CIA Runs The World's Largest Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking PART 3

CIA Runs The World's Largest Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking   PART   3

From 1950s to 1970s during USA involvement in Indochina, CIA controlled drug trafficking in the region and flew opium and heroin throughout Indochina. A heroin laboratory was built by CIA in northern Loas. From Loas CIA control 70% of the world's illicit opium and heroin trade . CIA was also the major supplier of raw materials to America's booming heroin market.

CIA also ran drug rings in Australia. From 1973 to 1980s CIA used its own bank the Nugan Hand Bank to finance its drug trafficking , money laundering and international arms dealings. The officers of the bank include a network of US generals, admirals,CIA men and CIA director, William Colby. The bank had branches in Saudi Arabia, Europe, South East Asia , South America and US.

In 1980s in Central America , CIA alliied with drug mafias and the Contras in running covert operations in trafficking cocaine. The then US president ,Ronald Reagan tolerated CIA involvement in drug trafficking because CIA and its drug partners were supporting the Contras to overthrow the leftist Sardinista government in Nicaragua.

In Costa Rica and Honduras there were many CIA supported networks involved in drug trafficking. A CIA operative John Hull had cocaine farms in Costa Rica, When John Hull was indicted by the Costa Rica government he was secretly flown out by CIA to Miami via Haiti with a DEA hired plane.

CIA also operated drug trafficking in Guatemala and worked closely with the drug cartels there . CIA backed transport companies provided planes to the contras for carrying cocaine to Florida, Texas, Louisiana and other locations including several US military bases. The planes were designated as "Contra Craft" in which shipments were not to be inspected . These traffickers were protected by CIA and DEA and other authorities officers.

In Haiti from the mid 1980s to 1990s CIA worked hand in glove with key Haiti military and political leaders in power to traffic drugs. In 1986 they organised a new Haitian organisation , the National Intelligence Service purportedly to fight the cocaine trade but actually having its officers engaged in the trafficking .

CIA had created America's biggest heroin and cocaine problem. The problem is deeply entrenched  and the heroin plague is of America's own making.

Under the guise of national security, patriotism and protecting democracy normal boundaries of ethics and morality have been consistently transcended by CIA in its ideological war of defeating communism and it has always resorted to any means it considered necessary and allied itself with any person or group to achieve its ends.

The USA government has willingly made drug networks an essential ally in the covert expansion of American influence abroad. US diplomats and CIA agents have actively engaged in the production and transport of narcotics worldwide . The CIA's enormous role in the global drugs trade provides one of the murkier narratives of the Agency's dark history. The trail of corruption often leads to the highest levels of successive Washington administration right up to the front doors of many US presidents viz Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obama.

CIA covert narcotic operations result in the heroin and cocaine supply to America's addict population increase by leaps and bounds especially from late 1940s to late 1970s.The trafficking in heroin and cocaine hit hard the inner city ghettos in US victimizing American citizens as badly as foreigners.

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