Hsien Loong on collision course with Trump

Hsien Loong is pushing ahead with the ratification of the TPP and it was reported in the ST that the legislation will be amended to bring TPP into effect next year, with or without the USA, with or with lesser members in the pact.  Hsien Loong’s position is very clear and very principled. The TPP is the magic to save Singapore’s economy and the world. It is about globalization, about free trade, free flow of immigrants, three principles that his govt stood for and will fight for.

On the contrary, Trump is against the TPP and vowed to kill it if elected. He said it yesterday that he would kill it on his first day in office. Trump is also against globalization, against free trade, against free flow of immigrants. The opposing principles of Hsien Loong and Trump are intractable. Both are very strong men with very strong heads and would not bend or make U turns when their minds are set. These are the stuff strong leaders are made off. Even if they make mistakes, they would stick to them and persevere.

We are going to see a contest of ideas between two great leaders of our time in Hsien Loong versus Trump. It is nothing personal, just about ideas, policies and principles.  Hsien Loong finally has a huge battle to fight and this will be a testing time for Singapore, if it can really punch above its weight, to show the Americans, or at least Trump, that Singapore’s ideas of free trade, globalization and freedom of immigration are more superior than that of Trump.

Who would triumph in this contest would be decided by latest when either leadesrship ends and whether TPP is still alive, with the Americans in it or dead without the Americans in it. A draw would be when the TPP is alive without the Americans in it, with Trump unable to kill it but keeping the US out of it while Hsien Loong successfully carries the baby with the remaining TPP members in it. In a way this is a battle of leadership, who is the better leader to carry this baby and the rest of the members along. Singapore could rise as the new leader in the Asia Pacific region with Trump continuing with the isolation of the USA.

Just hope this will be just a contest of ideas and does not turn personal and ugly between Trump and Hsien Loong.  If so, Hsien Loong would be at the losing end as Trump would be quite free with his flowery language while a decent Hsien Loong with his Cambridge root of aristocracy unable to match him. It is possible for Trump to show Hsien Loong his middle finger for that is what Trump is all about. But it is unlikely for Hsien Loong to return the rude gesture. It is just unacceptable in squeaky clean and correct Singapore culture for its god like leaders to do such a darn thing.

Maybe we will see Singapore sending a team of its best super talents to Trump’s office to explain to him how good the TPP is for the Americans and change Trump’s thinking that it is a disaster for the Americans. How could such a good scheme like the TPP be seen as so bad by Trump and so good for the Americans by Hsien Loong? Maybe they are looking at different sides of a coin or there are too many secret clauses that are not disclosed and Trump is still in the dark, and looking like an ignorant one.

Watch how this TPP show get its full run and how it will end with one of the two contestants turning out as the hero and the other a duck. This is a great opportunity for Hsien Loong to prove that he is a worthy successor to the Oracle and for Singapore to prosper to SG100.


Anonymous said...

Rb //Hsien Loong on collision course with Trump//

Based on Chinese astrology, they are ....... since day one ...... the day they are born?

Based on Chinese astrology, a pairing of a couple born in the year of the Dog (1946) and Dragon (1952) is often "disastrous" and tends to end "acrimoniously"?

Those born in the year of monkey and rats tend to work well with dragon year leeders?

Also get promotion "damn fast"?


Anonymous said...

This pink guy still in La La Land thinking he can change the world using a piece of paper, he can do tat to his own people by passing PWP but do tat to others in a ocean, this guy can dream on...the world has change as free trade isn't free or a fair deal, DT call for a fairer trade deal bilaterally. Pink guy thought he is ancient China Su Qin (苏秦)whom combined nations to go against the Qins (秦国) but Su Qin plan r all spoilt by Zhang Yi ( 张仪 - this case look like DT ) in ancient China warring States...looks like a repeat of olden days history..guess what in the end Qin won the war in unifying the ancient China states but lasted shortly before the Hans took over..

patriot said...

No need to link Lee Hsien Loong to Donald Trump or compare them.
Nothing between the Two is
comparable, be it responsibility or capability.

