LKY – No crutch mentality

The history of Singapore has always been ‘no crutch mentality’ since the colonial days through to the days of LKY.  The British brought in the migrants and left them to their own doings. They worked themselves out to eke a living. Some made it good, some made it less good. The only leg up given by the British was to the Eurasians and those English educated.

During the earlier years of the PAP rule, there were pressures and great temptations to offer the crutch to the minorities but were stoically and firmly opposed by the no nonsense LKY govt. Crutch mentality is not only dangerous and a burden to the system, it was also rightly resisted by the LKY govt for undermining the pride and drive of the favoured group.

The minorities have survived the last 50 years without a crutch and did well though could have been better. Some may complained but there is pride in their achievements against the odds for being minorities.

Are the minorities asking for the crutch or should the crutch be offered to them and compromise their efforts and achievement all these years that they could only do so with the help of a crutch?

The changes to the Constitution in favour of the minorities because they are the minorities and must be favoured,  would it all end up with giving the minorities a crutch that the past govt had resisted to do so? Is this progress or regress? Minority EP lifted by a crutch! Is this something good, something to be proud of? No compromise on meritocracy, the best of the best? Would the minority EP be saying I am the President on my own right, merit man, or because of a crutch? Without the crutch they would not be good enough, would not make it?

Some have quoted that it was the desire of the Malays to want a Malay President. That is fair, every minority or majority would want that. But would be like the Chinese saying, ‘xin xiang shi cheng’ or 心想事成, just wish and your wish will be granted? What would be the next wish, a Malay PM?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I am not in favour of giving a crutch to minority. As a matter of fact not to any racial group. If we are serious of pursuing meritocracy, let's play by the rules. Changing and bending them to suit one's need is a declaration of failure in the system. In this respect PAP has failed in their policies. There must be disquiet amongst minority that PAP is unable to manage.

Anonymous said...

Like Trump......will our govt...

"Make Singapore Great Again!"

"Make Singapore Great Again!"


jjgg said...

so what will having a Malay president do? prove that the Malay monkeys can climb the coconut tree as fast as the Chinese monkeys? time for #stopthisrubbish ..is this lhl's Nero moment..while all pmets languishing n suffering n economy stuttering..he fiddles with the constitution because it's music to his ears

Anonymous said...

"...would it all end up with giving the minorities a crutch that the past govt had resisted to do so? Is this progress or regress?"

Who says end up with giving the minorities a crutch and is a regress? Did PAP say so? No, tio bo?

If PAP did not say so, it means it is not lah.

70% already gave their mandate to PAP to say and do what they want, so I don't want to hear any more kpkb this and that about PAP.

Anonymous said...

Hsien Loong (aka PAP) govt is very strong.

So strong that he can 100% afford to say and do what he likes, without the slightest fear that strongest opposition WP will replace him as PM and govt.

Now if the strongest opposition WP cannot do that, which party can?

And if even Chee Soon Juan also can't win a by election (and a by election caused by PAP's fault some more)against a minority PAP candidate in a Chinese majority SMC, who can?

So PAP not scared of Sinkies one.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Anonymous 8.54am you are correct!

70% already OK-ed!

What is there to talk anymore!

No point! No point!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous November 10, 2016 8:23 am
//Like Trump......will our govt...

"Make Singapore Great Again!" //

Ha ha ha

Many sinkies may not even dare to dream about that?

The average American voters wanted real change and chose the more likely candidate (to get them out of their predicaments)?

Though the "impossible" (to the elite establishment) happened, as Commander-In-Chief, outgoing President didn't "mobilise his army" ......

If yew ask the 70% to vote for a "Trump-like" candidate, many might "shit in their pants", others "peeing a pool under them"?

This is serious stuff (and a serious blog)?

Dun crack jokes (and so early in the morning)?

An established elitist system instituting change?

To benefit who?

Secretary Hillary Clinton expressed her (huge) disappointment that she didn't manage to "shatter the glass ceiling" .......

America, in the end, didn't look like (going to ) having a President of the fairer gender anytime soon .......

