Why Trump has to say it in a video clip? No TPP

‘I am going to issue our notification of intent to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership, a potential disaster for our country.’ Donald Trump

Trump released a video on 22 Nov, 2 months from his inauguration as the next President of the USA, to say the above. Why the urgency, why the need to make such a horrendous statement of intent that would make some world leaders very unhappy? This is not a statement in the passing, like a casual remark, like he was saying something and then said it as a passing remark. He made the video just to say this point. 

Can anyone read the anger and temper behind this statement? Who do you think he intended this statement to be heard?

One or two days after his election victory, Abe made a special trip to Washington to meet up with Trump and with one clear message, the TPP is very good and very good to the USA and the Americans. Trump must continue to support the TPP for the good of the American people.

A few days back in Peru, there were several leaders stressing how important and how good the TPP was for the American people again and was like telling Trump that he was stupid to turn away from this trade pact that many leaders had worked so hard for it.

There were pressures for Trump to abide by the wisdom of other leaders to go along with the goodness of the TPP. Trump is stupid if he goes against the wishes of other wise leaders. And these leaders expect Trump to be convinced by their wisdom and be turned around to support the TPP.

Trump must be furious. Who are these leaders to think they know what is good for the American people? Are they saying Donald Trump does not know what is good or bad for the American people? Are they saying Donald Trump is dumb? Trump would have nothing of it. I am Donald Trump, the self made billionaire, and I won the Presidential Election my way, and going to be the most powerful man in the world. Do I need to listen to nitwits to tell me what is good for me and the American people? Who the hell are these people to tell me, Donald Trump, what to do and me, Donald Trump must listen to them. To hell with them. Donald Trump will think for himself and will do what is right and good for the American people.

This is the background to Trump’s outburst and he just have to tell the nitwits to stop harassing him. Trump is the man, the thinking man and will do as he thinks fit. And to him, the TPP is a disaster for the USA! How can these nitwits tell him otherwise? They think Trump is stupid?

So he came out with the video to say it in no uncertain terms, unequivocally, that the TPP is shit, is dead. And doesn’t anyone miss the message and want to talk sense or nonsense to him that the TPP is good for the USA.

Anyone still not getting the message and still thinking and hoping Trump will turn around to his point of view? After saying what he has said about the TPP, Trump would look like a bigger fool if he goes back to the TPP in whatever forms. Donald Trump has spoken. Period.

Trump dumped Abe. Anyone who thinks he is smarter than Trump and want to talk him not to kill the TPP must prepare for a KO punch in his face from Trump.


Anonymous said...

Number 1 thing to do is for DT to dump that TPP or else many Americans will lose their jobs, DT need to stop this. What the Americans want is fair trade, not 'free' trade where movement of corporations, people, good & services in & out of their country as if no borders. It's a right thing to do although some may thing it's stupid as it close doors to other countries, imagine if ur house without any gates or doors robbers or thieves would come & rob ur place, no leaders in the world will be able to understand DT ( other than the UK due to Brexit)

Anonymous said...

Other countries must go ahead without America. TPP was supposed to be good for everyone but as with any good idea, distribution of wealth may not and cannot be equal. Trump knows America is short changed for playing a big brother role. The cost is too much for him to bear. It is also because TPP has not formally signed and that becomes a low lying fruit for him to pick. Tsk Tsk.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Trump did it his way!

Trump sung the sone "My Way"! Loud and clear!

Dont teach the not-very-old man how to fk!

This not-very-old man drunk more juices than the water you consumed!

As you asked "who do you think he intended this statement to be heard?"......

Hahaha......The person had heard him!

But, the person still very very very "iron teeth"!

Instead of TPP, maybe now no choice, without US, try to do with.........tpp!

This is just the beginning of the TPP/tpp show.

What akan datang? We shall wait and see.

Be happy and worry less!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Abe is the wrong guy to go visit DT to convince him as he not Super talent. He should have asked our pm to go, sure can convince him one as he able to convince 70% and some ward even over 80% to vote for his party. That kind of persuasive power, u tell me where to India lar?

Anonymous said...

A correction u tell me where o find lar

patriot said...

This shall be the Golden Opportunity for Sin Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
to spearhead TPP.
He can prove his mettle and make TPP into a roaring success and in turn makes himself a true World Leader.

Go all the Way PM Lee.
Prove and show the World
You can lead the Way.


