Trump triump revealed the stupidity of Sillyporeans

I read this in Yahoo News.

'A majority of Singapore residents — 84 per cent to be precise — would have voted for Hillary Clinton in the US election over Donald Trump, according to a survey commissioned by South China Morning Post and done by Blackbox Research last month.

The same survey revealed that “arrogant”, “unpredictable” and “morally unfit” were the top three character traits used by the Singapore respondents to describe Trump, who has just won the US presidential election.

Not surprisingly, many Singaporeans, including those in the US, were disappointed that the Republican defeated the Democrat nominee.’


And many daft sinkies are shocked that Hillary lost when the main media were rubbishing Trump and rooting for her. How could one see clearly when one is blind? The blinds that have eye defects are really not that blind as they have other organs to keep them informed. There are those that have eyes but chose to ask the blind to show them the way. These are the real blinds. Another more serious type of blinds are those that have eyes but refused to see, afraid to see, have no confidence in what they are seeing, and asked others to see for them and would believe when told that white is black and black is white.


How could the daft sinkies believe the media wholesale without questioning? The Brexit experience, the silly UN backed Hague Tribunal, and now, the US President Election, the media have been pushing their own agenda, telling half truths and lies. And many Sillyporeans just believed everything they read, even believing the evil woman is God sent, a lovely lady fit to be the President of the USA. I heard in a Channel News Asia programme on the Silk Road and the producer wrote the script that in the 1962 Sino India border war it was ‘China that invaded an unprepared India’ when declassified secret documents floating around confirmed that it was India that started the war and was well prepared with a special Army Corp formed for the war.


How could the Sillyporeans understand the plight of the working class Americans losing their jobs to foreigners and are getting poorer by the day, losing jobs and their pride? How could they understand the red neck Americans, the majority of the masses, and how they think and their perspective of the world? What Trump said, about immigration, struck a common cord in them. If they could understand they would not be conned by the lies and politically correct deceptions of Hillary.


It is actually asking too much of Sillyporeans to understand the USA and the plight of the common Americans when they could not see the rot in their own country and the plight of their fellow citizens. That is how daft Sillyporeans have become. They did not know what is happening except what they read in the main media, the bigger echo chamber of lies and half truths.


Anonymous said...

Those Singaporeans who voted for the present Sinkapoh Gomen are not the most stupidest people. The honor goes to the Malays in Malaysia who voted for the most corrupted Gomen on earth.

Anonymous said...

Because Sinkieland got no Sinkie Trump mah.

Which Sinkie billionaire would join the Sinkie opposition to fight for working class Sinkies, for jobless Sinkie PMETs who suffer under PAP, u tell me lah?

If have, I am sure majority Sinkies, just like the working class Americans, would have voted for a Sinkie Trump too.

Anonymous said...

Sinkie opposition also bo lui (money no enough), just like the ordinary Sinkies.

That's why ordinary Sinkies do not think the Sinkie opposition can help or serve them. They think PAP can help and serve them better, which is also quite true lah.

That's why Chee Soon Juan lost even a by election, because he bo lui.

Anonymous said...

Trump fight for Americians ?

Trump one who evade taxes ?

Reserved and let's observe first.

Anonymous said...

That's why Chee Soon Juan lost even a by election, because he bo lui.
11.26 am

Tiok. In Sinkieland, if you bo lui, even bo lui Sinkies also see u no up.

Anonymous said...

Born in Sin sure born stupid. The world is clueless, religion is useless and politicians are shameless.

From east to west, all the same. Led by arrogance supported by stupidity and the bloody process repeated by the academics.

Anonymous said...

Rb //It is actually asking too much of Sillyporeans to understand the USA and the plight of the common Americans when they could not see the rot in their own country and the plight of their fellow citizens.//

When pple grew up their whole lives in a size of 718 trillion sq nano-metre "tiny ants hole", how "BIG" can their vision be?

Even a small county in America is countless times BIGGER?

Growing up in such nano-size environment, their brains may be much tinier than brains of zika mozzies infected babies?

Anonymous said...

eh? Redbean is now so supportive of white men who think they can be superior again? Lol.