TPP or any other trade packs
are but alignments to extract maximun advantage and benefit out of any possible arrangement. Having trade pack is also akin to joining
a group to work against other

As for TPP; how successful Lee Hsien Loong can make it works indeed does not have to
depend on DT or USA.
IF majority of Asean Members
support Lee Hsien Loong, TPP shall be a success and Lee Hsien Loong shall be the Man
that makes TPP works.
History will then be made and
Lee Hsien Loong will be credited for the Success of TPP forever.


Anonymous said...

@AnonymousNovember 23, 2016 9:20 am
//For one, as PM he must have known something or more that you don't, tio bo?//

Aiyo ......?

The reasons quite simple lah?

Mostly, if not all on public records?

According to data from NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research, US), US net exports (current account balance) is about minus 3.5% to minus 4% of its GDP yearly for the past 20 years and more ......?

Sinkieland's (X+M) (total trade) is more than 300% for the past twenty years (based on data from WTO - World Trade Organisation) ........?

In terms of BOP (Balance of Payment), based on data from IMF (International Monetary Fund), sinkieland's trade account surplus has been consistently running well over 20% of its GDP for the past 20 years .......?

For a tiny but very open economy, total trade is about 3 to 4 times City of Sin GDP ......?

Local investments and consumptions mostly originated and are offshoot derived demand from international trade?

Without (much) trade, do logistic companies need to buy and operate so many container trucks?

Do they have to hire that many truck drivers?

Without such demand (from trade), the drivers will be out of work and therefore lose the purchasing power to consume?

When aggregated, the economy would have lost a huge chunk of consumers purchasing power?

Then the super market chain etc need open so many outlets islandwide?

Got demand or not?

So the implications, repercussions, ramifications, consequences and costs will reverberate and ripple through the entire economy in a classic Keynesian reverse multiplier mechanism?

Without trade, the GDP size and SOL may be no more than 5 or 10% of current gross GDP and per capita real GDP respectively?

All these even 3-yo ah ma, ah gong also k lah?

Anonymous said...

Between the two, one must be a genius and one must be an idiot. Or can it be both are geniuses or both are idiots?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans must rally behind our great leaders to prove that Trump is the idiot to dump such a great trade pact. The Americans would repent after one term with Trump as president.

Anonymous said...

If yew have read all the 5 books by DT, studied his business tactics, dealings etc, yew will know what DT is up to?

What his country needs?

What they have to do to bring the twin deficit and thus national debts down to size?

Rebuild the nation?

Grow the AD?

The AS?

For the next 20 to 30 years, the American economy may not need much international demand to grow?

Need teach DT how to bargain and deal given his country has huge advantages (and economic, financial, political, military, technological etc muscles) at his disposal?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous November 23, 2016 10:18 am
//Singaporeans must rally behind our great leaders ......//

Need meh .......?

They got 2.2 millions FTs lah ......?

Also tens and hundreds of thousands of foreign students they have given free scholarships, university vacancies at sinkies expense etc etc .......

Get the Pinoy, Ah Neh etc to rally can le?

There is no such thing as free lunch, right?

Sinkies already did 2 years NS ....... and have done/ have to do yearly ICT, IPPT,etc etc until 40 or 50 years old .......

What have those FTs paid for by sinkies taxpayers done?

Freeloading and freeriding all the way?

Will DT be so idiotic?

Will he do such thing?

Anonymous said...

Is it more a "face" issue than an economic one?


Anonymous said...

"without the United States . . . the fundamental balance of the (TPP’s) benefits would collapse" Abe said in Burnoes Aires.

The Author might think Singaporenese pm has different power comparing to Abe.

Obama continues Hillary s encircling China using 7th Fleet and base in Changi. This encircling was started on advise by one old Singaporenese, according to an article by PLA advisor zingiinam. TPP specifically excludes China is the economic front to encircle China.

Trump has acused Hillary trying to overthrow Syria Alshad government. He is against over throwing sovereign. On wikileak, Hillary was said to know Saudi and Qarta supporting IsIs and Hillary gave weapons to the "moderate" IsIs Nusra to fight Syrian army. US has bombed Syrian army until Russian came in and Obama claimed mistakes on targets.

This is the total picture. On Obama going into history. IsIs Nusra at Syria Aleppo is surrounded by 4 frontal attacks today. Western media is saying Russian is bombing children hospitals there. It looks like Obama is going to witness his last games in Aleppo and one at Mosul.

