When the majority do not represent the majority

How can this be? The majority must always represent the majority or else they can’t be the majority. This is not really true in a democratic system like Singapore.  How many really believe the majority, or the politicians elected by the majority of the voters really, represent their interests?

Take the recent sub judice bill passed in Parliament. The media was trying its best to tell its readers that 72 voted for the bill and only 9 from the WP voted against it. So we have the majority 72 saying yes to the bill. The 72 MPs voted are representatives of their constituencies and technically represent them. But are the majority of the voters of these constituencies in favour of the sub judice law? In a worse case scenario, other than  all the good reasons Shanmugam said about how necessary is this law and how important is sub judice , and the 72 votes, the law could be used to silence the voice of the people as the WP has said in Parliament. And Lee Wei Ling also urged the people to speak up against this bill, now law, that it is not in the interest of the people, that it’s aim is to ‘muzzle public opinion’. This may be just her opinion, but could also be the opinion of the majority, not the 72 that voted for it.

If the majority of the people are against this bill, would not the 72 MPs, a big majority in the Parliament, not be representing the majority of the people when they voted for the bill?

What do you think? Did the 72 MPs represent the interests of the majority of the people? They could, if the people are so daft and so happy to have their mouths zipped.


Anonymous said...

This is uniquely Singapore. 72 nodding heads in Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Do you think one PAP parrot is the same as another PAP parrot?

Who does a PAP MP represent in parliament?
a) does he represent the PAP in parliament?
b) does he represent the Prime Minister in parliament?
c) does he represent the PAP Minister (on whose coat tail he rode into parliament)?
d) does he represent the Singaporeans who voted for him?
e) does he represent himself and his own conscience?

How many nodding parrots do we need in parliament?

Anonymous said...

This is like the Tribunal ruling in the South China Sea dispute.

In football language, one team challenged another team to a match. The other team refused. But the team went ahead, appointed their own referee and linesmen, marched into the field, and started scoring into an empty goal post, then claimed victory and demanded that the result must be respected, valid and binding.

Anonymous said...

Please remember that.......

70% said YES!

So.......what do you want now........

Anonymous said...

More Factwire will come to the rescue in the future...else Sinkies future is at stake...it is better that our national butterfly hero migrate to US as there is no hope here ( wat happen if 1 day he tell the whole world the truth on ths Sinkie system)..

Anonymous said...

Actually Joseph schooling is now the only person PM respects , at least outwardly. Everybody else other than his yesmen, are idiots, to the PM. Js is already 21 and is in a good position to make a public statement about his recent attendance in parliamemt, and his abhorrence (or otherwise ) to the absurd laws and tyrannical system. Js could be a good politician in Singapore. For long term it is more stable, if you play the cards right., than sports in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a naive interpretation of majority representation and the bills passed must match the so called "people s majority opinion".

First, the winning majority is a result of constant condemn, threats to the WP folks. Somewhere towards the last days of election, there was talk of a 2 millions missing from an smc. This resulted the WP candidates spending the nights to explain there was no missing money.
The votes went on the the fools voted for the current teams. There was none on missing money of that smc. Too bad, the WP candidate lost by a thousand votes only.
The entire election was like saying something that the other side was not honest. It turned out that the speakers were not too honest about words.

Second, the parliament passing bills to protect the elected. The do not pass bills to protect the "people". Too bad, the author had made a wrong assumption.

Elected government is passed to tax its people money to pay the elected by million dollars. This s the paramount objective. The the elected ensure the ones supporting them earn the benefits from the economy, by allowing them to hire foreigners and disregarding the laws will make sure the people s labor services are more expensive than the foreigners.

This is how the exports run by the elected teams constantly and consistently month on month on decline. The biggest markets are declining by 16 to 20%. The quality of the products are just lousy made by foreigners. That is not something the elected teams responsibility by asking for pay cut.

Do not conclude that the majority voted for the politicians to do something for the people. This kind of bills passed in parliament is similar to ensure the judicial system s processes leading to judgment is unquestionable by laymen.
Let me ask you readers? If a doctor say something that he though you have cancer, do you question his opinion? Like why? how did he form that opinion. Do you go to another doctor to double check? But in judicial processes, you cannot say a single thing even you know it is not right. Because the laws say the ones running the judicial must be right, so you must agree because the politicians think so.

Anonymous said...

Mandate given.

Anonymous said...