We got a white supremacist in the white house. Who think he will make white men great again. If he manages to succeed the joke is on all here.

Anonymous said...

Based on the voting stats (released), Trump managed to carry many latino and black votes (than thought)

The joke was on the elites (the actual 1% supremacist)?

They got more than a "black eye and a broken nose" (in the erection) from the average Joe (in the main street)?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Trump triump revealed the stupidity of Sillyporeans//

Lao hero,

May Ai suggest the following changes to the title of your thread:?

"Trump's triumph revealed the (incurable) stupidity of Sillyporeans (with brains as big as the needle heads)"?

Anonymous said...

And Trump is not an elite? It is very easy to make the right noises. But is this man a man on the street?

Either way the final joke will still be on the white man, who believe they can be superior again just based on a few rah rah rallies.

Anonymous said...

But of course, let RB inform us of the reality in due time. He is all knowing, able to lecture the white man on his downfall and also see things that no sinkie can.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous November 10, 2016 11:28 am
//Trump fight for Americians ?

Trump one who evade taxes ?

Reserved and let's observe first.//

PE DT already called up Hse Majority Leader Representative Paul Ryan to draw up some bills .......?

In no time, there may be another "earthquake" uprooting another pillar?

"Observe first"?

Forever close the gate after the horses bolted?

Forever behind the curve?

Multimillion $ JLBs?

Forever so useless?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous November 10, 2016 12:35 pm
//And Trump is not an elite? //

Trump is a rich businessman who (has proven he) can connect with the average Joe in a language they can understand; (the electoral results in Florida, Ohio and the other rust-belt states attested to that)?

Anonymous said...

In what way has he been proven to connect? By hiring foreigners for his hotel and golf course?

I believe in durtete more than trump anytime.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous November 10, 2016 12:35 pm
//It is very easy to make the right noises.//

R u referring to "(the $500/=) SkillsFuture, PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit) etc schemes"?

A lot of "thunder" (noises) but no raindrops (where are the results?)?

U going one BIG round to "spur the hides" of your "boss"?

Anonymous said...

Election results is no proof. Obama also can use the language that people understand but after 8 years they are rejecting him.

I am waiting to see the joke of these white voters who put their faith in a billionaire elite and still think he will be different from the others.

Anonymous said...

Huh I am talking abt trump. What skills future? You talking what you?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous November 10, 2016 1:42 pm
//By hiring foreigners for his hotel and golf course? //

Ha ha ha

R u again "spurring the hides of your boss"?

(Go) Look at "Chennai" Business Park?

The majority there carrying "pink ic"?

// I believe in durtete more than trump anytime.//

So u saying your "boss got less of your trust than 230"?

Cos they open the leg so big even DT's huge dxxx cannot "fxxl"?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous November 10, 2016 1:47 pm
//Huh I am talking abt trump. What skills future? You talking what you?//

No nid trumpet to the world u slow-witted!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the India / China War 1962, if netizens are keen to find the truth about who started this war I would strongly advise them to read a book entitled "India-China War, 1962,Pelican Book, written by a British author Neville Maxwell. In this book you will have a glimpse of Nehru's and his government imperial ambitions against China's territories in Tibet and Yunnan. Nehru wanted to inherit the mantel of British Imperialism. India had just inherited the best and most powerful military hardware and weapons from the British and Nehru and his government thought it was 'now than never' to take the chance to strike at China and wrest control of Tibet and Yunnan, since China was known to be very weak and ill equipped with an archaic peasant army. But he had miscalculated because the Chinese peasant army was steeled in resolve and fighting spirit, bravery and patriotic determination to safe the motherland. Thus the Indian armies were routed and the rest is history. In fact the Chinese army fought right up to the borders of New Delhi before it unilaterally and magnanimously retreated back to the Chinese borders .

10th November,2016

Anonymous said...

Anonymous November 10, 2016 1:45 pm
//I am waiting to see the joke of these white voters who put their faith in a billionaire elite and still think he will be different from the others.//

So they should put their faith in some overpaid JLBs?

Lol ......

Anonymous said...