Trump giving up TPP is not the end of trade. This TPP is kept secret to you and me, no one knows the details, said to be run into 3000 pages.

I think Singaporenese must learn from US voters. Hillary s ways of creating troubles for China have ended. Trump wants to keep the money on weapon and US army cum generals on other things. His aim is to create jobs, for what? To re build US middle class so that US retailers and factories can re build things like cars and bicycles factories to sustain US peoples families to provide education for their future generations.

If US does not have an old man Trump being kind to its own people to create jobs for its own middle class, US will further declines. US middle class was at 53%. Now it is at 40%. Meaning 13% has gone into POOR class. Trump cannot take it any more and he spent his own money to fight Hillary as president. I like Trump. He controls immigration.

Singaporenese are very rich by statistics nombers, all are above middle class after Pap expanded the population from 3 millions to by 2.6 millions. The GDP growth is super good 15.2%.

Singapore pm must continue to expand the population by another 3 millions to make it 9 millions, then there will be NO POOOR class people on streets. All will be laughing at US Trump as poor fellow for controlling immigration.

Anonymous said...

@ patriotNovember 23, 2016 9:44 am
// IF majority of Asean Members
support ........... TPP shall be a success ......... History will then be made .......//


Read below:


Anonymous said...

Watch out for the mass rally this Fri (25 Nov) .......

The oldies din notice recently there appeared to be a surge of Chinese Indo in red dot in Vivo, Orchard, etc ......?

Eyes paste stamps, ears stuff loti (again)?

Anonymous said...

Before us peasants are called upon to make more sacrifices for PAP (oops! I mean Singapore);
Can anybody give us the details of the TPP?

So at least we know what we are going to die for?

Anonymous said...

@ November 23, 2016 10:49 am

Specifically, which group of Singaporeans benefit from TPP?
Don't just tell me "Singapore".
Exactly who in Singapore benefits from TPP?

The Banks? Millionaires? PMETs? Businessmen?
Big business? Small business? workers?

Who benefits from TPP?

Anonymous said...

Singapore should withdraw aid given to USA as we have been buying lots of expensive weapons from them. Their Defence industry will collapse without aid from Singapore! So trump better be nice to pm if not later have to beg him lor

Anonymous said...

@ November 23, 2016 11:15 am

Who in Singapore benefits if we fight with President Trump-USA ??
How do Singaporeans benefit if President Trump is nice to PM Lee ??

Anonymous said...

How do Singaporeans benefit if President Trump is nice to PM Lee ??
November 23, 2016 11:38 am

Exactly who in Singapore benefits if Trump is nice to PM Lee?
redbean? patriot?
The Banks? Millionaires? PMETs? Businessmen?
Big business? Small business? workers?

Who benefits if DT is nice to PM Lee?

patriot said...

Saying it again and it wont be the Last Time.
Let the

patriot said...

Saying it again and it wont be the Last Time.
Let the

patriot said...


Day of Reckoning comes as
soon as possible.
The Earlier the Malaise affecting the Livelihood of
Sinkies gets settled, the Better it shall be for all.

As l said before; the Chinese
Culture has a great virtue of ridding the bad and evil.
Being a Chinese Majority
Society, Sin stands a good
chance of having it's undesirables removed by
righteous elements.

Sinkies can expect Karma at
work, however most will be victims themselves.
In many ways, Sinkies are complicit in bringing about the Malaise that plagues Sin.


patriot said...


Day of Reckoning comes as
soon as possible.
The Earlier the Malaise affecting the Livelihood of
Sinkies gets settled, the Better it shall be for all.

As l said before; the Chinese
Culture has a great virtue of ridding the bad and evil.
Being a Chinese Majority
Society, Sin stands a good
chance of having it's undesirables removed by
righteous elements.

Sinkies can expect Karma at
work, however most will be victims themselves.
In many ways, Sinkies are complicit in bringing about the Malaise that plagues Sin.


Anonymous said...

This is how Obama s support on IsIs they called "opposition" in war against the government troops:

"Now, it's just a question of how long they can hold on," the diplomat said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"There is nothing to eat, no more hospitals, and the bombardment is non-stop. They are under very strong pressure."

