Ungrateful India booted George Yeo out of Nalanda University

George Yeo was appointed the Chancellor of the Nalanda University in July 2015, taking over from Amartya Sen. The two men were like the twin father of Nalanda. Amartya Sen was appointed the first Chancellor and George Yeo succeeded him after Amartya's disagreement with the Indian govt. On 25 Nov 2016, George wrote in his facebook that he had resigned from his Chancellorship citing lack of autonomy. The Indian govt actually set up a new board of directors, appointed their new men to take charge, all without breathing a word to George. In other words George was non existent, irrelevant. It was better for George to resign or wait for the boot.

How could Modi done such an unspeakable act behind George? Did he know how much George contributed to the success of the University, helping to raise millions from Singapore and Singaporeans to build the University. George was the key driver of the start up and had sang praises of how great this University would be and could be for the good of Indian and Asian civilisations.

And Modi better remember George's other great contribution to India when he signed the CECA to allow hundreds of thousands of Indian professionals to work in Singapore. Many of them displaced mismatched Singaporeans PMEs from their well paying jobs and ended up as security guards and taxi drivers.

George's contribution to India is anytime far greater many Indian leaders with the CECA agreements. Now they treated him like non existent. Poor George, having done so much to help India and Indians, giving many a very good life here, good jobs and good money, now treated this way.

Modi, please be grateful to George Yeo for his great contributions to India. Don't forget that. George the nice gentlemen would just take this rub in his stride. Given some lesser beans, they would tell Hsien Loong to terminate the CECA immediately. How can Modi do this to India's benefactor? Should not he be giving India's highest award to George for creating hundreds of thousands of good jobs for Indians?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the ahnehs will soon give Georgie ahneh citizenship and the taj mahal.

Anonymous said...

Helping them to be gods...like him. Arrogant like his associates or gods...like him. Creating a world for vain glory, lusts and the good life of the rich and for the rich and by the rich. The rests, meaningless selfish existence with occasional deeds of deceptive charity or just brainless idiots

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They may name a baby after him and erect a shrine for him too. He is the God of Fortune to many of them who made it rich here.

Anonymous said...

George Yeo can lose even in Singapore, so how can he win in India?

But anyway at least he won in Hong Kong, and perhaps to another million dollar job, by being appointed Chairman of Kerry Logistics, part of the Kuok Group.

Perhaps Singapore should get George Yeo's help to settle the current 9 SAF armoured vehicles being held up in a Hong Kong port.

Anonymous said...

Why should a next world power after China need a person like GY.. Don't forget.

They are helping Sin with so many professionals like IT, Doctors, Bankers etc without them

Sin would collapse.They are so good that our own Uniiverities cannot compare wiith them .

They are supposed to be our friends like Japun. Don' play play .

Anonymous said...

GY shud realized by now that it's a dog eat dog world outside. Mayb he could go for lecturing in a local u or volunteers his service to other sectors..

Virgo49 said...

Aiya, the Saying is very apt for the Black Ants.

When you are been corned by the Black Ants and the Cobra, KILL the BLACK ANTS first.

It's in their Genes and cultures.

Now Cheekna kena plucked wholesale

Karma, karma, karma.

Anonymous said...

Still fresh from memory. Gy landed that job on background that singapore government donated a library for that 2line or 3line city university. The donation happened when Gy was sin fm. I read this from some indian express some sort. The article also predicted enrollment of students in 2line city in india would be few.

My impression was clearly concluded in mind, no money no talk, soon Gy would say hellow and say good bye.

Many good sin city citizens must be thankful to Gy signing Ceca for Indians pmets to flood sin city job market. Sin city pm said foreigners create good jobs for locals. That why i felt so grateful to Ceca, the sole effort of Gy. Didnt know he had plan to be university principal. If i have power, i would donate a library to where? my pick is hougang center. I m not sure if hg hire indians. In almost every company in sin city, especially the financial institutions, would have Indians pmets speaking with india accent, certainly have employment pass and no repayment back of partial salary to employers. Whether good jobs are created to locals, only mom will know. But CECA s contribution to sin city s current economy state is well evidenced.

Export of non oil products is doing extremely well. Its number one in chart among the exporting dragons. Without the Ceca, sin city citizens will not be hired. Retailers especially F N B will have few customers especially on week ends. Sin pm in recent visit to Modi said this similar: India is sin city s hope. Modi looks like Chrismas icon. I do not celebrate this day, if not, like Gy, i will like Modi similar to the dear leeder. I Modi he starts with Ho Ho Ho, then a folk drops ting sound, and leeder sure likes that sound, godness of fortune.