Don't worry trump can soon be one of those JLB

Anonymous said...

Yeah you need to explain better to a slow with draft sinkie. All of you here are superior brings. Please have patience.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous November 10, 2016 1:45 pm
//Obama also can use the language that people understand but after 8 years they are rejecting him.//

Aiyo .....

Uncle, talk to yew vomit blood leh .....

Obama rating as an outgoing president is one of the highest in history!

U equate rejecting Hillary to rejecting Obama?

R u telling the world your brain (is) as big as the needle head?

Anonymous said...

Yewr Ingrish speaks volume

Anonymous said...

My boss just told me to come here have a good laugh lah

Anonymous said...

AnonymousNovember 10, 2016 1:59 pm
//Don't worry trump can soon be one of those JLB//

Let mee finish the sentence, yew lazy AH!

"AnonymousNovember 10, 2016 1:59 pm
Don't worry trump can soon be one of those JLBs' ass kicker"

Anonymous said...

Dumb and dumberer here. Sorry. Don't look down on poor english please.

virgo49 said...

When your homeland are attacked and you love your motherland and fellow citizens, you will fight giving up your lives.

But when you are been betrayed by your own government, you pui, will give up your lives???

A soldier defending own country and killing others in conquering other countries fight differently.

SINKIE forces fighting even ah neys civilians would lose in just three hours.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous November 10, 2016 2:08 pm
//My boss just told me to come here have a good laugh lah//

Your boss JLB asked u cum here laugh?

And be (over)paid million$$$$$$?

Now the world know why they need yew and also the millions$$$$$ to pay yewr boss .......

(To be a bona fide) JLB, it is.

Anonymous said...

How can his rating be one of the highest and yet there is apparently so much suffering, lost jobs that drive people to vote Trump? Did you read RB blog post?

Obama came out to tell people to preserve his legacy. A vote for hilary is a continuation of his policies like obamacare.

What the public decide to do is to give him a slap with their vote.

Am I wrong to say this?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you very free to entertain me too. Welcome to the JLB club.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous November 10, 2016 12:35 pm//It is very easy to make the right noises.//

Who is the most siao ting tong?

And cum here make noises?

How many times they sodomised u?

Anonymous said...

No time waste time on yew le, siao ting tong!

DT gg (come) kick some asses

Abandoning sampan liao

Ha ha ha

(U) Continue to serve yewr JLBs, ok?

Anonymous said...

Just playing along mah. I am a serious trump doubter but the guy dun want to debate keep talking abt my boss. Lol. We entertain each other lor.

Anonymous said...

I have a simple question for the author - if you're a businezzw in US and China offered a cheaper cost of operation, what do you do?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousNovember 10, 2016 2:17 pm //Welcome to the JLB club.//




Anonymous said...

Abandon sampan? Hahaha I abandon liao you still here man. If all of you still have not abandon, means likely you all stuck forever anyway.


Anonymous said...

CNN,Bloomberg and New York Times officially supported Clinton .And where do you

think Sinkies got the news from. Of course from our own MSM who probably got the

the news from these three. Its a one sided news.

-I am amazed a country who is considered as "shu 1" cannot find better candidates

than these 2. T think the ountry will self destruct in another 10 to 15 years.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. But with many ppl here it's ok to doubt clinton but not trump. There's valid reason to doubt trump! But you mention it, they start talking nonsense try to divert from topic by calling you JLB

Anonymous said...

Sino India war 1962 falsehood was promoted by LKY book too - it imply that china was the aggressor . PRC try to inject their propaganda to LKY during his visit.

Singapore always try to portray India as " benevolent superpower".

LKY never warned Singaporean or the world to be wary of Rise of India.

Whether the rise of India would been peaceful or not?

Do Singapore ask USA to maintain their strong presence in Indian Ocean to keep india in check?

Singapore naively believe that India is a responsible power with not any imperial ambition.

Anonymous said...

' Anonymous said...
My boss just told me to come here have a good laugh lah

November 10, 2016 2:08 pm'

Thank you for coming to make everyone laugh at your ingrish.

Anonymous said...

