DT clears the obstacles for the peaceful rise of China

What DT, Donald Trump? Not really, actually DT means Duterte and Trump. The incorrigible Americans have been very persistence in wanting to curb the rise of China by their policies of containment, building a string of military bases around China, building military alliances with China’s neighbours and trade pacts to exclude China. They even meddled and conspired with willing Asean members to be the barking and attack dogs in the South China Sea to challenge and claim China’s islands with promises of full American military support. The clownish Aquino went along with the Americans and the Japanese to fix up a kangaroo court in The Hague, destroying the neutrality of this once established private courts and its reputation, to pass foolish and nonsensical judgement against China’s territories and islands.

Then with divine precision, while the conspirators were laughing themselves to madness that they had China cornered, with several of the Asean states doing their biddings, they marched into Laos in the Asean Summit, led by Obama and Abe and the little barking dogs straddling behind. Never would they believe that the whole game was to be stalled by the divine, with the election of Duterte and the sending out of Aquino into the wilderness.

Duterte said no, the game is over, he is not going to be used as a pawn to confront China for the USA, to give trouble and pressure to China. The game ended in Laos. All the effort and scheming by the Americans and the co conspirators went up in smoke.  There was no issue, and instead, the Philippines turnaround to dump the Americans and cosied up to China, to build and improve relations with China. Without the Philippines as the point man, and with Malaysia also turning towards China, all the non claimants of SCS islands got to stuff their dicks into their own mouths. Where got issue? Who got problems with China, put up your hands? No one did.

China’s problem with the Americans did not go away with the lowering of tension in the SCS. There is still this TPP to strangle China, to isolate China. Ash Carter arrogantly warned China that it would be isolated at the Shangri La Defence Ministers Conference. The TPP, a transpacific trade pact did not include the biggest country and the world’s biggest trading nation, China, sitting on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, dwarfing all the nations on its side. Can you believe it? And the Americans with their expressionless face declared that it was not to contain China. The truth is far from it. They are adamant and persistent in wanting to lock in China. The noose is tightening and would have strangled China if the TPP is to go through.

The divine said no, no dirty politics. The scheming and bullying of the Americans have to be stopped. Donald Trump was sent in to stop the evil scheme of those in the White House and their conspirators. Trump has singlehandedly killed the TPP and release the noose on China’s neck.
The path for China to rise is cleared of two main obstacles. And Trump is going to do more. He is going to relook at all the hundreds of military bases all over the world, including those encircling China, and very likely he is going to dismantle some of them. The USA cannot afford to pay for all the bases and American soldiers all over the world. It is broke. Trump’s policy is not to start wars and create mischiefs all over the world.

Trump is turning isolationist, to build America from within, to be great but not by making other countries poor and in a mess through regime change and wars and supporting terrorist organizations. Trump is going to build the American economy, doing the brick and mortar way, to strengthen America, to build its own economy, to make the lives of Americans better, not to make a mess of the lives of people in other countries.

With his policy of non interference, not meddling with other countries’ domestic politics, every country would be safe and can proceed to develop their economies peacefully. China would have more breathing space to build the world, roads, rails, sea ports, infrastructures, to better the lives of the people of the world through economic prosperity, not wars. The rise of China will be through economic means, through trade and developments, which in a way complements Donald Trump’s thinking of building America great by creating jobs for the American people by bringing back factories home. Not wars and wars everywhere.

The era of American international responsibilities or irresponsibilities, depending on whether one is the beneficiary or victim, is coming to an end. There is divine intervention of sort, with many Americans praying for the insanity and evilness of the American regime to be replaced and a new regime that does not breed terrorist organizations and incite wars and conduct wars, to take its place. The prayer has been answered. Trump would be a more peaceful president than his predecessors, all warmongers, indulging in wars, terrorism, mass murderers and selling arms.  Can’t imagine Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize. The act degrades the very organization that gave him the award, becoming a joke on both parties, the giver and the recipient.

With Obama busy enjoying his last few days in the White House and Trump preparing for his inauguration, the world is enjoying a few moment of peace and tranquility. Without the Americans agitating in the SCS and provoking North Korea, life goes on peacefully in Asia. Without the Americans protecting ISIS, ISIS would soon be history and the scourge of terror and destruction in the Middle East would soon be canned.