Backers of the opposition, including Washington, have shown little sign that they will intervene, beyond criticising Damascus and its allies over civilian casualties."

IsIs Nusra are terrorists yet Obama and western countries were said to supply them arms called the nice name. Now terrorists know what is called Karma. Sinkies want to go into war with Japan against China for some salty water, encircling China?
Better learn from Duterte. Collect cash and investment, not showing under fire power arms against the more powerful enemy. Agree?

Anonymous said...

TPP without China is a Boswell without a Johnson.

TransPacific? OH, Atlantic is uninhabitble.

Anonymous said...

Trump no match for Pinky. Just on salary alone, you know who the winner is. In terms of wealth, I cannot say.

In any case it is a battle of one big feet wearing big shoes against one small feet wearing big shoes. Who do you think will win? My simple mind says, if in Sinkie court, Pinky sure win.

Anonymous said...

Pinky has proven he achieved 15.2% GDP. Pinky showed that GDP dont need trade, just import foreigners into the economy. Sinkies got 2.5 millions. They must take 3 more millions.

Trump never studied economic in Cambridge. He wants to export immigrants to have GDP growth. Pinky needs only to ship Trump few professors from Cambridge, the problem of Trump will solve. But that still a problem as Trump has his own economic experience from real business, the professors sent by Pinky might end up learning from Trump.

Pinky does not need trade deal like TPP for his salary increase, immigrants are need for pinky, TPP are needed by the big companies here to suck up the resources of NS men. That has nothing to do with Pinky. So Pinky is working for some companies to improve their profits only. NS men are voters voting for Pinky, why bother if these NS men being sucked. Let them be if they deserve the suck.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese has a phrase about match up of 2 contrasting force?

It is Telur (Egg, Ji Dan) smashes onto Batu (Stone, Shi Tou); the outcome is a foregone conclusion?

In this case, DT is ..... ermmmmmmm "Telur" lah .......?

Anonymous said...

Tiok Bo?

Tui bu tui?



b said...

Sg is not even in G20. Pinky can only wayang, bs, talk big to calm those corporations who have setup in Sg. In front of Trump, he is still only a pinky. Sorry, he should blame LKY for not colonising Australia when he was around.

Anonymous said...

Pinky knows economics, but still when the fan is hit by shit, he will still tell us that it is caused by globalisation, so economics cannot solve the problem. What the hell!

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget, who is the master and who is the poodle? How can the poodle collide with the master? When the fan hit the shit, the master's command is still the deciding factor. When the master says 'fetch' the poodle will do as commanded.

Anonymous said...

The master will summon the poodle to the white hut and talk abt "humcheepeng"/ share share their "experience" .......?

Anonymous said...

The smallest place they ever ...... with their (cuntless?) "conquests"?

Anonymous said...

Mb the master also have a "taste" for "fishballs" on a (wooden) skewer (stick)?

Anonymous said...

DT (intend to) scrap TPP?

Shows he cares for the common men and workers ......?

Not that unscrupulous and heartless?

Anonymous said...

DT spends his time fixing problems and also for his people ......?

So his success reflected in his net worth and election victory .......?

If yew spend yewr time fixing ........ ermmmmmmm ..... yewr pple, yewr success (is) reflected in a "one-party dictatorship" (fake democwzy)?

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousNovember 23, 2016 4:15
// ...... will still tell us that it is caused by globalisation, .......//

Aiyo ......?

Yew "sleeping" all the while?

JLB liddat wan .....?

Anonymous said...

2009 whole world carried out fiscal (China, 4 trillion rmb) and monetary (US, almost zero int rate and QEs) ........

So 2010 got 14.8% EG?

JLB especially Botak claimed credit how lian his Botak-nomics #1, mo tak teng .....?

Now what .....?

Steriods-nomics ....... oops ..... Botak-nomics short term efficacy runs out liao .....?

Long term consequences and ramifications (in the economy) set in le ........?

Anonymous said...

TPP is only good for companies.
It is not good for Singaporeans.

The only beneficiaries are the companies.
The companies get to make more money.
The Singaporean workers get the sack.

Anonymous said...

worry not worry not

we are the world, we are the best

we are singapore, singaporeans......home

Anonymous said...