Tsk Tsk, mocking people's command of english? Makes you feel superior eh? Talking down to us colonial types?

b said...

I think under Trump rule, interest rate will increase and that will send many of those with high mortgage into bankruptcy especially in those countries that are fueled by growth using debts. Debt is always a very dangerous instrument to use.

Anonymous said...

Interesting dialogue. Doesn't sound like the yew commentor before.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the packaging.
The packaging of Hillary Clinton is much acceptable to the average person who has no knowledge of her EVIL past. She presents an image of confidence, speaks in dignified manner, controlled, and well rehearsed with lots of facts and figures. But inside her is full of dark truths which anybody with 1 hour a day to spare could easily find out on the internet via YouTube or google.
The problem is that Singaporeans are a-political, bochap. They are too lazy to use their brains and think. They are conditioned by the PAP by the Straits Times, by CNN by Washington Post. All of these garbage media feeds tons of poison against the personality of Trump. Very little is said on the bad points of HC!!
Hillary's sins are legion. She destroyed evidence even after the court ordered an investigation on her.
She sold uranium secretly to russia, she got bribed by UBS to ask the tax department to be leneint to their tax evaders, and numerous people involved in Bill Clintons sex scandal case, has mysteriously disappeared.
During the presidential debates, she got in advance the secret questions fed back by CNN staff. This is true because the staff was sacked. Countless FBI agents and military personnel in usa have tons of adverse views of her handling of National security issues. Her campaign manager Podesta even said she has a poor sense of judgement.
But somehow, its a you-rub-my-back i-rub-yours world, so the corporate world and the mainstream media loves Hillary Clinton.
Donald trump evades tax. As a businessman he obviously has tax consultants to find legal ways to pay less tax. When Clinton questions her , you know what Trump said, it was simply brilliant. He said, Why dont you review the tax system and plug the legal loopholes, you wont because your campaign donors are all enjoying those very tax loopholes. And, the othere issues about trump like being flamboyant, are very minor compared with HC. But the media blows it out of proportion, and to find out the BAD THINGS ABOUT CLINTON YOU JUST HAVE TO GO TO GOOGLE OR YOUTUBE because none of the mainstream media wants to offend her.

Trump has very very good advisers under him, the former mayor of new york Giuliani and Newt Gingrich the house speaker, just watch youtube, these people are really fantastic and speak with great depth and sincerity which is totally lacking in the Clinton camp except perhaps for Bernie who incidentally got played out by Hillary Clinton.

So singaporeans are obviously not so politcal savvy. They cant even handle PAP, how you expect them to understand USA politics!! Thats why 84% think HC is an angel. She sould like a nice lady. But in fact she is a vicious and very dangerous person to be with. Trump is more honest. His only sin was the Trump university scandal but he has already paid his dues on that so we should leave this baggage. Just like Chee Soon Juan, he already paid his dues for past. We must give them a chance, as Obama said.
Trump will make mistakes, but he has good relation with Russia and that is good for everybody.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:58

I believe you overestimate the voters in US. Truth is none of what Clinton did would matter if there have been jobs and the working class are enjoying what the Democrat administration is providing.

You underestimate human nature. People are willing to shut up on a lot of things just as long as they are being given what they wanted. And it will be in the material sense. Clinton sold uranium to the Russians? Lol. I just withdrew my 401K. Huat ah! Still vote for her.

Anonymous said...

To anon 938.
I dont believe that it is the number of jobless people in usa, that result in Hillary downfall. Only 5% unemployment and trending down, according to official statistics. Trump promised to reduce tax, improve border security, institute new laws to stop cronyism particular of past presidents, and clean up the corrupt justice department. There are many normal working class people fed up with 30 years of poor performance of HC.

Anonymous said...

I bet DT will win, and my colleague who loss the bet, have to buy me fish soup for a week.

I asked him why he predicted HC will win, he told me HC have the experience.

I told him DT wants to get back the job taken by foreigner in USA for his citizen, that is why I predict he can win. I hope we can have a copy of him in our country.

Anonymous said...

Lao hero,

This is anon 12.32pm

Why after almost half a day le u still haven't corrected your post (title) mistake?

