F1 in doubt, Singapore ungrateful

This is as much as one could make out from the comments of Bernie Ecclestone. Singapore is not thinking of continuing to fund the F1 race here the F1 boss is unhappy, claiming that Singapore was just an airport before F1 and F1 has put Singapore into the world map of a ‘happening city’.  To quote him, ‘Singapore was suddenly more than just an airport to fly to or from somewhere. Now they believe they have reached their goal and they do not want a Grand Prix anymore.’

Are these the words of an unhappy man? A James Walton from Deloitte Singapore has this to say, ‘To turn around and suggest Singapore is ungrateful, that’s a no negotiation tactic, that’s a jilted person. To me this tactic is burning bridges.’

Ecclestone admitted that Singapore has spent a lot of money on the F1 and benefitted from it. But Singapore has had enough of F1 and not willing to throw hardearned public money on such luxury. How many countries in the world have so much easy money to throw, to waste, for a bit of publicity, for image?  Obviously there are not many silly countries willing to throw away so much money and the F1 boss is worried.  This proves another point that I had earlier put forward, who needs who more?  If it is F1 that needs Singapore more, then it is F1 that is getting the better return than Singapore and should be paying for the right to host in this ‘airport’ city that no one knows.

I hope Singapore organizers wise up and charge F1 for the right to hold such an event here, in this ‘airport’ city that turned out to be the crown jewel of F1 tour instead of paying what they demanded.  It is time F1 knows the value of this ‘airport’ city and pay to get the privilege to run their toys on our roads and enjoy the quality of our hospitality and strategic environment and the security and convenience of this handsome city.

What do you think? Should Singapore continue to throw away hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money on such an intangible and wasteful indulgence or should Singapore demand to be paid for the right of F1 to hold its races here?

The above was written yesterday. Today Ecclestone has moderated his tone by saying, ‘F1’s stand is to hopefully continue in Singapore. Everybody is happy to be in Singapore and (we) don’t want to lose Singapore.’ Malaysia has also announced that it is not going to waste more money on F1. So, should our boys grow up and say we don’t need to play with expensive toys anymore and no need to throw away hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money to make F1 organisers happy and very rich? If it is their grandfathers’ money then by all means, spend all they want, but when it is OPM, better be more careful and prudent.


Anonymous said...

I say let us remove F1 from Singapore. Its boring to watch. The person who holds the Pole Position is always the winner. The road is narrow and the opportunity to overtake is RARE. After watching a few rounds, we can go and have supper and the cars will still have the same position when you come back. I am still wondering why are people still interested in F1. Unless F1 pays for most of the costs, I say it should go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

How many Singaporeans are following this annual event?

Not cheap!

Anonymous said...

The reason why we spent so much money in the last few years for the F1 is to give

someone up there to boast to the world that WE ALSO HAVE.

Anonymous said...

If it is their grandfathers’ money then by all means, spend all they want, but when it is OPM, better be more careful and prudent.

OPM better be more careful and prudent??? Not when they got the OP mandate to spend.

Don't say PAP, even WP also spend like those improper payments to their own kakis in their Town Council, when they got the mandate to do so, tio bo? And after that cannot even get their accounts right some more!

That's why majority Sinkies still bo pian have to vote PAP as the lesser of 2 evils.

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin dies in Sin. How to save yourselves from Sin? Crucify the Snakehead!


Anonymous said...

PAP not continuing with F1 is not because Sinkies kpkb about F1, but rather for the national interest. And since PAP every time win elections to become govt, national interest also same as PAP interest.

Only when PAP and Sinkie interests coincide, then it is good lah for Sinkies. If not, too bad lah.

Anonymous said...

I do not want to see fence blocking my way in town for this F1 which i do not care a damn. Not only interrupting businesses in the town for days and nights, the losses in business time for days are spent with public funds of $90millions just for these few days.

Hey hey listen: when anakchan complained about supporting needy in parliament, he was talking about $100millions, that very magic figure, of the ministars concern. Yet spending $90millions for angmor to play in the city day and night is acceptable to u voters. Have you opened your eyes now? The total F1 is $150millions, Singapore government pays $90millions solid to the orgas-nizors.

There is no increase in tourists arrivals for F. Why? The Chinese are around half of the arrival, and balance are largely Indonesians lah. They do not watch F1.
For Chinese and Indonesians, they may watch Harris parade of war ships. Sell tickets to watch 7th Fleets parade in South China Sea with Australian ships, Indonesia ships, what else, Singapore frigates will attract these group of visitors.

I tell you why i know these Chinese do not watch F1. They spend around $210 for the trip per day. U know why? Good hotels can only collect $168 per room in the town.
Hey look at $168 per room, for one oldest hotel at Bras Basah, it can only collect $168x103=$17034 per day. Enough to pay for daily expenses?
Some more, the government still use fence to block these visitors to move around. Will these Chinese bother to stay in Singapore?