Anonymous said...

George Yeo.
Our Singaporean pro India champion.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

George has just experienced what many Singaporean PMETs experience under an India management system.

Hopefully, there are now sufficient Indians from India to vote out a PAP GRC and install an Indian GRC team.

The enemy of our enemy is our friend.

Anonymous said...

The Indian govt actually set up a new board of directors, appointed their new men to take charge, all without breathing a word to George.

That's the way the Indian govt tell GY to fxxk off lah.

So of course GY, being a smart Sinkie, took the hint and did accordingly. If I were GY, I would have done the same.

Anyway I don't think it is a great $ loss for GY not being Chancellor of Nalanda, since he must be already quite rich, after having million $ income for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

Anyway I don't think it is a great $ loss for GY not being Chancellor of Nalanda, since he must be already quite rich, after having million $ income for a long, long time.
11:11 am

Maybe he was only paid $1 as Chancellor of Nalanda? Just like Trump wanted to take only $1 pay as US President?

Like one MIW ministar said, only the very rich and the corrupt will work for free.

Anonymous said...

When Foreign Talent come to Singapore ... Singaporeans get sacked.
When Singapore Talent goes to India ... the Singaporean also gets sacked.

CONCLUSION (True or not??? )
- Singaporeans have no home country advantage
- is it because of PAP's policies?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Ungrateful India booted George Yeo .......//

After him, who's next?

Anonymous said...

Now nearing year end, so many sinkies also kena retrenched ......?

Bcos of (fartked up?) Botak-nomics or LoaGoa-nomics or GY-nomics?

Or all?

Anonymous said...

When Foreign Talent come to Singapore ... Singaporeans get sacked.
When Singapore Talent goes to India ... the Singaporean also gets sacked.
11:42 am

Not all Sinkies are sacked lah. Only 30% or less are sacked.

So Sinkie GY is among the 30% or less who went to India and got sacked.

Don't say India, GY was sacked even by his own majority Sinkies!!

Anonymous said...

Some ivory tower (long-term) residents still hoping TFR will go up?

Totally so disconnected?

No hope le?

Anonymous said...

Now nearing year end, so many sinkies also kena retrenched ......?
11:46 am

Not so many lah. Only 30% or less.

Perhaps at least 60% still got jobs, and many with good paying ones too. If not, Chee Soon Juan would not have got only 39% votes in Bukit Batok BE only as recently as in May this year, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

If there is no retrenchment, I worry for India.

Anonymous said...

George Yeo kena retrenched ... must inform MOM or not ah?

Anonymous said...

George Yeo kena retrenched ... must inform MOM or not ah?
12:17 pm

George Yeo don't need MOM to help him look for another job, so no need to inform MOM lah.

Anonymous said...

On searching of this subject, there are articles on indian express. Cleary gy resigned followed one called Sen an old professor s departure. Instead of autonomy as a reason, i think feeling insecurity is the real. The question is there real autonomy in higher institution of learning? There are lots of books for reading after google. My conclusion is: whether russia, europe, or usa, academic research and writing to own academia is a valued autonomy. Administration of the university has control from deans to whoever. It is not free for all. I agree with this approach as in singapore there was professor who had sex with students in office. If full autonomy in the whole institution, then, there is no laws liao.
Gy resigned because the whole board of trustee was changed except one mr singh remained. Gy old board was involved in dispute with appointment of someones whom the old board rejected. The indian government was unhappy. Then a new board was appointed.

What i saw the reason was a sacking for Gy. He had to go thought working only one year. Obviously, the indian government new board did not value his contribution. His resignation is very much paper works. He was terminated together with that professor Sen on the board, as a new board consisting of chancellor was appointed. There cannot be 2 chancellors. Tio pok after one year. Pap should give him a CEO job in state own corporations such as tomaseck subsidiary, but major consideration is: it must be a money making company, otherwise, he might resign when it runs out of resources. Army general in other country fights with limited resources, sin city general fight with lots of resources first, millions of dollars in pocket then have confidence to do the job. Dont ask if it has no cash. Sorry, they quit the fight. Tiorh bore?

Anonymous said...

