Why I did not bother to read about the latest CPF schemes?

It does not affect me at all and would not affect may CPF holders today and in the future. Savings and more savings are luxuries only for the rich and people with a lot of money to save. Many will be living a hand to mouth existence and savings and more savings will mean they need not have to eat and live today and hopefully they will live long enough to benefit from their savings.

I will leave it to those who still have some CPF savings to sweat over these attractive schemes. To those that would not be affected, why bother? And many people down the line, the young, are unlikely to benefit from whatever schemes that they are scheming. How so? How much can the young of today, and the parents of today be left with in the CPF is they have to pay for their million dollar properties and the compulsory Medishield Life and all the minimum sums to be locked up?

No need to bother about those unable to afford million dollar properties as they would not have much to put into their CPF anyway. The 3 or 4 rm HDB flats would have exhausted whatever they put into their CPF, nothing much left to be schemed or benefit from any schemes.

True or not?


Anonymous said...

"Why I did not bother to read about the latest CPF schemes?"

Smart Sinkie.
Why read about things that "don't belong" to you?

Virgo 49 said...

Attractive terms???

All these monies belonged to you and they return part by part called Attractive Offers??

Less 20% initial drawback. Take how many years to be status quo??

They need your monies for more roulette games, oops investments they said.

Fight for time enconmy pickup to regain the losses and give you back principal plus interests.

If not have to keng again.

Anonymous said...

In the long run they would not be around to answer for your CPF money if they cannot pay back.

Anonymous said...

Same Same! Same Same!

Whatever changes and schemes made to the CPF, good or bad, nothing will change!

Still can easily get 70%! Maybe more next time!

So........worry not worry not.


Anonymous said...

You want your cpf money back?
vote opposition lah.
I dare you.

Just as I thot.
No balls to vote Opposition.
Fucking slaves.

Anonymous said...

Do not serve mammon

Anonymous said...

CPF pays 2.5 to 5% interest on your money, you know.

Which bank offers such good interest on your money, u tell me lah?

jjgg said...

RB..must still read la...otherwise how we know which way our money being sideswiped ? I get really worried when the government wants to help us, even when we donch ask for it. Did they help when you ask them for it???

Anonymous said...

When the fund managers are getting a return of 4% and paying you 4% you know that something is wrong, unsustainable!

Anonymous said...

I guess many people are confused with the word "funds manager" "investors". They are real gamblers in their work with calculated risks from their gut feelings.

Any one play with the share markets will be able to attest with my opinion. Even you are a precise engineer, when you play in the share markets to make gain, you will know there is no precise science in the "free markets."

On the other hands, many people do not know that the word "profit" is not representing a permanent trend. Profit only measured by many differences of opinions. Example: someone build properties and sell in the market in part 10 years. He would have been entitled to huge bonus as large as $23millions in one goal, when at his time, the products buildings available to the market in blocks of condos and offices are built under his company s charge. So he told the $23millions bonus based on "market price" of the products at that time. But those products are not convertible into cash at the high prices.
When the cycle is over, 80% to 90% of the products ie the built properties are empty unsold. The executives have drawn away lots of cash from the companies in this way.

Many companies shares prices naturally contracted when figures show the companies are actually running out of cash: with stock unsold as basis for making "profit". (Read last sentence carefully).

CPF was founded on having great "funds managers" who buy shares and sell shares, and received dividends. We as members have no choice. If i have choice, i will not allow my cpf to be gambled by "funds managers".

Did i bluff you? Look carefully at the trend: collect your CPF LATER, is a real trend. Did you ask why?
Collect less CPF at your retirement age. Did you ask why?
Increase your contribution to CPF. Did you QUESTION?

Old workers was allowed to have less cpf to get employed, but was increased with the rates due to "demand". Do they have choice? If old workers can do away with employer CPF, these old workers will have the same strength to compete with a pmet from Chennai or Mumbai. But the CPF need funds. So the employer rate cannot be reduced or do away. It should be optional when the worker is already "old" agree?

CPF not only need more funds, the Pap also want foreigners to reduce the salary level of citizens earning on cpf. Pap will reduce the pay out of CPF to future generations by increasing the HDB prices.

So future generations will have great stress on retirement: cannot find jobs easily, cannot have enough CPF to retire. Do you still want to vote for PAP's 10 millions population policy?

My guess is: some days, the citizens will have to be beggars on the streets.
Real: i shopped at a super mar. one old man approached me. "gave me 1" but his hand sign was 2. And he said "two dollars".

That is not the end. He walked away to another corner and ask an aunties who tried to retrieve her $1 coin from cart. I stood there to watch this old man. He was doing it for the entire 30mins when i watched him. His job is to take money: $1 or $2. This was hardly seen. In future, can be common.

Anonymous said...

our cpf is world BEST......

got some money to collect at 55......

got monthly payout at 65.......

after death also......bequest for nominated estate.....

also with many other schemes attached, such as health insurance,
investments, hdb, etc etc etc..........

where to find......hockkien people say "no-horse-run"........


Anonymous said...

The more they schemed the higher their votes wll go. Sinkies like to be scammed, I mean schemed, so only the 30% will need to worry, and this will get lesser after every election.

After 51 years of living under all the schem-ing, what is one more CPF scheme?

Anonymous said...

jjgg said...
RB..must still read la...otherwise how we know which way our money being sideswiped ? I get really worried when the government wants to help us, even when we donch ask for it. Did they help when you ask them for it???
August 11, 2016 10:33 am

You said it jjgg. When you ask for help, help don't come. When you don't ask, help comes voluntarily. Something very fishy. Yes, when the govt said it wants to help you, open your eyes big big.

Anonymous said...

Every time they comes up with more schemes to delay withdrawal of CPF it sends a chill down my spine. It screams something very bad is happening to our CPF money.

Anonymous said...

In America, Ponzi schemes is a common phrase.
In Singapore, CPF schemes is also a common phrase.
One is good.
One is bad.

Are these 4 statements true?

Anonymous said...

As the name implies 'Con Ppl Fund' or 'Coffin Parking Fund' ..don't ever dream of taking back tis monies in full cos 1 handicap Nancy Mpui oledi said not ppl monies Liao...

Anonymous said...

When you buy bonds from a company called "Swipe Ah!" ... what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

When you vote for a political party called "Pro Alien Party" ... what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

When you buy investment products from a bank called "Damn Bloody Suay" ... what do you expect?

virgo49 said...

Bloody suay or bloody stupid bank got words to say.

You yourselves want to buy hog! The demands are so great.

As long as my bank made billions and I made millions come a time to go, just pat my back side and off I go.

Hard luck suckers

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