The DT combination of Duterte and Trump is a Godsend reprieve for the victims of American irresponsibilities around the world. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Cannot say like that lah. This country always follows international law one. very principled, very upright country. Don't play play. Always on high moral ground. Tiok boh?

Anonymous said...

Without the international shit stirrer in Asia or in any parts of the world, there will be peace. Once they are too free, not caught up with their domestic problems, they would go everywhere to agitate for wars. More 911s or elections would keep them busy at home and no time to create mischiefs elsewhere.

Virgo49 said...

Military Forces are the really Jiao Liao Bees. My name is Ah Bee, I really Jiak Liao Bees.

Spend time to fight and kill one another. Amen. OmiTauHook. Alamak.

Why spend so much monies and unproductive energies just to train and fight and all with lunatic brains thinking that they are smart and wah HEROS.

KNN, these occupations are for those brainless idiots with no commercial or whatsoever skills in lives.

I had told off many Regular Servicemen that their occupations are the most chow kar JLBs.

Even farmers and laborers are Atas above them. They expend their energies for good cause to earn a living.

So many yaya papapya think they are Heros wearing their uniforms to show off. I told them even my nephews in uniforms that after two or three regular contracts and after they farked you off, you can only be Security Guards in shopping malls, factories or condos.

What bloody skills you have. Yet the stupid PAP always harped that a military man is a well trained disciplined and skill man.

WHAT RUBBISH!!. See so many nincompoop military/policemen screwed up the Nation's future.

The farking whites only think of WARS, WARS as in their genes and the rest of the stupid Asians followed suit.

See their movies, No rambos, you got black hawks and other war movies. Where got made movies of LOVE and PEACE. Only talk but the world's worst hypocrites.

So DT or Durete and Trump smart knows not to waste these monies on them.

So Unproductive. Send them to be farmers and laborers or factory workers.

Anonymous said...

Jia Lio Bees: Not only pay fine, must also give away the 9 armor cars to HK.

The military use cars and materials cannot land in HK. But the shipper hired by army is so fuck type. It put inside Gate8 Kwiayong harbor. HK customer will have to inspect and do their jobs.

That is to start an argument with China by alleging China flexing muscle. Will NS men so foolish to believe such stupid act? Where is the explanation of the shipping company and why shipping documents were not clear??



Anonymous said...

You should be thanking the wise American voters.
The average American voter is a lot smarter than the average (70%) Singaporean voter.

If it were not for the wise American voters.
redbean and Singaporeans will still be bullied by the Millionaires in Singapore.

Hopefully Singaporean voters will finish in 2020 what the American voters have started in 2016.

Anonymous said...

very sorry, anonymous 11.04am.......

you will be diappointed in 2020.......

the GE2020 will be equally shocking........

will not be surprised that pap 78% vs 22% opps........

no choice.....singaporeans is like that lah......HOME........

so......be happy and worry less..........

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:04am
There is 70% broke and jobless supporters waiting to vote for the same group of politicians to make them poorer from poor.

Smart 30% will not feel anything, being bullied is already a way of life. U look at opposition mp, they are ever happy meeting residents doing their jobs.

Anonymous said...

11.01 am hk does not know that sg is equipped for navy to blockage their port and airforce to impose no fly zone as hk has no military only police force only. So hk better don't play play with sg ok Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.32am
HK has PLA control missiles and armor cars on street before. PLA armor cars are for their own exercise, hardly on the street for photo taking.
"Sg equipped for navy blockage" HK sure scare. I heard CY leong heard sg got armor cars landed on HK, he was scared till liao sai, going toilet many times, till no toilet papers for him: toilet papers blockage.
Sg must give chance to CY, he was in police not in sg army so powerful. Navy lagi mati to him.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:04 am

Who cares about daft Singaporeans in GE 2020?
The next fight is 4th Dec in Italy's Referendum.
Let's hope the "NO" vote wins.


"It is gearing up to be the next big populist threat to the political establishment after Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States."

Anonymous said...

