What to do with the taxi drivers?

Singapore is testing the use of driverless taxis this year when a fleet will be launched to ply the streets. If successful, more will be put on the road and they could be a hit among the commuters.  Socially and security wise driverless taxis would be the preferred choice than walking into a taxi driven by a stranger. And if unlucky, bad things could happen, not talking about some rude and nasty ones.

If this driverless taxi project is a success, where would all the taxi drivers going to find another job?  This is a new competition and eventually driverless taxis will be replacing those driven ones. The change could mean several thousand of taxi drivers going out of job, or at least a majority would be out of jobs, leaving only a few diehards to serve those that could not use mobile apps.

Are we looking at a game changer, a new lifestyle to getting use to? Whither the last bastion of jobs for Singaporeans? Hurry, think of more training courses for the taxi drivers that would be looking for new jobs, or to retire for good. Upgrading courses should be aplenty as taxi driving is not that much high skill compares to PME’s jobs. It is not easy to design skill upgrading courses for experienced and highly trained PMEs and to convince them that after upgrading their skills they can look forward to a low paying job that may not pay enough for their day to day living. For taxi drivers, any job would be a skill upgrade and could be paying more.

With driverless taxis, the taxi driving vocation could join the dinosaurs or the dodo birds.


Anonymous said...

Don't we already have "brainless" MIWs????

Anonymous said...

Which jobs in this very crowded sardine-packed tiny city state
that were guaranteed!

You don't know meh.....even collecting old newspapers and cardbroads
must also compete with foreigners!

This is life now in this very crowded sardine-packed tiny city state!

No choice! No choice! 70% said Yes/OK!

What can you do now?

Happy 51 National Day!

Anonymous said...

Million dollar jobs guaranteed?

Anonymous said...

Is the jobless rates in SG so serious that there is an increase in number of scams.

Scams are also very wide spread across companies/organisations.

If I am not wrong, DHL, banking, hdb, mom, etc etc etc.....even the 999xxxxx were mentioned.

The situation seems to be getting from bad to worst. Many many more were not reported.

So easy to scam in SG? SGaporeans so easy meats? Or "bo-cheng-hu"?


Anonymous said...

Did 70% of Singapore taxi drivers vote for PAP in GE 2015?
And now driver-less taxis?
Did the taxi drivers get the government they deserve?

Anonymous said...

The straight times had reported taxi driver earned $7000pm. Of course, govt will also want to have taxi fleets each can fetch $7000pm. People tender for such fleet must have similar background. This part is hard liao.

Worry about taxi drivers? These people are jobless men retrenched from being replaced by Indians. Dont forget CECA was signed during GY time, free flows of Pmet are unstoppable.

Taxi drivers jobless can do cleaners jobs, security guards jobs. But security guards are almost all indians at most condos and factories. May be CECA again.

If guards cannot do, and cleaners jobs cannot do, i recommend those to do 1 job: vote for opposition. Or sit at home for life.

Anonymous said...

World’s first driverless taxi system comes to Singapore


The privately owned company is called nuTonomy

Instead of giving your Singaporean money to Singaporean taxi drivers to help feed a Singaporean family.
We will soon be handing our Singaporean money over to nuTonomy.
A start-up co-founded and led by Iagnemma and Emilio Frazzoli.

Why are Singaporeans always helping Foreigners get rich with Singaporean money?
Why do we always make our own people poor?

Anonymous said...

What to do with our unemployed taxi drivers??
Scold them lah.

What more do they want?
Three meals in a hawker centre, a food court or a restaurant?

Anonymous said...

I want driver-less taxis
I want to to turn Foreigners Iagnemma and Emilio Frazzoli into Singaporean sponsored billionaires.

Do you think the Singapore company offering driver-less taxis in Singapore will be 100% foreign owned?
Or do you think we will have a PAP government linked company owning a 50% share in the driver-less taxi company?

Virgo 49 said...

I, for one would not want to put my life on the line in a driverless taxi.

You trust a computer brain?? Can react and think as fast as human brains??

Another China Ferrari driver with girlfriend at side or an unthinking immature boy trying to show off girl friends driving his father's car beat the red lights and your driverless cab brain can avoid the collision??

Driverless cars only for driving licenses tests and in factory areas not for the roads.

At give way junctions, some nuts do not know how to halt or avoid a speeding car into your path, the cab knows how to avoid the accident??

We have excuses of signals going wrong and short circuit from our SmRT breakdowns. No cock up in your driverless cabs??

Breakdown at Chua Choa Kang in the middle of a Thursday seven month night and got raped by an phantom ghost.

Anonymous said...

