CIA Runs The World's Largest Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking PART 4

CIA Drug and Narcotic Trade and Trafficking in Europe      PART     4

CIA  ran active drug rings in Europe immediately after the Second World War and had covert operations  in France, Sicily , Italy and Greece from late 1940s to 1950s.  CIA arms, money and disinformation helped organised Corsican criminal syndicates in Marseilles to control labour unions in France. The Corsican criminals in partnership with CIA gained political influence and controlled the docks through which the mafia trafficked in drugs like heroin. CIA and the mafia jointly opened heroin laboratories in Marseilles in 951.

From 1980s to 1990s CIA actively supported Moujahedeen rebels fighting the Soviet supported government in Afghanistan in drug trafficking . It helped Gulbuddin Hetmayar one of the leading drug lords and heroin refiner in transporting the drugs. CIA planes carried his heroin to USA and Western Europe.

CIA and its partners the crime syndicates maintain large organisations capable of carrying out covert operations without fear of detection. The two had developed very close natural bond. In 1950 CIA used a legion of thugs to break a communist dock strike in Marseilles. When CIA attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro in the 1960s he employed American mafia syndicates

CIA operatives directly assissted underworld  narcotic traffickers in its fight against communism and the left. CIA had allied itself with heroin merchants in Laos, opium dealers in Burma, military drug lords in Thailand, Afghhanistan,  and Panama, Columbia cocaine cartels in Nicaragua and Costa Rica and guerilla opium armies in Afghanistan.

In the mid 1940s to prevent left wing influence in Western Europe CIA intervened covertly in the internal politics of Italy, France, Greece and Sicily. After taking control of Sicily CIA appointed a Sicilian mafia leader, Don Cologero Vizzini as mayor of Villalba and Genco Russo as mayor of Mussumel as well as other leaders as mayors of other Sicilian towns and cities. Eventuallly Sicilian mafia had full control of politics in Sicily as well as the narcotic trade.

In 1946 an Italian mafia boss Salvatore Lucky Luciano  was deported from New York to Italy. Luciano in partnership with CIA built the most powerful criminal syndicate in USA to deal with heroin trafficking. He was able to build an international narcotics syndicate . He was able to move morphine from Middle East to Europe where it was transformed into heroin and exported in large quantities to US without suffering any arrest or seizure. The number of drug addicts in US increased tremendously in the 1960s. Luciano and his friends became multi millionaires .

CIA drug partners in France the Corsican mafia allied strongly with the French Socialist Party and in return enjoyed political protection from France intelligence service and was allowed to operate its heroin laboratories for   decades without being disturbed.


Thursday,17th November,2016

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Anonymous said...

Since nobody wants to make a comment about the CIA, let me give you one comment.
The US CIA comprises many agents. Some of these are bad apples but the system either could not detect them of did not spend enough time to scrutinize each and every of their agents/operatives properly. This happens to many big organizations.