Duterte unsettles Asean

The move by Duterte to patch up relations with China, to lean closer to China is now touted as unsettling to Asean. When the Philippines were leaning to the USA, be the barking dog of the USA, raising tension in the South China Sea, that was not unsettling to Asean. What this new slogan is saying is that Asean should be leaning to the USA against China, and this is what the Asean states wanted. What about Thailand and Malaysia turning to China, to raise their relations to a higher level, are they also unsettling to Asean?

Look at it from another angle, the only gang in Asean that is unsettled is the pro US camp, the cronies and barking dogs of the US, aka little USAs. These cronies would be very unsettled now that Asean is no longer the puppet on a string to be dragged on by the nose by the Americans to create tension in the region. Their only agenda, is to let the US use Asean to encircle and contain China of which Obama is so proud and bragging about it.

Would not Asean countries be happier now with lesser tension in the SCS? Would not the Asean countries praise Duterte for maintaining peace in the region and bringing more economic development to his country and bettering the lives of the Pinoys instead of trying to pick a fight that it could not win?

For Singapore, there is nothing to worry about. Singapore is neutral and did not take sides. Singapore will support an independent and neutral Asean balancing the interests of big powers without being a crony or barking dog of any big power.

Let those cronies and barking dogs get unsettled for trying to be little USAs or Trojan Horses. Singapore is a principled country and meant what it said. Singapore does not take sides. Singapore is neutral. How brilliant of our leaders.

Singapore is safe while Asean is being unsettled by more Asean countries turning away from the USA to China. Singapore can sleep well, very well while those American barking dogs would have sleepless nights wondering what to do next, to cosy up to their American masters and to plot against China.


Hermit said...

After a short break, it's back to China related news again. How I miss Singapore news on this site.....

Anonymous said...

For Singapore, there is nothing to worry about.

Tiok. And internal or external.

Internal, PAP very very strong.

External, got America to protect Sinkieland.

So what's there to worry, I mean for PAP? Of course money no enough Sinkies have to worry lah, wait until stomach empty but PAP can still win election very jialat u know.

Anonymous said...

To be pro American is normal. To be pro China is not normal, upsetting.
To be American barking dogs is normal, to be Trojan Horse for China is bad.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Singapore is safe!

Yes! Singapore can sleep well, very well!

Yes! So.......What is next? Akan datang?

Virgo 49 said...

Singapore neutral? ?

Akan Datang??

Next change, when you find that DT gonna be the next American PRESIDENT. Sinkie land ball carried the Clinton's administration will be left in the cold.

Likewise Xi. SINKIE land would be plunged into recession and Sinkies would suffer depression when they are also left in the cold by the PAP favouring the foreign trashes.
See even so many countries like Taiwan and HK focusing of what Thailand and Malaysia leaning towards PRC and the benefits that they enjoying. At same time killing the economy of Singapore.

Like our wise Patriot said : wise leaders must be humble and not how Lian betting the wrong horse that they bring disaster not only to themselves but their people.

Anonymous said...

Saw the videos how china s chen 20 made powerful vertical turns. One impressive skills was the 8 and 1 team displayed flipping round as if it is shot and dropping to low level then making sharp vertical incline and turned upside down flying, all within a few seconds.

Wanna fight with China is similar to wanna fight with Russia nowadays. Asean has very powerful forces and air force pilots well trained in US and Australia.
US from proven recent records, will not dare to meddle with Russia n China into direct war fare, not even regional small scale war at South China Sea, a very safe corner for war, in my layman opinion.
Which Asean force can do the join on head on with China in this region? I think it is obvious. With US standing behind, it will fight with China to the laughter of the world.

There is a song used to play at karaok, where have all the soldiers gone, blah blah blah. I was ushered to Woodland to look at the names of those died in war when young. When hearing this song, it matches well for the fierce war rhetoric at Shangrila between US its allies, and China PLA. Its lucky they create grudges hosted by the most neutral Asean country. But the top will never want to have war. Not for US to have war in Asia. Why? US can never win with its logistic so far apart. US must create a fully equip military base at China then it can win. Move the USA to little dot is one way. But it s still too far away for effective weapons and missiles. How about occupying Japan by USA? I would think this is the best option. Japanese can be US s attack soldiers, and USA whole 90% powerful forces all move into Japan as backing. This way may win war with China nowadays. Otherwise, the rebalance in Asia Carter talked about in his December article can hardly jalan. Malaysia is buying 18 LMS, 70 meter coaster warships or police ships. It means similar to Duterte, Najib today is in China to jalan jalan. Najib is no in USA with Obama to play golf anymore.

Anonymous said...

@ Hermit


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans have more than 100 military bases in Japan alone and tens of bases in South Korea. These are the two forward bases in the defence of American mainland and to launch attacks against China and Russia.

