What is the WP going to do with the AGO reports?

The AHPETC story has not ended and will never end for the next 100 years. This is called tenacity, to keep repeating a wrong, to keep it alive and to keep reminding the people of the wrong. It is politics of little Red Dot.

The WP must be groaning in pain. Their strategy of not rubbing it in when they had a chance, or many chances, but to play ball, to play good boy, has boomeranged. The PAP is not going to appreciate that and in the case of the AHPETC, they are going to screw the knife deeper into the bones, to make it stick for good. What else or when would the PAP be able to find another opportunity to screw the WP real hard?

The AGO reports have highlighted many flaws and mismanagement or bad governance. Would the WP decide to return PAP the favour, dig in, be just as tenacious, bite as hard and refuses to let go, like the AHPETC case. To do so they would need a dedicated team to dwell into the nitty gritty of the cases highlighted, turn over every stone to expose the dirt, like the AHPETC case. Or would they continue to play ball, say one time ok leow, be nice, no need to rub it in, no need to rub so hard.  Whatever happened happens, let’s move on?

Or maybe the problems raised by the AGO were nothing compared to the AHPETC so there is no comparison and nothing much to talk about. Back to sweep the streets and make sure the estate is clean, go and take care of municipal issues, and to make sure no more AHPETC problems to be aired like dirty laundry again?

What is the battle plan and strategies of the WP? More of the same? Don’t rock the boat, no need to harp on an issue and things will be fine? Or will the young turks in WP want to stand up and fight and fight tenaciously like the PAP?


Virgo 49 said...

WP, sadly now they called threm Wayang Party.

Luckily not Wayang Party Girls.

Their Chief pregorative to be Loyal Opposition backfired.

They even lost Punggol East and nearly lose Ajunied.

Kept mum for too long. NO FIRE IN.THEIR BELLIES.


Liken Sick kittens.

Now The Papies gonna to kill them.off completely.

Think they deserved their fates.

Better look.to SDP and Sing first

Anonymous said...

According to them, speak also no use. You cannot win .Most of the dafts don't read the Internet and they don't care.. The MSM

dont publish yours views and noise . M ight as well collect $16000.00 monthly and take those dafts to eat durian occasionally.

Anonymous said...

"Would the WP decide to return PAP the favour, dig in, be just as tenacious, bite as hard and refuses to let go, like the AHPETC case. do so they would need a dedicated team to dwell into the nitty gritty of the cases highlighted, turn over every stone to expose the dirt, like the AHPETC case."

No use lah, because WP is not the ruling party, and maybe also don't aspire to be one too, so no power one, tio bo? In politics no power where got use, u tell me lah? WP will just be like another RB, no matter what WP do.

In fact, in case you do not know, WP Pritam Singh even once harboured the thought of forming a coalition govt with PAP.

And just before GE 2015, WP Gerald Giam even publicly said WP will not form a govt with other opposition parties when commenting on the opposition contesting 100% seats in GE 2015.

And to top it all, WP Ah Hia even praised PAP as a competent govt just after WP won Punggol East BE 2013.

So like that you still believe in WP can be a better ruling party than PAP? And still wondering why PAP got 70% votes in GE 2015?

Anonymous said...

WP knows they cannot win against the PAP, and so they simply diam diam & collect $16K every month. At least got another 4 more years to enjoy good salary. Unlike most of the PAP MPs, the WP MPs mostly got no other job, no other salary. Their monthly $16K is probably the largest paycheck that they are ever going to be getting in their lives. PAP knows this & WP knows this. Hence WP no choice but to be meek and to be punching bag for PAP. If WP tries to be garang and try to tekan PAP, PAP will mobilise the entire Court system, MHA, ISD, SAF, SPF, CID, IRAS, LTA, MND, HDB, URA, MTI, etc etc to rip the balls off WP, find the WP MPs guilty of many charges & force them to resign. WP treasures their monthly $16K so they aren't going to rock the boat, even if it means being a coward & being punched & kicked daily by PAP.

Anonymous said...

"What is the WP going to do with the AGO reports?"
- redbean

What is the PAP going to do with the Commission of Inquiry Reports into:
a) Little India Riots
b) MRT frequent breakdowns

Do you think PAP and WP are appropriate icons for the impotence, incompetency and lacklustre political leadership that has overtaken Singapore in the last 10 years?
Are Singaporeans following LKY, PAP and WP into terminal decline over the last 10 years?

Anonymous said...

@ August 06, 2016 11:29 am

What you say about WP.
Do you think the same can also be said about the Singaporean voters?

Anonymous said...

"Unlike most of the PAP MPs, the WP MPs mostly got no other job, no other salary."
Anon 11:29 am

Aiyo, give chance lah, don't say until like that, although it is true.

Because say also cannot help WP MPs, being where they are from and unlike PAP MPs, to get another job what, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

My hour earlier post was deleted. I would like to post the main points again.

The author s post tried to re focus WP ward s accounting problem as one so big that it is equal to the AGO s island wide problem. My implied point was: voters must not waste time on WP.

Voters must ask: for what they support WP? The whole island s overall system stability must be voters real concern. Take away WP will not bring the boat capsize. Why bother about AGO report?

My point is: be aware of the total picture has changed. I sited one current case, the accused was reported to have use fake degree to acquire PR. He succeeded. This scammer continue to apply for citizenship. This was reported somewhere. My point is: there are infiltration into the system. This system voters have put must trust on it because the system administrators are solely run by Pap. The scammer was said to be a "grass root leader" and took picture with someone of importance.
There was wide spread outburst on people using fake degrees papers to gain good pay jobs or some advantages. The system is rotting and voters must be more observant than someone who keeps thinking between WP and Pap.

