Elected Presidency – Another Uniquely Singapore innovative idea

The most creative and innovative people in Singapore must be the political leaders. They are coming up with mind blowing ideas that no one could think of and always work. The latest is this great idea called Elected Presidency. It is like a genie coming out from a bottle to solve all the critical problems of Singapore, ie, to protect the nation’s reserves from being squandered by rogue govt, to unify the country, to give the minority a chance to be the president, thus be seen as participating in the main stream of the country’s politics. The unifying factor in a multi racial society, where he is seen as a symbol of racial unity is really crucial.

Whenever I write a piece praising the govt I know for sure that I would get a lot of walloping from my readers. But I am just saying the truth. This EP idea is so innovative and so effective that soon other countries would be borrowing it from us. There is a genuine fear that the ruling govt of the day would turn rogue, and Parliament and all the parliamentarians, all 87 of them, could not do anything and someone must rub the bottle to release the genie in the form of a EP who would then be able to slam down the rogue politicians from running amok. I am not sure whether a minority president is more important or the protection of the nation’s reserves, the rush to make the next EP election a Malay President election would give an indication of which is which.

One genie, a very exceptional one, with all the stringent qualifications, with no compromises on meritocracy even if chosen from a reserve minority EP election, will be able to take on a whole Parliament of rogues.  This EP is the last man in the defence of our nation’s reserves, incidentally include the people’s CPF savings, so don’t pray pray.  Your savings in the CPF depends on the EP to protect. With this genie EP, your CPF savings are safe, forever.

And there is no worry that the genie would turn bad himself. His power can also be limited by the non elected but appointed Council of Presidential advisers that are smarter and more powerful than him, to control him if the genie misbehaved. If this is not enough, the Parliament could overrule the EP with a 2/3 majority I think, correct me if I am wrong on this. The genie is the most powerful factor, but can also be controlled. This is called checks and balance.  Who says Singapore got no checks and balance? Some may think this concept a bit ‘mao dun’, but the virtue of it is that it works to the point of flawlessness.  Many million dollar heads, the best in the island, have been put together to ensure that this is the perfect thing to have, so how can it be wrong, or how can it not work?

I don’t think any genius or any country could come up with a better and sounder idea, a better man, a unifying figure, all powerful to protect the nation’s reserves from a rogue Parliament,  all rolled into one man, but its power can still be curbed when needed, by the same Parliament it was designed to control. With the EP in place there will be stability, no gridlocks, and our democratic Parliamentary system will be safe. And this is a responsible thing to do for the future generations. Anyone opposing this idea or offering alternative ideas is irresponsible.

PS. Someone said that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both qualified with flying colours when the stringent criteria for an EP are applied on them. This is a good proof that the formula and criteria are good since Trump and Clinton are good enough for the USA, so cannot be wrong. The formula has been tested.


Anonymous said...

"Exciting voting trend" in VA (13), FL (29), NC (15), GA (16) ...... all key battleground states ....... ?

Anonymous said...

This minority president thing would one day come back to haunt the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Based on the Papies EP system logic, a minority PM should come into picture any time sooner, & base on their new criteria the next PM should be Botak Taman ..there is no need to think hard or choose by pinky..tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Botan is Indian not Malay lar and the next ep for Malay only. I just switched off the tv when news like that broadcast as I can not tahan the nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Yaacob said the Malays want a Malay President so this election for Malay EP. And constitutional change to make sure it will be.
What if the Malays want a Malay PM, would the PAP also say can? Would PAP do a constitution change also?

patriot said...

"And there is no worry that this genie will turn bad", Rb.

No worry indeed, for he or she shall be a component
part of the Regime that makes him/her for the Appointment.



Anonymous said...

Why don't we just go back to the old system of our parliament nominating a President.
Then LHL and his PAP majority in parliament can choose whoever they want to be President.

And Singaporean taxpayers can save some money by avoiding this expensive dog & pony show to "democratically choose" a President from a field that has been artificially reduced to just one person.

Is the above viewpoint a fair and true sentiment?
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

In a circus, the clowns ruled. Whatever the clowns said, people must laugh. The clowns are in in charge.

Anonymous said...

This 2 minute song reminds me of the Singaporean frogs boiling in the PAP hot water.