Anonymous said...

yes.....patriot 9.35am, you are 100% correct......

yes.....we are the world........

yes.....our pm can go all the way.......

yes.....our pm can be the new world leader........

yes.....very good that you are happy......good for u........

Anonymous said...

Yes, he got good genes of great leaders. Well bred to become another great leader.

Anonymous said...

Because Trump knows something about TPP and Americans which Abe or Hsien Loong does not know lah.

Just like Hsien Loong knows something about TPP which Sinkies and their opposition does not know lah.

So Sinkies, especially daft ones, should not kpkb so much about TPP which they do not know.

Anonymous said...

Look at Trump! He is different! Man of steel! A different president!

The world will never be the same again with Trump!

Bye bye yesterdaysssss and an exciting and interesting welcome to tomorrowsssss!


Anonymous said...

TPP is similar to drawing a big cake on white board and tell stories it can fill singaporenese stomach. It is almost useless as i see it. The 12 nations, mainly the cash rich ones like Japanese, Australians, and USnese, are worth talking. The rest cannot afford the high currency S$. Neither can they travel in singaporeland without going broke. Country like peru average citizens, will not come to singapore to visit.
Buy singapore s products? like what?
TPP is not real.

TPP was a political play by Obama, Abe and Ahlong. USnese cannot feel the needs for TPP. Singaporenese looking for jobs cannot feel the needs either. These countries already have free trade agreements with Singapore. What more can singapore get?

TPP as the USnese are unhappy, is an agreement that allow jobs to be given to US Australians to come to Singapore to work. This was seen from Trump, Sanders, and Hilliary s anti TPP stands.

Trump Sanders Hillary all are anti TPP, and TPP was always related to jobs in US. I am scared too when watching those videos during US election. This is a secret document runs into 3000pages as reported. How can Singapore supply jobs for these English speaking countries to come into the island to work? Only the property developers will be happy to sell property. Those speculate on properties mainly the 70% will be happy to see TPP on. Because they will make money without working. The jobs will be given to those angmore and indians on ceca signed by gy time.

If Trump Sanders Hillary are against it, TPP must be the poison to US voters.
Sinkies are real sickening daft. Trump is helping singaporenese to stop ahlong s plan to help some minority to get rich while the majority will be getting poorer. Why i say so? Go ask Trump Sanders Hillary why my logic is correct without knowing TPP details.

Have sinkies woke up today? Thanks to the author raising TPP to alert them. Vote for opposition will be safest for children s future, before another TPP and Ceca is on the way to snatch away jobs from children. 2020GE is the test time.

US Politics Observer said...

President-Elect Donald Trump used his own money, not donations from special interests greedy bastards, not from foreign countries, not donations to his Trump Foundation, neither from Israelis Lobbyists nor from the Jewish Lobbyists. He is therefore NOT BEHOLDEN to ANYBODY! All past US Presidents were controlled and subjected to the calls and shots of the Lobbyists and the Special Interests Groups, and like Obama, to a certain extent, also to Foreign Powers like Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany and Iran.

HE FINANCED HIS OWN PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS AND HE WON A LANDSLIDE! He will be a totally different US President from all the past US Presidents (except John F Kennedy who was murdered by his Vice President Johnson using CIA operatives to do it. Proof here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiqnU3rbsow )

President-Elect Donald J Trump won the hearts and minds of the MAJORITY of the American People, especially those in the middle class, the lower-income groups, the down-and-outs, and those who have been forgotten by the Self-Serving Elitist Ruling Elite Class (from both the Democrats and the Republicans).

President-Elect Donald J Trump won the Electoral College Votes 306 Votes out of the Total of 538. Crooked and Evil Hillary Rotten Clinton, despite all her Godfather George Soros' rigging of the Computerized Voting Systems which he owns in 18 key states, managed to garner only 232 Electoral College Votes. To win the Presidency, the candidate needs attain 270 Electoral College Votes.

President-Elect Donald J Trump also won the Popular Votes by more than 3 million votes. The crooked Mainstream Media in collusion with the Crooked Clinton Camp, would want everyone in the world to believe that Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton won the Popular Votes. THIS IS NOT TRUE! It is an outright LIE! They used the results before the Final Counting of all the 50 States which showed Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton has won the Popular Votes by a few hundred votes. But at the Final Results, 3 days later, it was clear that President-Elect Donald J Trump has also won the Popular Votes by more than 3 million votes.

President-Elect Donald J Trump also helped his Republican Party to win the House of Representatives as well as the Senate.

