The isolation of the Americans is the new trend

The American obsession to contain the rise of China in order to maintain world hegemony and domination culminated in the pivot to Asia policy shift of Obama. The key to this move was the decision to move a large portion of American forces and weapons spread across the world to Asia with troops and weapons moving into Australia and THAAD going into South Korea. America also went on to bolster defence agreements and alliance with its long time allies announcing to the world that relations with these allies have been elevated to strategic level, whatever that means. It continues to raise tensions in the South China Sea by mounting provocative 'freedom of navigation' infringement into Chinese islands, violating the 12nm territorial limits. The show of might and threatening the use of force by the Americans became the norm with Commander In Chief of Asia Pacific Region telling the soldiers to prepare for war, that war can be a reality at any moment.

On the economic front, the Americans floated the idea of a Transpacific Trade Pact to raise trade and economic cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region but ominously left out China, the largest economy in Asia and the world, from the Pact. And speaking in fork tongue, the Americans arrogantly declared that all these had nothing to do with the containment of China, still harbouring the colonial thinking that Asians are plain stupid and did not know what is the American agenda and intent.

Ash Carter arrogantly announced at the Shangri La Summit that China stood to be isolated by the Americans and its allies. Such bravado and confidence were soon, within a couple of months, to be turned around and to wipe the smugness and belligerent sly smile off his face when Asean countries started to change sides. The peak of American dominance and control of Asean countries was at the Shangri La Summit when the Americans could count on at least 5 Asean countries to carry its agenda to isolate China. The battle was aggressively fought in the Asean Summit in Laos when Asean countries broke ranks and Asean unity was in disarray.

Laos was the turning point of the American fortune. Not only China's closest allies in Laos and Cambodia defended China and held their grounds, the Philippines knocked the Americans off the table by making a volte face and refused to be the point man of the American attack against China. The Americans lost the biggest pawn in its anti China coalition and the attack fizzled out for lack of a front attacking guard.

Immediately following on the heels of the Philippines, Malaysia has now announced that it would seek closer relations with China and signing a long list of economic, military and trade agreement. Quietly Thailand, another arch ally of the Americans, has cosied up to China with many joint economic agreements as well.

Overnight, the three king pins of the American strategy to attack and contain China broke ranks leaving the Americans with only two staunch and hard core allies. Instead of isolating China in Asean, there are now more China friendly nations in Asean than pro American nations. The isolation of China in Asean has failed and turning into an isolation of the Americans within Asean.

This isolation of the Americans started much earlier in the wider context of Asia. China's two major economic initiatives, the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank(AIIB) and One Belt One Road Project have left the Americans high and dry. The Americans would arm bending all their allies to stay away from the AIIB but failed miserably. Nearly every one of the American allies have broke ranks with the Americans and are members or founding members of the AIIB. The Americans found themselves left out in the cold with only Japan sticking in close comfort. The Americans have isolated themselves from Asia in the AIIB. 

The same story was repeated in the OBOR Projects when the word ''American'' is unheard off, not in their vocabulary. The Chinese initiative involved hundreds of Asian and European countries except for the Americans and Japan, two countries that intentionally or otherwise, have been isolated from this Project.

Not only were the Americans being isolated in Asia, the Americans have been counted out in Latin American, banned from being a member of any Latin American association and membership. Likewise in Africa, other than the war torn countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa where the Americans muscled in with their military might and presence, the rest of Africa is keeping the Americans at arms length. Stay out Americans, you are not welcomed in Latin America and Africa.

Whether the Americans understood this dynamic shift in the balance of power and influence, whether they want to admit it or in a state of denial, Americans are no longer welcome in all the peaceful regions of the world and would not be allowed to create mischief and incite wars.

The isolation of the Americans is trending and gaining momentum. The days of the Empire are numbered and its light is waning.


Anonymous said...

"The isolation of the Americans is trending and gaining momentum."

Not really lah.

Notwithstanding Donald Trump as President, I think PM Lee for one will still prefer to be closer to the Americans than to China.

U don't expect PM Lee to buy advanced weapons and fighter jets for SAF from China, do u?