Anonymous said...

We have to abolish the elected president to feed a single person with millions dollars but doing so little things for citizens ie for citizens, they are not benefited.

Look at today s election results:
Hang seng crashed this morning at close to 500 points.
Mexico currency crashed 5.5% (10:15am Sin time) and around 9% at 10:35am) at this moment.

U guess the market is guessing who will win?
He will not bring TPP to Singapore door step. Neither She will. But there is one big gun thought TPP will be passed.

Why abolish the elected president? Back to basic. The world is changing to take care of their own country's citizens first.
Its the movement: citizen first. Voter first.

DT: "you have no job, what a hell gonna do?"
Singapore citizens are gonna be poor if they insist to give jobs to foreigners at priorities, while the govern spends dollars after dollars on property.

Property is the key to boost the ministars salaries for the past 20 years. This kind of industries create few good jobs for educated citizens and young men.

Singaporeans are in trouble if they do not change their minds on globalization. The trend is opposite, based on US election trend.

Anonymous said...

The “real Black Swan” that China has to face up to is the enemy within — in the upper echelons of the military and government — as well as its inability to transfer power peacefully and the threat of a long and bitter civil war.

TL Tsim has studied the Chinese political scene since the 1980s, with a background in journalism, including the South China Morning Post and Hong Kong Economic Journal before starting his own consultancy.

In an interview with Real Vision TV he said the greatest misconception among its people is that Chinese dynasties are super stable structures that last a long time.



Do you think we have a Chinese dynasty here in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

The EP post is like strike Toto. So must spread around so race got a chance to receive the millions from the lottery.

virgo49 said...

Donald Trump lead by 139 to 104.

DT is PRESIDENT elect.

To Hell with SINKIE land PE.
Just marked farked you " on ballot slips.


Anonymous said...

DT wins will give a tight slap on SinkieLand Pinky face..his new EP systems will make a mockery for everyone in the world to see..a modern day repeat episode of the ancient China "指鹿为马" & "夹天子以令诸侯" in a democratic modern world ..greatest joke of them all!

Anonymous said...

Ohio state is a marker since sixties: the winner of the 18 tickets would huat liao, get the job to be white house housekeeper.

Trump got it just now. Will he be the housekeeper?

Singapore s economic and foreign policy is stuck with the extreme position it took since 2015. China will be able to ignore Singapore s influence to control South China Sea through US. Trump is unlikely to give free money for the generals to sail at the sea and drink beers partying. If Hillary wins, she will be stuck with the strong demand for jobs. South China Sea may not be the priorities among the many. Of poor health, Hillary is expected to last 4 year term, not 8 year.

Singapore neglecting creating jobs by broad industries instead of concentrating on construction and property while they intentionally curbing salary as a way to please the giant corporations through importing foreigners, Singapore cannot lapse to a better position overnight. China market is likely hard hit by Trump s higher taxes against it. Demand on Singapore goods and services to the biggest export market will further decline.
Singapore s biggest mistake is: curbing citizens salary growth against the fast pace increase in property and rental. Thanks to Pap s great job. If China open the KL Port Klang, Singapore s trans shipments will be further hits because Singapore s US war ships are watching and monitoring the china cargo.

Trump s win is more than 90% now, after winning Ohio. For now.

Anonymous said...

Do you think DT will use a crowbar to open up the arse hole of a tin pot Emperor in a small island state in Asia?

Anonymous said...

The world democracies big or small have been hijacked by self serving crooks, rogues and scoundrels in all spheres of government, commerce, business, banking and finance. Everywhere the people are held to ransome with low salaries, high taxes both direct and indirect and high cost of living with highly expensive housing, transport, health and medical services. Western democracy is doomed. We need more enlightening people to serve the country and the citizens. If you want to grow rich and make a lot of money please go into business and not politics because politics is a calling to serve the people and the country with respect, dignity and integrity. We do not need crooks, rogues and scoundrels in politics camouflaging under a veil of false respect with cloaks and ties.

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

Wah! DT is leading HC in the elections vote count.

Sekali someboLee faint in Singapore.
Sekali another one week MC.
Doctors ... please be on standby.

Not healthy ... please emeritus (retire) yourself.

