Elected Presidency – Next election reserved for Malays

The next EP in 2017 is reserved for Malays. Cheng Bock is out in the cold. Period. Nothing can change the fate of Cheng Bock on his chance of becoming the next EP.

So Singaporeans can now prepare for this big day when a Malay would be voted to be the next EP. Actually to be more accurate and correct, it should be the next EP election is reserved for a Malay candidate. By saying that it is a reserved EP election reserves for Malays may give a different as if it is only for the Malay community to vote their candidates to be the next EP.

Let me try to crystal ball the scenario on this election. Just hope that it would not be on a long weekend when the non Malays would find a good excuse to go for a holiday or a long weekend up north. Being a reserved election for Malay candidates may put the other races to think that this election has nothing to do with them since the candidates are from a particular race and they may not bother to go vote. Some may say it has nothing to do with them. If many non Malay voters adopt this attitude then the turnout may be quite low.

Another possibility, assuming that the govt’s assumption that the Chinese voters are racist, and they ‘tulan’, don’t want to vote, but since voting is compulsory, they cast blank votes or spoilt votes. What then?

In a worst case scenario, if the non Malay voters did not want to vote or cast blank or spoilt votes and the number of valid votes ended up with only 20%, don’t say not possible, the number of votes in favour of the candidate may be less than what Tony Tan got in the last EP election. This could be embarrassing especially after listening to what a minister said about a successful candidate not gaining an absolute majority votes. If the total vote cast is low, if the actual votes that went to the successful candidate is less than 30%, there would be many red faces.

This is an eventuality that could turn out to be real. Then what or what can the govt do now to fix this undesirable outcome when the non Malays felt that the election has nothing to do with them and everyone start to ‘chut pattern’ to stay away from voting? Would the election result become a mockery of the system?


Anonymous said...

I can foresee the votes cast will be extremely low. Non Malays may just throw in blank or spoilt votes. A clear sign to tell Government they are "tooling".

Anonymous said...

It could be be a 'walkover' election for the new reserved EP ( Malay candidate). The 1 likely to be the next Malay President of Sin City is none other than the ex-speaker of parliament Mr Abdullah Tamugi ( Yacult or Halimah is quite unlikely unless Tamugi don't wan to be Papies puppet but he got no choice bcoz under Leegime he got to abide or be thrown out of this Sin City).

Anonymous said...

The stringent conditions exposed the lack of qualified Malay candidates in the private sector. Only ex politicians from the PAP could qualify. What does this say?

Anonymous said...

Most of my regular breakfast kakis were already not following
news and issues regarding EP!

Will they vote? Not sure!

Anonymous said...

is it too late for him to convert to islam ?

Anonymous said...

Would the election result become a mockery of the system?

Mockery of the system? So be it lah, as long as the opposition is not ready to be govt.

Even worse, strongest opposition WP now seems to be in more trouble with their Town Council problems, especially on the improper payments. Improperly handled, this may even lead to a criminal case for their MPs in future.

With that, mockery of the system or not, PAP may even win 100% seats in next GE. Which is what really matters, I mean for PAP.

Anonymous said...

Rb //This could be embarrassing especially after listening to what a minister said about a successful candidate not gaining an absolute majority votes. If the total vote cast is low, if the actual votes that went to the successful candidate is less than 30%, there would be many red faces.//

Uncle RB,

Just curious?

What are the classifications of VR (for not voting)?

Anonymous said...

(1) For example, if hospitalised then on mc upon discharge, it is a VR?

(2) Or that day super diarrhea, keep ls (lao sai) and too lambek to go out, considered VR?

(3) If under hot sun then kena dehydrated and fainted, also can consider as VR?

Anonymous said...

Something quite consistent in the morning is Train Breaks Down, right at the time when people are rushing to school for exams or to work. This morning Yew tee to Jurong all the way.
This kind of issue is more important to readers.

The EP is just a loss to TCB, not you and me, correct?

You can never be the EP, I can guarantee. Why waste a second thinking in your mind. Let it rest and forget this EP thing. Its not a toy, not one cent you can pick up from the floor. It s just someone keep saying Malay is not right. Must be TCB.

To me TCB is Pap. Pap does not like TCB. That is the message. Pap goes all the way to change the constitutions for this little like and dislike.