Late Singapore President S R Nathan was conferred Pravasi Bharatiya Samman - the highest honour accorded to Indian-origin overseas by the Indian government in 2012. But George Yeo given the boot. What a contrast !

Anonymous said...



No sweat! No sweat!

George! 拿得起...放得下!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

AnonymousNovember 27, 2016 11:53 am
//Not so many lah. Only 30% or less.//

Must be due to (the convenient scapegoat) globalisation again, betul?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousNovember 27, 2016 11:59 am
//If there is no retrenchment, I worry for India.//

For what?

The (potential) damage he could do to India what he and Lao Goa did to City of Sin (for signing a "silly" FTA supported by 70% kingcum)?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousNovember 27, 2016 12:23 pm
//George Yeo kena retrenched ... must inform MOM or not ah?
12:17 pm

George Yeo don't need MOM to help him look for another job, so no need to inform MOM lah.//


After the Christmas and CNY "parties" over, what could happen to many retail workers' jobs?

Other than the current crush in the traditional year end shopping belt, many retail outlets even in the city areas are quite empty these days ........?

Anonymous said...

Some F&B outlets in town area (not in the traditional Christmas shopping belt zone) barely 1 or 2 customers everytime when pass by .......

Like that everyday lose how much $$$?

How long can stay open?

Where is Botak?

"Economic steriod" lose effect liao?

Anonymous said...

The average revenue per day can't even cover 5% of the average variable cost?

Like that stay in business got any (economic) sense?

Botak's idea?

Anonymous said...

Better shutdown straight away right?


Need (save) face?

Anonymous said...

One watering hole at a famous place got zero patron during peak hour at mid week .......?

Another (very ) famous (and popular) one got only 3 patrons during peak hours .......?

The (economic) winter has not even begun?

Anonymous said...

Other than the current crush in the traditional year end shopping belt, many retail outlets even in the city areas are quite empty these days ........?
2:25 pm

I thot already the case even well before 11 Sep 15?

So why would PAP worry retail outlets quite empty?

Anonymous said...

When shit hit the fan, siao liao?

Anonymous said...

India give George Yeo the same retrenchment benefits as Singapore give to Singaporean PMETs ... Nothing.

How does it feel George Yeo?

Anonymous said...

GG - Good game .....?

Ha ha

Game over le?

Anonymous said...

The same feeling .......

....... as in 2011 ........

"Bo Tua Bo Suay" ......?

Anonymous said...

"He was terminated together with that professor Sen on the board, as a new board consisting of chancellor was appointed."
1:05 pm

Terminated meh? I thot GY said he resigned becos he not even informed of new board? So is GY telling lies?

If GY is telling lies, he will even be terminated as PAP member, if he is still one. It's that serious.

I remember Lau Goh ever said that if anyone accused PAP MP or minister as a liar and the MP or minister does not sue, he will be sacked!

Anonymous said...

So should George Yeo sue Nalanda University ????

Anonymous said...

Another tell tale sign of failed Botak-nomics steriod is food court stalls ......?

Early this year roughly it was about 10% shutdown stalls?

These days can notice mostly about 20 to 30% empty stalls?

Anonymous said...

The customers all go where?

Immortals arh?

No nid eat?

Anonymous said...

He got sacked by Sinkies
now, he sacked himself from
an lndia Appointment.

Will he gets sack from his
job in Hong Kong too.

Seems like the Guy is not as
impressive as he is claimed
to be leh.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:34pm
Cannot shutdown because there is penalty clause for rental. The operator can only do one thing: chaw lor, run road. But citizens cannot do, only foreigners like angmore they can run off without trace.

Yesterday evening i watched an outlet of 40 over tables. Saturday evening, only had 9 adults taking 4-5 tables for dinners, then increased to 13 pax.

The Pap s way is wrong. People get no jobs or low pay jobs cannot afford to eat at outlets. They make their own lunch or dinner and eat at work place if they work at malls. I observe mall workers do that. Its healthy to eat own foods. Save money is another. Total reason: not enough money to spare for kids education, flat installments, and transport.

Spend the whole day at work, earn less than 1800pm, less cpf, how much cash remains for expenses?

Swee swee still talks about mismatch jobs, and want foreigners to replace the locals. Until these voters learn their days are dark and doom when old and sick, they still vote for Pap. But these retailers suffer got not business. They also vote for Pap as Pap allow them to hire foreigners.

Once hiring foreigners is a trend by 2.6 millions now, retailers can still find customers of purchasing power?

