Elected Presidency – Eurasians, Others and Indians

It is now official that the Eurasians and Others are in the same category for qualification to be a deserving minority EP candidate.  Reading from this, as long as there is an EP be he be Indian, Eurasian or Others, this group would not be given another reserved election as there is an EP shared among them. If every other election or every 3 or 4 EP election there is an Indian EP, then for the next 100 years or more, if there is no Eurasian EP, they cannot demand for a reserved election for the Eurasians. Likewise it applies to the Indians and Others if there is one of the kind in this group been elected as an EP.

Theoretically this is so and can be so. But the Eurasians need not worry as the PAP would know when to put up an Eurasian EP like they are putting up a Malay EP for the next EP election. It is within the party’s control to put up whoever they so desired, from Yusof Ishak to Tony Tan and the next EP.  So this is a moot point. The exigency and necessity of political pressure would make sure that the Eurasian community would not be left out in the cold.

Maybe this is understood and the Eurasian MPs in the PAP did not make a strong case to have a separate category for the Eurasians. Joan Peirera did said something about recognizing the contributions of the Eurasians and that’s it, case closed. The Eurasian community’s representative has said their piece and has more or less agreed with this new arrangement, this new category.

The CMIO formula would be changed to CM and I++ or CM(I++). So far so good. The Eurasian community has taken this change in their stride and all is quiet on the western front.  No violent street protest is expected, not even a walkabout in Hong Lim Park. When a good idea is proposed, it is quite easy to get it passed without any strong objections. That is why these new changes to the Constitution are better than the proposal by the WP. The latter has no chance to stand scrutiny and dumped into the waste bin in one sitting in Parliament, by Shanmugam as badly conceived, full of flaws.

Maybe the Eurasians and all are saying, since there is no other better alternatives, not considering the current model, or the appointed Presidency in the past, this is the best model and so let’s live with it. If one cannot have the best of the best, then have the best of the ‘not the best’ will do. Is this a compromise or a new reality in decision making in Parliament? Can a ‘the best of not the best’ be set aside until the best is found, or this is the right approach to solve an important national issue like this? Urgency, no choice lah. So long never appoint a Malay President, so now must do it at all cost, in double speed, no time to wait, cannot wait. It is all about minority interest and representation or else there will be trouble in the future. Now our system will be so solid, so sound, unshakable, and no racial problems could be expected as the minority has been given the right to be represented in the Presidency. For those who think otherwise, that this is tokenism, please rethink. This is very serious stuff, and very real.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Aiyah RB. Can we stop talking about EP. Government only asked MPs to debate but we are not given a chance to voice our opinions. Like that macham one way street. One can only move forward and not "belakan pusing". Before the law is passed we already know it is a foregone conclusion. The rest just talk talk to satisfy the law that Parliament has debated on the issue. If you have 95% majority, anything also can.

Anonymous said...

Wah! Wah! Wah!

Still kpkb regarding the EP? On n on..........!

Not sure the masses are following the EP issues!

Many find this a waste of time and resources!

In this economy, the masses have better things to do, to bring bread home!

Very very very free is it?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That's the problem with Singaporeans. This change is going to be detrimental to the country and will lead to more racial problems in the future. While the govt is pushing it through, Singaporeans just refused to look at it, refusing to talk about it. It is a can of worms being canned and waiting to be open sometime in the future.

Anonymous said...

uncle rb (9.15am).......

singaporeans are like that......

what to do........

70% said OK-ed and had made their choice.......

they chose to live in a highly stressful "you-die-your-business" society........

so please dont free sad about the present and the future.......

be happy and worry less........

this is singapore.........home..........


Anonymous said...

When come to elections the incumbent party likes to play racial politics to win votes. They like to any how say Chinese are racialists. But let's look at the true perspectives of who elected the non Chinese into parliament and put them into the top echelons of power in previous elections.

Who elected the honourable David Marshall into parfliament and made him our first Chief Minister? Answer : The Chinese electorates.

