Elected President– Another thought

I have been thinking a lot about this EP thing and looking at as many angles as I could to look at the issues and potential problems that may pop up later. This is national service in a way, or being kaypoh. I just though of another point that I think, just a thought, that this may have slipped the minds of the super talents in their haste to get this EP changes passed for the next election. I am not trying to be intellectually arrogant as comparing to the super talents, I am just a minnow. Maybe they have thought of it, thought about it but did not think it important enough at this point in time to raise it.

Let me just share this little nitty problem that could cause some head scratching later.  Singapore was lucky that all the past presidents survived their terms in office. With the stringent criteria to be eligible as an EP, the $500m company or as very senior politicians or civil servants, the potential candidates for EP are likely to be quite advance in age. And many would have lived the good life and full of good life sicknesses from too rich food and lack of physical activities. Now you get what I am driving at?

There is always a possibility that a sitting President could mati prematurely from sickness or whatever reasons. Assuming that the next EP passed away after 3 months, 6 months or one year or a couple of years, would that mean that the Malay minority President had used up its quota of one term and so the next EP would be open to all? Or would there be a make up reserved EP election for the remaining years or months? No one can rule out this possibility.

Here is the worm. If the tenure of a minority President is prematurely terminated, would the minority feel cheated and would demand for another by election to serve out the full term of 6 years? Where to draw the line, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years?  Or would it be the same practice as in the case of a mati MP, wait out the full term with the seat empty or someone else covering it? When the Constitution provides for such minority rights, you can expect the rights to be demanded to the fullest, no half past six or partial satisfaction would be enough.

What do you think? Would this be another problem for minority grievances and unhappiness? Would this be the seed for future racial tension?

PS. I am thinking of the implications of the Eurasians and Others being lumped together with the Indian category. This one is another can of worms and deserves another post on it.


Anonymous said...

Getting TCB out of the coming race ..ticked
Anything else.. don't disturb the super elites for now

Anonymous said...

Think Smple! Think Simple!

If the current EP mati mati during his/her term, candidates
from the next race in line will participate in the EP BE.
The new EP will be for another fresh six years term.


Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, ur thought of a pre-mati death of a minority EP for the next President of Sin city is in syc with mine..waaa..what happened of that new minority EP under the new racist system of the whites hantu die before the term expire ( say a few months or years or even days) or that new minority EP committed a crime or too free & committed adultery ..waa..such thing could happen ..heaven got eye that this next reserved EP will be damned (not a blessed one as its against the will of the people).It depends whether PeeMee will allow the remaining period of the new EP terms to be the minority or not ( don't know what criteria is in place for a pre-mati or an alleged criminal minority EP)...at the end of the day Sin City EP system make a mockery for the world to see..

Anonymous said...

Indians and Honorary Indians category.

Anonymous said...

Premature death.
Premature ejaculation.

What about premature stroke?
Or premature fainting spell?

Or premature dementia or senility?
Do Presidential candidates need to undergo a medical examination besides checking up on their $500 million dollar asset management capability?

Do we want to put a 70 year old geriatrician in charge of protecting our reserves without checking on their senility?

Anonymous said...

Older means wiser mah.

Anonymous said...

President? I think the excitement is in US. The elected president will happen as it was passed. The only way to undo is to vote for an entirely opposite team.
Yesterday Obama met his unfit to be president man Trump. NY times said Trump appeared to be timid. I watch TV, it wasnt so much subdued as the report said. NY times is HC supporter. On 7 Nov, it said HC would win at 82% chance. When the boxes were opened, NY Times quickly predicted Trump would win by 95% with 305 tickets. Trump took 306 tickets. This time NY Times missed a little. But only when the boxes were opened.

So much writing about US election. It is about our future and our children s future. US is our major export market. China is our biggest export market. Both we now face problem due to our inflexible elites siding with Hillary Clinton.

This woman was said by Huanqiu which has links to PLA that she took one dead old man s advise to surround China. China chinese all know that story. Businesses like cargo heading for China are heading for Port Klang and more in future. Tourist from China are largely free and easy, buying little goods from Orchard road shops. Export to china is declining. Our business is added with extra ordinary value from millionaires scholars: hot air. It will be hard time when the chinese aim at avoiding Singapore, and worst cut the Kra canal at Thailand. Malaysia is pro china. The Johor prosperity will be a threat to Singapore with china investors, shipping through Klang on high speed rail. Singapore is no longer strategic to Malaysia.

