CIA Runs The World's Largest Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking PART 3

PART     TWO      CIA  Runs The World's Largest Drug And Narcotic Trade  And Trafficking

In the Middle East and Asia CIA drug and narcotic trade and trafficking is mainly opium and heroin. In the Americas it is largely cocaine, heroin and ice.The city of Mena in the state of Arkansas in US is an important city for CIA drug trafficking activities. In the 1980s CIA trafficked in cocaine involved senior government officers of the Bill Clinton administration who covered up investigations. CIA used the Mena Inter Mountain Municipal airport as a drop point in Mena , Arkansas. It used notorious pilots and  Medellin Cartel drug smuggler Adler Berrimen Seal as its partners in operation.

In Mexico CIA collaborated with drug lords and traffickers and used its share of profits to finance the Nicaraguan Contra rebels to overthrow the leftist socialist Nicaragua's Sandinista Government. CIA sold drugs in USA mainly to African and Mexican Americans. In Honduras USA government protected Honduras drug lord lord Juan Matta Ballesteros , the owner of an airline SETCO in which Nicaraguan Contra rebels used to covertly transport military supplies and personnels in early 1980s. In Nicaragua too, CIA provided support for the Contras involving in drug trafficking . It channeled profits from drug trade to the Contra rebels.

In the 1970s to 1980s Panama was ruled by a Panama military strongman President General  Manuel Noriega. Noriega was a highly CIA paid man and collaborator in drug trafficking , money laundering and arms for drugs dealings. CIA provides flights for the contras , protection for the contras and the pilots  as well as safe havens for drug cartel officers and discreet banking facilities . US officials in the drug cartel Medellin Cartel include director William Webster and DEA officers. When Noriega arrested drug traffickers of other groups competing against CIA supported Medellin Cartel he was highly praised by Webster and DEA officers for thwarting drug trafficking. Noriega  was asked by CIA to provide military assistance to contra rebels in Nicaragua in exchange for him to continue in drug trafficking activities which he had been doing since 1960s. When the DEA ( Department Enforcement Authority of US ) tried to indict Noriega in 1971 , the CIA prevented them from doing so. The director of CIA at that time was George H. W, Bush  ( later president of  USA ). who provided Noriega with hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for his drug trafficking and cooperation in Latin America. However, when a CIA pilot Eugene Hasenfus was shot down over Nicaragua by the Sandinistas, documents aboard the plane revealed many of CIA's activities in Latin America and the CIA's connection with Noriega became a public relations liability for the USA government, which allowed the DEA to indict him for drug trafficking after decades of conniving with him in his drug operations to proceed unchecked . Also in December 1989 CIA found Noriega was secretly providing intelligence and services to the Cubans and Sandinistas , US turned against Noriega and invaded  Panama.  Noriega was captured and taken to Miami where a Miami court sentenced him to 45 years in prison. However, his collaborators , CIA officers and personnel, chiefly George H. W. Bush were not indicted . In the meantime when Panama was under US occupation CIA had a field day in trafficking drugs which increased tremendously. Also in the 1980s President Ronald Reagan tolerated CIA involvement  in drug trafficking in Central America because CIA and its drug partners were supporting the Contras to overthrow the leftist Sandinista government in Nicaragua.This is American justice and exceptionalism. Third world countries must beware, America via CIA will befriend you, make good use of you and dunk you when it no more serves their interest.

In Costa Rica and Honduras there were many CIA supported Contra networks involved in drug trafficking. CIA operative John Hull had cocaine farms in Costa Rica. When John Hull was indicted by the Costa Rica government he was secretly flown out by CIA to Miami  via Haiti with a DEA hired plane.

CIA also operated drug trafficking in Guatemala and worked closely with the drug cartels there. CIA backed transport companies provided planes to the Contras for carrying cocaine to Florida, Texas, Louisiana and other locations including several US military bases designated as "Contra Craft" in which shipments were not to be inspected. These traffickers were protected by CIA and DEA and other authorities officers.

In 1993 it was disclosed that CIA working with a Colombia drug cartel smuggled tons of cocaine into USA and sold in the streets  Hundreds of pounds of cocaine from Venezuela were also smuggled into USA under the watchful eyes of CIA.    When the cartel's smuggling ring was broken, some traffickers were arrested but the CIA officer in charge of the smuggling and his supervisor were not indicted whereas the Venezuela collaborator General Ramon Guillen was indicted together with his civillian counterpart.

CIA and US top banking giants Wachovia a subsidiary of Wells Fargo Bank are the top players in global drug trade worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year. The head of DEA in 2004 , Judge Robert Bonner accused the CIA of being drug smugglers. CIA worked hand in hand with Venezuelan National Guard to smuggle cocaine into USA. A ton of cocaine at that time was worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

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The Brits and its' Descendants the Americans are experts at using drugs as weapons on their targets for destructions.
Thus far their evil deeds have failed to doom others.
Maybe, drugs could become a menace in US and Europe.
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