From now on, the Republican Party (with a Republican President, a Republican Congress and a Republican Senate) is free to pass any law and policy it feels necessary for the country and for the American People. That is why all the New World Order Crooks are going all out, even after he has been elected, to destroy President-elect Donald J Trump. In fact, there are plans to assassinate him, like what they did to John F Kennedy. In fact, there are already many calls announced openly by the Crooked Evil Hillary Rotten Clinton Camp and the Democratic Party to assassinate him.

Anonymous said...

one made his fortune with his own brain. another made his fortune collecting more money. who you want to believe and trust?

Anonymous said...


How Virgo49 ?

Anonymous said...

Free trade only benefits the companies. American and Singaporean citizens will all lose our jobs.

Anonymous said...

May be Prime Minister Abbe was sent by the Liberal Crooks to give a threat secretly to Trump? It may also be likely that Singapore Leaders, being so adamantly and faithfully Pro Hillary Clinton, are also joining the plot to assassinate President-Donald J Trump? Because Trump's success means disaster to Singapore?

From the look of it, Trump is fighting against all odds - against Numerous Groups of Extremely Formidable Forces - both foreign and local. There have been THREE Assassination Attempts on His Life during his Presidential Campaigns.

Over and above the Numerous Evil Forces going against him, Trump also has to be weary of the Professional Con-Artist, President Barack Hussein Obama, who refused to hand over power peacefully and smoothly, despite he hypocritically announced openly, in front of President-Elect Donald J Trump and the Press, that he would handover power smoothly and wish Trump success .... and all the crabs.

The Pro Islamic Terrorists, Liberal Extremist, President Hussein Obama is now openly condoning, encouraging, instigating and supporting violent protests against Trump - a treacherous act from an out-going President which had never happened before. This is a direct aggressive challenge upon the Presidency of Trump by the incumbent out-going President, which has never happened in the History of USA before!

Trump, owing to all these vicious enemies of his Presidency, which means also vicious enemies of the Americans, must treat these challenges very carefully and threat on erring on caution instead of erring on regrets. He should again raise the collective strength of supporters and sympathizers to help him counter these vicious overwhelmingly dangerous enemies and weaken or silence them once and for all.

The Youtube Video could be only his first salvo to the World of Whores!

May Good overcome Evil!

Anonymous said...

Trump is publicly saying NO to TPP on Youtube. Why?
Trump wants to publicly burn all his bridges to TPP.
So he does not have to waste his time meeting up with running dogs who keep wanting to tell him about the benefits of TPP.

Read my lips.
See my Youtube video.
I'm dismantling TPP in America.

Look! We finally have a world leader who keeps his election promises.

Anonymous said...

DT said TPP "Tun KO KO" ?

Anonymous said...

What would happen to Singapore economy if Soros launched his attack against Singapore market, currency now?

Anonymous said...

What would happen to Singapore economy if Soros launched his attack against Singapore market, currency now?
1:36 pm

But why would Soros want to launch his attack against Singapore market, currency now?

Or rather why would a Sinkie billionaire want to join the Sinkie opposition to fight for ordinary Sinkies like the way Trump fight for ordinary Americans?

Anonymous said...

Or rather why would a Sinkie billionaire want to join the Sinkie opposition to fight for ordinary Sinkies like the way Trump fight for ordinary Americans?
November 25, 2016 2:00 pm

To make Singapore Great Again!

Heh Heh Heh.

Anonymous said...

Strange sinkies dont know this policy of mas. S$ is not a floated currency. It is a manipulated currency with relation to singapore s inflation rate.

When population influx at peak, inflation at 5.5%, S$ was adjusted to 1.2 to one USD.

Soros cannot make money out of a sudden drop in currency in S$. The only possibility is when Singapore currency reserves runs out through a prolong decline in export. Export is already fixed on declining trend for years, the forecast is still declining by 5.5%.

S$ is akan datang. But its slowly, so Soros cannot make money lah.

Anonymous said...

9 armoured vehicles bound for Singapore 'delayed' at Hong Kong customs.

CNA cant mention that it was confiscated by HK custom on the suspicion of arms trafficking.( failure to declare those goods)

Singaporean media did not provide any helpful information on these issues

1. the ship arrive in the Hong Kong terminals. For what?

In doing so, you must respect HK law.