Anonymous said...

"What happened?? Nations are supposed to isolate China after it pushed ahead with its claims in the South China Sea against international law! Why are more ASEAN nations now courting China to boost economic ties instead?" - a certain unsettled PM is fretting.

Virgo 49 said...

Duarte now the messenger boy of China. To Japan, conveyed message on behalf.
Going to visit Thailand and Malaysia and side tracked even Singapore

In sinkieland their Pinoys in thousands working here and yet he declared when he.was Mayor of Davao.

"FARK you, you are just a Fortress, NOT a Nation.

patriot said...

Be it Asean, Asia, Africa, Australia, in fact anywhere on Earth, all humans must have witnessed that the China One Belt
One Road for Universal Economic Developments are carried out as soon as President Xi Jin Pin conceived the Idea.

Much work had being done in Africa and Asean and many are functioning as planned.
There are also mega projects such as the Kra Canal and High Speed Rail System that will greatly benefit many Countries and their People.

There is TALK ABOUT A TPP Econonomic Pack hatched by the Outgoing US President Obama.
PACK HAS YET TO BE DISCLOSED. It could be as elusive as the Nationhood of Sin.

Duterte, Najib, Cambodia, Laos and
Thailand are currently having huge infrastructure developments in their countries with the Helps of China and PRC Chinese Workers facing challenges of harsh environments and inhabitants of the Regions, they have to face much cultural difficulties too.
The PRC Workers risk their personal comfort and safety to develop huge industrial develooments that they cant even take home when events turn hostile.
Which country gives such trust to other country without crippling conditions?


Anonymous said...

This morning, data showed China's official manufacturing purchasing managers' index increased to 51.2 in October - a reading above 50 indicates expansion, while one below that shows contraction - from 50.4 in September. That was the highest reading in two years.

Meanwhile, ASEAN region's manufacturing PMI fell to an 11-month low of 49.27 in October from 50.5 in September.

The deteriorating manufacturing conditions in ASEAN suggest South-East Asian nations need to lean towards China for economic support, brushing aside their geopolitical differences in the South China Sea.

Anonymous said...

These are the two forward bases in the defence of American mainland and to launch attacks against China and Russia.
RB 11:15 am

Don't think America will launch attacks against China and Russia lah. If they really want to attack, already attack by now, tio bo?

Don't think the Sinkie opposition will ever be ready to take over PAP lah. If they can, already take over in 2015, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Rb, I thought sg needs to worry cause our pm on national tv said the tribunal is UN one right? Tiok or not tiok? If tiok Knn we are in deep shit liao

Anonymous said...

LKY claim to apply Confucian values in Singapore but he refuse to implement Five Power Constitution suggested by Dr. Sun Yat Sen.

There are no Censorate branch in SG to supervise the govt.
Censorate branch is a high level supervisory agency in the country.

Such agencies is very necessary and vital in a system such as UK parliamentray democracy system whereby Parliament and Govt are dominated by same parties. (same people) .

There are no independent supervisory and investigation power against govt.

People (whistle-blower) can make their complaint to Censorate( an independent body) and ask them to monitor the govt.
They are not subjected to Executive body or Parliament. They are as equal to Parliament , Executive body and Judiciary.

Judiciary cant handle political cases. Judiciary cant conduct investigation on its own or open a tribunal if Prosecutor dont bring any charge.

But a Censorate possessed such power. (impeachment against any official)

1) A elected PM cant never become All powerful person in such system
2) Not a single party can become a dictator in such system
3) Cabinet members can freely resign and take opposition stand against PM (from same parties)

4)Most importantly, weak opposition in Parliament wont undermine check and balance in the system.

Unfortunately, there are no such Censorate body in Sg. - People can elect the member of Censorate committee.

Confucian values system in Sg are fake.

patriot said...

70% of Sinkies

do not need any

monitoring and

check on those

Rulers they have

trusted and put

into power.

Luv is blind,
loyalty too


Anonymous said...

Censorate is very vital in a democratic society.

For instance, MRT often break down, a good minister take full responsibility to resign.

What if the minister refuse to resign and PM refuse to sack him despite he is very unpopular among the people ?

It would greatly damage the idea of Individual ministerial responsibility and accountability to the people.

People have no legal mechanism to sack him .

People can goes to Censorate agency to impeach him.
The body is not answerable to the PM or Parliament. They are independent body and fully accountable to the voter. They are not a govt agency.

What if PM have many scandals and he refuse to resign ?
There are no vote of confidence in Parliament because his party controlled the legislature.

People dont have any option. Opposition party could only bark at the street. Opposition only have little seat in a Parliament. They are unpopular among the people.

Everything the OPPo does would been political in nature and further alienated the supporter of ruling party against PM.

People can goes to a Censorate body to impeach PM .

