MH370 – The strange mysteries

The disappearance of MH370 without a trace after 3 years is itself a mystery waiting to be solved. The tragedy of losing 239 lives on board is unmentionable and if this is the work of some evil men and women, let them be condemned when the truth is revealed. The truth will surfaced, only a matter of time. It is too big an object and too many lives involved to be covered and forgotten.

The disappearance is a big mystery so far. But there are many other mysteries happening surrounding its disappearance in the followup actions and search for this missing aircraft. I will try to list down some of the mysteries that demands an explanation.

The first mystery is the wild goose chase in the Antarctic Ocean for an aircraft lost in the South China Sea while heading towards China. Today, after the silly searches by silly reasonings, the truth that the whole search was a hoax becomes more obvious. Only very wicked people would mislead the affected and concerned parties to search in the wrong place and wasting precious time and resources from looking at more likely places.

Another mystery, the world’s Number One busybody,  the one that knows everything, the USA, was unusually silent on this incident. They did not bother and did not want to show how clever they were, their technical knowhow, the aircraft was American, to lend a helping hand.  The reticence and non participation of the Americans is suspiciously mysterious.

And the next mystery is the little western outpost, Australia, assuming the role of experts in missing aircraft and searching for missing aircraft. When has Australia acquired such expertise and became the voice and authority in this incident? Did Australia build the aircraft, was there a specialized centre in Australia to do all the testing of aircraft parts that no other countries could do better?

What about the mysterious resurfacing of little bits and pieces of aircraft parts, supposedly to be from MH370 appearing in African coast? For these bits and pieces of airframe sheet metal to be washed ashore in Africa is already a mystery difficult to explain and very strange. The strangest thing is that every little bit of the sheet metal found seemed to have been stamped with numerals to announce that they came from MH370. Anyone familiar with the aircraft industry would know that rarely were numerals imprinted on sheet metal on an aircraft. And the whole airframe is sheet metal, mostly with no identification or need to have numerals printed on them. Numerals or serial numbers are normally on instruments and pieces of equipment on the aircraft imprinted by their manufacturers.  Numerals on sheet metal?  It was like someone made it a point to print identification numbers on every piece of sheet metal found to ensure that everyone would believe that these were from MH370 and the bogus theory that it crashed in the Antarctic Ocean is true. And as the story goes, nearly every piece of the sheet metal has numerals on them to say, ‘I came from MH370’. How coincidental, and how evident?

What can be more mysterious that all the parts must be sent to Australia, the overnight experts, to do the testing to confirm that the parts were from MH370, and in most cases pronounced so only to be rejected or denied later as not true or not sure? In reality, every piece of sheet metal is practically the same and no one can tell the difference or where it came from, unless there are specific numerals imprinted on them. No amount of test can tell otherwise. There are no ‘thumbprints’ to talk about and to rely on.

Do these mysteries tell a story, explain the bigger mystery of the missing MH370?

Why are the Americans so silent about the missing MH370, none of their business when everything in the whole world is their business? When an embezzling case involving the Malaysian govt and Malaysians, nothing to do with the Americans, could lead to the American Justice Dept ordering an investigation and to recover the missing money that did not belong to the Americans but to the Malaysian govt? Why the Americans did not deem fit to commission an investigation as the aircraft was a Boeing 777, American made?

Why is this busybody so quiet, so unusually quiet, exceptionally quiet about the missing MH370? This is the biggest mystery of all the mysteries surrounding the MH370 disappearance.


patriot said...

Almost all the Suspicions
listed by Chin Leng are
In all Airline Disasters,
the Aircraft and Engine
Manufacturers are duty
bound to carry out full investigations and to report them for victims as well as the World at large to know
and for the Families of those affected to follow up.

As noted by Chin Leng; the US Aviation Authority, Boeing and the Engine Maker(reportedly Rolls Royce if me am not mistaken) are just too quiet for comfort.