2. The identity of the owner, the content declaration, and the final destination of the shipment remains unclear. (no declaration been made)

Singapore govt are expecting those military hardware could been returned to them as soon as possible without any legal trouble.


Panama seizes North Korean ship carrying weapons

The North Korean ship seized with undeclared Cuban weapons on board

The Panama Canal Authority recently said the ship could leave, after Pyongyang paid a nearly $700,000 (£425,000) fine.

The ship was seized seven months ago with Soviet-era weapons and fighter jets hidden under sacks of sugar.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2.00pm ...only Insane people will do tat..In Sinkie there will never be a billionaire willing to do tat for ordinary dafts Sinkie...bcos Stupidity has no cure ...probably the reborn of a 'LKY' (if 1 belief in reincarnation, LKY said he would rise from his grave when he smell trouble...if Ah Long can't do it, his daddy will arise & take over..but when???..that's a question ???)...

Anonymous said...

.if Ah Long can't do it, his daddy will arise & take over..but when???..that's a question ???)...
November 25, 2016 3:01 pm

LKY already reincarnated lah. In the body of an Opposition politician.
Why? Because that's the only way to save Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Someone had tipped off Hk custom that there are ' dangerous weapons" in one of those containers in HK terminal.

Hk custom officers went to inspect the terminal and found these containers.

However, some media had deliberately mislead people to think that HK had "Intentionally" intercept a Taiwan Commercial ship in international water and forced them to dock to HK port when they are traveling back from Taiwan to Singapore.

They repeatedly say that the ship had no intention to unload those goods in HK.

Yet, the ship had voluntarily arrive in the HK terminals . For what purpose?

In my opinion, the ship had unload other goods in HK port first before leaving to Singapore.

it is so silly to assume that PRC want to teach Singapore some lesson .LOL

Treason Exposer said...


The TPP is a trade agreement among twelve of the Pacific Rim countries — intentionally excluding China. The finalized proposal was signed on 4 February 2016, after 7 years of negotiations. The 30 chapters (more than 3,000 pages) of the agreement aim to:
1. Promote economic growth;
2. Support the creation and retention of jobs;
3. Enhance innovation, productivity and competitiveness;
4. Raise living standards;
5. Reduce poverty in the signatories' countries; and
6. Promote transparency, good governance, and enhanced labor and environmental protections.

The TPP contains measures to lower both non-tariff and tariff barriers to trade, and establish an investor-state dispute settlement mechanism.

The TPP started in 2005 with 4 countries, namely Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, and Singapore. From 2008, it increased to 12 countries, with the addition of Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, United States, and Vietnam. Current trade agreements between participating countries will be revised to avoid conflicts with the TPP.

A non-secret version of the agreement was made public on 5 November 2015, the same day President Obama notified Congress he intended to sign it. On November 11, 2016, it was reported that, due to Donald Trump's election to President, the White House would not pursue passing the agreement. On 20 November 2016, Singapore declared that it will amend legislation to bring the TPP into effect. The next day, President-elect Donald Trump gave notice in a YouTube video that the US would quit the TPP because it would be detrimental to US workers and US Economy.

The agreement will enter into force after ratification by all 12 signatories, within two years. If the agreement is not ratified by all parties before 4 February 2018, it will enter into force after ratification by at least 6 states, which should have a GDP of more than 85% of the GDP of all signatories.

It is kept very secret because of the intention to hide details of the agreement from China. In addition, it is kept so secret in order not to alarm and frighten the commoners, whom these secretive negotiators think are not intelligent enough to comprehend the importance of this Elusive 12-headed Snake named Medusa.

It is good for big companies like NIKE, after manufacturing its shoes in China, it can ship back to the US and enjoy a 98% tax free. Excellent isn't it?

It is not good because small and medium businesses will not be able to compete against these giants that already enjoyed economy of scale, and now also enjoy huge amount of tax-cuts. This is very unfair for local businesses and therefore would increase overheads and loss of jobs.

Wikileaks' exposure of the Chapter on Intellectual Properties:


In addition to ganging up against China, some self-serving non-leaders of the various countries secretly agreed to cheat their own citizens to benefit themselves, their cronies and special interests. That is why it was so secret that Wikileaks has to pay lots of money to encourage whistle-blowers to leak the secret documents of more than 3,000 pages. If Wikileaks had not exposed the deceptive scam against common people, the world would still be in the dark and continue to believe that the TPP was excellent as projected by the crooked deceptive non-leaders.

Anonymous said...