Who elected Devan Nair ? Answer : The Chinese

Who elected Jayaratnam? Answer : The Chinese

Who elected Jeyetretnam? Answer : The Chinese

Who elected E. W. Barker ? Answer: The Chinese

And there are many more examples of non Chinese being elected by Chinese into parliament as recent as the Indian candidate in Bukit Batok.

So why keep on harping that Chinese are racialists when come to elections. It is just mischievous and a ploy to entrench the incumbent party in power forever. That's the reason.

Singapore is slowly being dragged down the drain by wayang and clownish politics by extremely incompetent self serving nimcompoops.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, this reserved EP stuff no problem Lah...Sinkies olso no mine Lah cos 70% dafts said oredy. What problem with this new EP system? The Miws oredy said no issue mah, they got the crystal ball seen Liao. And the miws even oredy predicts that they will still be in power for next GE or even 4ever (till Sin nemesis or end of world as miws r so confident). The only thing that they failed in miws judgement is they misjudge the Trump US President elect Mah..Pinky always said we don't get it this time we'll do it right next time 4 u with u Mah..u see they so godlee right Leh?..

Anonymous said...

During our General Elections.
I believe there should only be 2 categories of political parties.
PAP and OPP (Other Political Parties).

If you want to stand for elections.
You either run as the PAP candidate or the OPP candidate.

Anonymous said...

/// Singaporeans just refused to look at it, refusing to talk about it. It is a can of worms being canned and waiting to be open sometime in the future. ///
November 17, 2016 9:15 am

We refuse to talk about it because ... waste oxygen ... why teach PAP in advance where all the problems are?

Just like MRT.
We keep quiet.
We keep voting Opposition while waiting for the problem to explode.

There is no other way to educate the 70% brain dead.

Anonymous said...

1 US = 1.42 SGD

1 US = 4.37 Ringgit

1 SGD = 3.09 Ringgit

Virgo49 , good time to invest right ... Mai Hi Si Lung.

Anonymous said...

@ November 17, 2016 10:19 am

I think it is okay to criticize PAP and their failures. Just remember.
No need to be constructive in your criticism.
They are paid millions to come up with constructive ideas.
No need for you to be stupid and give away your constructive ideas for free.

Unknown said...

Eurasian identity in Singapore is quite weak, so i think they don't really care. A russian/chinese mix almost has nothing in common with a Malay/English mix, no common language no common religion etc. The original Eurasians those that are of Portuguese descent are outbreeding at quite a fast rate, don't think there will be any of those left in 2 generations.

Anonymous said...

Very obvious the PAP make the change is to prevent Tan Cheng Bock from being the next President. Period.

Anonymous said...

It is a can of worms being canned and waiting to be open sometime in the future.

Not an issue for PAP if they can win big every election. And chances are they will.

With that, the worms will not even dare to crawl out even if the can is opened.

Because the worms will end up like Chee Soon Juan, Roy and even boy hero Amos. So which worm will dare to crawl out, u tell me lah?

b said...

This is LKY empire lah. The only way to change is to migrate. Those that can take it can continue to stay. Fighting against pap can cause a lot of pain. One will lose family, money and reputation just like Chee. Stupid to do it for such a small island. Costs exceed benefits. Opt for the more peaceful way.

b said...

Malay EP or Mars alien EP also no use one lah. They are only there for wayang. It is still LKY empire. Live and let live.

Anonymous said...

Opt for the more peaceful way.
November 17, 2016 4:09 pm

Opposition politicians must follow PAP politicians style.
Just be quiet and stand there like a stupid fool.
Guaranteed 30% will vote for you.

Just like PAP politicians just stand there like a stupid fool.
Talk nonsense like "I don't know what to say"
Guaranteed 70% will vote for you.

Or our Deputy Prime Minister who is not ready to be Prime Minister.
Guaranteed 70% of the dumb fucks will vote for him.
Even though he is not ready to perform the key role of a Deputy Prime Minister .. which is to be ready to be Prime Minister if LHL should suddenly die of stroke or cancer or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Elected President or no erected Precedence, the world goes on, man.
How much does an Elected or Ceremonial President affects the livelihood of the commoners?

Anonymous said...

Come on Sinkies
which Sin President
has done anything meaningful
for the People ?