Trump Bypasses Media With Direct YouTube/Twitter Distribution As Feud With Mainstream Outlets Rages


Trump boycotts Mainstream media.
Do you think Trump is smart ... just like the 30% Singaporeans who also boycotts Mainstream Media?

Anonymous said...

/// Trump did not purchase his presidency with the offer of handouts to blacks, the poor generally, teachers unions, farmers, abortion rights for women, etc. Trump was elected because he said:
“Those who control the levers of power in Washington and the global special interests they partner with, don’t have your good in mind. It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities. The only thing that can stop this corrupt machine is you.”

It has been a long time since the electorate heard this kind of talk from someone seeking public office. Trump’s words are what Americans were waiting to hear. ///


Anonymous said...

Nabay, China again want to copy other's design is it.

Anonymous said...

How come APL belong to Japun now?

Anonymous said...

@ November 26, 2016 11:14 am

I will have to second you.

In fact personnal view only , jiak kar liao.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.33pm
Italy s referendum is a NOTHING event.

My guess is NO will win because the reform on changing regional powers of 65 government to a centralize powerful pm will not be allowed by such an old country.

What i can see is PM RENZI must go similar to Cameron. Nothing will change.
Italy s problem of 133% public debts to GDP will not go away, but may default payment. Singapore s above 100% public debt is similar, payment of cpf will be smaller for retirees as time goes longer. Both are the same type, borrowing high public debts but not spending on producing good products to build export. Instead rely on cheap labor from poor eastern EU countries.
Italy s products are no longer salable. Do u have made in italy appliance? I have one fan still standing, for donkey years, very quiet, solid made in italy. Now no more made in italy products in singapore markets. Made in singapore frier, i saw but no body buy it.
Italy must say NO to referendum as it is not the real problem to italy, it is the immigration problems in EU that kill italy industries. Immigration TPP is poison.

Anonymous said...

FACTWIRE : Mainland officer custom had tip off HK about military hardware....

In my opinion, the news is not reliable at all.

Such news would undermine credibility of Factwire.= It was probably controlled by Taiwanese.

If Mainland China had tipped off , Hk custom should have intercept the ship and forced them to dock in HK port.

Instead, the ship sailed into HK port by themselves and unload goods at terminal.

The problem here is that they do not make declaration about those military hardware.

If they do make declaration about those military hardware, then, it is not a problem.

Singaporean and Taiwanese media are misleading people to think that China seize those armored vehicle because they want to impose pressure on Singapore or China are not happy with Singapore military ties with Taiwan.

How did China forced the ship to sail into HK port?
How did China forced the Ship captain or its crew not to declare their goods on board?

Anonymous said...

In a Facebook post, Ambassador-at-Large Tommy Koh said Mr Cameron had "messed up big time by holding an unnecessary referendum".

"The result is a tragedy for the UK and for the EU. It is a victory for populism over rationality. It is a victory for fear over hope. It will probably lead to the secession of Scotland from the UK," he wrote.

"The global wave of populism which is sweeping the world is a danger to democracy and to democratic institutions. Let us hope that it will not invade Singapore," he added.


virgo49 said...

Bro, HK can be autonomous but Big Bro China is still in charge.

That's why even their CEO needs their approval.

So, the armoured cars can be just be confiscated if PRC just said so.

But knowing Chinese mentality, we usually give you a way save your watery face and still wants to be friend with Sinkieland
Hoping the loony guy disgraced Chinna will come back to his ancestors.

But if this banana still.wants to Kwa ran and wants to pursue the.TPP acting as the Americunts
Then PRC.will cut him.off.

When Chinese are been cornered, they even they knew they are not able to fight you will also pull you together to.HELL.

Now, some more they holding.the upper hand. They can made you crawl to them.

You still want to be running skunk for USA. I made sure your people suffer with you and made you beg for my forgiveness

I cut your liviehood in joint venture with the Thais and cut the Isthmus of Kra.

Don't care how much to spend and spite and spilt at.your see Kwa.face.

Normally, goods in transit even passing thru Singapore do not declared what sort of cargo they have on board. Only certain countries trying to.impose strictly the UN Sanction Embargo of cargo to certain countries and next port of call is on the list needs to do so.

