Abe gave 2 decommissioned Japanese naval vessels to Malaysia

What is bribery, I dunno. During Najib’s visit to Japan, Abe gave him 2 decommissioned naval vessels and told Najib he expected Malaysia to offer Japan to build and operate the Shinkansen train for the KL to Singapore route. This is what Abe said, “I expressed (to Najib) my strong expectation that Japan’s shinkansen technology will be adopted. The process of decision will be done in an open, transparent and objective manner, and that the project is uppermost in the minds of the government of Japan.”  Including open bribery? I quoted this from the Statestimesreview.

How could Malaysia refused even if the naval vessels were rejected or destined for the museum, like what the Americans gave to the Philippines. Maybe these are charitable gifts, so museum pieces, as long as they float, will be good enough for poor developing countries.

The acceptance of such gifts on a silver platter is similar to what Nizam Idris said about the reserved Elected President for the Malays in the ST on 17 Nov 16. When given, how to say no? But he also expressed the negative connotations of accepting the reserved EP scheme.  Najib in a way also knows that accepting the 2 decommissioned naval vessels would compromise his position in the award of the contract for the KL-Singapore route.  But why not, take first then think how to deal with it.

If Abe wants to offer it as a bribe for the contract, he should show more sincerity by presenting Malaysia with 2 new ships than those due for the scrap yard. Would Najib and Malaysia be slighted by such junks, crumbs left on the table?

The Japanese have lost their class. Want to give, give something good. If not don’t give. Malaysia has its pride, so don’t expect 2 pieces of junks will change Najib’s mind and award the multi billion contracts to Japan. Abe is lucky if Najib is not offended by the rejects passover as ‘gifts’. The audacity to offer a bribe and expecting a contract is an insult to Najib personally and Malaysia as a nation.


Anonymous said...

Very simple, Cik Najib will juz accept those 2 junks metallic shits & don't award any contract ( HSR project) to Japan. He can juz treat it as 'karanguni' , as for awarding contract , cik Najib will award the HSR project to his Chinese 'Saviours' as they promised to help him build infrastructure. Abe san will sound like 'habis' in Malay , whom don't accept is like GoonDu...

Anonymous said...

In Singapore if u have a old fridge or old bicycle u need to pay for people to dispose them for u. It cost money to bring them to

Elias Rd. Malaysia can either charge Japan for this service or refurbish the vessels. In this case Malaysia has to buy the

necessary parts from Japan. It may eventually cost more than a new vessel. Japan is really cunning.

I heard the news that now Abe said DT is trustworthy n have full confidence on DT. So is he saying HC n Obama are liars?

I wonder what is the views of all our experts here?

Anonymous said...

If someone pick up a fan and change the motor to run it, this act is foolish. The fan runs with old blades casing on new motor, is not as comfortable as a brand new fan.

What parts a war ship really worth to look at? I guess the motor and the metalsheets surrounding it. Old metal sheet has metal fatique. In plain means bullets can go thro. It means people sitting inside can die in suprise.
If the ship motor is old technology, buy a new motor?

Najib is no new kid. He should know this kind of insult on Malaysia as a state.
I can be quite certain how Najib think of Abe. This guy is crazy and insensitive thinking Malaysia is like Philippines so poor. Duterte had sounded out the same issue against US. Now comes Abe doing the same.
Will Abe giving the similar ships to Ah loong?

Anonymous said...

I really can't believe Abe did this. He thinking Najib is corrupt so can bribe him with junks, openly some more. The junks are double insult to think Najib is so cheapskate, junk also boleh. And as someone pointed above, the spare parts would cost more than buying new ships.

Abe really think Malaysians are stupid.

Anonymous said...

The gifts were already prearranged with the Malaysian government before Abe visit. Najib can always reject them first but he didn't.

Anonymous said...

How we know infront claimed decommissioned behind is really decommissioned ?

After official matters , entertainment time ? How we know there's no mass orgy session ? Given the fact that Najib bian Tua Kee.

Anonymous said...

I support HSR project awarded to Japan.

Anonymous said...

I think Malaysia must not take Shenkangshian. The reason is: Malaysia s east west high speed rail is awarded to China.

China high speed rail is using floating magnet technology. I guess the power requirements will be different from Japan s Shenkangshian. The 2 high speed rails are to cross at a transit point. There has to be 2 separate stations.

Stocking parts will have to be separate one Japs and one china, both have different languages.

Najib if he has system knowledge, he will know Japanese language manual and parts instructions will kill any maintenance jobs.

Only Modi will go for Shengkangsheng because Indians cannot read Chinese characters. May be Japanese language is taken as chinese in India.

But in future, when the surrounding countries are using China high speed rails, Indians buying parts will be solely from Japan, and kena kotol. Indians will pay high price for installing the Shenkangshian in India.

Anonymous said...

All the bidders for the project must protest and disqualify Japan from bidding. This is blatant bribery. How can hold bidding for project like that one?

Anonymous said...

I give to you (a certain race in Singapore) the gift of a decommissioned (former) PAP member as your next President.

Funny and untrue ... tio bo ???