Trump fought Republicans, fought Democrats, fought the US main stream media and won. Trump's awesome!

Hsien Loong fighting Beijing, fighting USA Trump. Hsien Loong's also awesome !

Anonymous said...

Hsien Loong fighting Beijing, fighting USA Trump. Hsien Loong's also awesome !
November 23, 2016 7:49 pm

How does fighting with Beijing and USA benefit Singaporeans?
If you lose, please don't collect more money (taxes) from Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Hire foreign workers 20, but can get kick back from foreigners $500 to 9000 per worker to enable them renewing work permits.

Do you think corruption is wrong? Or hiring foreigners is wrong?

There are numerous such corrupted cases. How many can they be uncovered if the foreigners involved are smaller than 5 workers?

Voters should consider if they should continue to vote for a wrong policy to rely on foreigners to do jobs of production in singapore. If singaporeans cannot do, these production should not happen in singapore.

Do u think my way will help to improve singaporeans job opportunity than the indian s way, must rely on india s indians to do jobs in singapore. Its never ending corrupted practices with such a foreigner friendly policy.

Anonymous said...

//How does fighting with Beijing and USA benefit Singaporeans?
If you lose, please don't collect more money (taxes) from Singaporeans.//

The miws gahmen will not collect more monies or taxes from Sporeans , but will extend retirement age to 67, 70, 72 then gone to coffin or increase ur CPF minimum sum to ' god-knows wat the amount is' & kaboob there goes ur coffin monies..

Anonymous said...

The new 22billions Zamwalt stealth destroyer newly built sailed to Panama canal and broke down. Needed other ships to pull it to parking lot.

This war ship was said to be used in Far East against China. It will be a hazard to other ships when it patrol around South China Sea and breaks down. Other ships radar will not see this ship.

US technology is super good. Trump wants to refocus on US to rebuild US is very correct. US actually is a backward country has no high speed rail. Mrt stations are leaking water during rains. Never go to NY or drive at Californai, the roads are so bad comparing to China s super good high ways.

Anonymous said...

/// Never go to NY or drive at Californai, the roads are so bad comparing to China s super good high ways. ///
November 23, 2016 10:42 pm

Don't compare USA with China lah.
But compared to Singapore, USA is still a first class country.

Anonymous said...

That's where there might be economic headwinds coming to China?

With impending massive infrastruture spending undertaken by Trump Organisation ...... oops ...... DT, it implies EFP and CMP?

So "i" can go up much higher cos it benefits the US economy?

Anonymous said...

How should China react?

If the past 2 years precedence is any guide, it is an (extremely) uphill (economic) "battle" cos China FR depleted from almost USD4 Trillion to current abt USD3.1 Trillion in less than 2 years?

High official(s) in the SC of the CC of the CCP may have hinted of some (internal) "betrayals" .......?

Anonymous said...

High official(s) in the SC of the CC of the CCP may have hinted of some (internal) "betrayals" .......?
November 24, 2016 7:58 am

I think China needs an Elected President to hold the 2nd key to safeguard their Foreign Reserves.
China should study PAP's Elected Presidency system.
I wonder which minority race will China choose to protect its Foreign Reserves?

Anonymous said...

You must know the reasons why the national reserves are being depleted. Are they being put to good use, to invest in infrastructure building in the OBOR or to gamble away in loss making companies?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon 10.11. In any case a depletion of 0.7 trillion in reserves in 2 years is not astronomical compared to the 20 trillion (?) or so debt held by the US and still rising.

Anonymous said...

@AnonymousNovember 24, 2016 1:14 pm
//Agree with Anon 10.11. In any case a depletion of 0.7 trillion in reserves in 2 years is not astronomical ......//


China took 36 years from 1978 to 2014 to build up their reserves to the peak level of USD4 Trillion......?

When Ms Y up "i" in Dec 2016 or 2017 onwards, and USD continues to up, up, up, China BOP's Financial A/C should be "steady poon pee pee de" ......?

Nothing to worry, silly?

Won't plunge like a cliff de ......?

Anonymous said...

US military might may be formidable?

But so far since WW1, they had not lost any "economic war", be it against the British, German, Russian or Japenise?