And given the choice between American and China universities, which one do u think Sinkies or other people would prefer to attend?

US has products like Microsoft, Facebook and Google for the world. How many such equivalent China or other countries' products are there?

And with that, how can isolation of the Americans be trending and gaining momentum, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Empire rises and falls same as the sun. Nothing in this world is permanent. In any case, I believe Trump could only stay for 4 years. Next elections, he will be out.

Anonymous said...

The Ying / Yang forces are at work. When the white Americans become too strong and powerful and too evil and wicked the Ying-Yang forces will naturally kick in to keep the balance. The all too powerful ( YANG Force ) Americans will naturally face debacles and its power curbed while the opposite weak force ( YING Force ) will be boosted to balance the evil all too powerful Americans. And if the Evil Empire, USA continues to build up its evil power to extremes it will eventually result in self destruction. This is I-Ching, a Chinese geo-social philosophical thought for thousands of years.


Anonymous said...

Trump might face a dilemma when he sworn in as US President next yr Jan. First, if he choose an isolationist & protectionist US, then many of his people will have no jobs & his gahmen also no monies. Or Second, if he would open up US (with new Trade deals & even include China & Russia), then maybe his people will have jobs & bring prosperity. As for defence, US may choose a more defence mode rather than an aggressive stand. For immigration, a carefully vetted immigration at its borders ( include barriers up at its borders) to reduce crimes (maybe not to take a racist stunt to increase unrest), gradually repatriating immigrants that r illegal & criminals to improve security. As for health care, a further enhancement of Obamacare to take care of his people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:58 am, I quite agree with your analysis about Trump as President.

It is good for America and the world, especially the defence aspect.

But too bad lah for Hsien Loong, TPPA is dead. But maybe not that bad for Sinkies but also not that good as well.

Anonymous said...

If interest rates rise under Trump, it will be good for Sinkie depositers, especially those rich retirees. More bang for their buck.

Anonymous said...

I think RB missed out 2 allies for US: Korea and Taiwan. The 4 hard core allies are Japan, Korean, Singapore and Taiwan in Asia.

Alliance with US will be more expensive. Japan pays 75% cost of US army stationing in Japan. The charbor defense chief has refused to pay more. But Trump had vowed to ask Japanese to foot more bills. 75% to may be 100%?

Trump is not interested to be the Asia super power. Watch if he will build the "great wall" at border to keep Mexicans illegal and drug men away. If he does, he meant business.
So Koreans and Japanese and Taiwanese and Singaporenese will be trapped.
They are to buy American weapons. Taiwanese buy at higher prices than market and often outdated weapons. I guess Trump will sell these countries new weapons, at a premium price.

These countries cannot bargain for more. They have bases and want the US s protection.

Protection money is not free.

What will bring in for owning F35 for these 4 countries (may be taiwan cannot own due to china s threat)? Can they use to bomb neighboring countries?

Will Trump care if Japan want to use F35 against China? My guess is: up to u. Use up can buy again. That can be Trump s idea behind.

Trump is NOT too happy to be Whitehouse man. He was not so delighted when first visited Obama in White house last week (from watching TV). Could be uncertainty he will face make him sober.

My guess is: Trump was toolan when looking at the run down Whitehouse. Trump s office and home are decorated with gold color, shining like sunlight. Whitehouse is like an old victorian home in UK, the smell could upset the stomach i guess.

So Trump will be most likely business like. His job is to rebuild US. Clear the 19x 10 power 16 (16 zero behind 19) USD debts.

I hope the 4 countries leaders are as good as Trump to think for their own nations and to clear the public debts, similar to Duterte who think for average pinoys concerns. If leaders are not thinking for their countries, who do voters still voting for them with 70% support? That is a mystery of the century.

Anonymous said...

"The isolation of the Americans is trending and gaining momentum."

What about LHL?
"Is the isolation of PM Lee trending and gaining momentum?"

No need to replace PAP.
Isn't it easier and faster just to replace LHL as PAP's leader?
No more LHL, then no more mental masturbation.
And PAP can go back to being the political party we all know and love.

Self-Appointed Consultant said...

There is no isolation of USA. Anyone who thinks and believes that there is or will be isolation is delusional.