I think they will land at Changi, stay one night and move to JB. Tour groups will also do the same, everything will be cheaper once the tour bus enter JB. In future, JB will have many China Chinese business, and not for Singapore because Singapore is anti china lah.

Anonymous said...

That is why my favourite song these days is Brandi Carlile’s wonderful ballad called The Eye, the main verse of which is: “I wrapped your love around me like a chain/But I never was afraid that it would die/You can dance in a hurricane/But only if you’re standing in the eye.”

These accelerations in technology, globalisation and Mother Nature are like a hurricane in which we are all being asked to dance. Mr Trump and the Brexiters sensed the anxiety of many and promised to build a wall against these howling winds of change. I disagree. I think the challenge is to find the eye.

Anonymous said...

Sir! Sir!
Excuse me Sir!

F1 Race in Singapore.
Who were the beneficiaries who made money from F1?
Which Singaporean group benefited?

Anonymous said...

I think the challenge is to find the eye.
November 22, 2016 11:03 am

In Singapore;
Do you think the eye of the hurricane is membership to PAP?

Anonymous said...

/// If it is their grandfathers’ money then by all means, spend all they want, but when it is OPM, better be more careful and prudent. /// redbean

Why you care so much about OPM?
It's not as if OPM will ever be used to benefit Singaporeans correct?
So why you care so much?

Anonymous said...

PAP continues to pay F1 $150M every year for the past 9 years because this idea was from some golden-eyed president scholars who happen also to be relatives of top-level ministers. So no choice but to give face to these high powered relatives & continue donating $150M to Ecclestone. But I think 9 X $150M = $1.35B is enough face for these relatives, & S'pore should just tell Ecclestone to fuck off.

virgo49 said...

Chinese tourists up Malaysia.
So many new spots to see plus Casino resorts.

Wah, they loved the Tables baccarat and Roulette.

Their yuan better spent in Matland rather than in sinkieland

So much for value sky way cable cars ride only at a fraction of Sin sentosa ride.19 stations to just 3 stations.

Hotel only Sin$10.00 plus. How much their currencies ??

Sinkieland too expensive.
Only fools throw monies here

Anonymous said...

Oh oh Ash Carter is gonna lose his job in 2 months time.
Trump said he is considering General James Mattis, nic name mad dog as Defense Secretary.
Will Harris gonna boost China threat to increase his budget to sail around Scs?
I got a strong feeling Harris is gonna disappointed as budget to sail around doing nothing is not Trump s liking. He wants less spending. 1 sail around is how much USD?
just fly sin defense minister to the 7 fleet by Carter might run into some big figures.

Watch out for 2017 Shangrila if Harris is gonna shoot at PLA to increase the budget.

Anonymous said...

早因該不要花錢在这種 (F...ing)不踏實的表面宣传.

Anonymous said...

Singapore leeder will lead TPP into effect. This is the gold opportunity to be in gold medal on US Globalization political prize.

Trump said on his video and report over all UK papers tht US will quit TPP on DAY ONE he is in office.

Trump dares to go against Leeder s wishes and Abe also scared. Abe said he would go for RCEP. But Leeder said he will push TPP to become laws next year.

Welcome to TPP, our best hope to be on world map. Better than F1. Trump will get scolding from someone fierce and aggressive. US is in trouble besides China got the scolding.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. Anyway, as they said, F1 is for foreigners. Locals not invited nor welcomed.

As a matter of fact, it is plain stupidity paying a hand and a leg to watch a retinue of cars circling the tracks in robotic fashion, featuring the same old gang of Ali Baba and his forty theives.

In Red Dot, what else besides the PAP, can last, with the use of the law to forge a skewed path for them to remain in perpetuity? I just wonder how much longer the two casinos can last just relying mainly on foreigners.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous November 22, 2016 1:45 pm
//Trump said on his video and report over all UK papers tht US will quit TPP on DAY ONE he is in office.//

The City of (infinite) Sins is in for "severe economic walloping"?

Without prospects of (continued) trade liberisation, will FDIs continue to flow in as before?

With declining exports and now possibly falling investment going forward, the JLBs' "shark fins and bird nests gargling" days are numbered ........?

Anonymous said...

Quick send out super talents to tell Trump he is wrong. He can't do that. It is bad for the Americans.

Anonymous said...

Without DT support (4) TPP, dark shadow is cast over (continued) trade liberalisation .......?

Without (continued) trade liberalisation, a dark shadow is cast over 2013 PWP 6.9m?

Without 6.9m, a dark shadow is cast over Botak-nomics "endless build, build, build" gigantic property bubble?

Anonymous said...

FOMC meeting in mid Dec ......

If Ms Y up lending costs, property bubble market siao liao?

When (sinful) $ depreciates, 1.9 trillion external debts gg ballistic liao?

b said...