What if their "economic war machine" is far more potent than their "military might"?

In terms of a "ring match", they have not throw their "1-2" punches and upper-cuts yet?

In real life, how many Chinese boxers can take a hit from "Iron Mike" (killer) blows head on?

Mee is "no banana" like many ......

Mee Chinese 1st language during sch time

Mee studied Chinese History and Literature in Chinese

Mee read the 4 Chinese Classics in its original (ancient Chinese) text

Mee is just wondering what and how PBOC would react when the Americans "pull the economic trigger repeatedly" over the next few years?

Is the Chinese "economy bullet-proof from economic firearms"?

With the RMB and MYR falling by such magnitude in the past 2 years, anybolee wishing to hold their savings (in the near term) in these currencies?

Pls kee chiu?

Anonymous said...

In economic theory, when currencies are (highly) volatile, it is bad, very bad for businesses especially importers of FOP ......?

In reality, it is not the case?

With "imported cost-push inflation potentially hovering over the head", can PBOC (China) afford to (further) enact low "i" MP to boost their flagging economy?

By preventing China to further ease their "i", it is akin to "Iron Mike" holding down "the arms of his opponent, rendering them imeffective"?

How "to fight in a ring when the arms kena locked down" by one's opponent?

Anonymous said...

What do you think China was and is doing with the big reserves they have acquired over the last 3 decades? Keep them under the pillow? Go watch the series on The New Silk Road by Channel News Asia to understand where the money is being put to good use.

China went through the same phase of attracting foreign manufacturers to build factories in their countries to make shoes, apparels, electronics etc etc. These countries continue to do just that, make shoes, apparels, electronics. China went one step further, reverse engineering, transfer of technology. China can now produce everything the foreign manufacturers could produce and more and better and cheaper products and new products while the rest of the countries, esp in SE Asia were contented with producing the shoes and apparels and electronics that they were told to produce. See the difference why China is now the factory of the world?

The Americans can pull back their factories, but Chinese factories will go on producing things cheaper and better. There is no competition.

Falling RMB is what China wants to make their products cheaper.

The slowing down in the Chinese economy is a problem? You know why it is slowing down? It is the anti corruption drive that forced many Chinese producers and businesses to hold back or stop what they were doing. It is self induced.

Once the anti corruption drive is over, production and businesses will grow again.

Look at the Chinese investments all over the world in massive infrastructural projects. China is helping Greece to redevelop its economy to turn it around with massive investment. And Greece is not the only country benefitting from Chinese investments. Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines in the queue.

What are the Americans doing? Building military bases, fighting wars, selling weapons. Once wars end, the American war factories and merchants would go broke. And there is nothing else that the Americans could sell.

Trump may be too late to do much for the dying American industries. They forgot about them, sent them overseas, neglected them. How to catch up when China could do everything better and cheaper?

And with cheaper RMB an added bonus.

Anonymous said...


Yew talk as if mee wants to see China goes down?

U have fever or what?

Who wants to see a motherland kaput?

Pls kee chiu?

If China becomes strong, of cos mee happy lah!

//And Greece is not the only country benefitting from Chinese investments. Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines in the queue.//

Even at this moment, every year China needs to export (out) USD 3 Trillion of products due to excess capacity (due to I > C for the past many years)?

Even if the whole ASEAN economy added together and hypothetically everything buy from China, also does not add up.......?

Better print some data here (and do some serious math), like that mee will feel more assured (and not have nightmares) ........

Anonymous said...

China MPS 0.51 .....?


How to switch from X to C?

How to up MPC (in China)?

OBOR and AIIB are good industrial policies but may not be enough (at all) to soak up excess capacities .......?

The State Council has realised building cities after cities in their urbanisation drive does not up C too ......?

Cos no (good paying) jobs how to afford 6 times higher COL in cities than rural?

They are trying to switch to a service centric economic structure but again the roadblock is low MPC ......?

Mee is concerned about the (overwhelming) effects of DT's economic version of "Shock and Awe" in the coming years on the Chinese economy ......

Most of us would likely live to see what and how events will unfold ......?

Be more patient ......, can?

By 2025 and 2030, the picture will most likely be much clearer .......?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What is real about China, its economy and its reserves is best seen by the Channel News Asia production on the New Silk Road. This is produced by Singapore and is as objective as you can get with a little bias against China.