Since the GOP "captured" the White house and managed to defend their hold in the House and Senate, controlling both the executive and legislative branches (and soon the judiciary?), perhaps somebolee can let US President-Elect take a peep into his "secret recipe" and maybe rope in House majority leader Representative Paul Ryan to table a bill to "enshrine" into their constitution that after 240 years of non-female US Presidency, the next (46th) US Presidency after President-Elect Doanld Trump (45th) "is reserved for the gender sex" (going by the logic of the Sin City latest EP legislation and amendment)?

(What would President-Elect Donald J Trump say about that?)

Anonymous said...

LKY - No crutch mentality

What does this mean?
Does it mean he does not need to work for the benefit of Singaporeans?
If he don't want to benefit Singaporeans ... then what is he working for?
Is he working to benefit himself on a tax payer funded salary?

This cannot be true ... correct?

Anonymous said...

Going against the wisdom of the old guards by including race in the Constitution and the introduction of crutch mentality as a good thing will bring the downfall of the PAP as both undermine the pillars that formed the foundation of our multi racial and meritocratic system.

Anonymous said...

What does PAP-LKY meritocracy mean?
What determines your self worth in Singapore society?

1. A million dollars in your bank account?
2. Your membership in PAP?
3. Are you a government scholar?

If you don't have these three items, how can you be of any merit in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

"Going against the wisdom of the old guards by including race in the Constitution and the introduction of crutch mentality as a good thing will bring the downfall of the PAP..."
9:45 am

There is one, and only one, way the downfall of the PAP can happen, and that is when majority Sinkie voters voted for the Sinkie opposition.

But the Sinkie opposition is no Trump, so unlike in America, this will never happen in Sinkieland. Which Sinkie billionaire would want to join the Sinkie opposition to fight PAP, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

If you don't have these three items, how can you be of any merit in Singapore?
10:30 am

As long as you voted for PAP, you have merit in Singapore. Or at least merit for PAP lah.

Anonymous said...

Many posts like to reuse words said by a dead man as if his words applies to create a fake issue and draw ripples of discussion.
Using a dead man s words can avoid being said wrong in their own logic. Like a crutch. Ask yourself readers, can you stand up when both your legs cannot feel the ground? One leg cannot feel the ground or give you pain when stepping on ground, yet you need to move forward, you must have the crutch. It is a scientific way to gain leverage to balance your body weight on the ground.

No crutch is non scientific. The consequence is worsening your injured leg or legs.

If the dead man was that smart, he wouldnt want to be associated with non scientific solution. So I as a living man would never even look at what dead man had said as if it was casting on stone, ie invariable fixed and unchangeable.

Dead man still rule the living world. Not true.
Its living person trying to manipulate living persons in words.
Like what? Putting specific group of people on queue to be elected president. It is more of a manipulation of a system. The original system was you are free, you can come into elected system to stand a chance to be president.

Now the manipulated system is; you are not qualified, you too are not qualified, oh you can come into the system. Out of 100, only less than 15 are qualified. Why 15? its the probably % of the specific group. Probably now only less than 10 out of 100.

In other words, the president is a seat not for 90 out of 100. The 90 are automatically unqualified due to birth color and religion.

This is the system. You dont like it. You wait for 2020GE to vote against the promoters of this new system. Correct?

Anonymous said...

Under the new changes, not a single Malay in the private sector would qualify for the EP. Only ex ministers or political appointees from the PAP would qualify. This is the story, the agenda.

Oops, Najib and his cohort would qualify.

Anonymous said...

How Americans overcame a crutch or kpkb mentality


This wasn’t an election. It was a revolution.

They were fathers who couldn’t feed their families anymore.
They were mothers who couldn’t afford health care.
They were workers whose jobs had been sold off to foreign countries.
They were sons who didn’t see a future for themselves.
They were daughters afraid of being murdered by the “unaccompanied minors” flooding into their towns.
They took a deep breath and they stood.

The white working class that had been overlooked and trampled on for so long got to its feet.
It rose up against its oppressors and the rest of the nation, from coast to coast, rose up with it.