Anonymous said...

Eagles Eyes, you are right. USA with over 350 million people cannot produce more decent people to run the presidency rather than two trash scumbags. Hillary Clinton is devil woman incarnated. She is full of evil She kills and slaughter people without seeing blood. She has destroyed Iraq, Libya and now Syria. She is a liar and charlaton. She and her husband's Bill Clinton Foundation cheated and siphoned off about 20 billion dollars of Haitian earthquake fund donated by the whole world to Haiti. She and Bill Clinton are so evil that they should be put behind bars for life.

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair,hover through the filthy air. That is the state of affairs in all so called western democracies now.

Karma is real

Anonymous said...


DT 254 vs HC 209 tgt 270.

Gusswho win?

Anonymous said...

SomeboLee spend so much time mental masturbating over the TPP.
Work so hard.
I hope DT wins.
I hope TPP gets thrown away.

I hope SomeboLee see his lifetime work with TPP get wasted.
Just like so many Singaporean PMETs got their life time's work wasted after being retrenched.

Donald Cunts Yew
Not Lee Cunt Yew anymore.
Long live Donald Trump !!

Anonymous said...

A SomeBoLee looks into the mirror and ask" Mirror mirror on the Wall ...Who is the fairest of them all?..." ..Mirror appears & says " Donold Triumph...". SomeBoLee got fainted ..all his effort wasted & realise tat he is only a Humpty Dumpty ,,,all the king horses could not put him back on course again...

Unknown said...

Destroy the TPP

Glory to the God emperor

Long live the trumpire!

Anonymous said...

Mind family has a ("autographed") copy of the 1987 "The Art of The Deal", by DT (written with Tony Schwartz).

Quote from the book:

" I like thinking BIG. I ALWAYS have. To me it's very SIMPLE: if you're going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think BIG."


Someone in mind family bought this book in the late 1980s.

Anonymous said...

Can consider if there is a goooooooood offer .......

Any offer?

Reserve price: 10,000,000

Anonymous said...

My autographed Lee Kuan Yew book.
You want?
I exchange with you for your DT book.

Anonymous said...

Always remember.....70% OK-ed!

Anonymous said...

Daddy! Daddy!
A dog called DT ate my TPP homework.
Daddy! Daddy!
How ah?

Anonymous said...

I used my Daddy's money and donated to the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation.
If HC don't become President, then how ah?
Daddy! Daddy!
Did I just waste your money again?

Anonymous said...

R u paying attention (to his words (of wisdom) quoted above)?


Anybook autographed by MZT?

Can consider ......

For the sake of love (for the beloved motherland) ......

Anonymous said...

However, has a copy (paperback version) of a more recent book (2004) by DT (written with Meredith Mclver entitled "How to Get Rich").

Can consider if topped up with another 5,000,000 together with the autographed book u have.

U want?

Anonymous said...

Quote from the book:

"(Business Rule #1: If you don't tell people about your success, they probably won't know about it.)"


Anonymous said...

Another excerpt from the book (How to Get Rich):


"So here it comes: The Scoop from The Donald. After you make your first billion, don't forget to send me a thank-you note. You know the address."


Uncle Virgo49,

You know the (new) address?

Anybolee know DT's (new) address?

Pls kee chiu?

Anonymous said...

DT 274 vs HC 218

Tgt 270

DT won the presidency now

going for a beer

Virgo49 said...

You want to buy Today's 4D?? Singapore Pools??

You want to buy 3D-Pan Malaysia??

You want to buy Tomorrow's 4 million Toto??


Anonymous said...

Time to help the dragon grease up his ass hole.
DT has a big dick.

Anonymous said...

Opposition parties should urge PM to add this amendment

The elected presidency should goes to Opposition party to prevent dictatorship of one party state in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

In addition to that,

If ruling party had majority seat in Parliament, the speaker should goes to Opposition party.

If ruling party had successfully form a govt, one portfolio, Minister of Communication and Information should goes to the Opposition party.

Anonymous said...

The American eagle has landed.
Time for the dragon to fuck off.

b said...

Presidents/ ministers should be elected irregardless of race and religion. Thats in the pledge. We are one united people. Better not learn from Saudi or some backward third world countries putting race as a requirement.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of race, language, religion or size of personal bank account.
To build a democratic society.

