CIA Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking In Thailand. PART 6

CIA Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking In Thailand.     PART   6

In the 1950s to 1970s CIA threw its full support behind the Thai General Phoa making him the strongest man in Thailand. In return General Phoa allowed CIA two Thai paramilitary organisations , The Police Aerial Reconnaisance Unit and the Border Patrol Police. The training and equipment of the two units were under the control of CIA specialists who organised front companies and laundering funds for black operations operating out of Miami.
General Phoa protected KMT supply equipments market their opium and helped to garner support for KMT among Thailand's overseas Chinese.
USA ambassador to Thailand William Donovan founder of the OSS was a senior adviser to CIA. He hailed Phoa's state as the free world's strongest bastion against the communist in South East Asia. In 1955 Phoa's National Police Department had become the largest opium trafficking syndicate in Thailand and was deeply involved with every aspect of the narcotic trade.
Phua police guards would escort the KMT opium caravans from the Thai-Burma border to police warehouses in Chiengmai. From there police guards brought it to Bangkok by train or by police aircraft. Then it was loaded into civilian coastal vessels to a mid ocean rendezvous with freighters bound for Hongkong, Singapore or Sydney.
CIA ripped in billions of dollars from the Thai narcotic operations and the Thai military elite that ruled the country became very rich from their drug monopoly and from ties with CIA. Much of this smuggling network remains very active today and maintains close ties to Thailand's military and paramilitary circles.
CIA airlines, Civil Air Transport or Air America and Air Asia together with CIA holding company , The Pacific Corporation provided air transport for many of the drug operations in the Far East.
In the 1970s and 1980s CIA hope to defeat the left wing Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese. It supplied guns, money and training to the Hmong tribes who were anti-communist monarchists. The Hmong's primary cash crop was opium and CIA provided helicopters to collect opium for the Hmong commander General Van Pao from his scattered highland villages and transport it to distribution centres at Longtieng and Vientiane. The processed heroin was ultimately bound for American GI addicts in Vietnam and other South East Asian countries.

Saturday, 19th November,2016

Saturday,19th November,2016

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