Globalisation is Good – Depends

Below is a comment by a blogger called Patriot, in TRE,


see the video link on Trump vs Clinton Presidency.

Globalistion and free liberal import of immigrants threaten every nations jobs, identity, sovereignty and security .

Establishments, special interests groups and donors who supported globisation are reaping the nations wealth at the expense of the citizens.

Those who spoke against it are labelled as xenophobic and rebels.

Britain had dump globalization. Will US follow likewise?

70% SG pls wake up now . Save SG .


The US and Britain are closing their doors to immigrants and to globalization. Whether this is good or bad would depend on where you are coming from. To Trump and the Brits, globalization is bad, and that I also agree. But I would want to take another angle to view this position and say that globalization is not only good to the US and Britain and also to Europe but also a natural eventuality of history. And here are my reasons.

America does not belong to the Europeans or white Americans. It originally belonged to the native Americans. The white Americans called them savages or Red Indians. They massacred them and robbed their land to call it the USA for the migrants from Europe. See the point I am making?

The USA does not belong to the migrants from Europe. Thus, globalization, brining in more immigrants is not new. Every migrant has a right to be in this new country that the earlier migrants devastated and disemboweled of its original natives. It is open country now for every migrant. The early migrants and the new migrants have all the right to be in this ‘No man’s land’ robbed from the native Americans. My apologies to the remaining survivors of the native Americans that are now as good as non entities in their homeland. No one, not the early migrants, asked them if it was alright to bring in all the migrants to their country to replace them. Now there are so few of these original natives to make their voice heard, that this was and still is their land and they have a right to say No. But who cares? Did the white Americans bother to ask for their opinions, to protect their rights to their country, to massacre them?

The moral of the story, if one loses his country to the new migrants, forget about getting it back. The new migrants would take over and in the name of globalization, share the country to anyone they want. How is this related to Singapore? Are the Singaporeans also losing their country to globalization?

What about Britain and Europe? Look at history, Britain and Europe were built on the wealth and riches of the countries they conquered and looted. It is time they share their countries with the natives of those lands they conquered and raped. This is only fair right? This is pay back time for Britain and Europe.  The wealth in Europe to a great extent belonged to the rest of the world, especially Asia, Africa and Latin America, including the Middle East of course.

So, be generous, return the favour, yes globalization is the right thing, to share your wealth and countries with the rest of the world. No one will accuse them of being traitors to their people and countries. They owed everything to the rest of the world and they are coming to Europe to take back what was theirs. Britain and Europe are just returning what they took in the past.

Do I sound logical, fair and just? I think it is historical correct. What you sowed you shall reap. But there will be those who said forget about history. It is the past. Let’s move on.  Don’t be so sure. The fairest and most just natural law is what you sowed you shall reap. The Asians called it karma.

Is globalization good for Singapore and Singaporeans? It depends on whether you think this island is yours or if you are silly enough to give it away or daft enough not to know what is happening to your island. Then you deserve it when it is lost to globalization and to the new migrants.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Singapore is indeed for singaporeans!

But, more n more n more singaporeans are actually INSTANT new singaporeans!

Will Singapore be the same? Sama sama?

Is this what we want? Any U-turn back?

Any hope of "the-good-old-days"!

Majulah Singapura! Majulah Singapura!

Virgo 49 said...


In sinkieland, Singaporeans been replaced by the foreign trashes are been helped by the Ones who caused them to lose their jobs.

Their cruel sense of humour.
We helped you in your new jobs if any.

Only themselves no need to look for new jobs as they are worshipped by the daft 70% Sinkies.

Now Wah first class auditor said WP TCs many discrepancies that even maybe be criminal.

Why last time, they audited NKF under Durai for so many years, they find no discrepancies leading to criminal charges???

The pay masters paid well and they kept quiet???

Now they have to find all sorts of faults to kill WP.

How about PAP TCs losing millions of dollars in the Shares and Bonds casinos? ?

No sound.

Anonymous said...

Globalisation is a black hole.


Anonymous said...

Now they have to find all sorts of faults to kill WP.
Virgo 49 8:59 am

Politics is like that one lah. Just like in war, either you kill or be killed.

WP want to be in politics and for the good MP allowance, but don't want to kill, so deserve to be killed lor.

Anonymous said...