Great loss if TPP does not come to fruition: PM Lee


But Ah Loong say TPP is good.
So must be good lah.
Ask so many questions for what?

Trust & Obey.
For there is no other way.
To be happy in Singapore.
You just have to trust and obey.

Trust And Obey For Kids With Lyrics


b said...

DT is indeed remarkable. Able to defeat Pinky so easily. Karma.

Anonymous said...

TPP destroyed.
Donald Trump has saved Singaporean jobs.

b said...

Sinkies are like Americans. Jobs being taken away and given to foreigners. Housing so unaffordable that must work till they drop died. Cars are so unattainable and public trasnport so unreliable. TPP is anti family, anti humanity, anti nature, anti goodness. Only the rich, the elites, those in power and their cronies benefit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.01pm
The 9 armor AV81 army vehicles at HK.

HK media hs very detailed information.
It was 9 cargos and 3 containers of army materials on ship. Now parked at Kwaiyong Gate 8, harbour guarded.

The bill of title did not say the owner, only wrote starlight training equipment.

Taiwan denied they own the armor cars. HK custom had reason to suspect illegal arms smuggling.

HK custom said even it is transit, there must be import export transit permit. There was none.

May be the shipping company is a fuck type company hired to do the shipping of sensitive equipments. The way the papers go, it bound to get into problem when HK custom do on ship surprise search at their harbor. These carges were unloaded and carefully surrounded by containers. HK custom viewed from top and discovered the odd shapes cavas covered vehicles.

I think the papers did not put who own the 9 AV81 and the accompanying 3 containers of military equipment is the real cause of problem.

Knowing the cause, who is responsible for getting the papers work done? Must be the generals correct? Did they check the papers at Kaoshiong harbor?

Some very fuck type job on the shipping side was done. This violate the CONFIDENTIALITY of starlight. It makes the whole world all know starlight.

Good jobs high pay generals. saya Hormat.

Anonymous said...

//LKY already reincarnated lah. In the body of an Opposition politician.
Why? Because that's the only way to save Singapore.//

Was..r u tat SomeBoLee to say tat? ...how come Ah Long & Dafts Sinkies don't know?

Anonymous said...

Must be the generals correct? Did they check the papers at Kaoshiong harbor?
4:17 pm

If correct, then must be some newly promoted generals lah, no experience one but getting good pay as general.

Because Starlight has been going for donkey years without shipping trouble, so why now?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:00pm
Whatever generals, they have to ask for the correct correct correct:

International laws. Ah long said one, not i said or you said.

HK custom laws require armor car, or chwang zia cher in chinese, whether import export or transit all required custom declaration.

There was following of international laws? Ah long s laws cannot work in HK side, that is the problem. Ah long want China to follow international laws. Now ah long is not following international laws.

How do you want to settle? This kind of thing now must deal with China, not HK. China can tell singaporenese to fuck off. They can seize the goods and blow them into pieces by explosives. May be they will ask singaporenese reporters to take pictures similar to Jokowi, exploding China fishing boats.

Good luck to ahlong s international laws following.

Anonymous said...

So the much-touted Washington state dinner accorded to punch-above-weight Hsien Loong by lame-duck President Obama amounted to nothing . . . ?

Anonymous said...

The real test on credibility of washington is not the symbolic dinner worth nothing.
The test is how Obama honor support for al nusra IsIs fighters in Aleppo. The IsIs has no food, no medical aid, yet the west is hoping they will win the Syrian army all directions frontal attacks.
US UK and France must honor ehtir support, with Saudi to let these fighers die or go off. The must let the civilians go to Syrian side so that the IsIs can fight till they all dead.
Now the problem is: civilians are having no foods and medical help with the IsIs fighters and the west are happy about it. U dare to trust the west support?

Anonymous said...

U dare to trust the west support?
November 25, 2016 7:21 pm

What about Opposition politicians?
After GE 2015.
You still dare to trust Singaporeans to support you?

Anonymous said...

You must support and vote for the opposition because the one party supporting the TPP is the same party will put you with the fighters to die when there is no food and no medical support.

You do not want to be fighter, they are the fighter for TPP and Obama, but they want you to die with the fighters tho you never are the fighter. U only want job to build a family, they want to be in charge of a country with millions of money. When they face their last days, they want u to die with them tho you have no millions of money.
Do you get the picture clear? Just vote for opposition, they do not have millions of money and they may not be like these TPP huge money seeking fighters.