So, Now sinkieland under PRC directive is on their list of Embargo Cargo.They do not want.Americans weapons to ship to sinkieland.

So brace yourselves the daft 70Percent for a rough ride in the coming years.

Wah, even property depreciated by few hundred thousands. No wonder no smiling Sinkies on the roads

Anonymous said...

Let's hope populist political parties sweep over Europe.

Italy votes NO in referendum.
France's Presidential elections in 2017.
Germany's Federal elections in 2017.

May these countries tear up all the Free Trade Agreements that make Singaporeans unemployed in our own civil service, government-linked companies and companies operating in Singapore.

Do you think Tommy Koh is a globalist?

Anonymous said...

@ November 26, 2016 1:24 pm

Q: What do you call a crawling dragon?
A: Worm or snake.

Anonymous said...

If APL is owned by the Japa, are they trying to create trouble between Sg and China? Deliberately unloaded the armoured vehicles not meant to be unloaded into HK to be confiscated? If this is the case, and very likely, hope stupid and daft sinkie leaders know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

It was the same Factwire who exposed the malfunction Chinese train been transported away from Singapore back to China at night secretly.

It trigger furious reaction against China made product -linking to frequent breakdown of MRT .

It destroy the credibility of Singapore media
It destroy the confidence of people towards the transparency of PAP govt.

It also convince Singaporean people to pick Japan bullet train over China.

It looks like Fact wire,media org are controlled by Taiwanese or Japanese.(spies agencies)

it is impossible for unknown media, Factwire able to collect so many insider information and capture the whole video via Drone.

It was Factwire who expose the news about Singapore armoured car been impounded first, Not China media, not HK media.

Anonymous said...

China media give very little attention and coverage on this news- Singapore armoured vehicle been impounded in HK.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 1.24pm

U want smiling faces on street because they dont need to work but make money based on one old man s idea, vote for rambutan, property price will not come down.

I cannot afford to change underwear because prices are too high.

I am not looking forward to no underwear fr ladies and gentlemen, no money due to jobless, poor export, too high rental, retailers close shps.

Anonymous said...

[T] X= [$] 己經被自已證明了.

Anonymous said...

事已至此, 是可忍孰不可忍, 士可杀不可辱.

我们也扣押宗国的货物 ( e.g. oil commodities, goods ... )


Anonymous said...

Ask hen to tell harris to sail 7th fleet to hk harbor to collect the 9 cargos plus 3 containers of equipments.

US 7th fleet is singapore s friend, ash carter said this in shangrila in 2015. Friend of ash carter and dinner partner at white house of obama couple.

the problem will solve by showing usa 7 fleet. get the line to harris now, may be ask abe to stand by in case harris need japanese translator.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Saw comments on 2days abt terrex av armor cars. they said china tried to make it difficult. if they really think shipping armed cargo does not need permit, they should go to hk to protest in front of china embassy. there is no isd to arrest them in hk. go lah.

i think shipping state own cargos must and must and must follow the shipping laws. there is no need to save even one cent for the republic of singapore and end up whole mindef need to send teams to hk to talk drink char they call yamchar in hk. hk custom cannot yamchar as they have liam kay or their hk anti corruption agency watching. liam kay is not under pmo but another independent org that will tarol hk civil servants.

hk civil service is very fair due to their organization. if the armor cars are detained. i can say hk laws are not followed. here is the report. the documents are not clear. as per 2day

singaporeans please wake up and do not be the attack dogs of those useless millitary personels making such mistakes then claim others like china catch them.

"Factwire, the Hong Kong news agency which broke the news of the seizure of the nine Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles, cited unnamed sources on Saturday saying that the shipment was discovered to have contained "undeclared military materials" when it stopped for a layover at Xiamen’s Haitian Container Terminals in Fujian, eastern China, after departing Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

"Before the vessel arrived at the Hong Kong port, Customs were informed by mainland law enforcement organisations that the vessel contained undeclared military materials, and did not have an approval notice," Factwire said in its latest report. "When it arrived in Hong Kong, the Customs searched the vessel and confiscated relevant military materials."

Anonymous said...

Daddy, Daddy!
Our former obedient servant take away my APC.
Daddy, Daddy!
How ah?

