there.

Land in Singapore valuable National Treasures

So many new MRT lines under utilised cannot make monies.

Anonymous said...

Eunoia JC not affected --- it's campus at Bt Timah still being built, and it is to cater to the high-class secondary schools in Bt Timah area. Students of Eunoia are the children of ministers, MPs, multi-millionaires & multi-billionaires.

patriot said...

Believe me,
what happen to the
Junior Colleges
happen to the Passenger Terminals at Changi Airport in a decade's time.
So too
will be the Container Berths at the Seaport.


Anonymous said...

Are we proactive or reactive in our national strategies?

Are we proactive or reactive in our national strategies?

Very very sorry to say that imo, in recent years, we seem to be very very reactive!

Yes! Very very reactive! Absolutely very very reactive!

Just look around you, many problems and issues need to occur first BEFORE we start to solve them.

Is this proactive? You tell me lah! You tell me lah!

Why are we like that now?

Imo, we have toooooooooooooo many "YES" top top men and women around!

They sing the same songs with their boss to protect their high-pay rice bowls!

Singapore is like that! Singapore will con't to be like that! Until...............


Anonymous said...

The most probable theory, creating more space for 10m population.

Anonymous said...

@ patriotApril 26, 2017 9:03 am
//Believe me,
what happen to the
Junior Colleges
happen to the Passenger Terminals at Changi Airport in a decade's time.
So too
will be the Container Berths at the Seaport.//


Tiok lah?

Some airlines charged $400+ up economy (ticket) to fly to chiangNai when there is one (ChiangNai BizPk) near the airpok already?

Anonymous said...

patriot 9.03am is absolutely correct

we are very very reactive reactive reactive reactive reactive reactive reactive reactive reactive

will our MEGA MEGA container ports and MEGA MEGA airports........blooms

hope I am not correct


Anonymous said...

Why is Redbean searching for answers to this 8 JC closure saga? Redbean is just guessing and he could be right. However, I am confused as to why MOE does not explain to the Singaporeans their reason for this drastic action. Maybe it is a National secret or maybe it is total lack of foresight and planning. Either way, MOE must explain to the tax payer why this saga has been implemented. Cannot keep quiet. Both education ministers must explain to the public. That is the reason they earn big salaries. Right?

Anonymous said...

Sg cannot blame the peple they voted in.

B cos the peple we voted represent us.( something

like our mirror image).eg toa payoh table sharing incident..etc...

Anonymous said...

Singapore will save billions of dollars if it downsized the ministries. Singapore needs only at most four or five ministries with each ministry having only a minister in charge assisted by a permanent secretary. It worked before so why can't it work now. The four or five ministries should consist of as follows:

1. Ministry of Defence and Foreign Affairs. Under the purview of Prime Minister

2. Ministry of Home Affairs. This ministry will take care of law, home security, police,
education, customs and immigration.

3. Ministry of Social Affairs. This ministry will take care of health, hospitals, sports
and culture and municipal services.

4. Ministry of National Development. It will take care of trade and industry,transport and
communications .

Each ministry will have a minister and a permanent secretary to take charge. Thus Singapore needs only four or five ministers and may be 10 MPs instead of 91 MPs which is a waste of tax payers' money . A bloated bureaucracy will drain the country of all its wealth and resources and this should not continue to happen.

Cynical Citizen

Anonymous said...

10:48am toa payoh table sharing

After 50 yrs of nation's buliding effort!(@#€¥%$)

Anonymous said...

All ministers and MPS should be full time work and therefore they should divest all their business and directorships in the commercial world. Otherwise they must step out of politics or else there will be conflict of interest.

Be fair to Singaporeans.

patriot said...

Singapore is as good as sold and Sinkies are pawned.
Anyway, majority of Sinkies are fine with it.
At least 70% are currently happy citizens and many are forecasting the Level of Satisfaction to rise to 80% and more.
Me too believe there shall be more happy Sinkies as time goes.



Anonymous said...

Do you think Singaporeans are all very poor things?

No jobs.
No money.
Maybe also no HDB flats
Not enough Junior colleges.
And no courage and brains to change government.

True or not?

Anonymous said...

@ April 26, 2017 11:12 am

Did you mean to say "no HDB home ownership" ???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.53am's ideas are fantastic!

Yr ideas will save billions of dollars!

You are indeed very very clever!