Anonymous said...

Btw, this is your post title:

"Trump triump revealed the stupidity of Sillyporeans"

Remember who to thank after yew (have) corrected the mistake?

Anonymous said...

Trump reduce tax for big business more than working people. As for jobs, there are coal and steel factories close down, these are some of the ppl trump promises to help. This is what a lot of trump voters when interviewed said. The small town way of life is disappearing and they want him to bring it back.

Anonymous said...

Is LHL's Medishield Life scheme modeled on Obama's Obamacare ?

Trump vowed to dismantle Obamacare, but who would dismantle Medishield Life for Singaporeans ?

Anonymous said...

Singapore follows almost exactly what the US has been doing over the last two decades on the Economic Front. The US is now imploding across the whole country on numerous issues because of short-sighted policies that benefited only the Ruling Elites, their cronies and the special interests groups. Out of these numerous issues, the following five are the most critical:

1. Globalisation - the US becomes at the mercy of Multi-National Companies based abroad and cheap goods are imported to compete with local products which are much more expensive to produce and sell.

2. Centralized Control - though US is supposed to be a Tri-Chambers Democracy with checks and balance but in reality the President can simply issue Executive Orders after Executive Orders to force down the throats of the citizens; and all the government departments are installed with the President's men or women who tow his line, otherwise they get sacked or charged and imprisoned.

3. Immigration - influx of cheap labor forces and IT personnel from 3rd World countries.

4. Illegal Immigrants pouring in because of porous borders, especially with Mexico.

5. Influx of Refugees from the Middle-East, especially from Syria, Iraq, Libya and Egypt.

Anonymous said...


Any words of wisdoms ?

1) 彻底改革移民政策,包括“造墙” will there be more violents and riots ?

2) 美版四万亿 okay this infrastructure plans create jobs ?

3) 放松银行监管 Wah Lan a ... after GFC still havent learn lesson. Good to invest in bank shares ? Still Wall Street rules ?

4) 减税 Okay good for their companies probably jobs flow back. Bad for Asia countries - job lost ?

5) 贸易保护 ? Early to say. May result in war ?

6) 教育改革 Nothing of our concern

7) 重新制定美国能源政策,包括结束“煤炭战争” Good to see break through but will commodities market volatile ? More chinese will want to migrate to USA ?

8) 废除奥巴马医保法案 Nothing of our concern

9) 捍卫权利

10) 打击恐怖主义 Still international police ? Against China ?

Info for Idiots said...

Sinkies are not only stupid but also blind and deaf.
And the worst is they are so lazy to find out things for themselves
but depend on the lies of the mainstream media.

And the worst of worst is that they are so gullible - every shit fed to them they will swallow wholesale disregarding even the stench that so obviously dangles around their noses.

Facts in Brief on Hillary Rodham Clinton - verifiable with Google, Youtube, Wikileaks and other sources:

Hillary is the one who is unfit to be President - she should have been disqualified because she rigged the system against Bernie Sanders and used black-mail to force him out of the Primary Race for the Democratic Party's Nomination for the Presidential Candidate. She also cheated in the Presidential Debates against Donald Trump by getting questions before the debate from CNN. And she was wearing a ear-piece to receive instructions from someone behind the scene. Her podium had a tele-prompter while Donald Trump's podium did not have.

Hillary is the one who is corrupted to the core, even permeating everywhere she goes, locally and internationally. She went around giving speeches at $250,000 to $750,000 per speech when she was Secretary of State. This is direct corruption - abuse of the Office of the Secretary of State for personal gains. The speech were actually a cover for a pay-to-play scheme that she exchange favor for "fees" and "donations"

Hillary is the Evil who laughed at a 12-year-old girl who was brutally raped by the rapist whom Hillary defended and got him off the hook, using unscrupulous tactics against the child.

Hillary is the one who enabled her husband Bill Clinton to become a sex pervert and predator on young women and under-age girls. She even flew to the Pedophile Island together with her husband on many occasions. Bill Clinton is on record 26 times visited the Pedophile Island.