Virgo 49 said...

Now Si-Botak talks about Govt must diversify their relationships on changing circumstances.

Now more attention on SMEs.

Now must report retrenchments of staff.

Made so.many blunders by his Indian Chief. Must get second in command to pacify the masses.

Last time only so arrogant. Concentrate on MSCs.and the FTs.

Now how to repatriate these trashes who usurped Sinkies jobs. With two million of them having to have food on table and needs to changkol into reserves, no wonder they.cutting down on medical benefits for the PGs and Chas members.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo 49

You talk as if Singapore belongs to Singaporeans.
Singapore belongs to Millionaires.
You are just a landless peasant living in your HDB flat that belongs to HDB.

“Remember your place in society before you engage in political debate… Debate cannot generate into a free-for-all where no distinction is made between the senior and junior party… You must make distinctions – What is high, what is low, what is above, what is below, and then within this, we can have a debate, we can have a discussion… people should not take on those in authority as ‘equals’”

Anonymous said...

Not only "just a landless peasant living in your HDB flat that belongs to HDB."

When you die.
Your children can't even inherit your HDB flat ... unless they meet HDB's leasing criteria.
Still dare to say HDB flat belongs to you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7.25pm pls note that singapore does not belongs to anyone.

Yes! In fact this place, earth does not belongs to anyone!

Everyone here is just passing by, like tourists.

Yes! Just passing by! Just passing by!

When time is up, everyone will disappeared from this place.

So just enjoy when you still can!

Be happy and worry less. Cheers...........

Anonymous said...

Singapore belongs to the land-owners.
Millionaires who own freehold property.
Real ownership of real property.
Property that can be passed on to their children.
Freehold property that NS men protect for a peanut salary.

So continue to bluff yourself into happiness.
Pretend that Singapore does not belong to anyone.
The Millionaires and their children are laughing at you.

Anonymous said...

"November 26, 2016 6:18 pm"

better stay very very alert, because once you listen and believe on those sweet dressing talks and turn your sight away from them, you can be totally swallowed. REMEMBER!!! there is no more trust left behind.

Anonymous said...

A person’s social class is determined by his or her position within the system of property relations that constitutes a given economic society.

People also have subjective characteristics: thoughts, mental frameworks, and identities. These mental constructs give the person a cognitive framework in terms of which the person understands his or her role in the world and the forces that govern his or her life.

One’s mental constructs may correspond more or less well to the social reality they seek to represent.

In a class society, there is an inherent conflict of material interests between privileged and subordinate groups.

Marx asserts that social mechanisms emerge in class society that systematically create distortions, errors, and blind spots in the consciousness of the underclass. If these consciousness-shaping mechanisms did not exist, then the underclass, always a majority, would quickly overthrow the system of their domination.

So the institutions that shape the person’s thoughts, ideas, and frameworks develop in such a way as to generate false consciousness and ideology.
Think about the above when you hear a Millionaire talk about "meritocracy".
You are being brain washed or conned.


Virgo49 said...

@ Anon 7.25

Me Not landless peasant lah.

Me just ordinary sinkie with only O or they always swan seow All level working from age 20 after National Slavery to age 55.

At age 26 can married with 3 room flat at only 13500. Can paid in full within 3 years.Upgraded to 5 rm flat at 46k. Paid in full immediate.Sold to daft sinkie at 800k at peak.

Can also raised two kids to uni level with spouse double income. Retired at 65 because she wanted to. Retirement age withdrawal in full except a minimal retirement account for cpf life.

Total nearly 950k excluding profits of nearly 700k after less cpf interests lost. But still can pledge for cpf retirement account.

Brought malacca condo facing Straits of malacca at RM188K. Sin 108k exch that time. Farmland apartment at RM88k sin 55k exch that time. Can be landowner with bungalow not in sinkieland but in Melaka.

You are absolutely right sinkieland don't belong to me but to daft sinkies who currently even with string of degrees are mismatched and struggling to breathe above water.

By the way, no need to struggle every now and then at woodlands and tuas clearing just to get away from the little red dot for jam up to three to four hours at the pleasure of that sadistic law and home minister pleasure. Here just paid Rm10 to Kl and transfer for rm 13.50 to Genting resort.