The USA has more than 900 military bases around the world. 400 of these are encircling China; another 300 encircle Russia; 100 in the Middle-East and another 100 in all other places, as far north as the Alaska and North Pole and as far south as the Antarctica.

Trump is going to reduce these bases to a much lesser number but he will increase the overall military forces - army, navy, marines, air force. He will also expand the use of space by giving NASA a free hand to explore new possibilities.

Trump's 'America First' Policy is not just a policy. It is his Economic Strategy to increase jobs, jobs, jobs in the US and prevent factories from moving abroad, yet at the same time give incentives for Overseas US Manufacturers to return to open factories in the US, using carrot and stick methodology.

As far as military alliance and protection for friendly countries, Trump is going to make all those Free-Loaders for the past donkey years to pay their dues for the defense of their own countries - to contribute to the expenses of the US Military Forces' Annual Expenditure in protecting them. In other words - collecting Protection Money like the Mafias.

As far as Trade is concerned, Trump wants FAIR Trade, not FREE Trade, where Free-Loaders benefit most, while the US becomes the Big Sucker.

Though it is going to be "America First", Trump, however, has emphasized that he would work with everyone (EVERYONE) on a FAIR Footing. He does not mean that he will not care about others. The key word is "FAIR" to both parties or all parties.

Anonymous said...

It is so clear now how the world is gonna evolve in next six months. UK Labor party McDonnell, labor s shadow finance minister has came out to support May s plan to trigger Article 50 to leave EU next year Q1. The block in UK high court will not work any more.

UK once not bound by EU will most likely establish separate trade agreement with China and US. The 4 hard core US Obama Hillary alliance in the East will face choices they have to make fast. US will deal with China separately, and Trump had promised UK Brexit a trade deal before its referendum.

McDonnell s promise to support Tory signaled the end of Hillary s dream: Globalization.

I learned this only weeks back when reading Wikileaks news report. Hillary in email said she dreamed to have a world having no border. I began to understand why at little dot the leeder treated globalization like God s wish. It was Hillary s dream.

The implementation of world without border in little dot leaves emptied shops in every malls. Factories buildings without tenants are the most dangerous. The whole place become a risk to female workers after dark. This is the result of leeder s dream plans.
Congratualations to Singaporenese s dream become true: factories without good investors. Products without customers to buy because of low grade quality.

Some food stuff still bother to marked "made in Singapore" label. Electronic goods marked with "made in singapore" label would be left on shelve unsold. Go ask Sim Lim Sq if what i said is true.

Use of cheap and unqualified 3rd world labor has harmed singapore s reputation as a result of globalization, no border for labor concept. In EU, this concept has brought in IsIs into EU as immigrants. The nightmare is hidden some time later. Hopefully, singapore s discovery of a few immigrants who taught each other to stab someone from the back and poke the knife into the chest will not lead to real nightmare. Leeders are isolated now. There is no one going to spend them dinner for doing "no border" hiring.

Anonymous said...

Trump bluffed his way to the White House. Again peasants are the victims of politicians' lies. Bet he will downplay his promises and introduce token measures. Life goes on.

Anonymous said...

Leeders are isolated now.
2:20 pm

With strong support from Sinkie voters, majority of which are doing OK (or else why would they support leeders, tio bo?), leeders will never be isolated, at least not in their own country.

And at least 60% support and 93% seats won, even in the worst of times for leeders and Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Trump bluffed his way to the White House.
3:31 pm

Trump is already a billionaire but he is willing to be in politics to fight for ordinary Americans and contest elections. And because of that plus his wealth and business credentials, he won the confidence and votes of ordinary Americans!

Which Sinkie billionaire is willing to do the same like Trump?

Sinkie opposition are not only a bunch of disunited but also money no enough lot. Like that how to gain the confidence and votes of majority Sinkies?

b said...

A world without borders does not exist. The world is with borders - nature made or human made. What people need to do is to overcome those borders by cooperation, agreement and respect by controlled immigration. Only those that satisfied certain criteria can immigrate. This will help people upgrade themselves and gov to make their country attractive to their own people or else those with abilities will migrate. The world is with some borders to make the world a better place. A world without borders will soon make people end up like animals preying on each other and only the most violence will survive.

b said...

