Australia assuming the post of Little White Sheriff in South China Sea

This little western outpost in Asia, occupied by Europeans that came to rob the natives of their land, is thinking that it is big enough to be the Little White Sheriff in the South China Sea, to rule over the silly and hapless Asian and Asean countries. And to make its role more legitimate, it is playing on the ego of the Indonesians, the undisputed regional big brother, to join them to patrol the SCS.

And this only happens after the Philippines refused to be dragged in to be the pawn in the American/western power game to control the SCS.  According to an Agencies report, ‘In February, Washington took the unusual step of publicly asking Australia  to undertake “freedom of navigation” operations by sailing naval patrols within 12 nautical miles of Beijing controlled territory.’

When the Empire was riding high, with the Aquino govt willingly playing the sacrificial pawn, they totally ignored the sensitivity of the Indonesians as the big brother of the region. Indonesia was transparent, ignored, Indonesian interests were not in their cards.  The Empire just muscled in as if they owned the SCS. Now that the Philippines have abandoned that role, the Little White Sheriff thinks the Indonesians, with a little flattery, would be silly enough to be roped in to play the role that the Pinoys had rejected.

Would Indonesia be dragged by the nose by the Little White Sheriff to do its donkey work for the Empire, to confront China like Aquino used to do? Or would the Indonesians show the middle finger to the Little White Sheriff who really believes it is a super power in the region and want to rule the waves in the SCS. What about the rest of the Asean states, do they have a say whether they accept the Little White Sheriff as the law enforcer in their backwaters? Who is Australia by the way?

The SCS belongs to this little western outpost, to the Empire?


Anonymous said...

"Australia assuming the post of Little White Sheriff in South China Sea"

Is it Australia or Singapore?

Anonymous said...

I think Singapore Air Force and navy are powerful enough to be put in good use to punch above our weight

Anonymous said...

Like taking over the SCS?

patriot said...

lt is good that Asean Member Countries are not seeking the Participation of Sin in the South China Sea Issue.

Come as no surprise that Australia does not seek Sin for a joint role in the Scs
First, Scs Dispute hardly concerns Sin and those involve have no reason to want or have the Need to get Sin involved.

As for Australia, UK was and is its' grandfather, whereas US, Canada were and are its' cousins.

Tribal and Race Links are long lasting, if not eternal.

Sinkies should be happy that others are leaving Sin alone in their disputes with each other.
They are very respectful of Sinkies.


Anonymous said...

They the Anglo~Saxon countries now led by US, would not let the Chinese have it's way without a fight. How dare an Asian power challenge the maritime supremacy of the English speaking ~controlled nations, made possible by earlier years of colonial and military intervention! This is the result of might is right, something that Singapore so protested and concerned. But the p a p is absolutely COMFORTABLE with the status quo of such an order. An English speaking order,led by the US that was built on England naval might when they took what is today's Canada US Australia and New Zealand ???

There is a contradiction here in the govt reasoning.

Hermit said...

Singapore's RSAF first shot at target of another nation will probably also be the last one..... ever.

Anonymous said...

And singapore was apparently part of the so called English straits settlements like Penang, Malacca & Dingding when in fact it should be called English Straits Illegal Occupation that was to take over estates and resources that lawfully not yours.

after years of lording over the people living in the vast tracts of land parcels here in Asia, they were just nothing more than unwelcome invaders who robbed resources by force to enrich the coffers of English ruling families back in London .

The English legacy is still kept alive earnestly here in Singapore, think the Straits Time since 1845 among other things. The coloniser himself his statue still stands proudly in pristine condition described in their words 'founder of modern Spore' right in the the town areas.

You see Australia head of State is still the same as UK today who took control of the vast land in the colonial period of Australia's history, from the arrival in 1788 of the First Fleet of British ships at Sydney, New South Wales, who established the penal colony, the scientific exploration of the continent and later, establishment of other Australian colonies and the beginnings of representative democratic government.

Anonymous said...

Singapore should speak up for tiny nation, East Timor against Australian territorial expansion.

East Timor is not part of Asean org?

Wonder why Singapore did not urge Asean to negotiate with Australia. Ask Asean to become united on this issue.

b said...

Australia just wayang only. The aussies are fully interdependent on china for their many products. Everyone wayang here and there and the establishment will be confused and thus destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Aussie girls are one of the most pretty gals in this region normally with big tits. Let them be sheriff lar it's ok and post their big tits sheriff here in sg

Anonymous said...

U watch too many bay watch series ?

Provided they patrol in bikinis or swimsuits ?

Anonymous said...

Suggest that Uncle RB can read the this morning Zaobao on "新加坡南中国海发声的行为逻辑" or 'Understand Singapore South China Seas Voices & Conduct Logic' . An opinion by a Chinese Writer on Spore stand point of SCS & China-Spore balancing relations in ASEAN since LKY and its evolve till LHL ..an interesting article to read http://www.zaobao.com.sg/forum/views/opinion/story20161104-686034