Look at what China is doing and the amount of money it is spending. Every project is in hundreds of billions. No country can throw that kind of money if they don't have it.

Anonymous said...


The TPP is a trade agreement among twelve of the Pacific Rim countries — intentionally excluding China. The finalized proposal was signed on 4 February 2016, after 7 years of negotiations. The 30 chapters (more than 3,000 pages) of the agreement, very nicely put, aim to:
1. Promote economic growth;
2. Support the creation and retention of jobs;
3. Enhance innovation, productivity and competitiveness;
4. Raise living standards;
5. Reduce poverty in the signatories' countries; and
6. Promote transparency, good governance, and enhanced labor and environmental protections.

The TPP contains measures to lower both non-tariff and tariff barriers to trade, and establish an investor-state dispute settlement mechanism. The bottom-line is: Can it achieve the 6 main aims, or were they simply stated to cover up something so secretive that the signatories don't even dare to tell their own citizens truthfully? What is there to hide if you are not guilty of something?

The TPP started in 2005 with 4 countries, namely Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, and Singapore. From 2008, it increased to 12 countries, with the addition of Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, United States, and Vietnam. Current trade agreements between participating countries will be revised to avoid conflicts with the TPP.

A non-secret version of the agreement was made public on 5 November 2015, the same day President Obama notified Congress he intended to sign it. On November 11, 2016, it was reported that, due to Donald Trump's election to President, the White House would not pursue passing the agreement. On 20 November 2016, Singapore declared that it will amend legislation to bring the TPP into effect. The next day, President-elect Donald Trump gave notice in a YouTube video that the US would quit the TPP because it would be detrimental to US workers and US Economy.

The agreement will enter into force after ratification by all 12 signatories, within two years. If the agreement is not ratified by all parties before 4 February 2018, it will enter into force after ratification by at least 6 states, which should have a GDP of more than 85% of the GDP of all signatories.

It is kept very secret because of the intention to hide details of the agreement from China. In addition, it is kept so secret in order not to alarm and frighten the commoners, whom these secretive negotiators think are not intelligent enough to comprehend the importance of this Elusive 12-headed Snake named Medusa.

It is good for big companies like NIKE, after manufacturing its shoes in China, it can ship back to the US and enjoy a 98% tax free. Excellent isn't it?

It is not good because small and medium businesses will not be able to compete against these giants that already enjoyed economy of scale, and now also enjoy huge amount of tax-cuts. This is very unfair for local businesses and therefore would increase overheads and loss of jobs.

Wikileaks' exposure of the Chapter on Intellectual Properties:


In addition to ganging up against China, some self-serving non-leaders of the various countries secretly agreed to cheat their own citizens to benefit themselves, their cronies and special interests. That is why it was so secret that Wikileaks has to pay lots of money to encourage whistle-blowers to leak the secret documents of more than 3,000 pages. If Wikileaks had not exposed the deceptive scam against common people, the world would still be in the dark and continue to believe that the TPP was excellent as projected by the crooked deceptive non-leaders. Without the USA, the TPP cannot survive because it requires a minimum of 85% of the total GDP of 12 countries. The US already occupy more than 50% of the total GDP of the 12 countries.

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TPP actually means Trick People Partnership, championed by the Party Against People.

The Party Against People includes:

the UNCLE from the United States of America,
the UNCLE from Chile,
the UNCLE from Colombia (announced interest in January 2010),
the UNCLE from Canada,
the UNCLE from of Mexico,
the UNCLE from of Peru,

the UNCLE from Australia,
the UNCLE from New Zealand,
the UNCLE from Brunei,
the UNCLE from Indonesia (Declared Intent to Join in October 2015),
the UNCLE from Japan,
the UNCLE from Malaysia,
the UNCLE from Philippines (announced interest in September 2010),
the UNCLE from Singapore,
the UNCLE from South Korea (announced interest in November 2013),
the UNCLE from Taiwan (announced interest in September 2013),
the UNCLE from Thailand (announced interest in November 2012),
the UNCLE from Vietnam.

UNCLE means Unscrupulous Notorious Corrupted Lying Expert

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