Like wat Ah Long said there is no 1 antibiotics to cure that 'globe-lization'..u need vitamins, rigourous exercise & trainings to get it done. Not a 1 size fit all. Sinkieland need 'globble - lization' & 'local-ization' in order to survive due to lack of resources. Futhermore, Sinkie only a tiny red dot any hiccups by outside will have an impact to its economy.

Anonymous said...

"Failures in governance at Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) exposed millions of dollars in public funds to improper use and application, and could amount to criminal conduct if deliberate, independent auditor KPMG said in a report on the town council's accounts released on Tuesday (ST Nov 1)."

Criminal conduct? This time real jialat man, for Teochew Ah Hia and team.

Hope they don't end up in Hotel Changi, besides losing their MP status.

Anonymous said...

By election for Aljunied GRC akan datang?

Anonymous said...

may be all wp mp ended up in jail. They thought be nice and make a bit of noise once a while ok liao but they never expected that it's also not acceptable. Now I think they regret playing nice no use in politics!

Anonymous said...

be happy and worry less............

in singapore don't hope for oppositions.....

they cannot do anything BIG.......

they can only kpkb before GE.......

after GE, look at them now......

are you disappointed, tell me tell me.......

unless there is an internal split within pAp.......

otherwise there is ZERO hope for oppositions.......

this is singapore, singaporeans, HOME.............

so........be happy and worry less.............


Anonymous said...

Next GE , PAP 100 % mandate ?

Anonymous said...

Next GE, PAP 78.8% vs 22.2% OPPs!


Anonymous said...

Globalisation or Deglobalisation?

Yew decide?


Anonymous said...

Rb //The US and Britain are closing their doors to immigrants and to globalization. //

The consequences of the "Washington (Dis)Consensus"?

Anonymous said...

@ 9.06am //WP want to be in politics and for the good MP allowance, but don't want to kill, so deserve to be killed lor.//

(In the end, proven) No (intellectual) fire power (or calibre)?

Anonymous said...

2:49 pm

Will that make PAP lose votes? If not, let it be lah, if I were Hsien Loong.

If globalisation or what not can help in GDP growth and minister bonuses pegged to it, why would PAP care whether Sinkies suffer or not, as long as PAP can still win elections or even by elections, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Rb //To Trump and the Brits, globalization is bad, and that I also agree. //

By 2018, when DT tigthens FDIs outflow regulation, 720 trillion sq nano-metre barren rock game over liao?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Is globalization good for Singapore and Singaporeans?//

That begs another question:?

"The Future of Globalisation"?

But in the first place, what is "Globalisation"?

Anonymous said...

PAP knows that when the strongest opposition party is WP, can forget the rest already because PAP will sure win one.

So by killing the WP, PAP will also kill all automatically. So next election maybe PAP can win 100% seats liao.

Anonymous said...

Is "Globalisation" just about:

(1) "Free Trade"?

(2) "Labour migration"?

Anonymous said...

Is "Globalisation" just about:

(1) "Free Trade"?

(2) "Labour Migration"?

Anonymous said...

(3) "Economic Integration"?

(4) "Capital Mobility"?

(5) "Technological Transfer"?

Anonymous said...

(6) "Monetary Integration"?

(7) "Financial Integration"?

(8) "Cultural Exchange"?

Anonymous said...

(9) "Political Cooperation"?

(10) "Sharing (/ Gig) Economy"? (Think Uber, Airbnb)?

(11) "Global Supply Chain"?

Anonymous said...

(12) "International Travel"?

(13) "International Communication"?

(14) "Globalised Media"?

Anonymous said...

Is the "State-Market-International" nexus of "Globalisation" being destabilised and in imbalance and disequilibrium?

patriot said...

PM Lee Hsien Loong has just told Sinkies not to worry and that he is working to create jobs.
However, he does want You to take antibiotic and take care
of yourself till the jobs he
is creating become available.
Whence that will be, he did not elaborate. lt is definitely not too cynical to say they(the jobs)
may not be actualize, realize during his life time.
His comforting words may not be comforting to many.


Anonymous said...

3.29pm Knn can you recollect your thought and post all at once or not. U are affecting my concentration in reading the post.

Anonymous said...

In politics as Lao Goh said policy is geared at net happiness so as Long as 50.1% of the people are happy then can liao. The rest u die your business hor.

Anonymous said...

Definition is not everything but a muddled definition of globalisation results in a misguided comprehension of the problem (and thus the wrong antidote (or even poison) prescribed)?

Without trade (globalisation), where do we get the oil or NG (and therefore electricity)?