Retailers must bankrupt lah, they cannot close shop so simple for they are majority hiring foreigners. When bankrupt, these people will still vote for Pap. U got the message? Until singapore kaput, most places close shops, they still vote for Pap.
So that foreigners will increase to 4 millions. By then, many bankrupts. They might want to vote for opposition. Then they blame opposition cannot help them. And they vote for Pap again.

Anonymous said...

Another tell tale sign is food court stalls or shop units turn over "very fast"?

Every few months or less than one year change hands again?

This implies the botak-nomic policies ...... oops business model not sustainable ......?

Anonymous said...

Will he gets sack from his
job in Hong Kong too.
3:01 pm

U wait and see lah. Maybe billionaire Kuok will take the hint from Nalanda?

Anonymous said...

in life....we must never look back......

if we had done our best.....

whatever outcomes......OK lah........

anger not.......sad not........

pray for them instead.....prap pray pray......

life is like that.....ups n downs......

so pls move on.......move on........

Anonymous said...

@AnonymousNovember 27, 2016 3:02 pm
//Anon 2:34pm
Cannot shutdown because there is penalty clause for rental.//

If AR < AVC, just shutdown lah?

Rental already inside the fixed cost?


Anonymous said...

Most owners hope to get a more kongcum sucker to take over the unit?

So can recoup part or all of 6-digit reno costs?

Other than loss-making (big time) ex-(star-studded) soldiers, who else can be such ........ (suckers)?

Anonymous said...

Another tell tale sign is food court stalls or shop units turn over "very fast"?
3:03 pm

It's the rental lah. So it is up to the landlords whether they want to reduce rent or to have the units empty or turn over "very fast".

But it seems landlords can tahan empty units because they have strong $ holding power. They are just waiting for another sucker willing to take up the high rental.

Anonymous said...

PAP economics or voodoo economics.
What is the difference?

Collect rent money until nobody has any money left to pay.
An entire country trying to make money as landlords.
Nobody wants to develop the skills and do the work needed to create the real wealth of nations.

Anonymous said...

You keep sacking Singaporeans and replacing Singaporeans with Aliens.
So how is the Singaporean going to have money to go to eat in food courts?

How many stalls in the food courts can be supported by Millionaires eating there?
How many cars can a Millionaire buy?
How many shoes can a Millionaire buy?

You think Singapore economy can do well by making Singaporeans poor and paying yourself million dollar salaries?

Anonymous said...

India is going to fix Singapore soon

LHL had successfully offend US, China and now India.
Even Indonesia dislike Singapore now due to amnesty tax bill.
At this critical time, LHL want to invite Israel Leader to visit Singapore to piss Malaysia and Indonesia .
Philippine did not express "gratitude" for Singapore when Singapore sought confrontation against China for interest of Philippine in SCS.

Indonesia is demanding their airspace back from Singapore in Riau.

It would affect Singapore Changi airport as International hub.

One word - What a Brilliant leader.

In the future, Singapore would lost everything- their Port, Airport, Oil Hub, Casino, Universal Studio, Tourism

Anonymous said...

Even Singapore Pride- Mediacorp Soft power- Entertainment and drama is dying in Malaysia (Johor) and Singapore.

Many well known Singaporean stars (stefania, JJ, A Dou,Tanya) in Chinese world are created in Taiwan. Because Mediacorp unable to create a Star.

Singaporean- aspiring stars can go to Taiwan to pursue their dream in Music.
There are no Movie Star, Drama Star from Singapore.

However,Taiwan entertainment industry is losing the power to create a Star. (music)

-No more new Singaporean Chinese stars in this coming generation.

denk said...

chinese treat indians like 宝
indians treat chinese like 草

chinese minorities in india

Anonymous said...

what about PAP?
How does PAP treat Singaporeans?

patriot said...

Retail is not dead yet.

Within 5 km of where l
am staying, there are no
less than 15 NTUC Super-
markets that operate 24/7.

There are also no less than
15 other supermarkets, some
operating up to midnite.

As can seen, most of them are
very well patronized.


Anonymous said...

Anon 3.12pm

Go to do business to face loses. Its not academic fixed cost and variable cost this kind of simple logic any fool knows.

If you break the contract at year 1, you have to pay remaining rental, while you shut down. Or the landlord sue you for the balance. In rental, you have priority to rent when business is good provide you follow the time, open at what time and close at what time.