By a majority

of 70 %.

Virgo 49 said...

Butterfly hero got exemption from NS for life.

Chasing personal plus the PAP stooges glory, you think for Singapore.

Daft sinkies never learn their lessons when the behind the scene happenings that good stuff are been channelled to their own kinds and the rest kept working their butts out to support them.

Sinkieland one million poorer for this butterfly hero who is stamped white horse on his file whilst rest if sinkies sons were stamped black donkeys to chiong suas.

One million poorer to sponsor the KFC man and his skunks waving the flag in the podium.

How daft sinkies can be still cheering for them beh sian after so many days.

Aiya, just a gold plated piece of iron, what so spectacular??

See others with individual haul of several medals and they kept quiet.

So better go to USA where the parasitic debt ridden whites still spend billions on their athletes for being number one in everything.

Little red dot thinks they arrived?? Here very most SCC sports council man with salary only affordable for two room Hdb flat and yet many youngsters conned to go to this profession.

They only want your youths and lives to gain glory for them. Only their own got special privelleges.

Don't be daft.

Anonymous said...

Kenyan Olympic Champion learnt to throw javelin by watching YouTube tutorials


Do you think we should get our Foreign Sports Talents from Africa?
They prove they can ownself train ownself.

Do you think they are more talented than the ones from China?
This one won the Olympic Gold.

Anonymous said...

@ August 17, 2016 11:59 am

Are there any youtube videos that can teach us how to repair a broken down MRT system?

Anonymous said...

Historically, all tyrannies ended in "tears"?

For the despots?

And his "PLPs"?

Anonymous said...

JS should "emulate the JLBs"?

Anonymous said...

Just "milk the system dry"?

"Grab" as much (prize) $$$$$ LEEgally as his hands can take?

And as many endorsements as possible?

Anonymous said...

Then behind slaves sinkies back ...... (post monkey with middle .....)?

Retire young or old when "sapu enough LEEgally"?

Enjoy sunsets in exotic foreign beaches, opulence infinity, riches enough for zenith generations?

patriot said...

Sinkies endorse the Majority in the Cabinet.

The Cabinet creates the Laws for the
Judges to uphold the Laws.
Hence, the Lawmakers have the Approval of the Sinkies Majority.

And since the Majority of the Cabinet makes and approves the
Laws, the Sin Courts shall have
to uphold the Choice made and
make by the Majority.

It's fair and square.


Anonymous said...

"Did the 72 MPs represent the interests of the majority of the people?"

That is beside the point.

The point is, as long as the opposition is not ready to be govt, the majority of the people will still vote for the 72 MPs even though they do not represent their interest in this case. And they will even vote for a PAP minority candidate in a by election, against an opponent like Chee Soon Juan, and in a Chinese majority SMC some more.

And just look at our neighbour PM Najib as another example. Even with the 1MDB scandal, his party can still win 2 recent by elections, so what say you?

In politics, this is what really matters, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Agree with August 17, 2016 1:59 pm

Singaporeans are not ready to change government.
redbean and friends will have to suck thumb even if they represent the majority of Singaporeans.

Meanwhile 72 MPs will continue to enjoy $16K/month salary even though they represent only a minority of Singaporeans.

Aristocracy and slaves.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

11.59am, Africans are basically good at the running sport. The reasons they don't need Trainers cause they have to outrun the lions to survive. That is why they can run so fast. Singapore is an urban jungle so our sportsmen no chance lar cause without a lion to chase your tail, u will never be the best.

Anonymous said...

It's a national shame that the Spore Women table tennis team never get even bronze medal (against Japan)...shame of Feng Tien Wei lost to a 15 yr old kid M Ito of Japan..failure of Spore FT scheme the STTA president former MP Ellen Lee should juz resign & that Chinese players should "balek kampung"...some or most dun cheer for this team ..even some Sporean curse them to lose & get out of here..

Anonymous said...

Singapore is an urban jungle so our sportsmen no chance lar cause without a lion to chase your tail, u will never be the best.
August 17, 2016 7:47 pm

We got no lions chasing us.
But we have PAPigs putting their spurs into our sides.

Anonymous said...

PAP are becoming from bad to worse.
The citizens elected them to protect the citizens' rights.
Yet they are coming up with law after law protecting their Party's power.
Next up would be the amendment to the Govt Proceedings Act, another of those laws to show us who is wielding the power