Trump when spoke to Ryan the Speaker, who embarrassed Trump many times: mentioned to reduce tax. That showed his priority. I heard he going to cut to 15%. Google and Microsoft and other giants keeping major cash overseas to avoid taxes will be over by 2018. The US demand clear figures to be shown to US side. The warning in Washington was to curb borrowing or financing from US banks, if these giants avoid paying taxes to US. So Trump put up a so low tax, yet these giants refuse to give jobs to US citizens, they will be shot on their heads by Trump. We have seen Trump s election. He meant it.

Singapore put up a Malay president will just match Trump s preference. There will be lots of meeting between Singapore and US s president. No one will doubt it. Singapore s future will be bright with that timely strategy. Its Pinky's another bright idea and Jackpot. Correct?

Anonymous said...

Older means wiser mah.
November 11, 2016 10:28 am

Older also means higher chance of dementia or some other mental condition.

Are you sure it was just a dizzy spell?
Maybe it was an early warning of a more serious problem?


Anonymous said...

No use talking about it since the Paramentarians already passed this retarded motion in Parament. In fact 90% inside Parament and 70% outside. Blame it on the retards.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bean, why you think so far? All you need to do is to project if Tan Cheng Bok is still young enough to stand in for next President if Malay EP die early. If say 3 or 6 months, technically TCB will be able to qualify to contest again. So what you do think will happen? PM will rule that the 6 mths too short and therefore another Malay EP must serve. But if it is 5 yrs and Malay EP mati, perhaps TCB too old oredi, so no need another Malay EP.

This change in consti is to stop Tan Cheng kana Blocked from contesting lah. Nothing to do with race representation.

Anonymous said...

Quote: Singapore was lucky that all the past presidents survived their terms in office.

Hey redbean you Singaporean or not?!?! Yusof Ishak (malay) and Ben Sheares (Eurasian) both died while serving as president. The malay guy had heart attack while the half-angmoh died of lung cancer. Both are minority race presidents.

Anyway doesn't matter if Sinkies vote in an opposition president. As long as PAP got 2/3 parliament majority, they can easily neutralize any uncooperative president. Look what PAP did to OTC & Devan Nair.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.10 pm. Another minority president also died in office. Devan Nair. LKY killed him. Remember?

Anonymous said...

Devan Nair only virtually killed -- not counted. He kena exiled to Canada, where he later gave interview to Canada newspapers telling the shenanigans that went on in Istana. LKY sued him in Canada court for defamation. Canada court looked at LKY's case and threw it back in his face & basically told LKY to fuck off.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 4:10, thank you for the correction. I got dementia lah.

b said...

Singaporeans are singaporeans. Why not just plain simple? Did LKY go overseas and tell foreigners that he is baba singaporean? People will laugh at his ignorance. A migrant country like ours should not divide people up by races anymore.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @5.47, ya Devan Nair only virtually killed. But the pt is that he nvr finished his term just like the earlier Presidents. Is that not the pt that RB got wrong implying all presidents managed to "survived" their terms till the end?

Anonymous said...

Regarding RB's question whether a president should be counted if he dies on the 2nd day on the job --- send this question to the kangaroo Law Ministry. They are the ones who said Wee Kim Wee is the 1st Elected President, and not Ong Teng Cheong.

If Ong Teng Cheong was declared the 1st Elected President, then next PE2017 will still be open to all races.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> There is always a possibility that a sitting President could mati prematurely from sickness or whatever reasons. <<

Yeah like ASSASSINATION! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’€πŸ”«πŸ’£πŸ”ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ»πŸΎπŸΎ

You guys are nuts and blind.

The fact that they are tinkering with the "rules" deciding who can can cannot be EP, is promoting the continuance of The (nation? city?) State. A tiny island like Singapore does not need a State to function effectively, to ensure security. The institutionalization and continued running of The State is an on-going astronomical cost, and has caused the rise in power and influence of an arrogant elite class which seeks to control and command the unwashed and dis-empowered masses.

Do a thought experiment and consider running Singapore as a CITY (which it is) with a governor or mayor administrating, instead of a HUGE EXPENSIVE STATE GOVERNMENT. Fuck The State off into oblivion. The smaller the government, the better for all, and you'll actually save money for yourselves and your families.

@ RB again:

>> I am thinking of the implications of the Eurasians and Others being lumped together with the Indian category. <<

This will---in the fast-approaching future---come to bite them in the ass, and they are going to deserve it. In about 30 years (I'm guessing), mixed-race kids (born from European expatriate-local inter-marriages) will have grown up. Indian kids born of expatriate parents will have grown up too. This "aggregate" will be HUGE!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

An Elected President demonstrates his skills