Do not think retailers can sure win prifit. Thats why they want to hire indians. These are cheap cost and can push the workers to do OT, no CPF.

Some retailers lagi smart, ask the employees to pay them for the salary they already paid to employee, or employee must pay for the levy. I cannot teach you more, because you only study on books. Go find out employment pass levy is zero, how employers force employees to get the pass, and asking them to pay employers cash to lower the hiring cost.

If there is such market, who want to hire citizens need NS and CPF? That why swee swee has to find ways to cut down citizens salary. Cut citizens salaries as i explained, will cut citizens customer to buy from retailers. So swee swee is happy to find mismatch citizens to force them to pay for training. At the end, these citizens are jobless after training.

I can tell you this is a big bluff called globalization. The real thing is mom indirectly helping employers to hire cheaper foreigers. That why foreigners will keep increasing when voters vote for Pap.

Voters vote for Pap, Pay increase foreigners, citizens go jobless and stagnant pay. For the next 50 to 100 years, the number of foreigners will keep going up. 10 millions foreigners with 3 millions citizens is possible. But how many bankrupt citizens due to poor purchasing power? Modi will be happy to see sinkies kaput, as he will not blink his eyes for those stupid politicians got voted in by sinkies. KJ said it right: they deserve it. ie let singapore kaput. For 30% be smart to stay afloat. Let the 70% kaput, then sin city may have turn around by sacking those useless foreigners by millions, and reset the economy. It will be huge project for opposition, whoever, but cannot be the old hacks opposition, csj inclusive. They cannot do much to help sinkies. Someone creative enough to get sinkies out. Can never be from Pap who are from army, no way.

Anonymous said...

APL is a Japanese Shipping companies. They unload those goods in HK .

Unknown Foreign media,Factwire expose the news .

Previously, Factwire expose the news about defective Chinese trains been secretly transported away from Singapore to HK for further repairs.
They capture the whole scene with a Drone. (from beginning to the end)

1)Such exposure had damage the confidence of people towards China made product- Chinese train -

2)There are frequent breakdown in MRT caused by Unknown signal in "hardware" -

Again, it is actually a Japan Train (kawasaki) but it was made in China.

Majority Singaporean blame the problem on China . - The perception is that this is a China train.

Fake news in the social media has successfully mislead people to interpret it as "China made train." because it always suffered breakdown

Due to these misinformation, Singaporean people largely support Japan bid for High speed rail way in Malaysia Singapore HSR.

It seems to me that Japan was behind of these series of Weird Incidents.

This included the " unknown signal in the hardware' - Act of sabotage ?

Singapore media briefly mention about this as one of possibility but does not dare to elaborate it much further.

Two Incidents has significantly destroy the reputation of China and close ties between Singapore and China.

The only beneficiary is Japan and possibly Tsai govt, Taiwan.

That explain why Tsai govt insist to allow radioactive Fukushima foods to Taiwan despite she faced heavy resistance . Tsai govt did not oppose Japan detention of Taiwan fisherman over their own EEZ.

Whole incident looks very dubious because certain media has deliberately manipulate the news into " Confrontation between Beijing and Singapore." or " Starlight program " with Taiwan

when the issue is all about HK law enforcement ( failure to declare those goods on board)

The media continue harp on this political issues ( China punish Singapore over SCS) to divide and incite hatred against China.

Anonymous said...

APL is not a Japanese set up but was Under NOL
"In 1997, NOL made a $825 million acquisition of APL. APL’s heritage dates back to 1848.[5]

Following the merger, APL name was adopted as the public brand name. The NOL name was retained for the holding company, which was listed on the Singapore stock exchange and was well known to its investors. The company focused on managing global supply chains in 2001 when APL Logistics was established as a separate business unit."

Dont waste your time to fire at Abe. The rest, u can google to find out.

denk said...

anon, November 27, 2016 7:38 pm

*The only beneficiary is Japan and possibly Tsai govt, Taiwan.*

why no mention of the no1 shit stirrer, murkka ?
both tsai and abe take order from unitedsnake,
i've documented so many cases of murcunt led sabotage of chinese projs.

denk said...

what about PAP?
How does PAP treat Singaporeans?

November 27, 2016 7:13 pm
why u on different channel ?

everbody knows how pap treats sg,
im talking about chinese vs indians.

indians always kbkb about racial bias in sg,
but when u compare minority treatment bet sg and india, its like heaven and hell.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.12pm
If China attack Taiwan, will Singapore starlight troops and arti help Taiwan?
Singapore is not supposed to have military exchange with Taiwan, if it follow one china policy. China has objected to this.