Anonymous said...

@ Najib if he has system knowledge, he will know Japanese language manual and parts instructions will kill any maintenance jobs.

No issue, many malaysian go japan to study and work plus Japan factories in Malaysia need interpretation or expertise support anytime.

@ All the bidders for the project must protest and disqualify Japan from bidding. This is blatant bribery. How can hold bidding for project like that one?

In that case i suggest give it to the Ang Mo instead.

Anonymous said...

Modi is probably a good friend of Pakistan. He killed Indian economy with his superb insight- Demonetization.

Pakistan are laughing at the man made chaos happen in Indian - "Surgical strike"

Indian people dont have cash to buy food.
Indian people was asked to deposit their cash to bank. They cant withdraw any money because bank has no money.

I would not so surprised that Modi want to buy Japan train. Their Ego and pride has dilute their sane judgement.

This is Indian version - Great Leap Forward.

Anonymous said...


LHL continue to provoke/anger/ stir tension againt China with his speech in latest Apec interview

Quote : "But he warned that in this “new world”, there is “no country which is the middle kingdom”.

No country which is the Middle Kingdom

China name = middle kingdom

Anonymous said...

FED are going to increase the interest rate soon.
It would create send FINANCIAL TSUNAMI to destroy economy of all Asian nation.

India embarked on ill prepared demonetization to prevent those great damages.- massive outflow of rupee to the West.- curtail the movement of their currency.

Anonymous said...

“no country which is the middle kingdom”
That speaker said 1R1B links to the middle kingdom is good. I was questioning, no good? Why little dot link to KL?

China s objective on linking the rails road is to cater for the average people along the rail road. These people are poor, and are very poor farmers. They can sell their goods to any countries along the rail road.
When these countries like Myannmar prosper, they will not need to send their sons and daughters to collect $300 to $500mp from little dot as workers. Isnt that is a good move by China?

From the speaker s good then he implied no need to have the rail road as countries may not want to link to middle kingdom, he was leading audience to ponder. What did he really want to say? He wanted to tell the western audience, no need to go China. Will the western audience listen to him?

The western countries are like this speaker s country, their middle class are declining into poor class, lacking of purchasing power, due to globalization. They want to ask the middle kingdom to buy their western products. Whereas the speaker s country little products that can sell to middle kingdom due to the leeders unproductive policy to hire 3rd world unqualified workers. The westerners still have things worth money to China, while the speaker s country has very few things to offer.

Anonymous said...

are you sure tats d objective ?

Anonymous said...

Myanmar s economic growth is +7%, little dot s economic growth is -4%.
To China, which is more important? China will want to see Myanmar prosper to buy more goods from China.

So common sense, do not need to study economics to understand why rail roads are important to China.

Anonymous said...

China: One belt, one road.
Singapore: One Leeder, one political party.
RESULT: No creativity because there is only ONE "correct" way.

USA & Europe: Many leaders, many political parties.
RESULT: More creativity & freedom.

Encounter with Cheap-Skate said...

This real story of Japan PM Abbe's cheap-skate gift Najib reminds me of my Wedding Day 44 years ago.

All my guests, about 20 tables, already arrived by 7:30 pm. My Boss did not arrive
until 9 pm. I had to asked the Restaurant to keep replenishing drinks and tit bits
until my Boss, the Guest of Honor (Dishonor) arrived. He came with his wife and two children. He did not even apologize to me for being so late.

Everybody was already very hungry and some of them angry. I, to shame him indirectly, made an announcement to apologize to all my other guests saying that it was due to my Guest of Honor who arrived late and that was why I had to delay the dinner.

Then I went to sit next to my Boss and he pushed a box in gift wrapper to me. I said thank you and then stand up to give a toast. The dinner was served in double quick time. It finished by 10:30 pm. Everybody went home.

My wife and me were the last ones to go home because we had to settle the bills on the spot.

When we reached home, we were already so tired. We did not open all the gifts but my wife told me to open my Boss's Gift. To our horror, it was a set of six cheap glasses bought from the Chinese Emporium but infested with WHITE ANTS!

This second-hand gift must have been given by someone to my Boss and he must have kept this gift in his store-room for donkey years, so long that white ants already built nests inside. And he never bother to check. From the look of it, he had only change the gift wrapper.


Previously, I used to massage for him when he got sprains from sporting activities.
After that I never do anything extra or personal for him any more.

Do you think Najib will be bothered to accede to Cheap-Skate Abe's request? I doubt.

Anonymous said...

Or China eyeing natural resources in Myanmar ?

Each have his agenda

Anonymous said...

Lucky China only looking for natural resources to develope both countries. If the US
are involve they will be selling arms to all the different ethnic group to fight each other.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To start wars, fight wars, sign military alliances, are for peace. Countries engaging in wars and breeding terrorist groups are peace loving countries.

Countries building bridges, roads. rails, buying natural resources on a wiling buyer/seller basis are warmongers.

This is the logic of the unthinking.

Anonymous said...

Oh yean right initial resources , no problem i sell you mark up 300 % or 500 % then subsequently will be same using guns to talk liao.