Trump focus is to rebuild America. He may have no time to meddle with Asia and rest of the world. But only time can tell whether that is good or not.

Anonymous said...

Make Singapore Great Again!

Make Singapore Great Again!

Unknown said...

I like the views of the commentators on this blog, most are independent thinkers that don't buy into the Msm narrative. A lot other Singapore forums people just follow the Msm narrative.

Refuting the Lies of Liars said...

Anonymous @ November 15, 2016 3:31 pm,

Quote: "Trump bluffed his way to the White House. Again peasants are the victims of politicians' lies. Bet he will downplay his promises and introduce token measures. Life goes on."

Based on your comment, either you are the one who is bluffing or you must be an idiot to believe what you have been reading from local Singapore Newspapers and TV programs that churn out lies and half-truths to misinform and disinform.

If you bother to check and verify, you will find that most of the local news are taken from New York Times and AP. These two mainstream media are outright bias against Trump and are in collusion with the Clinton Camp for they are part of the Special Interests Group that paid millions of dollars of donations to Hillary Clinton to support her Presidential Campaign.

In reality, the reverse of your statement is true. It is Hillary Clinton who bluffed her way through the whole Presidential Campaign. She had cheated all the way. She has been a congenital liar all her career of 37 years. Ironically, it was New York Times itself back in 2008 that labelled Hillary Clinton as a Congenital Liar! (source: http://www.nytimes.com/1996/01/08/opinion/essay-blizzard-of-lies.html)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Self Appointed Consultant, welcome to the blog.

The isolation of the USA is nothing delusional. This is just the beginning. The Asean states used to be in the pocket of the Americans but now at most only 2 or 3 are on the American side. Another two East European states have voted leaders that are pro Russia. America's influence in the Middle East is faltering with the ascension of Russia. Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Libya are all against the Americans.

Yes, the Americans still retain all their military bases around the world, especially in the semi colonies in Japan and South Korea. They are not going to stay in the Philippines and Vietnam. The chain is broken.

Anonymous said...

"She has been a congenital liar all her career of 37 years. Ironically,"
Anon 4:44pm

Very much so. I was hoping US voters took Wikileaks email leads that Hillary was aware of Saudi and Qarta supported IsIs when she was secretary of state. She allowed weapons to be given to the "moderate" anti Syrian militants, Nusruas, who are actually IsIs now fighting at Aleppo. The Nusruas have changed name after new alliance. This lead was consistent to US army s action to bomb Syrian troops on the ground. The recent one killed 240 Syrian troops. Further away, UN humanitarian convoy was bombed. These "mistakes" by US and the West triggered Putin to deployed S300 at Syria base.
Bombing of Syrian troops stopped.
Supply of arms to support the IsIs at Aleppo continued. Few days back, Syrian troops captured a big supply of western fire arms and anti tank weapons to IsIs fighters.

A world of someone telling us they are white and upright, but actually they are doing something evil in the dark. This is how i see Hillary.

Whether one is upright or evil, he has to make a stand. Do i support IsIs? Never. Because the way IsIs killing its enemies and the captured civilians made me go against such beasts. I cannot stand at Obama s side to play white and black and black and white game. Obama Hillary s game finally met the guy who cares about average americans. Its US s beginning to turn, for good or for bad, it turns the world towards taking a clear stand against IsIs. For little dot, against such evil beasts has to be a common stand or else, little dot will kaput, close shop, if it supports IsIs indirectly. Agree?

b said...

Trump is unpredictable and that is well known. He may well be the best usa president ever. People should give him the benefit of doubt and only time can tell. Anyway, underdog always surprises.

Anonymous said...

Japan Abe will take over TPP to run the group in order to exclude China.

What is the value of TPP to all its members without US market? Do they want China market?
But Japan joins RCEP that China is said to lead.

"After the talks with Trump, Abe is set to participate in a summit of TPP member countries on the fringes of a regional gathering in Peru. The prime minister said he will seek the leaders’ agreement that they will each continue to push forward with the ratification process."