Exporting vehicles without putting the chasis number at engine and serial number, ownership is not proper documentation following international laws.

Pinky wants to start problems by no doing documentation or it is the army s way of ignoring laws?
How do people feel when seeing armor cars and when reading the shipper s documents, cannot find the owners?

This is totally bullshit if u said Japanese has something to do with it.
I can tell you: it is purposely or incompetence on the shipping side, ie the army never check the documents. This is impossible in commercial organization. A clerk will double check the documents before giving to shipping company.

Do not blame the shipping company if the owners of vehicles are indifferent. Incompetent or purposely challenge HK and China.
HK will fine Singapore for a sum. Just watch what HK will do.

China may have to question Singapore what is the relationship now, one china policy. Dont want the relationship, can call it off, that can be china s stand in a polite way.

Anonymous said...


Once was the signing of the CECA to give India advantage over Singapore and Singaporeans by replacing and misplacing and displacing hundreds of thousands of Singapore Citizens from their jobs. Many families lost their main bread-winner's ability to earn a decent living. Many families break up. Many committed suicide as a result of losing their jobs or their husbands losing their jobs. etc. etc. etc.

The second time was the proposal and approval of the two Gambling Dens disguised through his cunning-scholastic brain as Integrated Resorts. This is the greatest sin he has committed against God and against the People of Singapore. Many families have been broken even today and into the future, endless (unless the gambling dens are destroyed). Many promising businessmen and women lost all their working capital, savings and got into great debts. Many housewives have been lured and mesmerized by the casinos and spend days on end in these gambling dens, oblivious of their lives and of their families and children. Many crooks prospered by making use of these gambling dens to con unaware innocent people. etc. etc. etc.

These two Great Sins should have sent George Yeo direct to Hell immediately.
But God has been kind to him. So, he had better repent and do penance for the rest of his life. That include his wife and children too. Why? You think about it for yourself.

Nalanda University for 2500 years has been a Buddhist University. It has always been headed and staffed by Devout Buddhist Scholars, not any Tom, Dick, Harry or George. George Yeo, is a Yo-Yeo Christian. He is not a Buddhist by any measure. Therefore, he cannot last long in Nalanda University!

Anonymous said...

Bad news for Hillary Obama support IsIs war front.
2000 civilians ran off from US support Nusra area called east aleppo to Syrian army side.

Looks like IsIs is losing the battle quickly tonight. Little USA should bear in mind fighting for US as attack dog similar to IsIs is not so easy. US simply cannot help at all though supplying weapons to the IsIs fighters.

Anonymous said...

George Yeo ... you not happy is it?
What you want from India?
Emeritus Chancellor job with 4 million dollar annual salary is it?
India lah. Not Singapore.

So now you know that Singaporeans working in India cannot afford the PAP cost of living in Singapore.
So please don't say Singaporeans should work in India if cannot get job in Singapore.

It is not India's job to create jobs for Singaporeans.
It is the PAP government's job to create good job opportunities for Singaporeans in Singapore.
If cannot do this basic duty, please fuck off immediately.
Don't waste our time, energy and money on your useless Millionaire Generals.

denk said...

ph doesnt want to play ball with unitedsnake in scs.
now the murcunts want to push sg to the front line
against china.

they want to make sg/china 反目成仇
after that sg has no choice but follow totally washington dictat.


denk said...

factwire call itself an 'investigating website',
these day so many 'investigating websites' focusing on unitedsnake's targets.

the 'voice of sarawak' which started the campaign on najib is run by an brit woman.

do i smell a rat ?

Anonymous said...

Georgie Yo-Yo's Karma is ripening. I guess he may die a cancerous death. Because cancer is caused by very bad karma, not germs, bacteria, viruses, or any external bodies. Cancer is internal cause - i.e. self causation, own cells refused to obey the normal biological system; they revolt. GY will die a very painful death. No menace meant. Just a prediction based on his karma. I wish him well and happy.

Anonymous said...

patriotNovember 27, 2016 7:18 pm

//Retail is not dead yet.

Within 5 km of where l
am staying, there are no
less than 15 NTUC Super-
markets that operate 24/7.

There are also no less than
15 other supermarkets, some
operating up to midnite.