If you dont like it, do not vote for Pap. It is their way of doing things petty. Heard of hawker center roof not clean discussed in parliament?

jjgg said...

anon@10.45...cannot say like that la..ep n democracy is everybody's concern . pap knows the game..make sure got hawker centres n theyll forever eat in restaurants..

jjgg said...
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Anonymous said...

Uncle RB,

Since u publicised such line of thoughts, y not create a (comprehensive) list in another thread (and let readers chip in .....)?

But 2017, hopefully there are 1,001 (compiled) VRs (for sinkies) to "siam" ........?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousNovember 14, 2016 10:45 am
//Something quite consistent in the morning is Train Breaks Down, right at the time when people are rushing to school for exams or to work. This morning Yew tee to Jurong all the way.//


Wait till one day a pregnant lady goes into labour?

And end up baby location of birth/ delivery (in the Birth Cert) is ........ ermmmmmmmmm ........ MRT track/ tunnel ("$8 cow" broken trains?) ........?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:00pm. Democracy? NO no.
No because democracy is about voting for a government in power. This part Pap has not changed the constitution to allow only say that particular race only can be mp. At least not yet in LHL s mind, luckily. LHL wants a particular race to be sitting figure as president has nothing to do with democracy lah.
That position has been occupied by Pap figures. LHL want to make a particular race and that figure can only be produced from Pap factory to be president.
You got the message clear? Only Pap can produce a president now.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.04pm u r true to the core. 70% dafts Sinkies lan lan olso follow lor..

Anonymous said...

There are 2 ways to look at LHL's leadership with regards to the EP
1. REVOLUTIONARY -that he is prepare to do what is right for one segment of the population
by leaving no stones left unturned, no sacred cows left unslaughered to the extend
of even amending the consitution and be subject to ridicule and brickbats.
2. WIMPY - that he is gutless to have his candidate subject to an electoral test, that the
unthinkable of an independant voted in that may subject his Govt to a constitutional crisis
Much like the GRC system to ensure his candidates a shoo-in to Parliament.

Have your take.

Anonymous said...

Rb //Would the election result become a mockery of the system?//

What u mean?

R u trying to mean the folowing:?

"Would the (non-postive) erection results in a system of mockery? (aka ED?)

Virgo49 said...

Not voting.??

You have to pay a fee to reinstate your status. (Think s$25.00. Maybe they anticipated low turnout make it S$5000.00)

If overseas can reinstate without fee but troublesome. Got to go election office to show proof.

Cannot don't vote.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock Supporter said...

Most of us already got the strong feeling that the whole exercise of the Constitutional Review Commission's "Recommendations" on the Elected President issue was only for the purpose of making sure that DR TAN CHENG BOCK cannot and will not be allowed to contest in the Next Presidential Election.

Now, not only the the tortoise's legs have come out, its tail has also finally shown.

If next President is going to be a Malay, can Dr Tan Cheng Bock change his Race to 'Malay'? Of course, not. So, what does it all tell us?

b said...

Sinkies must encourage the kids to migrate if they have not do it. Sg is only a good stopover. It is ruled by LKY dynasty.

Anonymous said...

Abdullah Hussein aka Tan CB will be contesting.
So is Najib Razak.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.21pm oredy there r more than a thousand Sinkies migrate overseas every year according to a uncle Leong. More will go overseas in years to come, Pinky wan to call them back, these overseas Sinkies r labelled as quitters by Lao Goh, 1 oredy 'migrated' to US after winning a historical gold medal for Sinkies (that boy oredy said it will be "Super hard" for him train in Sinkies..he will make a career in US & never think of returning except maybe new yr times or Xmas to visit his parents)..many more like him to migrate & pursue their dreams elsewhere...end of day Sinkies lose many local talents.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:21pm b
Your advise asking kids to immigrate is not workable. I urge readers do not even think about it.

I advise friends who have kids wanting to take foreign scholarship to keep their kids in singapore or they must also migrate with the kids.

U never encourage others to send their kids overseas just because you think Pap is not good to benefit the citizens. To Pap, as long as their kids are not, they cannot careless if others kids are migrating because of them creating problems to families on joblessness.

It is a sin to teach others to ask their kids to immigrate. I have seen many such posts. Do they have kids? I doubt.

Why is it a sin? Because the parents will have problems when they are old and sick. I have seen someones suffering for having kids migrated to Canada. The son never visit the parents, living the parents to a daughter. Can you imagine that for the daughter?
Another parents having son imgrated to Australia while they live as old couple alone.