Also can use medisave funds to see at mahkota medical centre first class ward for just a fraction of sinkieland doctors sharp scalpels.

So sinkieland give to you lah PAP stooge.

Cannot bow tua boh suah to you elites.

denk said...

im super sensitive to stuffs like these,
when i first heard mh370 disappered with 300 chinese onboard,
i immediately smell a rat.
malaysia was at that time trying hard to stave off murcunt pressure to join the fuck china posse.
subsequent events further bolstered my suspect.
even najib said that somebody was trying to drive a wedge bet malysia./china.

when murcunts abruptly canceled their rail contract with china,sounding some mumbo jumbo that the chinese offer 'fell short of murcunt requirement' i told myself someone is trying to sway the kl-sg rail decision, to make it easier for pap to tell sg that the jp offer is preferable to china.

then came the out of the blue 'expose' by a mysterious hk 'investigating website' factwire of 'inferior chinese made trains' being returned to china for repair.
at that time i was convinced something fishing is going on.

the usual suspects which have been scuttling chinese rail proj in mexico, chinese port contracts in sri lanka, bangladesh, pakistan, killing chinese executives/workers in africa etc, are working over time to sabotage chines bid in sg/sk rail proj.

so the same 'factwire' is again involved in this later afv 'expose' eh ?

dear pm, do you think someone are trying to drive a massive wedge bet sg and china

Anonymous said...

November 26, 2016 10:22 pm

Not happy with some of their policies understood.

But you can't deny in the end the monies is still make in Sg and you retired in Malaysia quite or maybe even very comfortably.

If you born in and work Malaysia can you make the same amount or not ? Count yourself lucky you can still touch and enjoy your CPF monies. Your kids migrate to Malaysia ? unlikely right !

denk said...

i wish i could share the optimism over trump who sounds like just another murkkan who speaks in forked tongue....


virgo49 said...

In sinkieland, your kids even with uni papers are called misfits

In Matland, with degrees from NUS or Monash, you are gainfully employed.

What's more with science and IT degrees.

Hard sciences not toilet papers of Social studies and Arts and what's stupid SMU..business talents are natural with human instincts in doing business not trained in books and lectures.

Those with these degress can join the Armed Forces to be JLBs.

Medical researchers and experienced IT Singaporeans are much needed in Matland especially now in Penang and future Negri Sembilian and Malacca new City business parks

My children with these degrees can easily be gaingully employed rather than be called mismatches in Singapore

There, they can even have own cars and terrace houses to stay rather than what our anon 7.25 called landless peasants.

Also, still able to work if wanted too..

With vast working not paper qualifications exprriences.in Ships operations planning of container vessels, be an asset to the future.Malacca deep sea port.

PSA in sinkieland has already devised long time ago with their shore cranes hormat senjata.

So prospects are in Matland.

Don't bother of their politics and keep a.low profile to enjoy your secure comfortable life there.

virgo49 said...

Should be PSA demised not devised.

Sinkie land you are been slaughtered by the high cost of living and not allowing you to breathe and think against them.

Cars at 100.over k with not even manufacturing a screw.
Here 10k sin can get you a car. No need inspections for their cronies to squeeze monies out of you and no ERPs.

Flats at 100 over K can buy terrace or bungalows in Matland.

No matter how much you earned goes to them. Add insult to injury you don't even have GST credits if your salary is above 26k.

Anonymous said...

Unless Malaysia don't get "bite" by their level of corruption .

Just look at Najib , 1MDB ...

virgo49 said...

Why you worry whether Nasib is corrupt or not??

That's none of your business or for that matter, the ordinary citizens matter.

Did he take your monies??

If the Sheiks or kings of ME gave him the monies, that's his abilities.

You think sinkieland got no corruption???

Unless you are just born yesterday or in a working sheltered environment that does not see what's happening.

In shipping line for instance, so many cannot be seen cases.If not why got CPIB.

Even traffic escort guards also take bribes. Don't talk of Please Suck Again.

Everything needed to be cleared fast involves monies.

Wait till you are 65 then you will actually see the ugliness of society.