Without capital mobility (globalisation) and therefore FDIs, where do we get the pharmaceutical companies to invest in a barren rock and for oldies to get their cheap and subsidised long term medications (from the polyclinics) for their chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high chloresterol, hyper-tension?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Giving Uncle RB some work to do, can or not? (Unless lao hero objects?)

Lao Hero mb can choose to collate and edit into part of a new thread?

Anonymous said...

Therefore, everything involves definition?

Without defining the problem(s) (or even the enemies), what are we solving (or who are "shooting")?

Could we end up prescribing a poison for our solution (and an antidote for our problem)?

Anonymous said...

Could we not end up "shooting" at ourselves?

All end up becoming little "LaoGoa"s?

Ownself shoots ownself foot?

Anonymous said...

Without Globalisation (Technological Integration), would the patraits, oldies in MSN have smart phones, iPads, social media, internet access, platform like MSN to "gather in a virtual kopishop and tkss" together but remotely, day in day out, 7/ 24/ 365, anywhere, any place, even when shitting in a smelly toilet in Batam, or Matland or Geyland coffeeshop?

Without Globalisation (Sharing/ Gig Economy), would the many office ladies/ working mums (and daugthers) able to Uberpool (for a fraction of normal cab fares) and thus reach work in time?

Without Globalisation (Free Trade), where the hell the ah neh going to get the materials to build the flats, lift shafts, ramps, grab bars etc for the oldies to stay or move around etc?

Anonymous said...

Next time the anti-theses of "Globalisation" ......

Now not free liao!

Ai have done my part (for this month, ......, so lo(oooooooo)ng mind dear cyberspace kopishop patrons ......)

Anonymous said...

Bu ya shuo zai jian?

Anonymous said...

Ok ok?

Still have the synthesis?

The conclusion about the "Future of Globalisation"?

Anonymous said...

Yewr Future?

And mind?

Need go (earn $$$) liao .....

b said...

There is no free lunch, free trade or free movement. Globalization creates an illusion of free trade. Globalization is only good for big corporations to screw workers but very bad for people, families, workers and small business. Fair trade, fair movement of people, fair social service. Fair is better than free. Nothing is free. Those who promotes free trade are bribed politicians by big corporations.

Anonymous said...

@ b November 02, 2016 9:14 pm
//There is no free lunch, free trade or free movement. Globalization creates an illusion of free trade. Globalization is only good for big corporations to screw workers but very bad for people, families, workers and small business.//

Tq for the anti-theses part on "Globalisation" .........(mee no nid (take off precious time to earn $$$ &) write on it liao)?

//Fair trade, fair movement of people, fair social service. Fair is better than free. Nothing is free. Those who promotes free trade are bribed politicians by big corporations.//

Did yew just (attempt to) help to write the synthesis (on the "Future of Globalisation") as well?

If it is, (again not (exactly) how Ai would have analysed and synthesised on it but .....) thks (for saving mee the trouble (and using up mind (precious) time) for writing the other view of the coin (and also the hidden view)?

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousNovember 02, 2016 9:20 am
// Futhermore, Sinkie only a tiny red dot ........//

Jiak Lat (wo)men?

Now kena encircled by ....... ?

If DT wins, (and he pulls the plug), will bona fide become an isolated (insignificant) red dot, left (alone) to rot (and balik (quickly and surely?) to fishing kampung)?

Jiat Lat Liao?

No wonder mkt down past few days after DT overtook Heatlerwry?

Jiat Lat, Jiat Lat?

Siao Liao this time?

Virgo 49 said...

The farking Dafts blaming DT of shares dropping and their woes.

DT is a businessman who knows how to revive the World's sick Enconmy as controlled by these sick elites enriching themselves.

If Clinton wins, WWIII with Russia and China would happen soon.

See how they are afraid of Durute and now how he ruled the Philippines and ruffled all the elites who still wants to have status quo.

Made DT the President to have unprecedented unorthodox ways to heal the world.

Cheers DT.

Anonymous said...

Remember someone said after Britons voted themselves
out of Germany ~ France
dominated EU 'losers have votes ' . Those who don't benefit from
influx of labour coming
outside the countries cast
their votes
AGAINST the govt.
The vote becomes one's only
protection from
CorporatIon greedy desires
Of higher and higher

Anonymous said...


8.25am //The farking Dafts blaming DT of shares dropping //

You must be referring to the global market reactions?

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