On the other hand, Australia was and is playing a hugely dispropotionate role in this case. lt Former Prime Minister was an overnight expert of the Trajedy. He showed himself to have more
knowledge than the Coconut Bomoh from Malaysia. He has proven himself to be a nut without coco and got booted out by his people soon after.

PRC Citizens were the Majority Casualties and they
launched extensive search for
the longest time. l believe the PRC will be at it for a long time to come.
l oso believe, the PRC has its' own idea about the Trajedy and are playing along
with the Perpetrator(s).

The Case could remain a mystery for a long time.


Anonymous said...

Being silent, not wanting to provide any information or say anything, is itself a good piece of information.
The US has many satelites up in the sky about the earth, especially focusing areas in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.
The US has airborne radars on 24/7 round the clock surveillance focusing on land, air and sea.
The US has warships patrolling the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean with long-range radars and fighter aircraft, with advanced avionics, flying in the sky above.
Why with such vast amount of surveillance capabilities, the US is unable to detect MH370? If that is the case, then all those vast amount of surveillance equipment are useless. That means any other country's aircraft can easily attack US installations with ease, is it not? But I don't think so. Then it would only mean that the US have the information about MH370 but refused to volunteer any information to Malaysia nor to the World. WHY?

The latest information from independent sources confirms that MH370 is in Israel! And the Captain has appeared in a Taiwan Hospital.

Virgo49 said...

Better hope DT be President. If not, more Malaysian airplanes,,aha goes missing.

Nasib so friendly with China. Durte also goes missing or meet his Maker.

Our Loony Loong smart sinkie allied with USA.

Very safe bet.

Anonymous said...

if only Singapore would as a vulnerable small city State can imagine to defy the foreign policy preference of the protective hegemon . Removing the chains of colonial legacy is a torture .

Pap govt is very close to Japan another colonial power who attacked us and occupied and killed many of us.1943-1945
Is still celebrating the 50 years of ties between Japan and Singapore when their govt ministers and law makers are still honouring the class A war criminals there at the time
.so sickening.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Singapore should celebrate the Japanese Occupation as our glorious past history and build a few statues of the Japanese Generals and placed them beside the Shook Ching monuments.

Anonymous said...

So that those jepunkia law makers and ministers should they come to Singapore can at go and bow at those terrorists of the war ? Afterall when Abe ,PAP security partner cum geo-political best friend came to Singapore he was not requested or volunteer to pay a respect to the war dead ,victims of their atrocities.

Such insincere and dishonorable action of honouring the war criminals that committed acts of crimes against humanity speaks volume.

patriot said...

Like to relate my personal experiences that l had having live for about 66 years.

Had been prosyletized by schoolmates, colleagues, friends almost entirely of the Same Race to convert me to be Christian, Soka and Muslim.
Here at My Singapore News and at Facebook, there are much people blaming the Japanese, Angmo and
even past mass killers liked Hitler, Bonaparke, Mao Ze Dong etc.
Yet, Sinkies have honoured People who
worked for Japanese Imperial Army who targeted the Chinese Race for annihilation and plunder. ln fact honoured is too mild a word, it's reverence and idolization. Some prostrated to the Traitors and Betrayors
of their Race and Countrymen with not
a tinge of hesistation.

Sinkie Chinese are as Unique as Sin is
known to be.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Singapore should celebrate the Japanese Occupation as our glorious past history and build a few statues of the Japanese Generals and placed them beside the Shook Ching monuments.

Or you can action yourself be a hero do a few Japs to show your patriotism ?

Instigating others to do your bidding ?

Anonymous said...

The pilot of MH370, Zaharie Shah, looks like a nice guy.

See this Youtube video and hear his voice patiently teaching us how to clean our aircon unit -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atQZtEEcE4c

Such a personality who take the trouble to put up a video to help others doesn't seem like one who would do harm to others.

Anonymous said...

So many rubbish theories had been floated by the evil people to mislead everyone from the truth. They think the Asians are so stupid to be so easily conned.