Some friends asked me similar question. I was glad i helped them to be wise and practical. My advise is to use your votes and teach others to use the votes to get rid of the self serving elites. Trump s win is a powerful message. The globalization was worshiped like a cure all solution has its clear answer. Ignoring their citizens' jobless situations and continousely giving jobs to cheaper foreigners will lead to them being voted out. This outcome is the only outcome as long as there are voting systems.
2020GE will have the results shown to these lazy politicians hoping to get away with the problems they created for citizens. Keep the kids with you to make sure the family is intact to vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7.11pm I totally agree with u 101%. A responsible thing to do as humans is to take care of our parents when they r still alive..we don't wan to end up lonely when our kids go overseas & never return (it'll be a sad thing in our society as a whole)..i dun like the present day Miws elites policies but I believe 'every dogs will meet its day' , hopefully in the next GE or future GE ( a Trump -like or Sin saviour ).

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:43pm
Fully agree, the jobs to take care of parents is not humanity. It is responsibility. Open the eyes in poly clinic or hospital, we can see the most average ah beng ah lian accompanying aged parent to gain medical attention. Otherwise, these aged old people cannot do it on their own without obstacles.

Thus young people capable to gain tertiary education cannot be the ones to leave their parents alone under the name of "globalization". Pinky will explain that is life on globalization. No job here is globalization. Give jobs to foreigners is globalization, now close to a millions pmets living here on jobs in financial institutions, in engineering, admin, etc. These jobs in the past were for citizens to take up.

There are many such lone parent or parents with kids yet cannot have money to visit them. This is what happened fr voting Pap. These politicians cannot care for these citizens because their jobs are to care for companies who want to hire foreigners. They will do that and to ensure Obama alike says, these leaders are "global" "open", without border concept, bagus, number 1 as the ones who play exactly on their words. That what they want the US politicians credits on them. Because their jobs to be voted in in singapore is guaranteed by the 60% fools.

Now some of the 60% fools are going to face jobless problems.
There will be a day when jobless problems will force these fools who support giving good jobs to foreigners reverse their decisions. Because their debts will pile up.

I am very sure from my current observations due to the globalization: low salary, higher and higher costs and family debts. These fools ask for it in the past to be the 60%. They cannot last forever if they continue to support the low salary policy. There are more now have salary. Will they change in voting pattern? U guess.

Anonymous said...

:There are more now have salary. Will they change in voting pattern? "
Correction: many now have NO salary..., no jobs, and cannot start shops also, as buying power is low due to low salary high debt: globalization s common problem.

b said...

To the above.
Parents cannot be selfish. Must think what is best for their kids and grandkids. If staying here is very unhappy and frustrating then moving away maybe a better option.

Anonymous said...

@ Dr Tan Cheng Bock SupporterNovember 14, 2016 3:48 pm
// .....
that DR TAN CHENG BOCK cannot .....//


No more TCB liao?

Now is TCK, Tan Chin Ku?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Let me try to crystal ball the scenario on this election.//


Yew know what?

The institutions in a cuntry are like the structure and foundation of a building?

A haphazard modification of a building is akin to losing sight of the future, and with no vision, surely the building is at risk of structural issue some day?

When the tinkering is as big as hacking and drilling away of a foundation pillar in a building, the structural risk may not be of the distant future but as soon as the next sunrise?

How, uncle? ((The above statements) Got (intellectual) std?)

Ha ha

Just enjoying an occasional cup of kopi at your virtual kopishop and coining some "fun" to entertain the oldies "having their morning kopi" in msn .......

Anonymous said...


Here are some more "dark sauce, pepper and half boiled eggs" to "spice up and enliven" yewr morning kopi session:

What is left of a democrazy when majority of its citizens are stripped of their rights as fundamental as the opportunity to contest in an election?

When yew turned democrazy on its head, it becomes "yzarcomed" and unrecognizable?

When the needle of the compass (of a cuntry) is broken, it is like a hiker treking without any direction in a jungle?

What is the probability that he would not be DOOMED?

How is that?

"Equally entralling"?

Ha ha ha

Just weaving some reflections into the fabric of your masterpiece virtual kopishop ........

Anonymous said...

Some things can say, some things cannot say. Sometimes pretend to be ignorant, have dementia.