Anonymous said...

How many singaporeans out there are actually following the issues of EP!

Everyone is so busy.


Trump Supporter said...

Hillary Rotten Clinton is very nervous because she may have to go to Prison for all her crimes committed throughout her life, especially for the indirect murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other US Citizens in Benghazi, Syria.

Anonymous said...

America voted rightly. There is indeed a God. Watch out Sin.

Anonymous said...

//America voted rightly. There is indeed a God. Watch out Sin.//

Heaven is watching ..the present state of Sin city is declining under Pinky..changes to EP & many others policies will come & haunt Pinky...no sooner thus little red dot will enter its nemesis & Wipe off from world map...history will tell --there was once a "little red dot" ?

Anonymous said...

The next President of Sin city will be a Malay ( declared by Pinky Loony) ..but this Malay President of Sin City can't visit US Liao cos Muslims r banned under the new DT regime..too bad for Pinky (he is sure a poor gambler ..placing wrong bets again)..

Anonymous said...

Trump has won , why so happy ?

Anonymous said...

Trump has won , why so happy ?
November 09, 2016 6:28 pm

Because Ah Loong's TPP is dead.
No more Trans Pacific Partnership.
Anything bad for Ah Loong is good for Singaporeans.

Unknown said...

Ah Loong is a globalist pawn, he is following the program wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump will only $1/= nominal fee Working as a US President..salute to him as a service to his people..unlike our million dollar ministers which have sky high salary but can't do anything to policies failures & mrt breakdowns ( he put the entire Loony systems to a shame..)

Anonymous said...

Trump won the presidency. I think Ash Carter will not be Defense. Plan to surround China is not likely attractive to Trump. You know? Trump lined up his family to meet the supporters at his winning speech (this is Trump, he always family line up and no big guns from GOP on stage), he hugged a little girl. That is Trump s grand daughter. This little girl can speak fluent mandarin and sings kiddy mandarin songs. Trump s daughter has plans to do biz in China. No doubt from her planned education for her little girl.

Little dot s pm wanted TPP in white house after dinner. He can never smell it from the fact that GOP won also control of Congress and Senate on yesterdays' election together with presidency. TPP is Obama s economic plan to exclude China. TPP never allowed China to join. The little dot pm likes TPP so much, he might be at the loss. Because RCEP, China s TPP included little dot. Will China benefit little dot for its failed plan to surround China after Hillary s failure? Its hard time for little dot for the failed policies against China.
Trump promised to charge Japan and South Korea for providing US military services to protect these 2 countries. The bills cannot be 5 cents, correct? Will Abe now ask little dot pm to follow japanese war ships to tour South China Sea, when Trump cut the 7 fleet and 3 fleet budgets?
Japan and little dot has good combination in characters among the 2 leaders.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, mb u can write a thread to suggest (to) somebolee (to) alter the "blue facade" at the iconic financial ctr (in which u (often claimed u) r (barely) ekeing out a miniscule monthly income of 2k?) to a "red facade?" to get into the "good books" of both the two red giants (Red PRC and RED GOP)?

(The message:) Hey, we are RED too!

Albeit a tiny RED dot (snuggle between two red mammoths)

Good idea?

And (add that) our LEEDERS will wear RED ties over (at least) the next 4 years in all public functions and meetings (to demonstrate our "common identity and interests")?

Do give it some consideration .......

Anonymous said...

So any words of congratulations from our side ?

@ Trump s daughter has plans to do biz in China. No doubt from her planned education for her little girl.

Sure or not ?

My understanding he promises to whack China ?

Anonymous said...

Please save the sarcasm because the government is indeed very smart to get people to accept paper wealth of CPF and HDB flat as real, and suffer death through a thousand cuts each year, frequent insults, and still vote Papy, happily.

Either your rulers are very smart or Sinkies are very stupid. The latter cannot be true since we have so many accredited universities and centers of education. And our people are consistently pursuing new tertiary degrees.

This gov repeatedly calls its voters morons, provide rabbit hutches for homes, keep wages low even with the value added education, no place to go during weekends, standing room only sex, and still the Happy populace. Must be enjoying the damn good chenghoo.