Freedom of navigation a threat to who?

Who is afraid of Virgina Wolf, not the silly lamb of course. Who is afraid of lack of freedom of navigation in the South China Sea? China is the biggest trading nation in the world and should be the most afraid of lack of navigation. Would China impose restriction on freedom of navigation on others and affect is trade with the world and its reputation and its national interest? Only fools would cut their nose to spite their own face.

Why would China want to cause such friction and mess up its relations with its neighbours? Did China mess up its relations with the countries sharing common borders with China? No. China needs good relations with its neighbours to show to the world that it values peace and good relations with its neighbours and countries around the world. But the Empire, the ex colonial masters are conning their silly former colonies that they must fear China and not them, and the silly colonies believe in the lies.

Who is really afraid of freedom of navigation being curbed? Actually no one would do such a thing in this era. What would or could China do, or what would be the likelihood of China’s presence in the South China Sea? This is what the Americans are afraid of. Today, the Americans sail their navies all over the world to challenge and threaten countries it tagged as enemies or called Axis of Evil. What the Americans are afraid is that China would install military surveillance in the SCS, include anti carrier and naval ship missiles that would pose a threat to the Americans that till now, could do what it likes without being challenged and untouchable. With China’s military presence, the Americans would be watched, monitored and could be challenged and sunk if they misbehaved or tried to bully other countries.

Is this not good for small countries in the region? What have small countries got to fear when they are not in contention for military power and domination in the SCS? They are being silly to think that China would be bothered with their little warship in SCS. China only has eyes on the world hegemon, the warmonger in the USA that have been threatening every nation with their military power.

The Americans would not want China to be able to threaten their military. It could nothing to do with small nations. This is the crux of the problem on freedom of navigation. The freedom of navigation of American naval fleet, aircraft carriers, would be monitored and could be threatened by China’s anti ship missiles.

To the rest of the Asean nations, please, don’t think silly and think so highly of yourself, that China would be bothered with your little naval craft. China got no time for you. Do not fight the fight for the Americans. Freedom of navigation is between the big powers, between China and the Americans and other pretenders.

Go home and have a nice sleep and stop pretending that freedom of navigation in the SCS would affect you if you are a little nation. In fact China would court your friendship and would make things better for you to win your goodwill. China would protect and ensure freedom of navigation for everyone to promote trade and exchanges.

Stupidity cannot be cure.


Anonymous said...

But I think sg is concerned leh. I think the pm very concerned. So like that how?

Anonymous said...

There are more important things for him to be concerned about than this fiction he has created for himself.

patriot said...

Stupidity of course has no cure.
Born stupid is part of innate
characteristics. However, like Erdogan of Turkey, some can learn albeit the Lesson must be learnt before one falls victim and becomes casualty.

There is a very telling comparison that can be made from Sinkies relationship with their rulers to that of those kowtowing to the US.
Sinkies believe the Pappies
will protect and care for their wellbeing.
Or the Sinkies are worry that
if they are known not to support the Pappies, they shall be in trouble. Therefore, whatever it it, it is best for them to flow with those in power.

Recent events from the Turkey Military Coup to President Duterte's open disagreement with the US and its' leaders,
Malaysia and Thailand leaning
to China, many are beginning to see the True Colour of the US Politicians.

Stupidity has no cure,
it can be ended when one
wakes up.


Anonymous said...

Dr Mintin Jacques in his book said Chin will rule the world.
This is against Singapore think tanks and Singapore leaders' wishes. This man Martin Jacques is the man so stupid to expound such non factual prediction. Singaporeans are well in position to gain from TPP in coming months and US will rule South China Sea when in June Shangrila meeting with PLA general takes place. No 2 possibility: TPP will happen. South China Sea will be ruled by US navy.

"“I have never heard the Chinese leaders or people in its Foreign Ministry being critical of Malaysia.

“They always have good things to say, and even love to use Malaysia as an example of how you can have differences and a strong relationship at the same time,” he told reporters after the talk.

On balancing between the participation in China’s Belt and Road and in the US-led Trans-Pacific Partner­ship (TPP), Dr Jacques’ advice for Malaysia was to make suggestions and take initiatives on the Maritime Silk Road as he did not think TPP is “going to happen”.

“I didn’t think it was a good move for Malaysia to sign up for TPP. That was a mistake,” he said.

Instead, Malaysia should “go for it” in terms of cooperation with China on the Belt and Road and think more strategically on what it wants with China, he added. "

Anonymous said...

China would protect and ensure freedom of navigation for everyone to promote trade and exchanges.

Tiok. And in this respect, China is similar to PAP. PAP would protect and ensure freedom of entry into Sinkieland for everyone to promote Sinkieland GDP growth and PAP Minister bonuses linked to it.