These 2, WP and Pap, are not our world. Our world is to survive our future generations, not WP or Pap.
Can voters feel the pressure? Someone as near as Batam are trying on this island, while there are many infiltration using their influence to gain from the lapses of the system that AGO report points out. Voters must open their eyes and minds on the island wide problem rather than on WP. Be wise and dont be trapped by some people with motives.

Anonymous said...

WP is a total disappointment

Anonymous said...

I used to go fishing far from Sg main land in the past.
Now those leisure fishermen better be very careful.

Singapore only recognizes its territory NOT beyond 12 nautical mile from rocks: Tekong (big and small) and St John rock.

Singapore PM said in US, the Scs tribunal judgment is a strong and powerful judgment, he wishes China will follow it.

It means: the world must obey the ruling that Taiping island is Taiping rock. It means, St John or Tekong are rocks and not islands.

This is official stands. Indonesia can catch any boats drift far into 200 nautical miles from Indonesian waters.

If you are on a sampan boat, u can be caught fishing illegally by the Indonesia coast guards as near as 10km from Singapore lands. This is the new rule after LHL s new ruling. No more ambiguity. Unless u can rule that Tekong and St John are not rocks and are bigger than Taiping "rock".

Anonymous said...

Until Singaporeans wise up on the problems that LKY-PAP ideology creates;
- you and your children better be prepared for more economic misery

Do you think it is true to say:
LHL-PAP's plan for Singaporeans is more hard work for less pay?

Anonymous said...

Expecting WP to changr the fate of Sinkies is just a foolhardy wish of the Sickies.
Only the Sinkies can change their own
fate and that of the Alternative Politicians.

Anonymous said...

@ August 06, 2016 5:34 pm

Expecting Singaporeans to vote wisely and take charge of our own fate & destiny ... better to give up.
Singaporeans are well trained PAP dogs.
We depend on our PAP Millionaires to feed us.
We don't know how to think and survive on our own.

What more do we want?
3 meals in a hawker center, a food court or a restaurant?

And yes, you are right.
Our salvation lies with SDP and SingFirst.
Not WP.
WP is simply the enemy of our enemy.
And that's why we vote WP.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:08pm
I cannot understand what u meant. On one hand i think wp is very scare of offending pap. On the other hand, i am very scare of sdp to offend pap with no valid cause or reason. But not to worry now is: Chee sj and his sister are more mature to not to do things that are for show and have no concrete results.

That is what wp does for. Not getting into something of no real consequence.

However, i want to tell readers: our lives are not dependent on LHL any longer. He is dying. Unless u can hold his life, he cannot be living as long as 100 year ahead.

We are descendants of our own fathers and mothers, not from lee s families. We cannot think for the benefits of the lee s families any longer. That is something we must recognize. We cannot hold on to the feelings that we must please the LHL and forgo our own job opportunities to take in indians who need the jobs in singapaore badly. We want to eat the same meals, be it in hawkers or restaurants, not for LHL to decide if we can eat at restaurants, and give our chance to someone from india.

If that is the logic, then voting for wp or whoever has become a tool for us to get out of the pap trap, who aim is to create jobs for indians under the ceca.

It is that simple logic. Wp or whoever, as long as they are not pap, they are our friends, not adversaries, and we vote for these people, in opposition Wp is more reliable, than others like Nsp or Sdp. These become priorities of choices on opposition. Not choosing Pap has to be the first step in decision.

My logic is: u cannot live forever, not up to 90yrs. If you want to feed the indians, u will not live your very own time given by nature. U will die in misery. If you help LHL to feed the indians, you sons or daughters, or your grand kids may not know your silly intentions. So its up to u to vote. U still will die and probably go somewhere, may not be heaven like LHL might go. He is special class, since born.

Anonymous said...



I doubt if terrorists will attack my HDB flat that belongs to HDB.
A likelier target would be million dollar private properties belonging to Millionaires.

Ownself check ownself.
Ownself protect ownself.
You die is your business.
I die is my business.

Anonymous said...

Three SMRT workers diagnosed with TB


What is the PAP government going to do about the rising incidence and spread of tuberculosis in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Better lie Low as can not win one so why waste effort

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:15pm
I doubt the ministar said there will be more attacks on sg is true. Sg is now well protected by our defense ministry meh?

However, i think the central government of Indonesia was able to pin point a small group of 6 at Batam, was quite surprising.

Batam is isolated and yet the police could find 6 who made rocket. I think IsIs has common sense. How can private made rocket reach singapore, about 26 to 30km away. That kind of technology will need to help from the fat boy boy in NK.

However, there are black market on weapons. If the IsIs will to pay, there is no limit, from what i have read.

The realistic attack on singapore will be from those islands under Riau, and not Batam which is so developed with police around.

Singapore is at risk for having the casinos. Guess some indonesians from batam might have lose their pants and wives to casinos in singapore. That sure cannot be ruled out as casinos are for sucking those foreigners blood until last drop.
Must thanks old fart. Some days, innocent people might die due to casinos as reasons. What else can find faults with singapore? We give jobs, good jobs for foreigners, and not citizens. We give $500pm jobs to citizens at 18 yr old. I would tell the terrorists, dont ask for more. Citizens are no better than them living in batam.

Anonymous said...

You want to dig you must have access to the special spot with all the bones for digging.

You want to dig you have to approach the PAP figurehead of the ward for permission to dig. Opposition MPs have no power to represent the voters who voted them in. What kind of fucking reasoning is that?

Lets us say you are given the go ahead for the above, but what may happen is that the PAP will tell you that those information you asked for are state secreats that cannot be revealed as it may jeopardise the security of the country, just like asking them for information on GIC/Temasek, HDB building cost etc.

Transparency in theory, but only...