Tesla driver dies in first fatal crash while using autopilot mode


In the case of death caused by driver-less cars and taxis.
Which court and country will award higher compensation to the family of the deceased?
American courts or Singaporean courts?

Anonymous said...

Why does an American driver-less car technology company want to do their trial runs here in Singapore?
Why not do do the trial runs in America?

Do you think the legal costs for liability is cheaper here in Singapore than in America?

Anonymous said...

What happens when Tesla’s AutoPilot goes wrong: owners post swerving videos


virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.57

Why they want to use the driveless cars in Sinkie land??

Because we are willing to be guinea pigs, that's why.

Our great leaders signed the Trade Agreements without blinking.
Take for example the Uber and Grab Cars.

Last time in 60s, called Pak Hong Chias. Not allowed to operate.
Why now?? Because the whites arm twisted their very balls.

So no choice but have to allow them to operate with the revenues siphoning off instead of to our local drivers.

You trusted these Part time drivers who are out just to subside their hefty car loans.
They know all then places on sinkieland.

Even a road beaten wise cabbie does not claim to know every routes.

My two foolish childten on a trip to airport missed their flight on a Uber driver.
Expressway sign shown Oil Spill on ECP and my place got many other routes to the airport and yet he took the ECP. They had to purchase another set of tickets and flew hours later.

The Driveless business is the same. Revenue will be siphon off. This is in fact a logistics business but they claimed technology.

So the stupid PAP lan lan has to approve.

Our great investors know how to capitalise the companies that are on the death throes thinking that they are smart to buy to their advantage.

Little did they know they are buying their death warrants.

Now SGX buying the Baltic Exchange by the millions.

Good stuff nobody wants to sell.

Only dead goods.

Learn from Lee Ka Ching and Peter Lim

Anonymous said...

Good stuff nobody wants to sell.
Only dead goods.
August 05, 2016 2:29 pm

What about Singaporeans?
Opposition politicians who want to work to benefit Singaporeans.
Nobody wants to vote for them.

Politicians who only want to benefit the Aliens.
Every Singaporean want to vote for them.

Anonymous said...

If u still drive taxi, do NOT go to sands there to wait.
Hear of Hotel new world? The site is opposition of a popular indian departmental store.

Sands is the target for IsIs Rocket attack, from batam. I was surprised, they have long range rocket.

"Six terror suspects have been arrested in Indonesia for allegedly planning to fire a rocket from Batam in an attack on Singapore’s Marina Bay, according to Indonesian media reports.

The men, aged between 19 and 46, were arrested at various locations across Batam. A stash of weapons was found at one of the locations, a housing complex, the reports said.

According to the Batam Pos, the suspects are: Trio Syafrido, 46, a bank employee, and factory workers Gigih Rahmat Dewa, 31; Eka Saputra, 35; Tarmidzi, 21; Hadi Gusti Yanda, 20; and M Tegar Sucianto, 19.

Reports said that the six belonged to the Katibah Nusantara network - the Southeast Asian military unit under the Islamic State group "

Anonymous said...

Sands is the target for IsIs Rocket attack, from batam. I was surprised, they have long range rocket.
"Six terror suspects have been arrested in Indonesia for allegedly planning to fire a rocket from Batam in an attack on Singapore’s Marina Bay, according to Indonesian media reports.

Rocket can be so accurate meh?
Lucky we have very good policemen in Thailand and Indonesia.
We only have good cardboard policemen to catch shoplifters in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

True, Indonesia police men are so good. Isis men all caught. Malaysia police men are also the same. Very effective.

So singapore police men have nothing to do. Shake legs.

Anonymous said...

So singapore police men have nothing to do. Shake legs.
August 05, 2016 9:28 pm

Time to give the Singapore police commissioner another million dollar salary increase.
For the excellent job done by the Indonesian police in capturing ISIS.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Bro anon 10.36

This is the only way for salary increases and new ranks created for having a boeyman to frighten the already frightened kia see, kia soo and kia cheng hoo chickens in sinkieland.

You believe they have the capabilities to launch a missle attack. ???

Time to order from Uncle sam the THADD missles.

Wayang, wayang only between kakis to frighten the already half dead frightened sinkies.

You scratch my backs and I scratch yours.

One for you and one for me

Anonymous said...

What happens when a sucide bomer

Takes a driverless taxi to ur visit u.?

Anonymous said...

Never mind lah! Just ask the Union chief to give a nice sounding upgraded name to the term 'taxi drivers' as in 'bus captains' and the problem is solved.

Anonymous said...

No wonder there are so many PME jobs in Singapore. Everyone is a PME by definition. All chiefs but no indians!