So I wonder why Hsien Loong is pro America than pro China.

Anonymous said...

Hillary at election rally said about China: "I know how they work. They know (me)." "When i become president, I want them to TOE the LINE."

Hillary will draw a line on the ground, and China leaders one by one will walk with toes exactly on the line drawn for them. If not, China leaders will face war.

Singapore will help US to lead Asean and control Asean to follow US s policy to control South China Sea. Its policy will not allow China to be leader of its own to lead away moderate like Malaysia Indonesia. These countries must listen to US and toe the line drawn by Hillary as president. China will be US s little brother in coming months.

Anonymous said...

Please, can someone explain to what good is TPP for Singapore? I did many hours of search on internet and found only two pieces of information
1. Vietnam and Malaysia trade to tpp countries could increase by 10++ %points each, singapore 1.4%. Why ah loong shamelessly fight for TPP?
2. If a country sign TPP, Big corporations can sue the local government if they do actions that reduce the profits of the big corporations? Why ahloong shamelessly fight for TPp?
3. The SG government website gave an example of singapore icecream exporter can benefit from TPP because the ingredients of the ice cream face less restriction, so can export competitively. Seriously, Singapore does not depend on ice cream for its GDP. IN FACT, singspore manufactures so few goods that it was calculated that we benefit merely 1.4% directly from joining TPP.

So why ahloong insist TPP and make hoohaa make china angry for what? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

So why ahloong insist TPP...?
4:05 pm


For the same reasons why ahloong insist so many foreign talents to come to Sinkieland lah.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Singapore does not depend on ice cream for its GDP. IN FACT, singspore manufactures so few goods that it was calculated that we benefit merely 1.4% directly from joining TPP.
4:05 pm

Not really. Singapore manufactures and exports a lot of high value goods, eg pharmaceuticals that do not required mass labour.

Due to its strategic location, it also serves as a transshipment hub for South East Asia and even the world. That's why if the Kra Canal in Thailand becomes reality, it will be the end of Singapore.

The ice cream example is just to simplify things so that even daft Sinkies can relate to and understand.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon 4.53.
I doubt highly if niched market exports like pharmaceutical and special medical supplies, need TPP to boost exports. This are rather specialised products and other countries will purchase on the basis of our reputation rather than quibble over a few dollars of local taxes. To my mind TPP is greatly beneficial for trade of common items like bananas, rice, rubber, etc, for ehich it is completely irrelevant to singapore. I do not see any significant benefits explained in ALL the sg govt websites that justify ahloong to champion the requirement of TPP to the extend that it angers china . THE icecream example (they made a very childish video advert about a "toa payoh ice cream company" getting a good deal if TPP is implemented. It IS SO CHILDISH OH MY GOD. How can sg make money exporting cream to countries in the TPP!!!!!How can the PR dept in the government be so stupid?

Anonymous said...

Another incomprehensible example given by government website stated that TPP will result in more Japanese car exports to usa, and Singapore benefit by increased "shipping and trade financing". Really meh? We already sold NOL, even if we did not, why would Japan need Singapore to transport Toyotas from japan to usa? Its crazy. AND " Trade financing " means what? Honda beg DBS FP for a loan to cover the shipment cost from Japan to usa? Wakarimasen neh.

Virgo49 said...

Japan shipped cars to USA passing through Singapore?????????????????????

SIA Flights from Sin to USA pass thru Japanese airports.

You see any super Car Carriers docked in Singapore?? Only few cars for Sin's discharge.

No wonder NOL had to close. Don't know which direction to sail meh???

To Europe most ships passes Singapore and not to USA from the Eastern Sector.

Anonymous said...

Rb //China got no time for you. //


"China got no time for yew?"

Accept it?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Maybe with TPP Singapore can send all its mismatched and unemployable PMETs to the USA and other TPP countries to work. This must be the most important consideration. Think so? Singapore to export skilled workers to USA and Japan and Australia, to be their expats?

Anonymous said...

In the absence of genuine rebuttals to my proposition that TPp does not result in significant benefits for Singapore, i really have to conclude that it is indeed the case. Where are the civil servants, TDB, etc, should they not say something even if it is an anonymous comment?

Anonymous said...

Singapore invite Israel president. What would happen to Asean unity on Palestinian issues?

Singapore would been accused by other member of undermining Asean unity .

Singapore did not invite Palestinian leader to visit them.

Anonymous said...

TPP would help Singapore to open up the economy of their larger neighbors automatically in many industries.

Singapore can invest in those nations without abiding to those discriminatory, racist and vague local law.

Singapore investment in those nation are pretty safe because TPP member must follow International law. ( they cant change the law anytime they like)

TPP allow Singapore to sue the govt(neighbor) via international arbitration.