They fought back against their jobs being shipped overseas while their towns filled with migrants that got everything while they got nothing.
They fought back against a system in which they could go to jail for a trifle while the elites could violate the law and still stroll through a presidential election.

They fought back against being told that they had to watch what they say.
They fought back against being held in contempt because they wanted to work for a living and take care of their families.

They fought and they won.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:33am

Your post gave a realistic picture of the winner vs loser map.
Clinton won California, Seattle on east coasters, and NY on west coasters where the rich whites live.
Seattle Micro soft are filled with indians foreigners, while googles also filled with foreigners at majority.

In the center of US map, Trump won. That area is the hilly forested, where the poor white men had no jobs.

Like Trump famously said in rally: No jobs, what gonna do? Vote for him. He creates jobs for thousands of employees as a boss.

Is it not the time for citizens of Singapore to think about jobs given away to foreigners and ask themselves: no jobs, what gonna eat?

Anonymous said...

Votes in US are still counted, Trump has 279 tickets, Clinton has 228.
There is no support for Clinton on the overall basis, state by state enabling her to govern the overall united states. She cannot unit the united states. 270 is the minimum as passing mark.
There are still comments saying Trump is crazy and dumb. Is he? Trump gained my respect because he fought a battle largely on his own. He changed his manager half way. The GOP house speaker openly said he did not support Trump. The ex president old Bush openly said he would vote for Clinton.

When counting on the actual tickets state by state, Trump has done so much influence on voters, he over took Clinton by 50 tickets so far. Yet Trump s spending on election is less than 50% of Clinton s total.

Trump has another point i observed to be real leader. Besides jobs for US, Trump was brave to say he wanted to clear the US debts. Obama was the Nobel prize man who further pile up the debts rapidly under his watch. US current debt is: 19 @ 10 to the power 16.

Singapore s public debt can be cleared? Its retirees' cpf. If retirees do not receive them, it means the debts cannot clear. First sign is: 55 cannot get back all cpf. Second sign is Minimum Sum raised from 80k to ?? The ?? is going to rise, as the definition was: MS depends on inflation rate.

By looking at Trump vs the leeders facing debts, Trump is brave, while the Sin leeders are planning for delaying with the scheming on minimum sum.

For those who do not understand the magic of minimum sum: if minimum sum is $300000, can average or even above average citizens withdraw cpf? My bet is hard. The flat price would have taken away the cpf. What remains cannot be $300000 at 64 or 67 for withdrawal.
If citizens still cannot think they must fight for higher salaries to get cpf withdrawal at retirement fee in view of the high and higher flat prices, and lower salary due to foreigners influx for jobs, they must try to understand why average americans voted for Trump.

Anonymous said...

Hope this event will open the sinkies eyes

Anonymous said...

Jenet Reno, the Bill Clinton's 3rd choice as Attorney General, one Hillary Clinton said she could not forgive for investigating Bill s Lewinsky blowjob in white house office, twittered and posted on 8 November 11:46am US time:

Jenet Reno: "#Trump will be President OVER MY DEAD BODY."

Guess what happened in reality???

Jenet Reno died on 7 November 2016.

U never say such thing again, agree? choice choice in HK language. It does happen.

b said...

So we will also have a hispanic, pinoy, cambodia, arabs, jew race president one day? There are many races here in sg. The ministers must be really out of touch like Hillary going after minority votes and dividing people up into black, hispanic and muslims.

Anonymous said...

No lah, all including Eurasians are now Indians. So got Indian president, the rest can smell fart. Most disadvantaged are the Eurasians but their MPs quite happy so nothing to complain about. If got Indian president for the next 100 years mean no need for Eurasian president under the new classification.

Anonymous said...

Is the minority looking or asking for crutch or any other offers?
Giving to the Malay Minority Race a useless post is crutch?
Many Malay Sinkies has openly look down on the offer. lt is more correct to say that many Malays have perceived the offer of the presidency to them as seeing them no up. They feel slighted and insulted which they shud.
Who wants to be fooled?