As can seen, most of them are
very well patronized.//

Uncle, with yewr feedback, that is even more worrying ........ abt the economy .......?

Another tell tale sign economy is "struggling" is when "inferior goods" fly off the shelves ..........?

If yew see atas super market crowded, then that is likely signal economy ok .......?

Otherwise, the more crowded heartland supermart is, yew nid watch out for the "economy" .......?

In the financial market, during recession, staple stocks are defensive play ......?

C=Co + C1(Yd)

If like some daft 70% sinkies kena retrenched or in some trade making losses, techinically Y=0 .......?

So equation become:


No income but still need eat mah .....

And some mb try save dun even eat at those low cost hawker ctr or kopishop .......?

Buy one pack inferior good (low quality house brand rice) 10kg abt $11 can last for several weeks ......?

Go out eat cheap cheap one meal also at least $2+ without ordering any drink?

So $11 cannot last several weeks but only for 3 meals like 1 day?

So the worst a recession bites, heartland supermart doing roaring business lor?

A loaf of cheap house brand bread abt $1+ .....?

Can last abt a few days for breakfast and tea break?

One breakfast toast bread set meal easily abt $4.80 at "BBQ"-Box or "Chen"Kun outlets?

U can try at cheaper fd ct though for $2+ set meal?

But the bread like 1 piece fold into 2 small pieces?

So cheaper to buy 1 big loaf housebrand for $1+ can last for a few days ......?

So roaring business at heartland supermart is even more telling economy quite bad?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.33pm // ...I cannot teach you more .....//

Pls lah .....

Yewr teaching even offer $1 an hour (cheaper than fast food hourly rate) also no taker de .......?

No belief try lor ...... go advertise see anybolee want to learn from yew .......?

Anonymous said...

5.22 am, if for $1 I willing to pay leh😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

Sure ......

And pls take some pics of the classes ......

And upload in tumblr and post the link here ...... (for proof) ......

Dun just masturbate ...... through tawking .....

Do the actual screwing ..... oops ..... classes .....

patriot said...


l doubt the So-called Philosophy cum Army General
understand the Commonsense

ln fact, the Whole Sin Cabinet
is filled with nincompoop and
shenanigan that only know and
want Sin Dollars.
They have no qualm to sell away State Assets and pawn
the Citizens.


Anonymous said...

How many breadwinners lost their jobs and ability to provide for their families due to CECA?

denk said...

this so-called 'investigating website' factwire is run by an 'ex journo'.
this fucker very 'resourceful' , has contacts in sg, psa, china to tip him off 'defective chinese made trains sent back to china'.

i heard lta wanted to investigate how he got that drone over psa and someone at the gate to spy at 2am.

my hunch is another cia/mi6 run intel outfit .
like that 'voice of sarawak'

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi denk, you guess is not too far off. No ordinary person can have that kind of access and financial resources to do it for free.

What is his agenda and motive?

Who is behind factwire and backing it?

denk said...

hello rb

many time we could identify a suspicious outfit by its link to ned, usaid etc.

this time they got smart, this factwire is a 'crowd funding' proj, [sic]

but my six sense tells me,
if it walks like a duck, smells like a duck and quacks like one, then ........

Anonymous said...

This idiot doesn't even know the meaning of mismatch.
He is a Roman Catholic and he thought it was alright to be the Chancellor of a Buddhist University.

He is so thick.

denk said...

hello rb,

the snake is very cunning, i suspect trump is another con artist fronting the micc,


Anonymous said...

Can someone remind George Yeo of the harm he has caused to Singaporeans with his treacherous CECA?

Anonymous said...

George forgot about his own hierarchy philosophy.
The one where he taught mere mortals to know their low position when they talk with immortals.
We know you are low. We know I are high. Then we can talk.

Now this low level university appointee wants to demand talk with Indian PM. No big, no small.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

denk, in your link on Trump presidency it revealed all the evidence of American conspiracy with ISIS and other terrorist organisations to destabilise the world. Hopefully the daft get a bit wiser with the exposure of this fact. Unfortunately daft would be daft and would not want to know the painful truth of their evil American idols.

b said...

Anyway, he should expect the worst for betraying his own people.

denk said...

yes rb,

they used isis to scare the hell out of us to seek protection from the snake, like the recent story
about isis in indon wanna bomb sg with mortars !

but we all know who are behind aq, isis !

may be they threaten lhl with 'terrorists attacks' in sg if he doesnt toe the line .