Native Americans call Whitemen pale face who speak with fork tongues and are untrustworthy

I refer to yesterday's article ,    'Gunther Ottinger, You 'slit eyes and sly dogs'

White men think too highly of themselves. In the last few centuries during the hay day of their imperialism they were able develop and enrich themselves at the expense of the people of Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. With the might of their guns they were able to attack, invade,  kill , slaughter and rob off the wealth and resources of  their colonies with impunity. They have forgotten that before the 17th century the Europeans were by and large living a drab and miserable poor life compared to that of the Chinese in China. But the twist of fortune seems to have changed against white men now and they don't seem to realise that their fortune is at the ebbing tide and will soon reach the nadir of their misery again. They are too full of themselves and like to disparage and cast aspersions on others with very rude and uncivilise remarks.

Some years back in 2010 , a  British  musician had seen fit to call Chinese people as subspecies, and I had to object to what he said and wrote a reply to tell him that he and his likes are not only uncultured and uncivilised but also worst than subhuman. Below I reproduce the article of my reply to his ill remark.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:42 pm    Post subject: Low class British musician calling Chinese "subspecies "    
Low class British singer calling Chinese "subspecies".

A low class British singer called Morrissey described the Chinese people as "subspecies",saying that he did not like the way some Chinese treat animals. He said this in an interview with a British poet Simon Armitage in the Guardian Weekend magazine. This most uncultured and uncivilised barbarian whom I will describe as lower than subhuman conveniently prefers to ignore that his own kind the Westerners or Europeans have for centuries willfully illtreated animals in the form of sport or game and as a stake in mass gambling. I refer to the wanton and extreme cruelty meted out to bulls in the rings where their matadors stab the bulls repeatedly with very sharp steel daggers causing the bulls to die a slow agonizing death. While the matadors were carrying out the senseless and merciless killing of the bulls ,the whole horde of spectators would watch with scintillating delight by clapping, stamping their feet and shouting endless encouragement to the matadors , treating them as heroes. In the meantime millions of dollars were made by the organisers and the matadors , while the masses by and large made or lost further millions in betting. It is a casino at the expense of cruelty to the innocent bulls. A similar kind of cruelty to dolphins are being carried out in certain Scandinavian countries. Here the European contestants challenged to see who can club to death and cut off the most dolphin heads. The only difference here is that the arena of death for the dolphins is in the beaches. But just as in the bull ring money is made at the expense of killing the innocent dolphins and when the killing is done the sea is turned into a sea of red with the dolphins blood.

The sport of killing innocent animals was extended to killing of innocent humans as a sport. The wild marauding White men from Europe would descend on Africa and the Americas in the cruel days of colonisation in the seventeen and eighteen century . Here the white men would challenge to see who could shoot the greatest numbers of natives - men, women and children , no exception taken.

May be Morrissey and Simon Armitage would like to clarify how civilise and how human Westerners are compare with other people.In the case of other people, cruelty to animals may be sporadic and limited to small group of individuals, but in the case of Westerners cruelty to animals is a national sport as witnessed in the bull rings in Europe and United States and the bashing of dolphins to death in some Scandinavian countries . The sad thing is that the sport of killing animals is extended to the killing of innocent and defenseless natives in both Africa and America. Maybe Morrissey would now like to let the whole world know who belong to the "subspecies" and whether he himself is uncivilised , uncultured and worst still less than subhuman.

Under the guise of championing Human Rights and Democracy, whitemen led by white Americans are now on a killing spree again. They are now creating wars everywhere, killing innocent people by the hundreds of thousands , bringing great suffering and pains to millions more, destroying countries and toppling regimes to achieve their evil objective of world hegemony and total control. They are uncivilised, uncultured and being lower than subhuman they are lacking even in the most fundamental limits of ethics and morals of human conduct and behaviour and must not be allowed to go on a killing path again with impunity.


9th November, 2016


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The white men's bombing and murdering of the Middle Eastern and African people only led to their forced migration to Europe and the USA to take over the land of the white marauders. These migrants would end up being the masters of Europe and USA one day. This is the reward of what you sowed you shall reap.

Anonymous said...

Many overseas Chinese have colonial hang especially those in Singapore and Hongkong and they talk, behave and think that they are also white. No doubt they are like bananas, white inside but yellow outside. Culturally and intellectually they are western oriented and will even smile and feel great even when white men spit at them. They must remember, a thousand things may change but ethnic roots and surname can never be changed. Once you lose your identity you lose your selfrespect, dignity and integrity and you will have no place to hide in this world.

Eagles Eyes

Virgo49 said...

The Whites must be humiliated both financially and militarily before they stopped behaving as superior race.

Now already chia sai in most of their countries and yet behave they are well off.

Because of their plunders of others like hai chaiks and land gangsters that their currencies are still above par most other currencies that they are living in dreamland of richer than others. Just like sinkies who compared theirs to their Malaysian cousins.

When their enconmies plus ours plunges, then they be beggars including sinkies.

Lastly, China dealt a final blow militarily to them, will be their last.

Too many Asians worshipped them thinking they are great. In.fact they are worse off financially than you.

Now you see them in SSC gyms paying 3.50 for entry and 2.00 for swimming in public pools.

Anonymous said...

There is such a white supremacist about to become president. Maybe he will bring about their comeuppance a lot faster. Lol

b said...

At least the whites installed monogamy which already makes the world much much much better. Every race has some good and bad points. Learn to accept and take the good points and discard the bad points. No race is perfect. The yellow race manchuria, japs and mongols did not take good care of their own race. Many yellow race taken care better by white race. Heart is more important than race.

b said...

Remember, the manchurians treated the people like pigs and forced them wear pig tails as humiliation. Did the whites forced people wear pig tails? I think they liberated the chinese from the malicious manchurians rule.