You really think out of the box!

Why they never think like you?

You should be given this year Nation Day Award for yr ideas!

Well Done!

Anonymous said...

@ April 26, 2017 11:29 am & April 26, 2017 10:53 am

You mad ah?
If we simplify our government, then how to justify our million dollar salaries?
If government becomes simplified, then any Chee, Low or Jeyaretnam also can be Prime Minister tio bo?
Like that how can?

Anonymous said...

10.53am //A bloated bureaucracy will drain the country of all its wealth and resources and this should not continue to happen.//

This (sharp) observation is EMPIRICALLY backed up by Economics analysis?

Specifically, (the) First Welfare Theorem implied that a small (and non-bloated) garmen would minimise inefficient allocation of resources and in GENERAL EQUILIBRIUM is PARETO EFFICIENT?

The "VISIBLE HAND" of (inefficient) garmen ka-chiao of RESOURCE ALLOCATION had led to (extinction leading trajectory of population and) dwindling (and unsustainable) economics?

Anonymous said...

10.53am //A bloated bureaucracy will drain the country of all its wealth and resources and this should not continue to happen.//

What is wrong with draining the country into my million dollar salary?
What's wrong with collecting more money?
Is this fake news?

Anonymous said...

Ask anonymous 12.02pm why cannot!

Any Ah Cow & Ah Dog can become the pm!

You also can be the pm too!


Anonymous said...

Wiser not to have children living in Sin and raised/raised as Sin-ers(

You can't educate kids to be honest and think independently in Sin so why have more profit making schools? Look at Amos. Persecuted and prosecuted for being honest. For his strongly worded honesty, the legal folks twisted his core message to mean "hate".

So not only you have a nation of dishonest people but also liars in power.

Anonymous said...

What will they not twist to serve their agenda?

Karma awaits liars and murderers

Anonymous said...

Things you need to understand if you want to live in Singapore
... feudal economic models imply the idea that a very tiny segment of the society is fantastically rich while the bulk of society works hard, has few choices about the work they do, and tend to be poorly compensated for their efforts.

feu·dal·ism: noun, historical

the dominant social system in medieval Europe, in which the nobility held lands from the Crown in exchange for military service, and vassals were in turn tenants of the nobles, while the peasants (villeins or serfs) were obliged to live on their lord’s land and give him homage, labor, and a share of the produce, notionally in exchange for military protection.

Welcome to the Algorithmic Economy, a future which uses machines to determine how effective you can be and how little they can pay you in the process.

There are no unions in this economy.
There are no bosses to complain to.
There are no people you can ask for redress.
Because in this economy, the people doing the labor are considered the least important part of the machine and it’s best if they never communicate with someone living if it can be helped.


Anonymous said...

At present there are seven or eight institutes of higher learnings and International studies and they are all infested with hundreds of rotten staffs of foreigners who write and publish a lot of insidious articles which are either favourable to the West / America or their own countries but detrimental to Singapore and some Asian countries. These foreign trash are fat paid with Singapore tax payers' money and they should not be allowed to continue to stay to create harm to Singapore and Asia.

The seven or eight institutes of higher learnings and international studies are as follows:

1. S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies.

2. SMF Institute of Higher Learning.

3. Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

4. ISEAS - Yusof Ishak Institute.

5. Singapore Institute of International Affairs.

6. Institute of South Asian Affairs. ( ISAS )

7. Raffles Institute of International Affairs.

Merge all the seven institutes into one or two entity and make sure the foreign trash do not poison our young Singaporeans studying there. This merger will save Singapore tens of millions of dollars every year.

Think Smart

Anonymous said...

You have been warned

It’s important to note that, in any nation, the populace tends to believe that their leader’s efforts, however flawed they may have been, were intended to serve the people well.

However, this is almost never the case. I’ve known many political leaders personally and can attest that, regardless of the nation they represent, their concern is almost entirely for their own personal welfare and advancement.
In fact, those who are pathological in this pursuit are very often the most successful in rising to the top, by virtue of their heightened determination and obsession with self-aggrandizement.

At this point, if the leader of a country truly had any loyalty to his country or compassion for his people, he would most certainly have resigned, as he is clearly unfit to lead.

