Sue the stock exchange

OK I must be careful here. When I said sue the stock exchange I am referring to the NYSE, not SGX. SGX is the best stock exchange in Asia, maybe the best in the world, with excellent governance, good checks and balance system in place, good people in charge, the best money can buy, and with a lot of stringent monitoring and controls to make sure everything is fine, and no donkey or monkey business, no foul or fraudulent practices allowed. Investors playing in the SGX are so blessed to be investing in the safest and best regulated stock market in the world.

OK let me return to the NYSE. The people managing this stock market must be sued till their pants dropped and be put behind bars for mismanaging the stock market and allowed all kinds of frauds and fraudulent practices in the system and pretending that all is ok, legal and good practices. How can it be ok when the stock market is turned into a casino?

Let me just briefly list a few things that the stock exchange did. Bringing in IPOs from countries far far away that they have no effective control and no means of taking legal measures against fly by night companies and allowing such operators to cheat the innocent investors of their hard earned monies. These half baked companies were allowed to list, to take the money from IPOs and then let the companies collapse and the investors losing their pants. And the stock exchange just look the other way, appearing so innocent, not their business, you play with your eyes open while they pocketed the listing fees. They would not take responsibilities for allowing snake oil salesmen selling fly by night companies to list. Not their problem. They did not do anything wrong, not just one case but hundreds of similar cases, and the poor investors left to lick their wounds, money gone. This is crime against the innocent.

What about algo and computer trading, high speed trading? These buggers were allowed to take advantage of their super computers, to even locate their computers next to the exchange to be nearer and faster, to trade against the innocent investors. Such unfair practices, uneven playing field, are accepted as normal, nothing wrong, fair practices? Aren’t these cheatings? Why are the innocent public investors being made to play in a stock exchange that was rigged against them and the stock exchange management proudly claimed that there was nothing wrong? Unfair practices, unfair advantages and nothing wrong? OK, I never said the exchange was rigged. I only repeat what the western media and experts were saying.

Is the stock exchange supposed to provide a level playing field, ensure fair practices, ensure that everyone has a fair and even chance to trade and make or lose money? Why are the supercomputers allowed to trade against ill equipped ordinary people? Fair? Where is the fairness, where is the justice when small investors are cheated or taken advantage of by the computer traders?

And there are many many advantages that the computer traders have over the small investors and the stock exchange management just closed an eye and said nothing wrong. The computer traders with their super computers are allowed, legally sanctioned to do what they are doing by the stock exchange!

Now, should not the American public sue the stock exchange and the management and send them behind bars? Difficult, because many senators and congressmen and women are in some way paid to shut up and not to look at the crimes committed against the small investors.

Surely there must be some righteous and honourable senators and congressmen and women that would be willing to take up this injustice in the stock exchange, to protect the interest of the American public, the small investors, from fraud and malpractices. No? no fraud, no malpractices?

Who is bluffing who? When rights and wrongs are brushed aside and ignored, it is time for the American stock exchange to collapse. The rot is at the top, at the management of the stock exchange, including the government. They must be sued and justice brought to bear on them.

Save the small investors and the stock exchange. Why are the Americans living in such ignorance and being cheated without protesting when they are so good at suing? They have many very clever lawyers to frame the charges to bring the crooks managing the exchange to justice.


Anonymous said...

The whole American system has been run by crooks, rogues and scoundrels for decades since the end of Second World War. Who is behind the nefarious system and who is pulling the string? The Anglo Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati cabal is behind the system and they are calling all the shots. The cabal sanction must be approved for all appointments in Wall Street, Washington, the White House, the judiciary, banking and finance, the police , the military, the Pentagon and CIA. Most senior officers of the American administration are members of the cabal. The NYST will serve the interest of the cabal and enrich the organisation by the hundreds of billions of dollars. CIA runs the rich covert drug, heroin and narcotic trade and trafficking throughout the six continents and the warmongers in Pentagon starts wars everywhere to prop up its military industrial complex thus profiting billions of dollars from its sale of military hardware to other countries. The whole American system and administration is rotten and corrupted to the core right up to the presidency.

Eagles Eyes.

Anonymous said...

Eagles Eyes, you are making the bananas very angry for revealing the truths about their white gods that can do no evil.

Anonymous said...

That is why you must invest only in the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
Your money will be safe there.

Virgo49 said...

Come Tuesday, when Donald Trump been President-elect on WEDNESDAY, the NYSE will tumble and no need to sue.

USA stocks,shares and equities including Rest of World will be sell offs.

US dollars down. I sin S$ to 1 US. Can change ringitt of Sin1 to RM4.00??

Likewise SGX also sell off. Most companies would be in negative territories, favourite quote by news readers.

So, Red October, blood baths everywhere. Properties tumbled. Those who had more than one property earning passive incomes with neck high mortages still in force will have to jump from Marina Bay Sands, Served them right for not only bringing inconveniences to their fellow neighbours but also jumping into band wagons of GREED.

Even gambling in casinos have better wins. Sixty to Forty chance.

But this time round don't bank too much on bank shares as in 1997 financial burn down where some became millionaires buying low and selling high at profits of 1000 percent.

Now bank shares will be kaput. When Banks kaput, countries also kaput.

Sinking land no exception.

Anonymous said...

Rb //OK I must be careful here.//

Somebolee "should" know yew r tawking about them but "will act blur", "pretend nothing happen" but will likely always "stick out" like a GIANT "sore thumb"?

Anonymous said...

The best stock exchange is BEIJING STOCK EXCHANGE.
SGX is only 3rd best. Must sack the CEO.

Anonymous said...

12:23 pm

Hahahaha. Best joke about stock exchange. Even RB can't tell it better.

Anonymous said...

As sgx is the best exchange, the American companies should consider listing here instead!

b said...

Stock exchanges have always been running like a casino. 願賭服輸 .

Anonymous said...

Only companies that got no where to list will come here.