Censorate can remove Him as PM despite the Parliament, Police, Judiciary , Cabinet member refuse to do so.

It is much better than LKY vision of having " elected President " to safeguard good governance and protect past reserves in Singapore from misrule.

Maybe the Elected President Singapore should become the head of Censorate body.

Right now, many people perceive that the elected president merely served as a puppet for the Ruling party. They hold no real power. They cant perform a check and balance against a strong govt.

Anonymous said...

What if the minister refuse to resign and PM refuse to sack him despite he is very unpopular among the people ?
2:05 pm

Then vote the PM and his party out in the next election lah. That's one way, and the only way. What Censorate you talking about? Which planet you from?

But if 70% still want the PM and party to remain in power, then bo pian lor.

Anonymous said...

Russian revealed its Santan2 super nuclear bomb to American public on 31 Oct. China revealed its Chang 20 stealth jets today.

USA will have good time when it decided to have world war. Have a look at the 2000 times bomb of Hiroshima.
"To prove to the world that Russia is determined to stop any country from interfering with its interests, the country has made their super-nuclear weapon public. This fearful weapon, known as the RS-28 Sarmat missile, is dubbed Satan 2. According to Russian defense officials, Satan 2 will replace the SS-18 that was developed in the 1980s during the Soviet era.

According to statistics on Satan 2, it travels at 4.3 miles (7km) per second with a range of 6,213 miles (10,000km). The Russian defense news network, Zvezda, reports that the weapon contains 16 nuclear warheads, which are capable of destroying an area the size of France or Texas. The range of Satan 2 also permits for an attack against London and other major European cities, as well as the east and west coasts of the United States."

Virgo 49 said...

America got what "Hatch"Act. Main purpose as partly watch dog that the current administration does not use its civil services at advantage to them to suppress the Opposition in electIons.

Now ironically, FBI as current admin appointed Top Director is disclosing matters that are detrimental to their cause.

So whatever Censorate Board or Body is useless if the Top echelon is afraid of its Masters.
In Asian governments, current ruling parties would use their powers and influences to their advatnage.

Think whites in relation to the coloured Asians are more trustworthy to disclose wrong doings by their Masters.

Asians, especially the Chinese are easily kept shut by corruptions and nepotism.

Anonymous said...

@ This morning, data showed China's official manufacturing purchasing managers' index increased to 51.2 in October - a reading above 50 indicates expansion, while one below that shows contraction - from 50.4 in September. That was the highest reading in two years.

Too early to say. Normal as Christmas and CNY around the corner.

Monitor it closely after CNY.

b said...

It is good for China to be strong but it is better if China is not appeared as the strongest. It is a totalitarian regime. The OBOR is too aggressive and ambitious. It will provoke.

Anonymous said...

b, what is a totalirian regime?

As far as i know, WW1 and WW2 were caused by these "democratic" Western govt.

Democracy revolution give rise to European imperialism and colonialism
Democracy revolution also give rise to Nationalist identity- Fascism (populism)

Detention without trial (ISA) is a British invention.- It is much worse than a Communist. Why?

It is a legal detention. The govt did not commit any wrongdoing. People cant criticize them on moral authority. People cant do anything to ask for their release.

But when someone was arrested and jailed by Communist, it is an illegal detention.

People can freely criticize the govt for such wrongdoing on moral authority. They can ask the govt to release those political prisoner.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia DPM said Malaysia welcome China to invest in KL to East malaysia high speed rail at Bejing. When asked, he said Sin KL high speed rail is subject to international tender.

Sounded unconvincing, one high speed rail invited China, one high speed rail needed tender.

My guess is Malaysia will pass the high speed rail between Sin KL to China because the DPM did not mention Abe was interested in it and LHL supported Abe s wishes, wishing Japan will win the tender.

Singapore s influence on Malaysia is zero. Not even had a say to give Abe the high speed rail. But the main high speed rails are all inside Malaysia. Singapore is a short distance to JE. Malaysia can simply stop the rail at JB if LHL insists on Japanese rail.

Anonymous said...

I think sinkie rulers over estimated themselves on their say in the sg kl high speed rail project. For sg and kl high speed rail, it's useful only between sg and kl but the jb to China rail project is useful for the whole asean economy. So if needed, I don't think the Malaysian mind stopping the rail project at jb if can not get agreement or let Jepun takes care of Jurong eat to jb segment whereas from jb onwards given to China. Increasingly I think sg is toast if sg does nit reverse her direction in foreign policy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With the good relations built between Hsien Loong and Najib, I think Najib will allow Singapore to award the contract to Abe, from JB to Singapore route. Then all the passengers only need to switch train at JB. Win win for everyone.

patriot said...

Najib unlikely to be
bothered with whether
China or Japan develops
the Rail Link between
Sin and JB/Vice versa.
It is crumb.