The tax payers money should be spent creating jobs for locals not spending it on F1 and making the airlines and hotel owners rich.

Anonymous said...

In 2015, the sum their G spent on transfer and interest payments (excluding G spending on goods and services inclusive public servants salaries) exceeded 20% of their GDP @ abt USD3.5 Trillions ........ ?

This alone is more than the entire Germany 2015 GDP, the largest economy in Europe ......?

In a nutshell, DT needs to loose a lot of fats (read more than USD 1 Trillion of foreign military spending) and in other area add as much muscle and lean meat as possible?

Anonymous said...

Yearly 400 million spent on foreign students and another 150 million spent on free entertainment for angmo .......?

All these mostly unproductive spending with once off effect on the economy ....... not mentioning the heavy burden and opportunity costs on taxpayers and the economy?

Even graduating (foreign) ah neh PR JC2 students said apply citizenship le just to get into local U the following year so as to qualify forhuge subsidies but after finish studies, going back ahnehland to get married later in life ......?

The JLBs like to whack sinkies jiatlat jiatlat even for petty parking issues but choose to close both eyes to foreign students gaming and exploiting the sinkie system and loopholes to the max?

Alas, after A level exam, many sinkie boys are straight away enlisted to spend 2 of their most precious years in their lives doing conscript services at dirt pay but foreign students still got to enjoy 9 months of holidays then get into local Uni?

70% sinkies simply love and enjoy spurs up their offsprings back(sides) .......?

What kind of (sgit) parents (and grandparents) ........?

Sigh pie ........ :(((((((

Anonymous said...

Daddy, Daddy!
My slaves got no more money to give me for my racing cars.
Daddy, Daddy!
How ah?

Anonymous said...

Rb //So, should our boys grow up and say we don’t need to play with expensive toys anymore and no need to throw away hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money to make F1 organisers happy and very rich?//

Uncle Bean and oldies in msn,

Not withstanding the (imcomprehensible?) choice of the (super daft?) 70%, if (hypothetically) DT were (the one) to be in charge, how many JLBs "NCC boys" (who never grow up) will he FIRE?

Or how many have chance to remain?

Anonymous said...

Would DT want to go near them (even with clothes peg on his nose and a gazillion-foot pole?)?

Anonymous said...

With DT public statements almost immediately after some of the (empty?) "noises" coming out from Peru APEC meeting, (and DT haven't even taken office yet!), would it be a torrid time for some people over the next 4 years when DT is inaugurated on 20 Jan 2017?

Anonymous said...

With DT pushing for a 15% corporate tax rate, the "horrible pax" model of positioning a pisai as an MNCs manufacturing base is game over liao?

Over more than 50 years, never improve on an antiquated model?

Imagine a handphone company manufactures the same hp model for more than 50 years, how to survive?

Anonymous said...

Some more can (and dare to skin thicker than elephant hide) ownselves pay ownselves filthy millions?


The GREATEST JLBs in mankind history?

Anonymous said...


Police claim they have enough information on Jokowi’s expulsion potential

" regime change" in Indonesia?

Indonesia plan to repatriate illicit wealth from Singapore is totally doomed.
Repeat of 1998 riot is quite possible . During the Ahok protest , the protesters hurl the banner - Anti Chinese.

Maybe, SAF and LHL should intervene this time to prevent such tragedy as sign of ASEAN UNITY.

Anonymous said...

there are something to learn from Turkish invasion of Cyprus to stop ethnic cleansing and genocide.

- A legal precedent to protect Human right and prevent war crimes.


Anonymous said...



Where the schmuck who say easy monies in Malaysia investment.

Pioneer of Champions said...

To me, the name F1 means the popular four-letter word "FUCK" One or Fuck-up One.

We, ordinary people who have not the slightest interest in this kind of fast racing to hell enjoyed only by the filthy rich and spoilt brats, will never appreciate nor support it.

It may be very successful in making some money for the Singapore Government, so what?

What else does it bring to Singapore? Only noise pollution, loss of businesses in the Central District when these idiots are glamouring themselves at our expense.

Imagine the great inconvenience, loss of individual freedom, loss of money and traffic obstructions and congestion, and most important of all, the waste of precious time and space which could be utilized in other more productive and meaningful events for all Singaporeans and Tourists, instead of for the few filthy rich and the gamblers.

Anonymous said...

One man's expenditure is another man's income.

City of Sin very lucky this time?

Might get some boost in the final weeks of 2016 and early part of 2017?

Anonymous said...

They had fat hope that foreigners will spend lots of money shopping during FI, but I understand this was not so. Moreover, the fat gate collections from foreigners goes to the foreign competitors and promoters. The locals get all the inconveniences and foot the bill for providing the logistics. How stupid can one be?

Anonymous said...

Like the 70% lor ......?