H.B.Harris of US Pacific Command Harbours An attack On China.

Harry B. Harris son of a gun harbours an attack on China.

There is more or less peace and tranquility in the South China Sea now. But this Japanese son of a gun thinks he can get his way to influence President Trump to confront China in the South China Sea again. What is actually behind his hidden agenda? He wants US and China to fight and destroy themselves in a nuclear exchange thus achieving he and his Japanese dream of revenge or vendetta for their defeat by the Chinese and Americans in the Second World War.
Addressing a US Defense One Summit as  commander of the US Pacific Command, he claimed US has never had a "lame duck commander in chief and that no one should doubt the US resolve to defend national security and interest." He vowed the US army will take military actions and win the war if necessary as he uttered his concern over China's assertiveness in the South China Sea.
This is the most hawkish talk with regard to the Asia-Pacific situation since Donald Trump was elected president. He has been one of the core figures in the US Asia-Pacific balancing strategy. He claims China poses a threat to peace in the Asia-Pacific region and that his Pacific command will play a decisive role in containing China's ambition.
Harris the commander of US Pacific command is now showing a tough stance on the Asia-Pacific situation. He intends to preemptively guide Trump's Asia-Pacific policy and pressure him to accede to the military's will and attitude in  the Asia-Pacific policymaking. He intends to pressure Trump to follow Hillary Clinton's rebalancing strategy.
His strong advocacy on Asia-Pacific policy looks like a warning signal to Trump that the Pacific Command he leads has the final say on the US Asia-Pacific policy and he the military strongman rather than Trump and his civilian officials will determine major-power relations.
He harped on that there is no change in US-Philippine alliance though Duterte had already made it clear to the world that the Philippines will not confront China over the South China Sea issue, but will talk and hold peaceful negotiation with China. Harris thinks he can misguide Trump with distorted information for his bellicose policy against China. He thinks he can pick his timing to launch a military action against China. How can he be so sure that he and the warships he command will not be sunk by the precise Chinese missiles. Hope he is not dreaming too much.
President Trump must fire him and take away his command because this son of a gun is reckless and has no good intentions. He is planning for US and China to fight and destroy each other as a sort of proxy revenge for Japanese defeat in the Second World War.
Friday, 18th November,2016


Anonymous said...

This second hand bastard son of a bitchy prostitute thinks he can dictate to Trump over his suicidal Asia-Pacific policymaking. Trump should fire him straightaway before he can really cause great harm to China and USA.

Anonymous said...

This Anglo-Japanese mongrel thinks he is still living in the 1930s / 1940s when Japan was at the height of its wanton war of aggression against China. Today China can easily obliterate the little Japanese nation without any fuss had it not been protected by the equally aggressive warmonger imperialist USA.

Anonymous said...

Harris had a miserable chequered life. He is the son of a prostitute in postwar Yokohama in which US servicemen had their way with her. Nobody know who his real father is . It was just his mother was able to cling fast to a petty officer and claimed the unwitting serviceman was the bearer of her child. For years Harris doubted the paternity of the man he came to know as his father because that was full of domestic violence and always beat him out of his flesh. When he was in school in USA he was always made fun of by white children and was always beaten up badly by them. In one instance his third grade teacher made him stand in front of the class and made fun of him, saying Harris was the bucktoothed bespectacled Japanese character in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany". The class had a good laugh except Harris who then decided that he would have nothing to do with Japs. But at the same time he vowed to avenge the shame brought upon his mother's country of origin. Harry grew up hating China for Japan's defeat in the Second World War.
Thus it is no surprise dirty Harry is on a mission to start a war against China.

Anonymous said...

Harris is no different fro Aquino a half baked Chinese. These half breds are conflicted and don't know who to serve and choose finally to serve US the super power. They latch on to perceive winners and have no moral fiber or backbone. They are very vocifirous in their anti-China position to show their white masters that they are more than willing and ready to fight on their behalf. They are a disgraceful lot with no pride or dignity.

Anonymous said...

US knows that war with either China or Russia would be suicidal and a fatal disaster to the whole world and for the fact China's military power is growing ever stronger by the day. US must stop using Japan, Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines to contain China because this will force China to build up a faster, better and more comprehensive military machine and at the end of the day US will bring shame and downfall to itself.

Anonymous said...

Harris seemed to speak with pause and caution on the threat to china. I saw the news clips.

I think what Harris words can stir is investors confidence into china. If and If the investor never read current affairs, thinking that Obama or Trump will want to have war with China.

The most keen watchers between wars with US and China will be u and me, and Modi in this region. Not to exclude the regional powers eying at south china sea such as little dot, which want to be seen as leader. When China loses, these countries will take those soils, and claim ownership, while little dots claims the sea water belongs to them.

Harris words were similar to my joke above. He is a real joker wearing US marine uniforms. No one will take the jokes seriously.

Anonymous said...

Harris did not talk about Japan assertiveness in Asian region - reclamation of rock as island, detention of taiwan fisherman, ramming or splashing water by Japan coastguard.

Harris probably did not realize that Trump would sack him soon while he is bragging about his role in Asia Pacific.

Trump dont like Abe and Japan generally. Yet, Abe insist to meet with Trump so soon.
Japanese Atomic bomb victims had no shame to ask Trump to visit their Memorial Shrine,like Obama. - big kowtow.