Hillary is the one who proposed and approved the killing of a 9-month old fetus by using lethal injection into the baby's brain. (How cruel can a person be!)

Hillary received $25 million plus another $15 million from Saudi Arabia's King, who rules the most oppressive and atrocious Kingdom in the World, where women are 2nd class citizens and gays are killed by throwing down from high buildings. Yet she got the audacity to tell the world that she champions for women and gays?

The list is endless.

As for Donald Trump, the negatives things were painted by the US Mainstream Media in collusion with the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic Party National Convention to smear and character-assassinate him. But the common folks of America are not stupid like Sinkies. They voted for Donald Trump!

Pathetic Sinkies - the 84% of IDIOTS!

Anonymous said...

from UNITED NATIONS web site
Official Languages
'There are six official languages of the UN. These are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. The correct interpretation and translation of these six languages, in both spoken and written form, is very important to the work of the Organization, because this enables clear and concise communication on issues of global importance.

Multilingualism and the UN
Multilingualism enables communication between the UN's linguistically and culturally diverse Member States within the meeting rooms and halls of the UN. By promoting tolerance, multilingualism also ensures increased participation of all Member States in the Organization’s work, as well as greater effectiveness, better outcomes and more involvement. In order to to eliminate the 'disparity between the use of English and the use of the other five official languages' and 'to ensure the full and equitable treatment of all the official languages,' as mandated by the UN General Assembly, the Department of Public Information has set minimum standards for UN web multilingualism.. '

Our mother tongue is an official language at UN .

English being the legacy of Straits Settlement
was a foreign language to the people in this part of
world. Till we got colonised and angilcised.

Names like Canton and Bombay to replace their
native names Guangzhou and Mumbai .

De-anglicisation has become a matter of national pride in some places and especially in regions that were once under colonial rule, where vestiges of colonial domination are a sensitive subject.

Anonymous said...

Following centuries of English rule in Ireland,
Douglas Hyde delivered an argument for de-anglicisation
before the Irish National Literary Society in Dublin, 25 November 1892;
"When we speak of 'The Necessity for De-Anglicising the Irish Nation',
we mean it, not as a protest against imitating what is best
in the English people, for that would be absurd,
but rather to show the folly of neglecting what is Irish,
and hastening to adopt, pell-mell, and, indiscriminately,
everything that is English, simply because it is English."

Despite its status as an official language, the Irish language
has been reduced to a minority language in Ireland due
to centuries of English rule, as is the case in North America
where their indigenous languages have been replaced by that of the colonists.

In the process of removing the signs of their colonial past,
anglicised names have been officially discouraged in many places:

Ireland's Kingstown, named by King George IV,
reverted to its original Irish name of Dún Laoghaire in 1920,
even before Irish independence in 1922; India's Bombay is now Mumbai,
even though this is not the oldest local name (see Toponymy of Mumbai)
and "Bombay" is still commonly used in the city;
Calcutta is Kolkata and Madras is Chennai. Bangladesh's Dacca is Dhaka.

Many Chinese endonyms have become de-anglicised: Canton is now more commonly called Guangzhou (廣州, 广州), and Peking is generally referred to as Beijing (北京), although this reflected a name change from Beiping (Peiping) to Beijing (Peking) with the de-anglicisation of the name taking place after the name change to reflect a pronunciation change in Mandarin. wiki

Anonymous said...

The four degrees of Language Endangerment[edit]
all generations use language in variety of settings
spoken by older people; not fully used in younger generations
only a few speakers (non-children) remain; no longer used as native language by children
no longer spoken or potentially spoken

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The silliest thing no one seems to get is that every cuntry and its sheeple get the government they deserve.

Trump hasn't done anything yet. Let's see if he can deliver---which will depend on Congress and The Senate. Remember, many Republicans who openly supported a Clinton presidency are also licking their wounds and royally pissed-off.

Talk is cheap. Let's see the results of the ACTION!

P.S.: IMO it doesn't matter which egotistical cunt gets in or how loud the cheering or jeering sheeple are. As an individual it is up to you to adjust and adapt to the changing environment and keep living an AWESOME LIFE as best you can. Fuck the government. Fuck the sheeple