But this almost never occurs.
Whether the leader is Josef Stalin, Juan PerĂ³n, or Fidel Castro, no matter how dire the conditions become for the populace, the leader steadfastly refuses to relinquish the reins. What occurs instead is that he maintains his own personal level of lavish lifestyle, circles the wagons, continues or expands upon the measures that have caused the destruction, and becomes more autocratic.

It’s important to understand that it’s highly unusual for the leader to capitulate at this point.
Almost invariably he will opt for the country to go down in flames around him rather than relinquish power.


Anonymous said...

That's Babel. Very Sinfool. Two options. You are accustomed to option one. It requires you to focus on the one with your mouth opened, babbling nonsense, eyes closed and hands raised and surrendered.

Just wait in that posture indefinitely for an alien to appear in the sky.

Or, you can resume the use of common sense and grow a prick.

Without a prick, no entry.

Anonymous said...

Merge all the seven institutes into one or two entity and make sure the foreign trash do not poison our young Singaporeans studying there. This merger will save Singapore tens of millions of dollars every year.

Think Smart

April 26, 2017 3:53 pm

Just vote in an Opposition government.

Think smarter.

b said...

Maybe they all emigrated before ns? Abolish ns. Its slave labor.

b said...

What is there to defend? the rich men turfs?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Singapore is a cult just like Scientology ??

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's a cult.


No. It's not a cult.


What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //Read somewhere that 28 secondary schools would also be merged.//


Do u think even if all schools are merged into one, opposition will head the other way and split into even more parties?

After every GE, oppo parties multiply like mushrooms after rain?

A few more parties than in GE 2011 came into existence before GE 2015?

When GE 2021 comes around, (again) how many more (oppo [mickey mouse] parties) will be formed (to clown around like in a circus)?

In Sin City, oppo politicians like to form new parties (just to lose BIG)?

Look at GE2015?

Do u think oppo (parties) will ever merge like the JCs?

Contest for the sake of contesting?

Got make sense?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.57pm is 1oo% correct!

Pls note that the prediction is PAP 80% at the next GE
with H smc and A grc going back to PAP!


Anonymous said...

Old Bean //Maybe there are other reasons for the sudden disappearance of JC students,//

Yew bet?

Look no further than one "TOWERING" Cha Tow?

In 1990, before mass immigration, there were about 50,000 babies born to indigenous sinkies?

After this Cha Tow decided to go the "Geylang Way" (cos [Geylang oso] under his GRC mah?) and "OPENED the LEGS BIG BIG", in 2017, 27 years & 2.7 million FOREIGN economic migrants later, only abt 31,000+ babies are born per year?

Got sense anything wrong or NAUGHT?

Does the MATH add up?

In 1990, at a predominant indigenous population of 3 million, abt 50,000 babies were born?

After topping up with 2.7 million (mostly 3rd world) foreigners and 27 years later, only abt 31,000 (or 19,000 LESSER) babies were born per year?

So this foreign "talent" (leg opened big BIG) POLICY is a "GIANT TIME BOMB" (TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK ......)?

The so called foreign "talents" are even BIGGER problems than what Sin City originally faced bcos they will grow OLD and become a big BIG BURDEN (to Sin City)?

Based on some estimates, these foreigners have 0 or 1 child per couple?

Means their effective TFR (ONLY) about half (0.6) of the national number of 1.2?

Lao Goa aka Cha Tow asset inflation/ monetization policy may have sowed the seeds of dodo .......?

The Math or Numbers just DUN add up?

Is it not a TIME BOMB?

This 8 JCs and 29 sec & pri schools merging is just a reminder of what is to come?

Lao Goa/ TCB etc 2G cohort is NOTHING more than "LEECHES" responsible for the "DODO-DIEZATION" of sinkies and likely eventually Sin City?

Old man had handpicked 2nd generation successors whom "had DIGGED the GRAVES for future generations"?

How to undo the damage?

There is no turning back?

Simple economics and math but lao goa and botak both seemed to be in opposite direction?

Babies are like luxuries?

When the costs are so prohibitively high due to laogoa-flation and botak-flation, the demand (to produce babies) has to fall?

In the name of GDP pursuit, is such policy sustainable in the long run?

So laogoa-flation and botak-flation are essentially steriod laced policies with short term boosts but mid and long term self-destruction?

With each passing day (and year), the pic can only get GRIMMER?

Anonymous said...

Normally,when something merged,something

Need to expand!otherwise there is no productivity.

Eg.giving birth.

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