The Dodds Report: Enslaving the Philippines to serve American and Japanese interest

The Dodds Report: Enslaving the Philippines to serve American and Japanese interest.

Enslaving the Philippines to serve American and Japanese interest.

In 1898 America invaded the Philippines and after slaughtering hundreds of thousands of heroic Philipino resistance fighters it brought the Philippines under its colonial control. The Americans treated the Philippinos with derision and disrespect as low class conquered people. Throughout the half century of American imperial rule , the Americans have always plundered the rich resources of the Philippines to serve its colonial masters' interest. It had never occured to the Americans to lift up the welfare and status of the Philippinos and therefore either nothing was done or only  the bearest minimum was done to help the Philippines in education, commerce, industry or running a government with good governance. Transportation and infrastructure was never developed . That's why the Philippines today remains as the most backward among the Asean countries.

After the Second World War America wanted to build up  a defeated Japan as a powerful industrial base to serve its interest of confronting Russia and China  in the Cold War. The Americans made use of the Philippines mainly as the supplier of raw materials for its military industrial bases in Japan . And Japan was brought up as deputy sheriff to protect and oversee American interest in Asia. The dignity and pride of the Philippinos interest was never taken into consideration.

Below a US secret report ( The Dodds Report  ) pertaining to the Philippines was accidentally discovered. When the Philippinos came to know this report they went wild with rage and hatred for the Americans.

The Dodds Report.       Enslaving the Philippines to serve American and Japanese interest.
"In 1946, the Truman administration adopted the recommendation of the Dodds Report which proposed that JAPAN be developed as the PRIMARY, if not sole, INDUSTRIAL POWERHOUSE in the Asia-Pacific region and that countries like the PHILIPPINES should be preserved as RAW MATERIAL ECONOMIES, obviously to service the requirements of Japan's factories.

‘’As the Asia-Pacific war came to a close, the U.S. made a fateful decision to UTILIZE JAPAN as the base from which to project U.S. MILITARY POWER, and that required the development of Japan as an industrial powerhouse. But since Japan is a nation bereft of natural resource, the plan required that countries like the PHILIPPINES be PRESERVED as raw material economies to ensure Japan with a continuing and permanent source of raw material.

‘’We owe our knowledge of the Dodds Report to the late Salvador Araneta who, during his self-exile in Canada during the martial law years, uncovered the existence of the document and denounced it in his book America's Double-Cross of the Philippines.

Some earlier comments on the Dodds Report

    ganzhuolin simon li

    Proving that Duterte was right all along re his strong feelings against the US..!

    Curious how such an important fact that Japan is resource-poor is often forgotten. No doubt that's why Japan waged war in the Pacific. They wanted it all. But now they've partially gotten what they wanted - aided by an imperialistic America seeing the chance to dominate the world but needing a strong and submissive Japan to oversee Asia. So the former colony of the US, the Phillipines, becomes Japan's resource 'factory' and the Phillipinos their slaves, their labour feeding Japan's (and America's might).

    Why couldn't Japan seek win-win deals with their Asian neighbours? Surely that's better than war. But to the government at the time, and as now with Abe that's a no-no. That would mean Japan was no longer the superior nation in Asia; it's just one of us. And that's unacceptable! The notion that they're the 'whitest' nation in Asia, a fantasy fed to Japanese nationalists by egotistical US politicians seduced by their own 'exceptionalism', has to be maintained.

    But now there is Duterte, and the Phillipinos have their hands on the steering wheel for a change. Good for them!

    By some strange quirk Duterte has within his reach the chance to change history in Asia - from tension, animosity, possible war, poverty and more poverty to that of accommodation, win-win for all, peace and prosperity...

    I pray for him and hope he is well-protected...

    SH ganzhuolin

    You may be on to sonething there. Quite right.
Duterte should insist that the Japanese government certify the sushi served is not from Fukushima waters!

Fre Okin Ban by TNI Boo!

Duterte may try to convince Abe US is no good for Japan just as he see US is no good for Philippines. Abe of course try to convince Duterte US is very good for the alliance and he should welcome US military forces.

If Duterte cannot convince Abe, he might present him a "dog on a leash" photo to impress on his host not to be that dog. A very subtle way of telling his host to have a backbone.
5th November,2016


Virgo 49 said...

How's the British Imperial And the American,Dutch,Francis plus tge Japs Empires so wealthy all these last century? ?

The Taiwanese still worship the Japs as their forefathers instead of PRC as they are spared from their atrocities.

They robbed and plundered Asian countries that's why.

Now those dafts still believe in them.

Including Loony Loon plus Aung Suki and the yellow bananas.

They still want to be colonised and enjoyed staus quo as traitors to their fellow Asians.

Anonymous said...

"Duterte may try to convince Abe US is no good for Japan just as he see US is no good for Philippines."

Why would Duterte want to convince Abe US is no good for Japan?

And why should Japan listen to, let alone be convinced, by Duterte?

Why would smart, money making Sinkies want to join the Sinkie opposition?

And why should PAP fear the Sinkie opposition, let alone listen to the kpkb of Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

The Japanese are not stupid. So is Abe. They know that their Number One Enemy is the American, the country that dropped two atom bombs on them and have since kept them as a colony. The Americans are the masters of the Japanese. More than 100 American bases in Japan, to fight China, no, to keep Japan as a colony just like the Special Forces in the Philippines, not to fight the rebels but to feed the rebels and keep the rebels alive as justification to be in the Philippines.

The Japanese are playing stupid to the Americans. They are trying to set up the Americans to go on a nuclear war with China. Harry Harris was preparing for war in the SCS until he was shut up by Washington. The Americans are not stupid either and would not go to war with China provoked and fixed up by the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

American not stupid, Japan not stupid but who is the clever one. I say Ah Jib. He got himself democratically elected,

then appoint his own AG, Judge, Police Chief, etc control the news media and get a donation from Saudi, now cash rich .

Now he is in control, he can say black is white, implementing Gst is to help the country, and so on. The people can kpkb

but cannot do anything. Ah wait for next election and kick him out.

Ah Jib has the support of the not very educated ulu people but not in the city especially the Chinese. So he ges to China

sign many contracts, get red carpet treatment . By doing this do you think he can swing at least 40 percent of the Chinese votes

And with his cash he will be the PM again.

A note for the bananas, if China is not where it is to day I think the Red Shirts will be more violent maybe another May13.

Somebody Saying Something said...

Sun Tzu said, "Know thy enemy, know thy-self, a thousand battles a thousand victories!" = Knowledge.

Mao-Tse-Tung said, "Power comes out of the barrel of the gun!" = Military Powwer.

Deng Xiaoping said, "White cat or black cat, as long as you can catch the rat!" = Economic Growth.

Xi Jinping said, "Knowledge, Economic Growth, Military, Scientific and Technological Powers - all these go Hand-in-Gloves, but the most important of all is to win the war without fighting!" = Peaceful Diplomacy.